Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last Bottom Standing

Standing was about the only position in which I did not get fucked last night in Palm Springs. A Friday night party usually consists of locals, as opposed to a Saturday party which needs tourists, and visitors to make it really interesting. The crowd last night was definitely local, and included a couple of my fuckbuds who were slow in getting into the groove. That would be easy to understand...they came from work or after daily, unsexy errands. One, especially a top, needs to get his mind on and get warmed up. Bottoms mostly need to be concerned only about getting cleaned out. I saw my buds jacking off, trying to get worked up, and I did my best, sticking my ass out in all kinds of slutty poses. It worked for a dozen new fucks,however, all doggy style. One bud did get it up and fucked my ass nicely. The other finally got into my ass, as the crowd was thinning out. He's always good, energetic fuck, with a rabbit-fuck style...if you're not in shape, he'll wear you out, such a horrible dilemma for bottoms. Too bad, huh? Then out of nowhere, a short type with glasses and an impressive hard on showed up: obviously from out of town, as he had no way of knowing that the local desert crowd is an early crowd...the parties start early, 8 or 830, and break up around 11. This guy showed up around 10, when there were more guys leaving rather than arriving. I stoked his dick and it didn't need any help as we got right down to it...on a mattress, doggy style, bent over, missionary and finally a squat fuck riding that rockhard cock, it never moved off its straight up twelve o'clock high position. But we became aware that the hosts maybe wanted to call it a night. So we promised to resume on Saturday. This was a good party: 12 dicks, 1 or 2 loads undiscovered until I got home and feeling pregnant, I did a squat, cupped my palm around my hole and dumped a nice, big wad of cum.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Watch Out for the Wolfman

Treasure Island Media exclusive Ethan Wolfe made quite an impression in 'Manfuck Manifesto' when he impregnated All-American twink Jackson Taylor with a pozload, recorded for history. How do I know it was a poz load? Because the Wolfman is the top with a nice, big in-your-face biohazard tattoo on his belly. That makes for great video. Now for the follow up, Ethan bottoms in an upcoming T.I.M. video, and you can catch the trailer on the website, where I saw it. Paul Morris knows his shit. Mark my words, in his next appearance, Ethan Wolfe will missionary...for a top with with a similar biohazard tattoo, somebody like Sean Hunter or maybe Spit or maybe somebody yet to make his presence known to Treasure Island Media. We'll be waiting for that one, and it will happen in time. Ethan Wolfe is an ex-Marine, so I've read. Actually, there's no such thing; once a Marine always a Marine. Ethan Wolfe is a Marine, and that's something you don't lie about. We'll be watching Treasure Island Media and Ethan Wolfe with great anticipation, what?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Twelve Hungry Bears

It was posted as a bear party, with invitations extended to cubs, otters, etc. Not everybody there was a Bear, which to me, means a large, hairy manimal, often trending to the obese. But I am weak on the appropriate terminology since I'm not necessarily a bear hunter and am only vaguely aware of bear-oriented events which all seem to involve big men drifting down a river in big innertubes. Lazy Bear Weekends invoke visions of non-stop eating and laying out in the sun. And there seem to be events marketed as Bearracuda every week now. Of course I know what a Cub is: a junior version of a Bear, either in age and/or size. But I didn't really know what an Otter is. I do now, after doing a quick scan of window-dressing stylist Simon Doonan's book, 'Gay Men Don't Get Fat.' An Otter is a slimmer version of a Wolf, says he. Well, then what's a Wolf? A lean, hairy manimal, as opposed to his bigger, fatter brother, the Bear. Oh yeah. And as Simon Doonan goes on, a Bear who's Asian can be called a Panda Bear. Oh, well, now I've got it all down. There were no Panda Bears at this party, as best as I could see...although it was pretty dark. But a good time was had by all. I got fucked by 12 men, and took 3 loads, two from the same top. But now that I know better, I'd have to say I was attacked by a Wolfpack...the men were hot, aggressive, hairy, tattoo'ed and lean...wolf material, I'd say. So Twelve Hungry Wolves would be closer to the truth. The honest truth: a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Randy Cochran Revisited

A couple of days ago, I blogged about the Blatino Oasis phenomenon and their Erotica Awards and didn't quite give honoree Randy Cochran his proper due. I'm making amends for that right now. Randy was honored with Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards' Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the adult entertainment's not a bareback award, per se, but you have to remember that Randy goes back to the Pre-Condom Era when he starred in the Black Forrest production, 'Making It Big' in 1983. He fucks a very masculine bottom by the name of Long...Bert Long maybe?...and the sequence is so fabulous that I bootlegged it in the VHS format years ago and I still review it from time to time. Black Forrest required its performers to act, as most of their videos had plotlines...and Randy did a better than adequate job on that score, as well. Randy was recognized by the GAYVN in 2006 with an induction into the porn Hall of Fame. I should have mentioned all of this when I first blogged about it, and now you know. If you want to reach Randy, you may do so through Rentboy...Randy works out of LA, or check out his escort ad in the classifieds of Frontiers Magazine.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Return to Meat Rack - Review

Read my review of Max Sohl's latest 'Return to Meat Rack' on the Treasure Island Media website.

