Saturday, December 10, 2011

AIDS Mafia Gets Politicial in L.A.

The AIDS mafia wants voters to ban bareback video production in L.A. They are trying to round up enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot for the election next year, and they probably will get more than enough signatures and they might be successful in the election. It doesn't matter, of course. I don't know if that many gay bareback videos are produced in L.A. anymore; the only entity that comes to mind is Knightbreeders. This measure will effect straight video studios more than gay studios since the heart of straight video production is the San Fernando Valley, most of which lies within L.A.'s city limits. Of course there's nothing to prevent a producer from crossing Clybourn Avenue and shooting in neighboring Burbank. So this measure has to do with two things: first, I admit, it is a matter of conscience for some AIDS activists, and second, and I think, equally influential, is the quest to justify their existence, to communicate to their contributors and donors 'hey, look at us...we're doin' something.'
Put aside any libertarian arguments against this ballot measure, and keep in mind that they money spent on this political campaign would be so much better spent on expanding the public information regarding safe sex, education and prevention, which they do very well. Ah well, as I've said before, these guys are just doing their jobs.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Fuckbud's Return

It had been so long since I heard from my favorite fuckbud, 'Dr. Hook,' that I thought he might be mad at me. Then, last week, we were both online at once and we traded messages and agreed that we each was looking forward to hooking up again, and soon. I didn't realize how soon.
A few days later, I was walking home and saw him across the street walking in the opposite direction. He was dressed for work so I knew he had been on his lunch break; it was about 12:45 on a Saturday afternoon. We greeted each other enthusiastically and though he had only another 15 minutes for a lunch hour, we headed to my place, about a block away.
With time of the essence, we engaged in a most satisfying coupling, me taking his fabulous corkscrew black dick in a fevered frenzy...I had forgotten what a great top this man focused, controlled, and with that cranked dick of his hitting the rarely probed corners of the love canal. Hook always cums deep, but this time was phenomenal...a day later I was still shitting out his cum, and using it to lube my dick for a morning wank.
Later that same Sunday morning, I called him and left a message on his cell. He was over in about 30 minutes, and we played a repeat, although this time we started doing missionary and I felt that pozcrank hit some places I'd forgotten about. His style, like I said, is measured and fierce, with alternating stretches of slower, forceful plumbing and rapid rabbitfucking. It takes him only about 15 minutes, which is just about ideal in my book: another deep planting of his toxic seed...I needed a recharging, but twice in two days from this pozfucker really is a gift. I didn't wait as long as before to push out his load, equally copious as earlier, and with his poz seed I lubed my dick and wanked off, cumming this time. Life is good.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Guide to Vacuum Pumps

I bought my first vacuum pump several years ago and at first, didn't use it much. I think I bought it on sale because of its really low price, but at the time, pumping didn't interest me all that much. I don't remember now what it was that inspired me to take it up, although Al Parker probably had something to do with it. Al Parker popularized pumping those many years ago and in fact, developed the product and eventually owned the SF Pump Company (I believe that was the name), which was carried on by Al's family after his death.

Then I really got into it. I loved the pressure created surrounding my dick sucking it deeper into the acrylic tube. But I really loved and still love the way it plumps up my dick. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist and more than a bit of a tease, so vacuum pumping really works for me. I now pump every morning for about a half hour to get a nice fat sausage, then I wrap up that sausage with a sweatband to keep it plump, and then I'm on my way. In the Al Parker bio, 'Clone,' we learn how Al used to pump it up before personal appearances, but I'll bet he did it even to walk to the corner 7-11.

My first pump was made of plastic, and eventually I accidentally dropped it on the floor and of course, it cracked. Then I went out and bought another plastic model, and that one broke just by ordinary use. It developed its own crack, somehow, but let's face it, if you're talking about plastic, what should you expect?

So I decided it had to be made of metal...that would be more durable, and last a long time. Wrong. The metal one I bought at my local porn store somehow broke on its simply lost all its suction power. Of course by now I'm hooked on vacuum pumping, so I went to find a better pump. There are a lot of pumps on the market now...some don't even use the trigger style, but some sort of bulb you keep squeezing. Save your money, if you're looking to get into this type of play.

