Monday, December 31, 2012

Pornstar Deaths Cloud 2012's Memory

This has been an exceptionally bad year for the porn industry. I'm not talking about declining sales of dvd's.  Porn studios will adapt.   I'm not talking about Los Angeles County voters' decision to mandate the use of condoms for porn videos.  Only the AIDS mafia cares about that ineffectual and self-serving ballot measure; now they can feel good about themselves and the salaries they get from their non-profit constituents.  No, I'm talking about the deaths of young men who have sex for the gay world's pleasure, and whose legacies are forever recorded on video.

The biggest name of course is Erik Rhodes who had a fairly long career going back almost 10 years for studios like Falcon and Raging Stallion.  Handsome, well-endowed, and with a sculpted mega massive bod fueled by steroids, he died of a heart attack that probably had to do with his reported use and/or dependency on GHB and amphetamines, among other stuff, not to mention those goddamned steroids.  To croak at the age of 30 would have required a lot of drugs all working at the same time; but on top of that pharmaceutical stew of death, there were confused, maybe even pathological, psychological issues which he wasn't shy about revealing through the internet media.  I really feel sorry for this guy who, though no stranger to the emergency room and at least one harrowing nightmare at Bellevue, probably never got the psychiatric help he so obviously needed.  I have a friend who's a shrink with a Castro-based group of patients, including not a few porn players, who has alluded to (in generic terms, my friend is totally professional and doesn't name names) the porn stars who muddle through each day, feeling unloved, unappreciated, unwanted, unfulfilled, depressed, despondent and who search for relief at the gymn, in the bars, on the internet, in the park, on the street, or in the arms of a guy who doesn't give a good goddamn about his problems.  Some of them are very much like Erik who at 30, was mournful that he was getting 'old' and losing his looks.  And I'm still oversimplifying this culture of self-destruction.  Blogger Derek Hartley, who knew ER, writes most eloquently about a doomed pornstar's life...Erik's death was a self-fulfilling prophesy.

And then, there's the issue of Erik's HIV status. It turns out he was poz.  Is anybody out there surprised?  Obviously he barebacked in his personal sex life (so what?) and there's a lot of shit swirling out there about his threesome with another escort and a rich client the night before he died.
These revelations have been posted on more than one website, unleashing a lot pent-up resentment against barebacking and the porn industry for 'degrading' and 'exploiting' professional sex performers.  You have all heard or read this bullshit before.

I don't watch much mainstream gay porn so my connection with Erik Rhodes is mostly cultural.  Of course I'm sad, but I felt a connection with the loss of Josh Weston who also died this year of  an undisclosed reason.  Josh was 39, nicely built and had an interesting sexy face.  After his career in mainstream porn came to an end, he shifted into bareback porn (connect the dots, guys) and bottomed in a slew of videos for most of the better studios.  I liked watching him get fucked, and I'm glad I bought some of those videos.  Josh, we'll remember you where you liked to live best, in a sling.  R.I.P., dear heart.

Nelson Troy is dead after running into automobile traffic in Mexico and they say methamphetamines were found in his system.  He was also an underwear model and used one of the ads in his bbrts profile, which I foud kind of irreverently gutsy.  Openly poz, and a great bottom...his best work was in 'Double Fuck My Ass' for SX with Drew Peters and Andre Barclay, the whole video is a pozapalooza.

Shorty (in stature only!) Dick Damonson died in New York.  He worked for TIM, and starred in the group fuck closing scene in 'Fuckholes 2,' one of the best videos ever.  Drug use is only rumored here, but Dick might have been going through some rough personal times.  Blogger Rawtop writes about hooking up privately and fucking Dick, and reading that entry still always gets me hard.

Nathan Price, who worked mostly out of England, died this year.  I know only the name but you can find his work, if you look for it.  Cause of death undisclosed, as far as I know.

Adam Faust was only 38 and fairly clean-cut for the talented and noteworthy fisting top that he was.
He did many many videos which will be enjoyed for decades to come.  A heart attack in his parents' home is what has been reported, but the net queens are reporting tales of rampant drug use.  This educated man (an MBA) might have been on the brink of getting his life together, since fucked up as he may have been, he obviously had the smarts to overcome any problem.

Wholesome 'Sean' from the Corbin Fisher studio, died prematurely this year.  Not much to go on here, and no mention of drugs.

And Roman Ragazzi, who worked mostly for Raging Stallion, committed suicide at the age of 38.
Despite the Italian name, RR was actually Israeli and worked at the Israeli consulate in New York until he was outed and then resigned.  He then worked as a personal trainer and got into porn.  Here's another beefy, muscular stud who didn't have to go the way he did.  There's certainly been no mention of steroid use, but I can't help but wonder if depression is a side effect of steroid use.  These guys usually have great bodies that require a bit more than simply gymn work to look as they do...and steroid aren't illegal.  So, is this shit worth it?  Let me close this installment with on observation: no bareback pornstar looks like he's a steroid abuser.  I can't think of one, not one.  Wasted, maybe. But never bulging, bloated and pumped up with steroids.  These muscle gods should fuck that shit.  They'd still look hot without steroids.  Now, meth is another story altogether...sadly...and that's all I'll write about that.

So, pack off 2012 and let's not go there again.  I am really happy with the results of the 2012 Presidential Election where the good guys won, the bad guys lost and the American people demonstrated that they can not and will not be bought.  We also showed that big money and big religion has met its match.  So I happily kiss 2012 good-bye and look forward, with optimism and enthusiasm, to 2013.

Happy New Year, men.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Black Christmas

There is no black man in these here United States who is unworthy of my ass.  If any blackman wants to nail this ass...this ass is discussion, no bullshit, gay, straight, neg or ass is his.  This explains why I was navigating the back streets of North Oakland on Christmas Eve...feeling my way through the dimly lit avenues, noting the abandoned sofas on the street, the shady characters hanging out in front of corner liquor stores, the peace and calm of this holy night.  C'mon, it's Christmas, Jesus rules, only good things happen on Christmas getting fucked by black daddy, thank you Lord, I believe! 

I had a date with a guy I'd buddylisted on Barebackrt so far back I couldn't remember when it was, but I was happy to have hooked up finally.  With Treasure Island's 'Breeding Mike O'Neill' playing, this daddy put me through all kinds of gymnastic moves before he went for the gold, pounding my ass missionary style.  I love my dads, there's almost always some substance there.  And handsome as only a black man can be...his unshaven shadow buzz read white against his hot chocolate skin color.  Fabulous. 

This man was dedicated to blowing his wad up my ass, and when getting fucked missionary, one can make eye contact, and I love reading their faces (his face), a study in sexual destiny: that seed is going to travel from his balls deep into my ass.  It's exhilirating, inspiring...and fulfilling...even better when it happens twice...yeah, two fuckin' hot black loads deposited deep into my cumbucket on Christmas Eve.
Forget Santa.  This was a gift from Above.

All the while I was getting tapped, I kept lookin' at this black daddy's pecs, and was getting myself off on how hot they'd look in a black leather vest.  That thought was so provocative that I promised to bring a vest for him to wear the next time we get it on.  I gave this poor guy I real workout, using all my Castro Clamp talents to give him a good time.  And rewarded I was...with two blessed loads.
One black man satisfied, and so many more out there to go.

I love Oakland, poor homely sister to Queen Lady San Francisco across the Bay.  No harm meant, though, Oakland is a seething hotbed of sexuality, with a great many black men to serve and to love, in our own animalistic way.  I hope to come back to North Oakland...again...and again.
Merry Christmas to all you Christians (would-be and otherwise) out there and Season's Greetings to humanity, all.

Love to all my fellow men.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bath House Pump & Dump

Yesterday I decided at the last minute to hit my local bath house.  And I wanted a room right away and not have to spend hours on the waiting list.  Since CumUnion was also scheduled for that night, I knew I'd have to get their early, which I did and got a standard room, got myself together and then spent...five, six...hours on my belly getting nothing more than a bunch of feel-ups.  It was a Wednesday afternoon and typically...slow.  By the time CumUnion got underway, the communal playroom was jammed, with a gallery of cocksuckers and a crowd of tops taking turns on a muscular bottom who wasn't going to give up his space for anybody.  As it turns out, that same bottom hogged the fuckbench the whole time I was there.  But watching him take cock after cock, did get me hot.  I hadn't been all that horny, and had decided on the baths mostly because I was in the neighborhood and knew I wouldn't get another chance for a while.

With the clock running out (the time limit for a room is 8 hrs.), I went back to my room and went into cumdump mode.  Being 5-6 has its advantages sometimes, can be a cumdump in your own tiny room in your favorite bath house.  I can get on all fours, butt out and up, across the mattress and parallel to the door and hallway.  And I can look right at the prospects as they think about coming in.  And man, they came in.  It took about 5 minutes, although let's get real: it doesn't happen like that all the time, much less on a Wednesday night.  The first guy was a white daddy with an average dick who wanted to cum (in a bath house it's all about timing and mostly little to do with being a hot bottom), so he gave me a vigorous working over and shot a load deep in my slutty hole...a lot deeper than I thought, it would turn out.  As the daddy left, he was followed by another daddy type with hairy legs, and a bigger dick which slid right up my seeded sexchute.  This was another spirited fucker, so I was getting to feel really used, and slammed around like a no-account, sleazy piece of meat with a hole to abuse and fill.  This white pigtop fucked me for a long time but didn't cum, but it was hot just the same...and with the door open, we had drawn a crowd.  That always happens.

What doesn't always happen is to have two lookalike tops come in together.  These pigs looked and acted like a couple...white, short hair, slim and muscled bods and with a 20-something badass aura.  The first guy grabbed my ass and put me where he wanted me and then fucked the hell out of me.  By now, my ass was well fucked, and the first top's generous load had been worked around in was getting swishy and soupy and slurpy noisy.  Then his brother took over...his dick was a little bigger...these were average sized dicks that stayed rock hard the whole time.  And the whole time was a good 20 minutes during which these dudes took turns on my ass, switching at will, as if they did this every night.  Hell, maybe they do.  Neither guy came, which maybe makes sense since I think they'd just got there for CumUnion.  But when they finished, they were finished, and theysauntered out with some attitude, slamming the door so hard that the light went out.  My kind of tops.