Tyler Reed Scores with Go Fuck Yourself - Review

As most of my readers know, I don't post reviews of videos I don't like, so you'll never catch me giving a negative review, and if I don't review the works from certain producers, you can draw the obvious conclusion. So, I had neglected to give space to the stuff put out by RawJoxxx because I was consistently disappointed with their videos. I mean that I have bought RawJoxxx on occasion, so it isn't like I don't know them. For example, when I saw Marco Cruise in full frontal on the box cover of 'Pump Some Ass,' I bought it right away without doing some research online. At least RawJoxxx has its marketing down; that cover is going to sell that only fair video. I mean how could you go wrong with Marco Cruise bottoming for Nick Roberts? Well, I didn't like the camera angles, for starters, and the positioning of the performers disappointed. I can't recall if there were any of the usual crotch shadows, as there had been in other RawJoxxx movies, but let's just say that after I played it out at home, I went out and resold that wasn't good enough to take up space in my library. Having said all that, videographer and creative mind at RawJoxxx, Tyler Reed, has turned out a splendid little work built around a 'new' (to me) performer named Kane Rider, who has 'Go Fuck Yourself' tattoo'ed on his lithe, muscular, expressive bod. It's as if Tyler Reed re-learned the business (he's been around for a while) with this video, and 'Go Fuck Yourself' is one of the best videos of the year so far. Buster Sly fucks Kane in the opening sequence, and we get all the great shots we want...great scene, Sly NEVER fails to impress. Then Kane displays his versatility topping a couple of Latin sluts...Rocco Martinez in a sling, and then superstar-waiting-to- happen Danny Lopez (also known as Diego Catalan in some videos) in a sauna, before getting nailed by the aforementioned Mr. Reed in a thrilling, cockstiffening finale. Here Mr. Reed slam fucks Kane into shooting a nice, rich load on Kane's own belly after an extensive, gymnastic display right out of the Kama Sutra, then lubing Kane's ass with Kane's own cum, and then pumping it in ferociously, churning up a sloppy creamy mess out of that worked-out hole. For those of you who complain that there aren't any great white on black bi-racial scenes, buy this dvd and you'll stop complaining. My only complaint: Danny Lopez's big ass needs a big bed. A sauna bench not so much. Hats off to Tyler Reed for this fine work from an unexpected source. Well, all that's over now. We'll be expecting great stuff from Tyler Reed next time out. Buy this dvd!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blatino Oasis

I missed Blatino Oasis, the party in Palm Springs that occurs the weekend closest to Cinco de Mayo (a Mexican holiday but now grown to include not just Latinos but truly everybody) when I always seem to have something else to do...mostly doing my Mexican friends of which I have many. But I'm still interested in Blatino Oasis and I always check xtube to find out if anyone's posted something. There's nothing as of yet, but there are a few clips from Blatino Oasis 2011, and sadly all of them are rather short, less than a minute each. And a few seem to be of the same public fucking...a slender young bottom sitting on a top on a kind of stage, so it must have been a planned performance. Some of the guys honored this year are part of the Black Rayne family and I've gotta say, that while I'm still getting to know these guys, as a rule, they are all outrageously talented sex toys. They are all in their 20's but they all fuck like they're beyond the age of discovery and are old hands at fucking and getting fucked. I started following Black Rayne when they signed up L'il Papi, the hottest piece of Latin ass on the Eastern Seabord and who I admired for his work at Rawstrokes. But now I'm impressed by just about every bottom who crops up: Storm, Smoke, Carlitos, and others, they are uniformly fantastic. Trappboy was awarded Bottom of the Year or Something Like That, and I feel that's an honor well deserved. Black Rayne, and Black Breeders are the go to sites for the best bareback sex on the web. The dvd versions seem to be sporadic, and the names keep changing, at least from what I can make out of it. For those of us who like to buy dvds and build a library we can refer to without having to go online (those damned greasy fingers), we'll have to wait a little bit, or possibly forever. Blatino Oasis also honored Randy Cochran, one of the first black pornstars of the mainstream studios of the time, as opposed to working for a 'black' studio like Black Forest (does anybody remember the remarkable Daryl Harris?). Randy was (is?) mostly a top and rocked the '80's until AIDS changed the business. So, you can see him as a survivor of sorts, although he's not working anymore, as far as I know, we are delighted to learn that he's still around and showing up at these events. The host hotel for Blatino Oasis was the Canyon Club, and I'm sure there was a lot of action going's not very big but they have a vast outdoor area, a sex garden, if you will. I was there in the winter when it was too cold to hit the sex garden, and my time at the playroom was fruitless mostly because of a bunch of sillyass frat boys who were clothed, messing around with the lights, and laughing and giggling like a bunch of sillyass sorority sisters. Maybe that's what they really were. I'm sure they were NOT at Blatino Oasis. So to get it into our heads: Cinco de Mayo means Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs. Maybe next year.