Stick with the metal, but not just any metal. My new pump I found at Mr. S. Leather, the leather goods emporium in San Francisco. I don't think they bother to sell all those other types of pumps;...they sell a trigger style pump with a red handle and a brass body, costs a little more but I don't think this one will fail me. Also the quality of suction is sure and the meat plumping is very fast, almost instanteous. I can't find a brand name on this model so maybe it's exclusive to Mr. S., I haven't asked Mr. S as to whether it's theirs alone nor have they rewarded me for this testimonial. But the leather-clad saleswoman who helped me definitely knew her shit, and she doesn't even have a least I don't think so.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Steamworks Misses an Opportunity

Let me say this from the start: I love the Steamworks in Berkeley! I'd be in a dry rut without Steamworks. No less an authority than Mindtrip (see his blog Life in the Raw, if you haven't already, it's the best) says Steamworks Berkeley is the best bath house he's ever been to, and he should know. But...Steamworks, in its dutiful recognition of the United States Armed Forces, has unwittingly (I believe) shorted some of us. Steamworks is commemorating Veterans' Day with an offer too good to pass up: a free locker for active duty military personnel. All that's very well and good, believe me, that's great, stupendous, fabulous. But what about the rest of us ole dawgs who've served our country and are actual veterans right now? It's a matter of semantics, I think, but you are a civilian or active duty or a veteran. Active duty military personnel are veterans-in-the-making, and become veterans upon honorable discharge or separation, as we call it. At least that's the way it used to be. Veterans need sex, too. A free locker or a discount (I'd settle for that!) for actual veterans would be great, Steamworks. So we'll hope the message gets to you and look forward to next year.
For all you vets out there, and everybody else, take a moment to reflect, upon those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those of us who served and are lucky to still be around, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. After that reflection, I'd rather head straight for the Steamworks, along with all the other vets I can round up in the waiting room of the infectious diseases (the HIV office) at the VA. Any vet who recognizes me from my barebackrt profile, come on up and say hello next time you see me.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top Has an Open Door Policy

After going through a bit of a sex drought, I finally got my groove back last weekend, but for a while I thought I was going to be the new poster boy for safe sex. There was a crowd at the Steamworks, as there usually is on Sunday afternoon, so during the wait for a room to become available, I passed the time on the fuckbench where I was fucked in rapid succession by a couple of sheathed anonymous dicks...the second was an especially spirited workout concluding with a loud, earnest orgasm...but a rubbered fuck, or so I thought. I've maintained that I can't feel a wad of cum being shot up my ass, but I definitely can tell when I'm carrying a buttload of semen...there's that filled up feeling and a slight urge to crap.
By the time I got my room, a couple of hours had passed and I had that pregnant feeling the whole time. I stuck a finger up there, swished it around and somebody's load oozed out. One of the tops must have removed the rubber, or it broke, or whatever...cum up the ass!! I got on all fours right away sticking that lubed ass out and front in my favorite piggy position.
It didn't take long.
A lean balding white guy came in, feeling me up, and I turned to work on his dick, which grew with a nice curve upwards almost parallel to his belly, the kind of hard-on you find on teenagers. After my working his dick for a while, he took the next asking me if I had a condom (!). I keep them, the ones the bathhouse provides, under the mattress. If I were into safe sex, I'd keep them out in plain view the way this very hot Irish looking big bootied bottom (he's gotta be about 6-2) always does...he was there already big ass in the air, condoms by his side...but this top was in my room and I'm not one to turn down a fuck, so I gave him the hoodie and he went to town on my ass, but he didn't come.
Within moments of his leaving, a built old/young daddy with a butch flattop came in, not that big a dick but with the most impressive set of nipples I've seen in a my tits, he said, and I did, and this got him really going, so that he fucked me good and hard, bare, though the dick wasn't that impressive at first we got it up to a pretty decent size. But...Nips kept the door open the whole time...and naturally we attracted a crowd.
Another guy comes in, kinda German looking, he wouldn't fuck me but he did a good jackoff on himself...then shot his load on my ass. Nips is still fucking, but he pulled out, then smeared German's cum around my butt and pushed what he could up my ass, then Nips resumed fucking. He didn't cum. By now there was still another guy in the room...Nips leaves, and this guy, with his pencil dick shoves it in, bare. I'm still in doggystyle position, working pencil dick for all it's gets bigger, decent, shoots a load. Another guy has come in, feelin' me up, leaves.
Still another guy is there, I hadn't noticed him before, he gets in line and then fucks my ass, not all that great but nobody's complaining here. Another guy is there I notice, and he wastes no time plundering my butthole...I don't get a good look at him, but he's got the hardest cock, like a red hot poker stabbing my ass...he also likes to stick a finger up my ass right along his hot almost hurts, but I guess he doesn't want to cum, because he doesn't but he could have if he wanted.

