Saturday, November 23, 2013

Black Top Says My Hole Ain't Loose Enuf, Kicks Me Out

It was supposed to be a fetish scene involving a sling, toys and blindfolds.  We're both supposed to be blindfolded.  After navigating my way through this massive apartment complex in the desert, I was instructed to put the blindfold on and get into the sling.  The top gave me orders from another room in the apartment; I wasn't supposed to see him and he didn't want to see me.  He was wearing a blindfold, too.

The play session wasn't all that bad, and I was doing my part, eventhough I'm not much into toys as foreplay.  In private, yeah, but otherwise, I find toys a distraction...too often the top shows how dependent he is on toys, and that's as far as it gets.  On this occasion, the top slipped into a series of penile devices, variations of the common strap-on.  Well, this is not bad if it leads to some real skin-on-skin fucking.

The top was nicely hung but not rock hard, maybe something short of with massive dicks not completely hard, it was a floppy dick but not so soft as to feel like a loofah working its way into my ass.  I'm still game, though, as his dick is way big enough to create some nice sensations in my ass, and I clamped down, squeezing it as best I could.  I thought of Jeff Stryker's command, 'Tighten that purty l'il ass' and I did my super best.

'You're ass is too tight.  My dick needs a big, loose hole to get hard,' or something like that is what this top said, something you'd never heard Jeff say.  Well, okay, I've had MANY (probably hundreds by now) big-dicked tops use their rods like bottle brushes pushing deep into my big hole, and ain't never anyone said my ass was too tight.  But it is a rule: a bottom don't argue with the top...ahem, even if you're married to him.  Just keep your fuckin' mouth shut. The blindfolds came off.  I knew he was a black guy because of his profile.  He's more handsome in person.

From my perspective, it was an OK fuck, better than staying home and watching videos.  And the top was a perfectly nice guy, not rude or nasty at all.  He just wanted a loose, loose, loose hole.  Here's hoping he finds it in that desert town with a gayish neighborhood called Deep Well.  For starters, he should consider moving there to find out if it lives up to its name.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Black Yungsta Digs White Daddy Ass

You can go to the baths on a busy night, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get stuffed with a host of fine dick.  Go on a slow week night and you might be surprised.  With fewer guys, a top is going to be unwilling to wait very long for the next bottom to show up.  On a slow night, you're likely to get a long session, or a round two.  It takes only one man to make a difference, and that's what happened at my most recent visit to the tubs.  One black guy...three night...a landmark occasion, at least for me.

This dude was really young, certainly in his 20's, sturdy and well-built, hung and black.  I mean, what's not to like?  The thing is, he probably thinks he's a dork...we're in Berkeley and he's probably associated with the University in one way or another.  I mean...he fucks with his glasses on.  He didn't flinch when I smeared some lube on his big raw black cock.  So like, you wear glasses?  Like who gives a flying fuck?

Well, he did take them off eventually, which was kind of too bad, because I can't remember the last time I got meat delivered by a guy wearing specs so that part was a turn-on.  And by the way, he's no dork.
We had three separate sessions over the course of five hours.  He kept coming back for more, and this night for me was anything but slow.

When you've got a big dick, you can afford to experiment with your bottom, to try different positions or alter your fuckstyle to see what he can take.  This dude's style was to treat me like his fuck bucket; with a big chocolate stick that he whipped around, hitting my hole walls at various angles, the best for a sloppy hole which he made sure to make, cumming multiple times.  He liked to twist me around like a pretzel and was able to get leverage from every angle and never slipping out...ah, the pleasure of a big dick.

Something new, at least for me: what I will call a 'tee fuck,' penetration at a 90 degree angle.  He put me on my side, stretched out my legs so I was straight, and then got in at a perfect tee from behind...digging in and never slipping out, not once.  In three sessions, I was dug out in just about every way.  So complete, so hot, and so young.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Man's Man: Big Dicked Prince Albert and Balls of Leather

Sometimes in all comes together, and when it does, it's always a surprise...and so much the better.  Let's start with a handsome man: tall with curly dark hair, a manly face, and the sturdy, fleshy build much favored by Italian Renaissance painters, and then a plump, delectable dick...a real Michelangelo classical dick, slightly curving, with a nice round head.  I know...Michelangelo's dicks were all uncut...but don't mess it up for me.  A nice fat dick.  And with a thick Prince Albert, maybe a 4 or 6 gauge in the barbell style...big enough to show some sparkle even in a dimly lit room.  A man's man with a fat dick, a sexy piercing and protruding...ah, definitely swaying...gigantic balls hanging like a couple of over-ripe fruits.

I enjoy vacuum-pumping as much as the next guy, and I work out a little every day, just long enough to plumping up before going out.  And while I do have the extra-super large cylinder for ball pumping, I just haven't got into that area.  So, I ask those in the know: does pumping up the scrotum have any effect on the texture of one's balls?  I ask because this dude's balls were like leather, ruffed up, clutchable, and I would have played with them more if that had been the reason for his presence here.  He was here to fill and drill my ass, which he fulfilled with all the force, confidence and control of a man's man.