So like  it was getting on to 10 p.m., and although I was totally horned up by now, it was time to move on out and give my room up to some other cum hungry bottom.  I had been there 7 hrs. and everything happened in the last hour...typical, maybe.   As I checked out, there was a line of guys waiting to check in, and waiting list of 20 guys for a room.  It made me think of the 80's.  That load of cum stayed in my ass all night.  I got home, went to bed, and when I woke up, my morning crap was a wad of cum that was shot out in one big blob.  Just like the '80's.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ray Dalton: Poz Superstar

The time has come to acknowledge a reliable...and greatly underestimated, bareback top, who has entertained us, for years now and if history serves, is probably at the end of his shelf life.  I speak of the great...Ray Dalton.  He was made a star through his multiple appearances for Treasure Island Media, and he's made the rounds, and lately, notably, he's landed at Knightbreeders, that under-the-radar, truly raunchy porn studio from the bareback-hating San Fernando Valley.  Ray has changed his look over the years, but most recently he's affected a dissolute, wasted look, with tattoos, unruly hair and snarly demeanor that serves his fans and clients well...he's a professional escort marketing himself through the digital and print media.  He's a total, nasty ass pig and we love him.

Ray's always taken a no bullshit approach to his status: he's upfront poz, none of this 'ask me' crap for him, I have to qualify this because it's hearsay...he's not on meds.  That means that all those bottoms who take his badass seed up their cum-traps are getting the full-blown germy real can't get nastier than this.  Now, nobody is baser than the Knightbreeders studio, and superstar cumsnatcher Damien Silver pushes all the buttons in his one-on-one with Ray Dalton, taking that infamous pozstick in a number of positions...and heads up, you foot fetishists...Damien finally sheds his typical clodhoppers for this scene...some nice shots of his big-ass feet.  Like I say, nice hands...nice feet.  You won't be disappointed.  Oh, the video is 'Sperm Stretched Fuckholes,' from Knightbreeders, and it also has Chris Kohl in the opening scene, getting his fabulous Canadian toxic ass loaded up by Damien Silver playing top.  So, this video takes you full circle. It's on the internet but I won't tell you where, as I want Knightbreeders to keep churning out its masterpieces.  Buy the's only forty bucks...then you can play it whenever you want and won't waste time and money playing your laptop.  Reliable Ray Dalton makes it worth every penny.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Wonderful World of Robby Mendez

'The Wonderful World of' was/is a construct of the 20th century...the media slipped into the wonderful world of this or that, everything short of psoriasis was described in terms of a wonderful world, e.g., The Wonderful World of Rice Pudding.  I prefer 'The Strange World of...' but that is for another blog.  Today, I'm using this outdated phraseology to describe the status of porn star turned entrepreneur pornographer Robby Mendez.  You know Robby from his association with RawStrokes, where he superby played the role of submissive Latino sex toy for a series of megahung, aggressive black tops.  That was the formula: LA barrio boy gets stuffed by big black banana dicks.  Robby is short with a thin build and a buzzcut, a flaco and we didn't see much emotion coming out of him, but there wasn't a big cock that he couldn't take, and he was fed a steady diet of massive ebony love, to be sure.  Robby is definitely a member of my own personal Bareback Bottom Hall of Fame.

Robby has launched his own website with blog, calendar, videos and some free teaser video previews of sex parties he's hosted at this home in Los Angeles.  I advise you to check it out and you'll see what a charmer Robby actually is; a revelation apart from his subdued performances documented by Rawstrokes.  Robby's promoting his parties through barebackrt's party listings, and there's one scheduled for this Saturday.  And if the past is any clue, there will be a couple of live sex shows featuring Robby and featured guest tops.  These parties are open to barebackrt correspondents, but he says nobody under 21 or over 42 years old.  Such a weird cut off date, Robby, but it is your wonderful world and you're entitled to design it the way you want.  Hung tops and sizzling bottom bois of a certain age, like me, will have to content ourselves with joining the website and watching the action from our laptops.  Trust me, Robby, you are making a mistake!!

Anyway, some of his website is free, including his bi-lingual comments on contemporary sex culture, so enjoy Robby in any way you can.  That's wonderful, for a start.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Big Hole Gets a Big Pole: A Reunion with a Daddy Stud

My Thursday (Lights Out Party) at the Berkeley Steamworks got off to a slow start but that was because I got there early to improve my chances of getting a room without having to wait.  I was successful in this, and then I had some bizarre encounters before the big event unfolded much later.

First off I got fucked by a daddy who never really got all that hard or that big but somehow he managed to get it in and I did my best to clutch my butt muscles around a spongey smidge that never really felt like a dick.  He didn't move much; he mostly pushed, but it was like pushing a tiny chunk of banana against a hard surface..squishy. But...I got a cumload out of him...I really worked for that load by doing the ultimate buttwall massage. 

The next top simply lay on my back and moved around, snarling and growling, grabbing my neck and moving my head about.  Thing was, I couldn't feel a dick at all, not even a bump.  I thought for a moment I might be getting worked over by the famous Joe Mangina.  Then I thought this must be the way he gets off...he must just squirm around to get off.  But he didn't get off.  I put up with this bullshit for about 10 minutes and then said I had to pee.  The next top was hot and heavy until I opened a bottle of poppers.  He said he was allergic to poppers and beat a hasty retreat.  Then I got a deep load from a dick that looked like a big ole bratwurst that the top knew how to work nicely...this guy plunged as deep as he could, held his dick for a second, then unloaded a big load really deep in my ass.  This was an East Indian guy with Caucasian features and skin the color of rich dark chocolate.  The door was open, and we had roused a crowd, and this guy brashly cleared off all the voyeurs.  I mean, it was Lights Out pitch black so it would have been hard to see anything.

I spent this next hour trying to push that load out, but I'm still learning how to do this.  I think I'm developing a rosebud after all these thousands of dicks, but I still haven't managed to push out all the loads that might be in my ass.  All I get is a bullet haze of loud farts.

Finally, a shadowy number came in and started to feel me I'm in my usual bath house pose: flat on my belly.  With my hand I can feel from his muscle tone that he's an older daddy, but it's a great worked out bod, his calves are beautifully muscled.  And there's a massive rod here and if he slips on a condom, I ain't comin' back here anymore.  He doesn't put on a condom.  He just pushes his rock hard cock into my well-fucked ass with one big thrust.  He stuffs his long straight dick into my deep hole to the hilt.  And I get a really good workout.  His style is to plunge and hold, retreat completely out of my ass, and then plunge and hold again. He never uses his hands.  And he doesn't really slam, he more like steers that big old manmeat, hits the wall and then puts out more pressure.  But he had dug so deep that he unleashed the cum from 2 loads that had lodged in my innermost depths.  And with his plunge and retreat style, every time he withdrew, there was a juicy, gummy gush of seed with buttfarts and this was too much for this dad.  His dick stayed rock hard throughout.  He liked to tickle my buttlips with his ramrod, teasing my hole before poising his pole on my holetrap before shoving it back in going all the way to the bottom of that cum reservoir, then pulling out, more dripping cum, more juicy farts.  I'm a bitch with cum fever, a crazy bitch with poppers up my nose, fat dick up my ass, cum, squish, grunt, fart...tribal beats, pitch black, this place could be burning in a raging fire, and I wouldn't give a good goddamn.  Man, I'm going to die!

This man is a great fuck but he wants a deeper probe he can get with me in missionary.  He gets me on my back, and we make eye to eye contact!!...this is the same daddy who closed an exceptional night a couple of years ago when I got fucked by four massive dicks one right after the other.  This is a reunion that might change things for me...I hope so.  We exchanged phone numbers after meeting years ago...he called me but I was at Home Depot at the time...I waited too long to call him would have been embarrassing because I waited too goddamned long...then I got a new cellphone and all my old contacts were lost.  I think God meant this to happen...yeah, I believe in God (and guardian angels) when it suits me.  Anyway, I was so happy and he so was happy that we didn't care about fucking anymore, that's how great this was.  More about this later, if you guys can stand it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Video Reviews: Ass Wreckers of the Congo, Real Pump & Dumps of LA

I had a little downtime in Palm Springs and hit the best gay emporium in town, Q Traders, for some old school dvd rentals.  They have a 3 for the price of 2 deal, and the rental is good for 2 nights, so that's where I go when in the desert.  Amazingly, they offered 'Ass Wreckers of the Congo,' a recent video from the iconoclastic Knightbreeders, based in the condom-loving, bareback-hating San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.  Knightbreeders has run the gamut of sleazy thematics...ah let's see, they've covered sex cults, satanism, Roman Catholic imagery, vampires, gas masks, clowns, trailer trash and Caligula...that's quite a playbook.  Most of the action is filmed in the same set on sofa, chair and floor in spectacularly tacky fashion, and it's the best, sloppiest, cum-drenched sex in LA.  But now we travel to Africa-in-the-San Fernando Valley with drum beats, ritual chants, jungle birds screeching, lions growling and four mega-hung black tops that drill Damien Silver's expressive asshole from hell to eternity.  This is one hot video with great angles, good clarity, and the trashy toilet talk that Damien Silver does better than anybody else. But once again, it's all about Damien's hole, the best in the business and you get great closeups of those well-exercised, gripping, quivering buttlips wrapped around pounding black cock.  Damien likes his black dick, and he's hosted some big names...Chase Coxx, Buster Sly, the incomparable Michael Rome, but these guys in 'Congo' are all new to me, and we hope to see more of them.  I know we're all buying fewer dvds these days, but you might want this one for your collection.

Raw Fuck Club has the best website around, with great video streams, a good selection and the hottest models.  The biohazard logo says it all.  But...I really didn't care that much for 'Real Pump & Dumps of Los Angeles,' a follow up to the New York pump & dump video that was one of the best of its year. There are some interesting things, though.  Danny Lopez fans, take note: Danny's here with a full head of hair, but he isn't shot from the best angles this time, and Jay Hernandez closes the vid with his scene, which isn't all that great (it could never be bad, but we've been spoiled by some great videos), but we'd like to see more of him (he's also in 'Power Studs' which I haven't seen).  So, if you're into hot muscular Latino bottoms getting pumped, you can't do better than Danny Lopez and Jay Hernandez in one video, and this production might do it for you.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Power Bottoms Devour Tops at Desert Leather Pride

It can be embarrassing if you are one of five bottoms, butt up on the mattress in a sex garage, and you are the only one of the five who's not getting fucked.  Well, that does happen, assuming you are like me and spend a lot of time at sex parties.  This party during Palm Springs Leather Pride (going on right now) actually has three mattresses scattered throughout the play space, but the area near the entry is the most active, and though this space is the smallest of the three, it is also the darkest and by extension, the sexiest.  The mattress can accommodate four bottoms fairly well, but for most of last night, there were five, sometimes six, positioned butt up, ready to take any of the tops that crowded around, an ever changing cast from the moment the party started, around 8 p.m.  That's a pretty early hour for me since it pushes the prep time into the late afternoon.  I usually check in around 9:30 but I decided that was way too late, so this time I was there right at 8.  And man, the action starts right away, no shrinking violets here, no posing, no attitude...these guys are here to fuck!!