Finally, a grizzled greying bear is there...there's such a crowd in the hallway spilling into the room, I'm not even bothering trying to keep up with who's who...I can tell only by their dicks. Grizzly Bear has the biggest dick of the day, and my guess, it's pharmaceutically enhanced because he's relentless...Grizzly is 50 if he's a day, and the best topman, though he doesn't make a deposit, he does deliver that great 'I'm so fucked!' sense of satisfaction.
When Grizzly leaves, everybody else leaves, and I decide it's time to rest, and close that door.
'Til next time...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Up the Gut - Review

'Up the Gut' is the latest from Treasure Island Media, with Max Sohl directing TIM's mostly New York crowd, your favorites and some new additions. This video features the usual format of unrelated sequences with few crossovers, and with those showing up in the big bang group fuck at the end. The show starts with a hot top sporting a highly stylized biohazard design fixed into a tattoo'ed arm band, or maybe I'm thinking wishfully here and reading something into it...fucking a fresh new pussyboi bottom who keeps his clothes on. And then...
I've written before that today's porn studios really do function more like the Hollywood movie studios of the Golden Era than the Paramount Studios of today (god, all the others...MGM, Fox, Columbia, Warner Bros. are history) in that they know how to market their stars and give audiences what they want..and I'm talking about the current crop of movies that are based on comic strip characters, video games and computer generated special effects. Hollywood has killed off all of its stars and doesn't want to spend money on developing new ones; actors are pretty much left to their own devices. So thank God for porn: porn knows what to do with stars, and TIM has finally matched up the hot top of the moment, Antonio Biaggi with video veteran fuckhole Christian. It is a thing of beauty: that thick dark Latin man meat plunging into Christian's perfectly groomed receptive hole, and we get the shots and angles we want. You can read Christian's buttlips working that fuckstick as it probes that hole. If that weren't enough, the following scene has two Kurts, Wood and Kaiser, pummel the exquisite ass of Euroslut Lucas, as he demonstrates the power of ass muscle...this scene must be seen to be's called Cock Control, and you'll see why...the poz fantasies attached to these three poz players will be sent reeling. Next Brad McGuire, 'old reliable,' introduces new pussyboi Puppy into the world of bareback video porn...I'm sure we'll see more of Puppy in the future, hopefully in the throes of drilling at the ends of some poz tops.
You may have seen Hot Rod in the Rawstrokes videos where he's done some very impressive and serious fucking; here he's paired with black bottom Ayngel Valentino (who looks familiar, but I can't place him) and we get the movie's best cum shot...freshly fucked asshole dripping goops of cum, you get the picture.
The final closing orgy scene didn't quite do it for me, but that's no reason not to buy this dvd. I think it has to do with the architecture of the scene...the placement of the bottoms, for starters...they're head to head on a black sofa, but it seems a little awkward, despite the efforts of the two superb bottoms, the aforementioned Lucas is joined by Cory Koons, the very hot Eurasian versatile whose artful talents haven't quite been exploited as they should have been by some other porn studios. We'll look forward to seeing more of Kory in future TIM efforts. The tops include some of your favorites, you'll recognize most of them. Maybe I'm being a little too critical, but remember, Treasure Island Media, in one of the greatest bareback videos of all time, Cumsloppy Buttholes, gave us the Dawson & Sean Storm dual gang bang, the gangbang against which all others must be measured.
This is a great it. Treasure Island will end the discounted price sale of this dvd within a few days, so if you can't get it locally, check out the website.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Folsom Weekend 2011 - Part Four - Treasure Island Media's 'Banned' Party