There is male to male action and there is man to man action; they are different things.  This man's man put this man in his place, to be sure.  There was only one thing, though: when getting thoroughly roughfucked, I love to feel the slap of a man's man's big balls against my ass.  In the case of leather balls, they're so fuckin' heavy, they don't slap, but rather they just sort of shake.  I know I just should end this right now...forget the slappin' balls, this was another great fuck for the annals of anal.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Poz Stigma Makes for Hot Sex - Part Two

The notion of a stigma, attached to an HIV-positive diagnosis, prevails among the mainstream media and what I call the AIDS mafia, those organizations and activists who evidently want us seropositivos to hang it up and spend the rest of our lives wallowing in self-pity.  I think that most seropositivos have already rejected the idea that we are victims and must retire from sex.  Sero-sorting has become a way of life for us and we might as well bareback because we have no illusions about the reality of our status.  I wouldn't go so far as to say that all the hot gay men out there are already HIV-positive, but I think I've made my point.  We're alive, we're positive and we're having sex.

About a year ago, the Washington Post published an interesting article using D. J. Steedley as an example, of the 'new face' of HIV in this country.  Like most of us poz types, D.J. is on an anti-viral regime (in fact, part of a study group associated with the NIH) and doing just fine, both physically...and significantly...mentally.  He's adjusted to his status and is living his life accordingly. If you don't know him, redeem yourself immediately and check out the Treasure Island Media website; he's an All-American type, handsome, blond, intelligent frat boy.

However...shortly before the Post had filed the story, D.J. did a very sexy thing that outraged the AIDS mafia: he signed a contract with Treasure Island Media to fuck in bareback videos.  The Post, being the great paper that it is, subsequently clarified this development, without acknowledging that D.J.'s porn contract is merely a manifestation of how some of us are getting on with our lives.  In his case, he's a hot top who is going to earn a little money doing what he likes to do; like fucking hairy daddy George Glass in TIM's 'Bad Seed.'  Poz stigma, they'll say.  I say, 'what poz stigma?'  Now that I know that D.J. will be pumping his nasty manjuice up the receptive mancunts of sleazy ass bottoms who don't give a shit...he's hotter than ever.  And as everybody outside the mainstream media already knows, there's full disclosure on the Treasure Island Media shoots.  Any bottom getting D. J.'s poz load knows and wants what he's getting.  Of course...that makes it even hotter.

As for D.J.'s porn debut, let's just say I'm looking forward to his future pairings with some white trash bottoms.  And as for 'Bad Seed,' I think it's TIM's best video so far this year; that Preston Johnson,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Poz Stigma Makes for Hot Sex - Part One

I was at a bareback party in Palm Springs last weekend and had a great time.  I got fucked by only four guys but each fuck was memorable, and happily, each dick was certifiably positive. 

One fucking was delivered by an old friend, we've got it on many times before.  He's dumped his poz cum deep in my ass many times.

The next match was with a fit, older white guy who had rolled down his briefs just enough for me to engage in some cock sucking ...and just enough to see the biohazard tattoo at his waist.  Man, I could hardly wait to get his pozstick up my ass, which I did. 

A little later, after fisting a friend in a sling elsewhere in this favorite sex garage, I returned to my preferred station on the fuckpad, face down and butt up, and felt a prod poking around my pucker hole.  When this happens I push out my big hole to swallow up whoever's there.  A long and slender thing slid right in and immediately went into piston-fucking mode, getting so furious that I thought it was my old buddy the Energizer Bunny whom I've blogged about before.  But wait...this dick didn't feel like Bunny's...this dick felt thicker and certainly harder.  After pounding my ass for a good ten minutes, the top finished and withdrew; but I had enough time to turn to see that it was a guy who had fucked me a couple of times before and although we've never spoken, I know him from his profile on barebackrt...not the cutest guy, but positive.  Three toxic dicks up my poz ass.

Within minutes, another dick was diggin' out my hole; another spirited, dedicated fuck.  And finally, conclusively, a blast of cum was shot up my mancunt...where cum belongs.  I turned quickly to see who had made this generous donation, and as the slim, old-young/young-old white guy walked away, I saw the beautiful stylized biohazard tattoo on his right cheek.  Fuck!!!  Four out of four poz tops, and a poz load.  If I had tried to plan it this way, it wouldn't have happened.

Recalling how Sean Storm related to me in an e-mail, 'we do love those poz loads, don't we?' led me to wonder why this is so.  Sean's comment is absolutely true: poz bottoms (and chasers) love all loads but especially poz loads.  Such is the erotic power of the taboo, or the stigma of Positivity.  If that isn't a word, I just made it up.

I was going to segue into the media-enhanced Poz Stigma power of Treasure Island Media studlet, D.J. Steedley (seen in 'Bad Seed'), but rather will continue this tread in a second posting.