That mattress was crowded for the next 4 hours, for only around midnight, did the action diminish.  I described my fellow bottoms as 'power bottoms' because we were ready for every swinging dick that wanted a piece.  No dick was refused, needless to say no load was refused, and the cum that wasn't discharged into a hot ass, was flying on our backs, and we would wipe it up and put it into our asses, or what I like to do, is put that cum into the ass of the bottom next to me.  There's no territorial competition among these power bottoms...we all know we're all going to get fucked good, so no one hogs the mattress, splayed out taking up all the space the way that a queen, who doesn't get around much, would do.  It couldn't be hotter with bottoms kissing each other as they're getting plowed, passing poppers around, and even grabbing a dick and putting into another bottom's ass.  Especially if that dick had just been up your ass.  It's the best way to get another bottom's DNA into your own gut.
These pigs were totally greedy.  There was no wimpering, no screaming, and NO talking...these bitches were in control.   And the tops just kept coming, and cumming...and coming back for more. It was like that for four fuckin' hours.

I had three good runs over the night...each session on the mattress good for about 45 minutes, and then I'd take a break for a beer and relax my back, which would get sore from being arched for so long.  I got fucked by about 20 guys, excluding the repeats, and took 4 loads.  Three loads were in succession.  The first blast came after the top really worked my butt for a good 10 minutes, a relentless fuck ending with a manly orgasmic moan.  Well, all the tops crowding the mattress were really into sloppy seconds, and the next dick was up my ass within 10 seconds.  This guy came really fast, as I think he'd been jacking off to the first top's fucking.  He was nice, trim fuck.  The next top slipped it into my cum-lubed asshole and he was a furious fucker with quick, jabbing strokes.  But it took him a while to cum, and he was really working hard, and I realized I was slipping off the's slick because it's covered with a black vinyl cover...the easier to wipe the cum off.  Anyway, I'm sliding, moving off the mattress, and this guy is digging deep, and I'm thinking to myself, 'Bitch, don't you fuck it up for this hold firm and don't go off the bed.  He is the top and he will be served!'  And we kept up with him, and the dude came deep in my ass.

At the party, a well-known escort from SF shared time on the mattress and was fucked beautifully by an assortment of tops, finally taking a big load from a leatherman in chaps.  You have to subscribe to the website to see his videos on Rentmen.  Yeah, well, maybe later.  I just saw it in person...and it was hot.  The best thing about a no-attitude party is that everybody gets fucked, and in the best type of party every top fucks every bottom.  That's pretty much how it was.

There were a couple of disappointments, though.  I saw among the RSVPs, a couple of fuckbud of whom is maybe the best top who ever fucked me...but neither one showed.
And the sexy black leatherman in a harness turned out to be a bottom.  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

LA County Passes Condom Law - yawn

Voters in Los Angeles County, which encompasses the city of Los Angeles, the surrounding suburbs, a few mountain ranges and a vast expanse of upper elevation desert scrub, passed a law that will require the porn industry to use condoms in all future productions.  I had reported that this unenforceable law would effect the City of Los Angeles only, suggesting the industry could merely cross the street and relocate to neighboring Burbank.  But no, I was wrong: it's the whole county; eventhough there's a quirk in the law that exempts a city or district with its own health department.  And there are a few, namely Pasadena, that staid, starchy, stockbroker suburb commonly referred to as Pasadowner and the port city of Long Beach (its raunchy Navy town days are now just a memory), and the industrial warehouse town of Vernon, known as one of the most corrupt cities on the Pacific Slope.  But do you know what?  Who gives a rat's ass?  Pornistas can take their business to escort and margarita-ridden Palm Springs, just 100 miles east in bareback-friendly Riverside County. The boys of the Hot Desert Knights family once ruled that town...Bill and John and Ray, not to mention Cole Tucker, Lance Hancock, Steve Hurley, and many others were all over the place.  You couldn't swing a purse without hitting a pornstar.  Now you might see Lance on the patio at Wang's-in-the-Desert during the infamous Friday happy hour, but that's about it.  LA porn producers should pack up the trailer, get on Interstate 10 and just head out east.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Poz Vampire Gets Prison

A Canadian jury has found a self-described 'vampire,' in fact, a poz vampire, guilty of sexual assault with intent to kill three men, including a 17-yr. old chicken.  The little chicken got fucked and took the vampire's poz load and according to the prosecutors, sero-converted. 

There are a lot of interesting details related to this story and you can read them for yourself by checking out the Ottawa Citizen's October 31 edition.  The Halloween edition (fittingly?), a vampire, a stealth conversion, and assault with a lethal weapon, which is how the Crown's lawyers characterized the vampire's toxic semen.  No argument there, I guess.  But the 'intent to kill' part is problematic, and I don't enough about the case to judge, but the poz vampire, one Steven Boone, would have to be trolling the dark alleys and bedrooms of Ontario, looking to kill trusting victims by shooting his toxic loads up their asses.  There are lots of easier ways to kill somebody, if that's what you want to I suspect there's a poz fetish at play here.  This Steven Boone guy might have been just playing out a nasty fantasy, and believe me, his is not that unique.  And Steven Boone pitifully declared that he wasn't trying to kill anybody, and actually, I believe him. 

There are certain aspects to the gay lifestyle which do appear unseemly to clueless straight people, and these aspects must be articulated by defense lawyers to help the jurors understand how much of gay culture is based on fantasy.  The trial seemed to dwell on HIV transmission, and a legal quagmire involving condoms and viral loads.  Steven Boone's lawyers didn't help his case by trying to characterize him as a victim of society, searching for love in all the wrong places after his own conversion.

Hell, if these squareball Canadians only understood how rarely disclosure of status is discussed before engaging in gay sex.  In the gay's understood that unprotected sex is risky, period...and we're all adults capable of making intelligent decisions that affect our health and the health of our partners.  I even know negatives who lie to get impregnated with poz cum.  That's their own little fantasy; what can a hot top do about that?

As for the little twinkette he pozzed up, there's no excuse for that bullshit, but the internet report didn't go into that part of the case very much.  I hope the kid didn't lie about his age, as it's implied that his sexual encounter was consensual, and I wish the kid all the best as he learns to cope.

By the way, the vampire aspect wasn't discussed much in the reporting I read.  Blood, I guess, was just a little too 'out there' for the jurists to pursue.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Doesn't Dampen the Fire of New York Barebackers

Trolling the quick connect ads on BarebackRT, I couldn't help but notice that there were 33 New York hook-up postings at 230pm, Eastern Time.  Usually, it's about a dozen for that time of day.  I know that a lot of guys can't get to work today because of Hurricane Sandy; a lot of businesses, maybe most, have simply shut down for the duration.  Evidently, a lot of guys plan to use the time, away from work, to engage of hot mansex.  A couple of guys openly admitted that the Hurricane made them hornier than usual.  What to make of this...a link between Hurricanes and sex?  I, personally, have been interviewed by more than a couple of grad students, working on their dissertations...the subject matter in some way has always involved sex.  Here's another one for a grad student out there...hurricanes and sex...start with the hooking up websites and get to work.
All the best from warm and dry California...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Treasure Island Media Revives 'Breed Me'

The landmark bareback porn video 'Breed Me' is now available to all you children out there.  This video was released in VHS format and is not available in dvd, as far as I know, but it is available through the Treasure Island Media feature, TIMFUCK...and I advise you all to check it out.  You must realize how important this porno is.  The Father of Bareback Porn, Michael McKey, introduced some bareback sex in a fisting video he directed for Hot House...that video was called 'Depth Charge 2,' and for a few minutes we are treated to some bareback sex, and a little bit of cum oozing from a freshly fucked hole; there's also a lot of barehanded fisting, a lot of fisting.  This would have been around 1997...the AIDS cocktail had just been introduced, the 'seropositive' stigma had been relaxed, and people were taking chances again in the pursuit of satisfying sex.  Keep in mind there were fucktards who had been barebacking all along and when they were videotaped, they became objects of controversy and awe.  Michael McKey then began producing videos on his own...'Bareback The Movie', followed by 'Bareback 2, Once in a Blue Moon.'  These productions came out of Phoenix, Michael McKey's home base.  About the same time, a guy named Paul Morris came out with a video called 'Bareback Lunch,' and we were titillated by his was condomless sex without apology or qualification, in defiance of the political correctness of the time.  Then Paul Morris followed up with a little effort entitled 'Breed Me.' 

From the very first minute, we were captivated by the straightforward depiction of willful, dangerous and unapologetic, cum-drenched sex.  A faceless subject with the use of a dildo, coaxes rivers of cum to flow from his used and abused asshole.  It was shocking at the time, as so-called safe sex was very much the order of the day.  As far as we could tell, it was all very phony cum concocted from pina colada mix here.  And with the music and sound effects, the sense of taboo was greatly enhanced.  The rest of 'Breed Me' features an anonymous bottom taking numerous loads.  These are internal spunk deposits, and occasionally we may see a pearl of cum on an asscheek, but in the mood of the time, the very sight of a dribble of cum was radical, scary, sexy and to a great many of us, completely irresistible.  A taboo had been broken. 