It was to be a Treasure Island Media party and to take place in their corporate offices on 9th Street, which actually was part of the world of this year's Folsom Street Fair; I don't think it always was but it was now. For those of you who have never attended Folsom: it's a big street fair celebrating alternative lifestyles and fetishes (leather is only the beginning) which now seems to be dominated by spanking, whipping, flogging...I've never seen so much of it in one place. But I digress...Folsom Street Fair used to be limited to a couple of blocks of Folsom, which runs parallel to main drag Market St., which is three blocks north. But now the cops have blocked off three or four blocks of Folsom - they are the long blocks of a semi-industrial neighborhood - and the side streets also, which happen to carry a lot of crosstown traffic. You don't want to drive south of Market on the day of Folsom.
So, although the TIM event was free, I had to pay to get to it, since 9th St. was also blocked off. More space was added to accommodate the crowds, I think, as the number of exhibitors seems to have increased only slightly; there are lots of food & drink booths, 2 stages for live entertainment and a separate dance area.
When I got to TIM...there was a line to get in (!) as they had to monitor the entries because of the fire code.
I was completely cleaned out and envisioned a sex party atmosphere, like what I saw at the Kok Bar. You never know with TIM, like I've said before. You should be ready for anything.
Well, it wasn't exactly a sex party. Brad McGuire was fucking his partner James Roscoe (the poz half of the inter-status relationship) on a conference was a show for all of us. There was some sucking among the audience but it was pretty minor...I did see Paul Stag, the aggressively butch porn top (I've enjoyed his fucking Ian Jay and Damien Silver) was there - getting sucked off? I can't remember - but I know he was escorting in town all weekend because I saw his posting on barebackrt...I buddylisted him but don't know what I'll do with that.
I did recognize another top, a very hairy stocky shortish guy with glasses who's fucked me twice -once with a condom at a fisting party, and another time, bareback at a Cockpit party, the time it was at the old sex venue on Harrison Street, one of the fucks of a lifetime, did I mention his big dick ? He has a big dick, and today he was completely naked, and seemed to be with someone, so I didn't pursue it.
So there was no orgy like the one at the old Rawhide Bar a few years back. It must have been spontaneous then from what I remember, how it happened. I hadn't cleaned out and therefore could not play, and anyway I had made another date...for dinner at Fisherman's Wharf, so it was a missed connection, and I'll never let that happen again.
Anyway, TIM has been banned (probably permanently) from the Folsom Fair official exhibitors, probably because of the infamous Dawson's Tent, which Paul Morris captured on least, 2 of the fucks.
As I made it kind of late, maybe I missed most of the action, I'll never know unless somebody who was there earlier shares with me. So, I was there near the very end, but there were still a lot of studlets there, shirtless and/or in leather, and they all seemed to know each other, as if they were colleagues. Were they there to clean up after the 'party?' Could they all have been TIM employees and friends? Could Paul Morris' empire now require a staff of 25 or so? Not bad. And, ah yeah, there was a promise for a bigger party next year. The mind boggles. An alternative party on Folsom Sunday. They already had one on Friday in that rather smallish space. More? A Sunday daytime party would be awesome. Well, we can't wait.
Anyway, the rest of my Folsom was devoted to hook-ups not so very interesting, so we'll not spend time relating them, but in general, this was my best Folsom ever.