'Breed Me' when compared to some of the stuff coming out today, will seem restrained, but trust me, it had quite an impact when it came out, so enjoy it by imagining the response it provoked among the AIDS mafia and self-appointed protectors of the gay constituency.  This video changed everything and Paul Morris kept up the pace with 'Raw Shots' One and Two, and Hot Desert Knights entered the marketplace, eventually linking up with Michael McKey, and the rest has been history.  RJ Parker is the only identifiable performer in 'Breed Me,' otherwise there are no faces shown.  So watch with the understanding that 'Breed Me' made possible every single second of bareback porn you enjoy today.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Dick Damonson Dies

Rawtop has reported that porn pup Dick Damonson was found dead in his New York apartment earlier this week.  Dick was a cute little Marine (so I've read) who played in some Treasure Island Media videos, notably closing one of TIM's best videos ever, Fuckholes 2, with some sizzling group action where he and Marcelo Masko entertain a gang of determined tops.  Rawtop actually fucked little DD on a couple of occasions and blogging about those New York liasons makes for some interesting reading.

It's thought by some that the death may have been drug-related and I'm sure that's the story circulating around bars in Manhattan and San Francisco, but as far as I can tell, that's still only a rumor.  With the recent death of mainstream pornstar Erik Rhoads of a heart attack brought on by steroid medication, one hopes that a third pornstar's imminent passing remains limited to idle chatter and conjecture.  These things don't necessary go in threes.

Rest in peace, guy.  In your short time on earth, you made a lot of us happy and the world a better place.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Castro Video Store Closes & Gay Public Yawns

For whatever reason, Superstar Satellite Video, the landmark institution of SF's Castro Village, is conducting its 'Closing - Everything Must Go' sale.  This may or may not be the end of Satellite Video, as it may choose to relocate to another location, but somehow I don't think that's in the cards.  It may be closing because of rising rents...all of San Francisco is on the upswing these days with a lot of commercial and residential development finally getting the cash to move forward.  But somehow, I don't think a rent increase would be a big enough reason for the store to close.  And though, I dropped in on a Wednesday, a day when most of the business conducted in the Castro would be local business rather than weekend or tourist trade, the place was as quiet as a tomb.  The local guys weren't rushing to Superstar Satellite to snap up dvd bargains.  No, it was more like nobody gave a shit.  I'd have to admit that if this had happened a couple of years ago, or maybe even last year, I would have dedicated hours going through the inventory, looking for videos to add to my library..specifically a pozapalooza video of a road trip with porn pups Ethan Sexxtin and Tim Tyler getting in on with a poz daddy master, picking up white trash toxic hitchhikers and fucking away the daylight hours at the infamous old Coral Sands Motel on the shadier side of Hollywood.  But do you know what?  I don't give a shit either.  In fact, this year I've sold more porn than I've actually bought. 

This landmark video store's closing is actually the closing of an era.  The porn business has been done in by streaming videos, websites like X-tube and MachoMoe, tumblr and the i-pad.  A new age of amateur porn is upon us...a lot of it, most of crap, but enough of it is good enough, despite the limitations of the i-pad.  I think the dvd will be around for a few more years; the cheap production costs make for enormous mark-up potential, but eventually it will go the way of the VHS, prized still but by collectors and porn archivists like myself.  Subscription websites will be the next to go, they'll drag on for a few more years.  The future will be in the free, amateur or personal websites and blogs.

But if you're one of those into collecting, I suspect the Super Satellite - and I don't even know if that's the official name anymore, I used to be such a loyal customer I stopped paying attention - will die its lingering death through the end of the month, so you still have time to get down there and go through their impressive inventory with a lot of vintage stuff and esoteric material that will only get lost on the internet.  For those of you unfamiliar with SS video, the sale could worth a trip to's in the heart of the Castro...the 400 block of Castro between Market and 18th Street.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

John Dahl as TIM's 'Fucktard'

I gave Folsom a pass this year.  There were no performers who I wanted to see, and that's the only reason.  Well, that...and also the fact that Treasure Island Media decided not to do anything this year.  Last year, TIM hosted its fans with a party at the corporate offices...well, that's what I call it, on 9th Street, just a block off Folsom.  I got there relatively late in the day, and I still had to wait a few minutes until I was OK'd by security to enter...a matter of the fire code; there were that many was a success.  Once I climbed up the stairs and reached the office, Brad McGuire had just shot a load up James Roscoe's butt...on the top of somebody's (not Paul Morris', I'll bet) desk, and there was some feeling up here and there among the fans, but nothing radical...and oh yeah, I recognized Paul Stag in the crowd, a cheap thrill if there ever was one.  But there was nothing like that this year, so I didn't bother.  But I did venture into the TIM domain on the Friday before for a meet-and-greet with TIM's newest star, John Dahl, whom we'll all be seeing in 'Fucktard,' the new video due out this month.

There are a lot things going on here.  First off, a fucktard is a guy who does incredbily stupid things in pursuit of self-gratification.  The implication is that he knows better, and is going to risk endangerment or tragedy, anyway.  Any old dumbass isn't necessarily a fucktard...he's just a dumbass.  But a fucktard has to have sense of bravado, and he's going to engage in questionable, risky, taboo behavior because he wants to, or maybe because he just can't help himself.  But that's just part of it.

Formerly, what kind of risks were involved in getting fucked up the ass?  Well, ah yeah, there was the risk to career, and to health, and to reputation, and of course, you could end up in jail.  A lot has changed just within one generation, but there is still the risk of....yeah...HIV.  Conversion...because HIV pozbottoms are beyond the risk issue...we're all going for broke for the time we have left.  So, I think it's implicit that the alleged fucktards in the new video are all boys looking for the adrenalin shot that comes with doing something dangerous, something forbidden, something dangerous to one's health.  They're not stupid but they can't help themselves either.

I have no idea what John's HIV status is.  We chatted a bit, and he's a genuinely nice guy.  Shortish, meaty (not fat!), unassuming and masculine.  He looks a bit more homespun in person than he does in the TIM promo where his muscles, physique, hairy blondeness and butchness in low cut wrestling gear, are all notably evident.  The photographer also captured that quality of dumbness (fucktard!) that a lot of us find appealing, attractive, sexy.  He looks like a dumbass Marine ready to take it up the ass.  John Dahl is not a dumbass but I think he knows how to play one...the evidence is in the trailer where his shortness and stockiness, beautifully contoured head and nice feet, all come into play...he's a hotshit bottom, of course.  So if TIM wants to build him up as this type of bottom character, I'm on board.  I can't wait to see the video and more of John Dahl.  It's so much more sexy when the bottom is smart but plays dumb.  Remember, a fucktard is not necessarily stupid; he just does stupid (sexy?) things.  Let's see where TIM goes with this.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Midnight Buttmunching

It was around midnight at the Steamworks Berkeley on a Lights Out Thursday and I couldn't remember at what hour I had to check out...or renew.  It turned out that our check out time was 3:00 a.m., and I had a great parking spot right across the street, so I decided to let it play out.  It had not been busy, but after I decided to return to my favorite position...on my my room, oddly enough, things picked up.  A couple of sheathed fucks were nothing to write home about (or blog about), but just before 1 a.m., a built black daddy made my room his own and went down on my very available ass.  I don't know what's considered top or bottom in the world of eating ass, but any guy can eat my ass out for as long as he wants as long as he fucks it afterwards.  I've always considered ass-eating as a prelude to some serious digging.  But the clue comes when a dude spends longer than a few minutes eating you out, and that's what happened here.  When daddy spent elongated minutes tongue-ing my slick primed hole, I knew he wasn't going to fuck me.

Then a white dad with a shaved crotch returned (he'd fucked me hours earlier, then abruptly left, which is not unusual), it's now, around 2 a.m., following that eating out session that went on way too long as far as I'm concerned.  But then again, that black daddy got what he wanted and left happy...we aim to please.  This Shaved Crotch wanted to fuck and that he did, laying down some aggressive dick probing, with my ass working hard to stay still and firm getting his every inch...all seven or so.  I don't think he shot a load, but he acted as if he did...I can usually tell by the change in thrust and draw, and he did keep his thick white raw shaft deep in my ass for me to massage with my buttwalls...I've gotten damned good at this.  They all grunt like hawgs.  He also got me going with my raunchy toilet talk, yellin' as is my usual.

Getting it on in bath houses is so unpredictable, one never Thursday night, it was ass-eating and then a good raw fuck.  I wish it could have been in reverse order, but shit man, we can't get it the way we want all the time.  Hell, that would be too easy, wouldn't it?

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Healing Power of Piss

For those of you who play with vacuum pumps and who have developed a blister on your dick every now and then: think piss.  Yes, these blisters can become unsightly and to the uninitiated, will suggest a communicable venereal disease, especially towards the end when that ugly purple scab develops.  Of course you will lance the pesky devil as soon as you notice it, and before he gets really big...but did you know that piss will speed the blister's healing?  Spread a little pee on the blister as often as possible, and the blister will dry out much quicker and the scab won't look so goddamned butt ugly.
Another Helpful Household Hint from Hell-oise.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Angry Gay Witches Hex Albertsons SuperMarkets; Stores Close

A couple of gay witches I know who live out near Sacramento asked a favor of me a while back.  It seemed simple: go to an Albertsons supermarket and get them a shopping bag, specifically an Albertsons shopping bag.  I don't do Albertsons.  I have my own little boycott going because of  their contributions to Mormon-based community programs.  I admit Albertsons is in a tough spot as they're based in Idaho, a strongly prejudiced 'Mormon state' and have to do these things or be shunned by the Mormon faithful.  So it's good marketing on their part, but it's too bad the Mormons are such an exclusive, racially-tinged lot with obscure fancifully-conceived links to the Bible, and with no historical, anthropological or archaeological evidence to support their goofball ideas.  But I digress.  My personal war with the Albertsons people is only for my own personal satisfaction, but with witches, and gay ones at that, the fight goes beyond personal, it's a general all-out war.  Now I don't know a helluva lot about witches, but I don't think they take on organized religions as such...they'd never declare a jihad sort of thing, but they can and do hex people and since even before the Citizens United decision, organizations or corporations who are considered people.

The witches were in a twist over the Mormons' covert support of Proposition 8 in California where the voters were asked to legislate what constitutes a family unit in California.  People don't directly legislate of course, so the whole idea was fucked from the get-go; Prop. 8 is playing out a slow, lingering death in the courts as we speak.  But most of the money supporting Prop. 8 was organized and channeled through Mormon-related shills, I think even the poor hapless Knights of Columbus got messed up in it, and that stoked the witches' ire.  These two weren't going to take on the Mormon business-masquerading as a religion-but they were going to take on the Mormon sucker list.  They went for Albertsons because they have a presence in California and were hex-able.  Thanks to a shopping bag, I guess...I don't know much about the ritual of laying down a hex, and I'm not sure I want to know.  This hex must have been executed a long time ago, because Prop. 8 passed back in 2008.  I don't think hexes work right away, necessarily, or maybe the witches are capable of controlling the negative energy that sucks away life from the target.  But this is a fact: Albertsons is in financial trouble and last week announced the closing of at least a dozen stores in California, and you can expect more to come.  I don't think witches are would have to ask them and I don't ask much of my witch friends...but it's a wonder if the Romney prominence got a Mormon bug up the witches' asses...I'm just thinking.

As for Mormons, my sentiments have never changed: it ain't a religion.  It's a business and for most of its believers, a scam.  I must confess I'm a Catholic and don't wish anybody any physical harm, but the Good Lord made it perfectly clear with His 2nd (that's how important it is, the 2nd!) Commandment;

Thou shalt take the name of the Lord in vain.

You know what that means, doncha?  It doesn't mean 'don't cuss.'  It means don't muck the Lord's name in profit-gaining enterprises like business or politics.  The Mormon Church is certanly guilty of this, in spades.  I wouldn't know, but I do wonder if hell has a special ring for Mormons.  Don't bother checking won't find any Mormons there because no matter what Joseph Smith dreamed up, there was no lost tribe of Israel traveling in Viking-like (could you get any whiter?) to the New World where Paradise would be regained on a piece of real estate just outside St. Louis, MO.  And that's a fact.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Antonio Biaggi: What Next?

He's certainly been around these past couple of years performing everywhere...from lower end (but still mega-hot) studios like Knightbreeders to the top of the line Treasure Island Media, and straight videos, too, I gather. Given the shelf life of pornstars, he's aware and smart, because he has a lot of other things going on. I'm talking about the super mega superstar top Antonio Biaggi, of course. He's dabbled in retail and now he oversees a baking enterprise, which according to his website, is expanding to inclusion at the Williams-Sonoma stores. His website is an interesting read, although he doesn't get into his personal sex life very much; he does get into political, social and cultural commentary, and he's charmingly candid. If he's as smart as I think he is, he'll market himself through his own videos, in the same way that Chase Coxx and Robby Mendez have in their individual endeavors. Any Antonio Biaggi porn enterprise is going to have legs, and it shouldn't be hard to find an angel, an investor to get him through the spendy parts. With luck, he could end up a porn mini-mogul. What I like about Antonio (and he's from Puerto Rico, not Italy)is that he appears to be totally into being a pornstar. He's having a great time and Paul Morris at Treasure Island Media is cultivating an image for him, and Antonio is along for the ride. Literally. TIM's latest video 'Park and Ride' is thematic, something I've been strongly encouraging, alluding to mobile pick-ups. I gotta confess that I have not seen the whole video...I can't afford to buy videos anymore, at least for a while...but the 'limo sequence' with Logan Stevens is notable, not the least for packaging Antonio like the superstar he is. The scene opens with AB riding around the streets of Manhattan in a long, low, black limo, and we're introduced to his square-boots up to his casual dressy shirt and jacket...he looks like a professional athlete, a rock promoter, a restaurateur or a classy drug dealer. But the camera moves slowly, letting us take in all the details...we already know enough to get our fantasies roaring by the time he picks up a white trash street hustler played by Logan Stevens. Mr. Stevens is a well-marketed escort in New York, a top most of the time and openly poz, so knowing these details, my fantasy machine was smokin'. You can't go wrong with these two, and you'll have to get the video for the details, but let me say that LS gets stripped down to his bare feet as he gets fucked in the backseat of the limo, something a lot of us have wanted to do. Buy this video...times are rough for the porn industry, but more about that in another blog. There have been a few porn tops who knew what they had, or at the very least, were game for what the director wanted and went along with it, very capably. Jeff Palmer did the trashy, glittery, bleached out rockstar angle...minus the spandex. Jeff Stryker channeled Elvis (and very nicely) and Chad Douglas did the Hollywood gigolo bit...ah Chad Douglas, shirtless with that '80's shag trailing down, in a Cadillac convertible trolling the hills of Bel Air looking for rich frat boys to fuck...Kevin Williams, Kevin Wilde, Cory Monroe all took Chad's killer seed up their little butts. Now that's something I, and others, remember to this day. 'I want a personal exercise coach...and his name is...Chad Douglas,' Kevin Williams says, phoning an escort service. Even now, years later, my cock starts to stiffen. I really hope TIM has more plans for Antonio that follow along the theme set in 'Park and Ride.' Maybe I'll start buying dvd's again.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weeknight Bath House Sex

It's been over a month since I last posted, and I apologize to all you readers, but there hasn't been that much bareback-wise to write about. Mostly, it's been a month of sheathed, rubbered, sealed and protected, and ah...rather ordinary sex. OK, it's better than watching television or staring into a computer least I got to feel the pulsating heat of human contact, but last month every cut of manmeat, that probed its way into my deep, well-dredged, willing and accommodating fuck canal, was wrapped in casing better reserved for Oscar Mayer or Jimmy Dean. I have a couple of buddies who turn down any top in a bath house who wants to wear a condom. I haven't gone that rigid, and I have spent more time looking for sex in bath houses this past month than I have in a long while. I've been trying to tie in my sexual adventures with my work schedule and it hasn't been working out all that great because it means hitting the tubs on a weeknight. I've been hitting the Steamworks in Berkeley (one of two bath houses in the greater SF Bay Region), and I love the Steamworks...I love the staff, the customer service (more about that further on), the douching stations, the environment...clean but just dark enough to suggest a dirty scene, and the wide variety of men...and oh yeah, the music, with the DJs (in jockstraps) who play at the CumUnion on Wednesdays...those guys are great. But the bath house crowd these days is mostly oral, I think, and my being an analist rather than an oralist means any bath house on a Wednesday doesn't work for me. And I'm thinking that weeknights really are slow, maybe no matter where you are. There was a time, in Old San Francisco, when there was no such thing as a slow night at the baths. In SF in the bad old days, there were the Post St. Baths, the 21st St. Baths, the Bulldog (incredible!), Manimals, the Barracks, the Embassy, Jack's on Post St. (I think it was Jacks, it was pretty small but had its audience), and the grand-daddy, the Club Baths or as we called it...Eighth &'s now...a ministry for homeless men run by the Episcopal church...god bless them. 8th & Howard made it easy: if you were hot (maybe even only semi-hot), you got a discount coupon put into your security drawer at check-out...$2 fuckin' dollars for a locker on a Tuesday(!). Two fuckin' dollars! I've forgotten but a regular locker must have been $7-8 bucks, such were the times. Of course, we went on Tuesdays. We loved 8th & Howard because there were so many bars within staggering distance, and there was always a louche environment, and a louche staff who thought it was sexy to be rude and insulting, making a chub remove his coat so they could see how fat he was, and to humiliate him, and then just to be super-snarky, they'd let him in but they'd give him a shitty room on the first floor. But as I recall it was never slow on Tuesdays...or Wednesdays, and by Thursday it was really rockin'. Granted, Monday nights had to be slow...I'm guessing as, like thousands of others, I never went to the baths on a Monday. Two fuckin' dollars! Steamworks actually does offer a discount for Tues. or Wed., it's a couple of dollars off the locker rate, and the discount is on your receipt. Sometimes, when the staff is really busy they might not point that out, but most of the time, they do. Then I went to the Steamworks on a Sunday, and it was the last day of the Olympics, so I guess everybody stayed home to watch George Michael close the festivities, and the sex wasn't as good as it had been on a Wed. We got only one fuck and it was, of course, sheathed, but the dick was rock hard throughout, and fortunately, the top wasn't all that well-hung, as that dick stayed inside the whole time he was switching positions on me and trying out all kinds of gymnastics moves...and I kept up right with him and I was sure he'd slip out but he did'nt...a broomstick fuck...and no nut. When weeknights at the baths return to the way they used to be, then we will have truly conquered the dark aura of AIDS.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Orgy: 90's Condom Party: Shove'em Up Your Ass!

Okay, there's something called...Orgy...advertised as a 90's Condom Party...takes place on Aug. 18 at 525 Harrison here in SF...dancing...with big name DJ's...and on stage: live safe sex acts(!)...Wow! we go...another lame attempt to fetishize latex. Kids, I go way back to the days when Al Parker was the biggest name in the business...scary times, to be sure...but Al Parker was enlisted to act on video demonstrating safe sex options, and one of them involved using a dental rubber dam to engage in oral sex. I doubt if it worked. I don't mean to demean Orgy's mission, as the Stop AIDS Project is involved...but its message is for negative men who want to stay that way. And these guys are looking for husbands, mostly, and more power to them. But what about those negative guys who want to enjoy nasty, raunchy, unihibited mansex? I doubt if condoms are the answer, here. To me, the message has always been concise: get tested/get real/get down. To confront this issue, negative guys, you have to be honest with yourself, and I don't need to elaborate any further. Which brings me to last night: the CumUnion Party at the Steamworks in Berkeley. Well, too much happened to reveal in a single blog, so I will continue about CumUnion on a Wednesday night in another posting. But let me share you with some of the condom shenanigans that went on last night in they relate to me, personally. I got fucked about 12 times, took 2 loads, and I shouldn't complain...but being a pig, of course, I wanted more, and drove home feeling a bit comtemplative on our lifestyle, but more about that in another blog. Last night, the first guy came into my room with the condom already on his dick...he fucked me was a nicely curved tool, not too big, not too small, the curve made for some interesting sensations, but...that condom...fuck!!! Okay, he's looking out for himself, he's smart, etc, a nice looking guy, maybe Latino, definitely a Mediterrannean type. I made sure to ease that rubber off his cock and once he had left my room, pushed it up my ass. The next guy was a rawfucking bald daddy, and I'll blog about him another time...he didn't cum, at least I think he didn't...then another top came and quickly got me where he wanted me and fucked my ass vigorously...I got my hand down where his dick was in my butt, and I detected a rubber (fuck, man!)...he didn't even have time to put it on..WTF...but this guy did shoot a nice load...ah, into the rubber. I made sure that I unrolled this prophy off his cock, and as before, shoved it up my ass. These rubbers stayed in my hole the rest of the night...some time was spent on the fuckbench in the gloryhole area, where 5 guys fucked me, and later on, the best fuck of the night...raw(!!!)...a torpedo-shaped schlong worked my hole up and down, and shot a respectable load up my ass...he was fucking the rubbers the whole time and we got some interesting squidgy sounds, very hot. Let's think of a great Stop AIDS fundraiser, at a hot SF bar (Kokpit, are you reading this?) with hot pro bottoms (people like Sage Daniels, who's always game, for example), pushing donated rubbers (filled with cum?) up their asses, then pushing them out and then letting the bar patrons bid on them. Then the patrons can eat the condoms, or do whatever. If that's just too much, well an homage to the late, great Christopher Rage. For charity...let Sage push a chocolate up his ass, push it out and let the bidding begin! Wouldn't that be better than just another dance party? And oh, about my own condom stash...the shit stayed up there almost a full day. I finally coaxed them out with my favorite dildo, my Jeff Stryker Super Fabulous Fucktool...well, that's what I call it...Jeff doesn't know about this. Yeah, I had a couple of condoms, one full of cum, marinating in my ass for almost 24 hours...doesn't that make you wanna cum?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Xtube reviews: check this one out/hetebottom

Men, start with Xtube and then search for hetebottom. I don't know if hetebottom means that he's a bottom who happens to be hetero (not unheard of; to wit, porn philosopher Scott O'Hara - may he r.i.p. - once quipped 'lots of straight guys like to get fucked' and ah, ok(!))and Dutch, and, I gather, a well-traveled businessman on an expense account. Let's just say that I have fantasized (and isn't that what porn's all about?) that this Eurobiznessman travels through Africa, and when he finds himself in a nowhere third world shithole, posts for every swingin' dick to come on in and fuck his ass. I mean, like, if you found yourself in Nairobi or Lagos or Johannesburg, on business, what the hell would you do but post that your ass was up and ready? Now, hetebottom is not exactly buff...but keep an open mind...get past your associations with all those Red State marshmallow asses (aplogies to all Red Staters who are hip and would rather be somewhere else), big, fat, white and without any definition whatsoever...but having said all that, he is one hot piece of ass. And a lot of black dudes,the formerly 'dark continent' would agree with me. Xtube is free, and thanks to the ipad, is getting to be as good as professional porn. To be sure, it's amateur, but if you're into big fat white asses, black dick, feet, and fucking...check out hetebottom.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best New Thing: Igor's Biohazard Tattoo

Best new thing to me, anyway. Going through all my e-mail this morning, I found Eric's (de Paris) new addition to that running catalog of nasty eurosex he does better than anybody else, and lo...there's Igor, the hyper supertop from MachoFucker...the mad Russian who put the macho and the fucker into Machofucker...the snarly, grinning, irreverent Igor...we love him!!! With that masculine not-pretty manface, the lean, fluid body and massive Cossack cock, you'd think he couldn't get any better...but he just did. Igor now sports a biohazard tattoo on his right shoulder, which we will all enjoy, as long as he's shot from the right angle, which shouldn't be hard. If you get off thinking of all the poz nasties ejected from a toxic deathstick, Igor will do it for you, now, even better than before.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

'Sex in the City' is Shadow Porn

After the release of the second 'Sex in the City' movie last year, I don't think we'll be seeing a third, and that's probably all for the good. The significance of the 'Sex in the City' franchise is solid: it restored New York's proper place in the American made America fall in love with New York again, after a mean-spirited suburban culture engaged in trashing New York for three whole decades. Gays helped rebuild New York, and that's where Sex in the City comes in: it's pretty obvious that the franchise is about 4 gay men played by female actresses. It couldn't have sold with 4 gay men, despite the success of 'Queer As Folk' (safely set in a cultural backwater of its own making), the nation and world weren't ready for 4 queens making New York their own oyster. That would have been too scary for cable television executives, much less the American public. But if the talented writers of 'Sex in the City' imagined the four main characters as gay men and then cast women to play them, that's more to their credit. They made it happen, and it changed the nation's perception of big, bad, decayed, immoral, scary New York. It was the influential gaywriter Ethan Mordden who posited that the gay population could be classified into 6 types of queens and the six designations elude me at the moment. I checked my library of Mordden books and cannot find the passage where he puts it down. I checked the internet but the key words are too vague. If somebody out there knows, please respond to me. There are 6 types of queens, he wrote, and four of those types can be applied to the Sex in the City girls. Miranda is obviously the 'business queen,' and Charlotte the 'tearful queen.' Samantha the 'dangerous queen,' and Carrie, well what (?), she embodied characteristics of more than one, I think, which made her role the glue that held the sequences together. Where am I going with this? I don't know if you agree with me, but maybe it's time for our great porn producers to re-engage the storyline concept to porn, that was pursued by the truly greats of porndom...Christopher Rage, Arch Brown and Al Parker and some other guys even I've forgotten...the revolutionary porn of the 80's. Porn with a beginning, middle and end, not gonzo porn or loops with good production values. It could even be a series in the 'Sex in the City' model. A porn soap opera would be fine by me. Let's take it one step beyond the thematic, which is where the best pornographers of the day are right now. We're waiting and we'll have to wait a little longer, maybe...but here's a fact: bareback porn is in a rut right now. The tops and bottoms of porn are as good as they ever were, but the element of fantasy is missing. Just a hint of a story would be enough to bring us back. When we're checking xtube before checking the pornstudio websites, that's not a good sign. It's time to make the shadow real.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Matt Sizemore Goes East

One of our favorite pornstars, Matt Sizemore, is in DC, and teaming up with fellow pornster Champ Robinson, to entertain as many Washingtonians as is possible over the next few days. You remember Champ...a hot top from Raw Fuck Club videos, and of course, Matt...well, Matt is a legend. After working hard in mainstream gay porn, he made the switch to bareback almost 10 years ago when he modeled for Hot Desert Knights. He made a couple more for HDK, and then...sort of...disappeared. Then recently he allied with Treasure Island Media where he went the bottom route. And very well, too. Ah, he's done that before...and often. After DC, he heads on to New York where he should be pretty busy. On his barebackrt profile, Matt says he'll team with Champ in DC or Sam Crockett in LA, for those of you pigs who are into that sort of thing. I get hit on daily by escorts working the various websites, and while I'm unable to take advantage of these offers...financially speaking...I know lots of guys who can and will. And being the dedicted blogger that I am, I don't mind being a matchmaker. That's all I do...the boys can figure out the rest for themselves. But I remain, as always, an admirer of the audacious marketing efforts by some of the, ahem...rentmen.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dept. of Corrections: Re: Double Fucking

In an earlier blog, I described how I wanted to see double penetration depicted, and bemoaned how the contemporary crop of video directors seem to have forgotten how to do it right, especially since double fucking is nothing new. I credited William Higgins for staging the perfect double penetration scene, but, as a number of readers have pointed out, it wasn't William Higgins at all, but rather John Travis, director of much of the Jeff Stryker repertoire. The scene I treasure was part of the John Tavis masterpiece, 'Power Tool,' best remembered not for the double fuck scene I love, but for prisoner Jeff Stryker powerfucking the late great total bottom Tony Bravo on a prison bunk...ah yes. That was by far a more memorable scene that will live forever, if fans could only find it. And for the record, the bottom who took two rawdicks up his ass was Gary Owen. Where be he now, God only knows.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cheap Thrills: Porn Stars on Parade

It's time to let you guys, out in the hinterlands, know what you're missing by not being part of everyday life in San Francisco. Say you're in Safeway, and we all know that after Home Depot, Safeway offers the best malewatching in town, any town. But we're in San Francisco and we're in the Gay Central Safeway on Market Street and you see the perfect ass...the most beautifully shaped male posterior ever. Then you notice the rest of the man, and he's trim but you can tell he's built under that button down shirt he's wearing, and maybe he's slightly balding and most certainly not chicken material. Then you stall waiting for him to turn around, and then he does, and it's ex-Falcon/Treasure Island Media studlet Max Holden...traveling with his faithful little lapdog, and I mean that literally. Maybe it's been a while since Max has done anything on video, but his starring turn in 'Fucking Crazy,' the Treasure Island Media document of the old Cute Boy SF Bareback Party...those were the days, yeah, all the way back to 2005(!)...will live forever. He's also pretty good getting nailed by Buttlover in Buttlover's Best. Seeing how well Max has held up over the years is an inspiration to us all, and I know he's got fans out there, because they've e-mailed me about him. If you want to see Max Holden post-video, you can go to Safeway. It would perk up any queen's day to catch a sight of tall, lean, versatilian studlet Tyler (Slut Machine/Treasure Island Media) standing in the checkout line at Mollie Stone's supermarket in the Castro. Buying wine, I think. He was wearing a leather jacket and wonderful black cowgirl boots, and looking terrific. When I first saw Brad McGuire tending bar at the Edge, I thought it was for a celebrity/charity fund raiser. Every queen running for Empress has to put time in at the Edge, a mainstay in the Castro, surviving all these years probably because its schizophrenic client base changes with the hours of the day, and has done so, successfully over time. I've followed many a drag queen into the Edge, and have stayed for the cheap drinks and the music, which is mostly 80's retro. But if Brad McGuire is there you go for Brad McGuire. I guess Brad is working at the Edge now because I've seen him on more than one occasion, though I haven't tested his martini making skills yet. For those of you who haven't met Brad, he's a really nice guy, and what's gonna hold ya back now? I can say that he appears to work weekday evenings, and of course I wouldn't dare ask. A guy deserves his own space, even if he is a bartender. The Edge is in the Castro, at the corner of 18th & Collingwood...across the street from Mollie Stone's.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Videographers Forget How to Shoot Double Penetration

I was at my local pornshop the other day and saw a new porno by the very shaggable Damon Dogg (at least I think it was Damon's new venture Damon Dogg's Cum Factory, I'm pretty sure) that is devoted mostly to double penetration. I haven't seen this video, but judging from the pictures on the wrapper, it's all conventional double fucking. What do I mean by this? It's the familiar modified doggy style staging: one top on his back fucking with the second top giving it the doggie way. That's all I've seen by our great videographers, and I've concluded that the directors feel that this is what we, the videowatching public, want to see. I know these guys might recall one William Higgins. William Higgins goes way back to Pre-Condom Era, and through his Catalina Studios defined a specific look to his porn: palm trees, swimming pools, lithe clean-cut hairless boys with flawlessly styled hair who rarely broke into a sweat...ah...ugh. This William Higgins culture was not my thing, even then...but the guy knew how to stage a double fuck. I recall one of his videos, styled in a prison motif...I checked the Catalina videography and couldn't even guess at the title, so that part of this story is lost...but therein was the perfect doouble fuck. So I can't direct Paul Morris, Damon Dogg, Frank Stein, Ben Baird, Gary Carlton, etc. to the right video, but here's the set-up: take two tops on their backs, butt to butt, and then have the bottom straddle them and take both dicks up his ass, positioned so that we get a full frontal of the bottom riding those dicks. True, this staging is going to require a really big ass with a big stretchable hole, like, ah, uhm, Jesse Balboa, Danny Lopez, Ray Dalton, Damien Silver, for example. If William Higgins could make it look good on the floor of a prison shower...and I don't like much of what he did (except for Chad Douglas)...any of the great current porn directors could take note and make it great in their own ways. I think it was Liam Cole in an interview who said he didn't direct his performers; he just let them go at it. I figure that most directors work this way, and it's too bad. It's why we have a lot of hot guys having sex that doesn't do much for us. Any good director is going to visualize how to use his players. Otherwise, it's amateur stuff that belongs on Xtube. I've been viewed many times on Xtube getting fucked by hot poz dicks, and sometimes it was fun to watch later and other times even I would just want to move on...and it was me! The couple of times I appeared in a studio bareback production (for Hot Desert Knights), the director Ray Butler did provide some guidance, how he wanted us to stand, move so that the camera men could get access to the angles he wanted. If you leave it up to the performers, you're going to spend a lot of time in the editing room and end up with some mediocre porn, mediocre bareback porn. So maybe that's why the double fuck scenes haven't been so great: the guys don't even know who the fuck William Higgins is!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Xtube Review: Imjustsaying

I haven't blogged about Xtube and I really should have long ago, so I'm going to right that situation now. Xtube is fabulous, especially after one learns how to avoid wasting time going after all the crap encountered on that wonderful free-for-all website. I check out Xtube nearly every day and by now I have my favorites, and I thought I'd share them with you and share my ideas why these contributors are great. To begin with, there is a sexy element to amateur sex with strangers, anonymously or whatever, and to address one's inherent exhibitionist proclivities by sharing a video with the whole wide world, adds a prurient aspect that really gets one's hormones going. There's no 'bareback' category in Xtube, but no matter; once a user identifies his favorites, he can cut to the chase by accessing those accounts and very often, the contributors' favorites which are also accessible, really serve to expand the available options. From time to time, I'll be blogging about my favorites, hoping that you'll 'log-on and get-off' and gift these naughty, nasty boys. I'm going to start with a contributor who calls himself 'Imjustsaying'...a relentlessly hard driving black daddy into big asses and, feet. You'll see a lot of these in his submissions, like 'Hitting a Mexican' with a big ass that he fucks hard, and nice Latino feet on view for us to admire. Now these are amateur videos, so the production values are not comparable to studio-based bareback porn...although some times they are better than good enough. But...the grainy quality of the videos, at times (not Imjustsaying's, necessarily, as his are way better than average), with the crotch shadows, obstructions, weird angles, actually enhance the videos, giving them a raw quality that's very erotic, especially when the venue is an anonymous hotel room or a cheap ass tacky apartment bedroom. Imjustsaying is an equal opportunity topfucker and since he's a favorite of mine (and I hope you'll check him out and be generous, while you're at it), we'll be looking forward to his next show.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last Bottom Standing

Standing was about the only position in which I did not get fucked last night in Palm Springs. A Friday night party usually consists of locals, as opposed to a Saturday party which needs tourists, and visitors to make it really interesting. The crowd last night was definitely local, and included a couple of my fuckbuds who were slow in getting into the groove. That would be easy to understand...they came from work or after daily, unsexy errands. One, especially a top, needs to get his mind on and get warmed up. Bottoms mostly need to be concerned only about getting cleaned out. I saw my buds jacking off, trying to get worked up, and I did my best, sticking my ass out in all kinds of slutty poses. It worked for a dozen new fucks,however, all doggy style. One bud did get it up and fucked my ass nicely. The other finally got into my ass, as the crowd was thinning out. He's always good, energetic fuck, with a rabbit-fuck style...if you're not in shape, he'll wear you out, such a horrible dilemma for bottoms. Too bad, huh? Then out of nowhere, a short type with glasses and an impressive hard on showed up: obviously from out of town, as he had no way of knowing that the local desert crowd is an early crowd...the parties start early, 8 or 830, and break up around 11. This guy showed up around 10, when there were more guys leaving rather than arriving. I stoked his dick and it didn't need any help as we got right down to it...on a mattress, doggy style, bent over, missionary and finally a squat fuck riding that rockhard cock, it never moved off its straight up twelve o'clock high position. But we became aware that the hosts maybe wanted to call it a night. So we promised to resume on Saturday. This was a good party: 12 dicks, 1 or 2 loads undiscovered until I got home and feeling pregnant, I did a squat, cupped my palm around my hole and dumped a nice, big wad of cum.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Watch Out for the Wolfman

Treasure Island Media exclusive Ethan Wolfe made quite an impression in 'Manfuck Manifesto' when he impregnated All-American twink Jackson Taylor with a pozload, recorded for history. How do I know it was a poz load? Because the Wolfman is the top with a nice, big in-your-face biohazard tattoo on his belly. That makes for great video. Now for the follow up, Ethan bottoms in an upcoming T.I.M. video, and you can catch the trailer on the website, where I saw it. Paul Morris knows his shit. Mark my words, in his next appearance, Ethan Wolfe will missionary...for a top with with a similar biohazard tattoo, somebody like Sean Hunter or maybe Spit or maybe somebody yet to make his presence known to Treasure Island Media. We'll be waiting for that one, and it will happen in time. Ethan Wolfe is an ex-Marine, so I've read. Actually, there's no such thing; once a Marine always a Marine. Ethan Wolfe is a Marine, and that's something you don't lie about. We'll be watching Treasure Island Media and Ethan Wolfe with great anticipation, what?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Twelve Hungry Bears

It was posted as a bear party, with invitations extended to cubs, otters, etc. Not everybody there was a Bear, which to me, means a large, hairy manimal, often trending to the obese. But I am weak on the appropriate terminology since I'm not necessarily a bear hunter and am only vaguely aware of bear-oriented events which all seem to involve big men drifting down a river in big innertubes. Lazy Bear Weekends invoke visions of non-stop eating and laying out in the sun. And there seem to be events marketed as Bearracuda every week now. Of course I know what a Cub is: a junior version of a Bear, either in age and/or size. But I didn't really know what an Otter is. I do now, after doing a quick scan of window-dressing stylist Simon Doonan's book, 'Gay Men Don't Get Fat.' An Otter is a slimmer version of a Wolf, says he. Well, then what's a Wolf? A lean, hairy manimal, as opposed to his bigger, fatter brother, the Bear. Oh yeah. And as Simon Doonan goes on, a Bear who's Asian can be called a Panda Bear. Oh, well, now I've got it all down. There were no Panda Bears at this party, as best as I could see...although it was pretty dark. But a good time was had by all. I got fucked by 12 men, and took 3 loads, two from the same top. But now that I know better, I'd have to say I was attacked by a Wolfpack...the men were hot, aggressive, hairy, tattoo'ed and lean...wolf material, I'd say. So Twelve Hungry Wolves would be closer to the truth. The honest truth: a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Randy Cochran Revisited

A couple of days ago, I blogged about the Blatino Oasis phenomenon and their Erotica Awards and didn't quite give honoree Randy Cochran his proper due. I'm making amends for that right now. Randy was honored with Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards' Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the adult entertainment's not a bareback award, per se, but you have to remember that Randy goes back to the Pre-Condom Era when he starred in the Black Forrest production, 'Making It Big' in 1983. He fucks a very masculine bottom by the name of Long...Bert Long maybe?...and the sequence is so fabulous that I bootlegged it in the VHS format years ago and I still review it from time to time. Black Forrest required its performers to act, as most of their videos had plotlines...and Randy did a better than adequate job on that score, as well. Randy was recognized by the GAYVN in 2006 with an induction into the porn Hall of Fame. I should have mentioned all of this when I first blogged about it, and now you know. If you want to reach Randy, you may do so through Rentboy...Randy works out of LA, or check out his escort ad in the classifieds of Frontiers Magazine.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Return to Meat Rack - Review

Read my review of Max Sohl's latest 'Return to Meat Rack' on the Treasure Island Media website.

Tyler Reed Scores with Go Fuck Yourself - Review

As most of my readers know, I don't post reviews of videos I don't like, so you'll never catch me giving a negative review, and if I don't review the works from certain producers, you can draw the obvious conclusion. So, I had neglected to give space to the stuff put out by RawJoxxx because I was consistently disappointed with their videos. I mean that I have bought RawJoxxx on occasion, so it isn't like I don't know them. For example, when I saw Marco Cruise in full frontal on the box cover of 'Pump Some Ass,' I bought it right away without doing some research online. At least RawJoxxx has its marketing down; that cover is going to sell that only fair video. I mean how could you go wrong with Marco Cruise bottoming for Nick Roberts? Well, I didn't like the camera angles, for starters, and the positioning of the performers disappointed. I can't recall if there were any of the usual crotch shadows, as there had been in other RawJoxxx movies, but let's just say that after I played it out at home, I went out and resold that wasn't good enough to take up space in my library. Having said all that, videographer and creative mind at RawJoxxx, Tyler Reed, has turned out a splendid little work built around a 'new' (to me) performer named Kane Rider, who has 'Go Fuck Yourself' tattoo'ed on his lithe, muscular, expressive bod. It's as if Tyler Reed re-learned the business (he's been around for a while) with this video, and 'Go Fuck Yourself' is one of the best videos of the year so far. Buster Sly fucks Kane in the opening sequence, and we get all the great shots we want...great scene, Sly NEVER fails to impress. Then Kane displays his versatility topping a couple of Latin sluts...Rocco Martinez in a sling, and then superstar-waiting-to- happen Danny Lopez (also known as Diego Catalan in some videos) in a sauna, before getting nailed by the aforementioned Mr. Reed in a thrilling, cockstiffening finale. Here Mr. Reed slam fucks Kane into shooting a nice, rich load on Kane's own belly after an extensive, gymnastic display right out of the Kama Sutra, then lubing Kane's ass with Kane's own cum, and then pumping it in ferociously, churning up a sloppy creamy mess out of that worked-out hole. For those of you who complain that there aren't any great white on black bi-racial scenes, buy this dvd and you'll stop complaining. My only complaint: Danny Lopez's big ass needs a big bed. A sauna bench not so much. Hats off to Tyler Reed for this fine work from an unexpected source. Well, all that's over now. We'll be expecting great stuff from Tyler Reed next time out. Buy this dvd!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blatino Oasis

I missed Blatino Oasis, the party in Palm Springs that occurs the weekend closest to Cinco de Mayo (a Mexican holiday but now grown to include not just Latinos but truly everybody) when I always seem to have something else to do...mostly doing my Mexican friends of which I have many. But I'm still interested in Blatino Oasis and I always check xtube to find out if anyone's posted something. There's nothing as of yet, but there are a few clips from Blatino Oasis 2011, and sadly all of them are rather short, less than a minute each. And a few seem to be of the same public fucking...a slender young bottom sitting on a top on a kind of stage, so it must have been a planned performance. Some of the guys honored this year are part of the Black Rayne family and I've gotta say, that while I'm still getting to know these guys, as a rule, they are all outrageously talented sex toys. They are all in their 20's but they all fuck like they're beyond the age of discovery and are old hands at fucking and getting fucked. I started following Black Rayne when they signed up L'il Papi, the hottest piece of Latin ass on the Eastern Seabord and who I admired for his work at Rawstrokes. But now I'm impressed by just about every bottom who crops up: Storm, Smoke, Carlitos, and others, they are uniformly fantastic. Trappboy was awarded Bottom of the Year or Something Like That, and I feel that's an honor well deserved. Black Rayne, and Black Breeders are the go to sites for the best bareback sex on the web. The dvd versions seem to be sporadic, and the names keep changing, at least from what I can make out of it. For those of us who like to buy dvds and build a library we can refer to without having to go online (those damned greasy fingers), we'll have to wait a little bit, or possibly forever. Blatino Oasis also honored Randy Cochran, one of the first black pornstars of the mainstream studios of the time, as opposed to working for a 'black' studio like Black Forest (does anybody remember the remarkable Daryl Harris?). Randy was (is?) mostly a top and rocked the '80's until AIDS changed the business. So, you can see him as a survivor of sorts, although he's not working anymore, as far as I know, we are delighted to learn that he's still around and showing up at these events. The host hotel for Blatino Oasis was the Canyon Club, and I'm sure there was a lot of action going's not very big but they have a vast outdoor area, a sex garden, if you will. I was there in the winter when it was too cold to hit the sex garden, and my time at the playroom was fruitless mostly because of a bunch of sillyass frat boys who were clothed, messing around with the lights, and laughing and giggling like a bunch of sillyass sorority sisters. Maybe that's what they really were. I'm sure they were NOT at Blatino Oasis. So to get it into our heads: Cinco de Mayo means Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs. Maybe next year.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bareback Sex Parties in the Desert

I'm happy to write that I was able to make it to Palm Springs to take part in pspigslut's fetish and fisting party. These parties are posted among the barebackrt party listings, and for my money, they are the best parties going. Literally, there is only a $10 donation required, and you can ask if there's viagara available at about $5 a pop, and beer or wine or something else are OK, as long as you bring your own and in something other than a glass container. The venue is literally a sex areas for fucking or fisting are curtained off by hanging drapery and the lighting is just right...hard concrete floors and wow, great music tracks to keep memorable moments in the sex archives of your forever, maybe. There's also a pool (heated for now, as the desert nights are still cool) and another play area, with a sling in an outdoor patio. There's also a lot of outdoor furniture for resting and fucking, as I saw Saturday night...a black top lain out a chaise longue with a short white bottom riding a long, slender cock. The best party is where every top fucks every bottom, and that's pretty much what happens at these parties. There can be as many as 50 guys at these parties, but more likely 30 guys, and it's all looky-loos here, no people who keep their clothes on while rushing around to stand around and watch. I'm not saying those voyeurs should be barred from any sex party, but they should be made to pay more, like $25, something comparable to streaming porn, because these parties are living porn, real life porn. The most active play area is just off the right as you enter: a large mattress that can accommodate four of five bottompigs at a time, each one getting fucked hard and consistent. And there's no one bottom hogging all the action, spreading out and taking up all the these guys are all adults...a bottom will get fucked by three or four guys in about 30-45 minutes and then he'll relinquish his space to take a rest, not concerned about missing out. There always seems to be enough dick, enough ass, to go around. The crowd is older (40's-50's) and sure of itself...and it's an early crowd, too...the busiest part is between 8-10pm, although the fisters go at it well into the night. So these parties can be a great beginning to a night of sex, party here and then meet up somebody else later. Or get loaded up, then go home and let your partner or boyfriend fuck your cum-filled ass. But best of all, unlike a lot of sex parties advertised this party, everybody is NAKED...maybe a jockstrap once in a while, but for the most part, it's total, naked, mansex...and oh, did I say it's the best bareback sex party going?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Porn Stars of Yesteryear and Today

This post started out as a Cheap Thrill, something we do when we catch a public view of a porn type on the street or engaged in 'public' sexual activity. First, the porn star of Today: the classic beauty of Sage Daniels for the world to see, at least that part of the world on the F Line streetcar on Market Street in San Francisco. Sage was busy on his cell phone for most of the time but he looked around enough for us to meditate on his classically chiseled features, that real movie star face he's been blessed with. After boarding on Upper Market near the Mint, he rode for only a short distance and alighted at 9th Street/Larkin Street. Either he went north to the SF Public Library or south to the Treasure Island Media corporate office, perhaps for a production date: you decide. Nevertheless, this sighting definitely qualified as a Cheap Thrill. Now for the pornstar of Yesteryear: Steve Hurley AKA Titpig seen at the Revivals gay thrift shop in Palm Springs, looking a little grayer and a lot paunchier, a bit of disheartening news. Now for those of you too young to remember, Steve/Titpig was one of the first bareback porn stars of the Post Condom Era. He worked mostly for Hot Desert Knights and Treasure Island Media, and was of an earthier type, a real daddy with a lot of hair, strong legs and impressive dick, a dry sense of humor, and a thing for pipes and cigars; in fact, Titpig articulated the cigar fetish better than anyone else, except maybe for Cole Tucker who was definitely a barebacker (seen in action at the Camp Palm Springs) but without any bareback video credits. I'll never forget the night at Camp Palm Springs when I saw Titpig, cigar hanging from his lips, preparing to drill a young preppy type hoisted in a sling. That vision is something one never forgets. Apart from the spare tire, Titpig looks as good as ever, given he's gotta be a good 50 years old. Not a Thrill, maybe, but certainly as Cheap as they come.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Diversification thru Promiscuity: Cum Must Come from New Sources

During the 1980's, those early years of the mysterious and insidious phenomenon that came to be recognized as AIDS, there was the assumption that AIDS, or HIV, was a product of promiscuity. Irresponsible homosexuals were engaging in scandalous, risky sex and spreading their filth around the world, infecting humanity. Well, there may be some truth to that claim, but it's a waste of time to debate it now, 30 years later. Yet I do recall an idea posited by the late Scott O'Hara, put forth regarding the infection of late author Randy Shilts, who did much to promote the idea that unprincipled and undisciplined gays who were killing themselves and a generation of gay men, by engaging in condomless sex. Barebacking wasn't a term commonly heard in 1985; it came later, but Randy Shilts portrayed barebackers as selfish, irresponsible idiots acting out a communal death wish with their promiscuity. Much was made of anonymous sex, which is what these nasty barebackers were into. Bath houses were shut down. Super nelly right wing Republican pundit William F. Buckley suggested that HIV positive men be required to have an AIDS tattoo for I.D. purposes, as if we'd shun these tramps, these self-absorbed pigs, who wanted to have unprotected sex, no matter what. Little did these queens realize that oh yeah, we would do much better than that: yeah, we'd continue to have anonymous sex with as many people as possible and hell yeah, we'd go out and get our own biohazard tattoos. It came to be that a biohazard tattoo would not be a badge for the shunned, it would become a magnet for guys with an edge. A younger generation didn't experience that insidious time when nobody really knew much about this virus and when the Randy Shiltses and AIDS mafia did their best to turn us all into a class of victims. Oh yeah, about Scott O'Hara: in 'Autopornbiography,' he reasoned that Randy Shilts came out against promiscuity because he felt that's how he had become infected. Scott felt that it was more likely that Randy Shilts got infected in his bedroom by somebody he loved, a boyfriend or a partner, rather than on that massive orgy mattress on the 2nd floor of 8th & Howard. I've read some uncharitable accounts that Randy Shilts favored closing down 8th & Howard and every other bath house in SF, only after 8th & Howard denied him entry. There is some medical research that suggests that, today, with all the marvelous medications available, promiscuity may be a good thing. Exposure to various strains of HIV may actually bolster immunity. This stuff is politically incorrect and not much was made of it when it was proposed at the AIDS conference a few years ago. I've commented on the AIDS mafia many times, so the fact that these studies are allowed to settle under the radar doesn't surprise me one bit. But here's my point: I love my fuckbuds; I have three...they keep me flooded with their poz cum, but I've not been getting much beyond them. I need to diversify my cum sources, and I'm doing my best. I need to try harder at promiscuity. I need to go to more parties and the baths and anonymous hookups. Sunday I got the ideal pump and dump. I hooked up with a guy from Barebackrt, and he came over as he said he would. I pulled down his pants to reveal a plump uncut schlong that reminded me of a bull elephant seal. He got me on all fours, moving me around like a chess piece, and proceed to give me a good, solid, fuck that went on for maybe three minutes. Then, blasted a load up there...and left. No small talk, I never even caught his name, although I did save his profile on my buddylist. At least, some new cum source to keep my immune system on its mettle. As for my fuckbuds, as I said, I love them and need them and will do anything they tell me to do. But, I'll also pay attention to those medical researchers from Switzerland, and do what I can to get some new germy seed, in the promotion of better health.