Folsom Weekend 2011 - Part Three - Kok Bar

After my 960 fiasco, I went straight to the Kok Bar, as it is just a couple of blocks away and Treasure Island Media was throwing a party. You never know with these guys so if TIM's involved, I always make sure I'm clean and ready to go, like I said, you never can tell.
I've blogged about the KOK Bar before; it has a back space that's conducive to some naughtiness, but tonight it was partly screened off, which I took as a green light to follow your instincts.
A Bud Light. Some of the best music to be found in any bar South of Market. A good mix of guys. I ceded the front of the bar to the Silly Millys with their I-phones and their bullshit, and made for the back 'room.'
I got in a sexy mood as soon as porn reliable Jake Wetmore showed up wearing a shirt with biohazard pig on it. I got a bit of rise just seeing him, and then he took his shirt off and some guy went down on him, and I thought this might be was still kinda early.
Back at the bar, I said 'hi' and chatted with Damon Dogg, not telling him he ranked pretty high on my list of San Francisco cheap thrills. Driving past the Treasure Island Media corporate (smile) headquarters on 9th Street and catching Damon taking a smoke break on the sidewalk = cheap thrill. Seeing Damon on 9th St. schlepping shopping bags from the Bath & Beyond store down the block = cheap thrill. Seeing Damon in the smoking patio of the Mix Bar in the Castro, smoking and wearing a red sportjacket or was it a tuxedo (?) = cheap thrill. See what I mean? I didn't tell him any of this. Nice guy, for sure, and a guy who knows how to get the party started. For Folsom Saturday, Damon was dressed in that Air Force jumpsuit barely zippered to his navel (= cheap thrill!) and sauntered into the back room, and started going down on a guy and then it just went crazy from there: a gang of a dozen guys feeling each other up, sucking cock, laughing and swilling beer. Damon then got fucked by about 4 guys in quick succession, and then some of those guys gave up their asses, more sucking and fucking, the sexual heat was on the rise.
It was still kinda early.
Then porn studlet Tyler showed up, shirtless...tall, tan and with those trademark luscious lips, carrying a bunch of shopping bags.
Show me your cock, he said. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my fat dick that was even moreplumped because I had tied it up for Jayson. That was good enough: Tyler gave me a shopping bag, a wonderful gift of dvd's (including the TIM latest, Up the Gut) among other stuff, including a notice for the TIM contra-Folsom party on Sunday.
Thanks, Paul Morris and Treasure Island. For keeping it hot. All the time.
Damon Dogg was nowhere to be seen, but no matter, because now it was Tyler who was fanning the flames.
More sucking, one guy after another going down on Tyler, and Tyler fucking a couple of gotta understand, it was a crowd, like a circuit party, in a corner of a bar on Folsom Street. Then Tyler fucked a preppy type in a striped Ralph Lauren shirt...nasty college frat boys getting barebacked in a Folsom St bar...nasty...that got me hard.
A black leatherman started patting me ass. Have I mentioned how black guys seem to find me? To get fucked in a bar would be a first for me. What could be better than a bar in SOMA? I turned around and went down on him, doing the best I could but he couldn't get it really hard. The sucking was nice, however.
Such is the 'beauty' of Folsom Weekend. What started out as an expression of the leather lifestyle has blossomed to including just about every fetish imaginable, but still with enough room for frat boys bending over and taking it raw in a quasi-leather bar.
Folsom Weekend 2011.

Folsom Weekend 2011 - Part Two - Jayson's Turn

Folsom, buddy Jayson Park, one of the hardest working bottoms in porn, was doing a video at the new playspace on Folsom Street, the 960, across the street from the Folsom Gulch video arcade. I had signed up through barebackrt to play in the video...with so many guys signing up, about 50 or so, I thought there might be a group scene or an orgy, even...I mean, it's going to be Jayson's video and there seemed to be a lot of interest. I am not a good top anymore. I used to be popular, I wasn't too big nor too small and it took me about 20 minutes to cum, which I did every time, but those were the days. I can still get it up for short latinos and asians and a certain type of white hill billy (sorry guys, my people are from Oklahoma and I can say that), but they ain't gonna get a load out of me, those days are over, damn it.
So when I saw the set-up, I immediately knew it wasn't going to work. There were only 3 or 4 guys there, one of them a hook-up from years ago (poz!) who didn't recognize me. They had Jayse on some kind of platform which was way too small, and it was all one-on-one, no group action around the sling which is what I had envisioned. I'd certainly fail at this and waste everybody's time (and money for the producer), so I politely begged off, and left without ever seeing Jayson or saying 'hi.' Sorry I missed you, Jayse, and since I was in New York last week and didn't have time to do much of anything, that's twice in two weeks that it didn't work out, so I'm doubly sorry.
I did get to check out the new playspace, however (the official opening was the Treasure Island party the night before) and it's not fabulous but better than anything else in SF right now, it can be better than Mack. There's an area with a sling, an area with one upholstered fuck platform but that's pushed against the wall so it's accessible from only two sides rather than four. There's a long gloryhole/butthole gallery and some other spaces towards the back that I couldn't get to because that's where they were making the video. The place seems to have its own entrance, separate from the video arcade next door, the 960, and I don't know if there's a way to get from one to the other from inside. I didn't ask.
I did get to meet Mr. PigMaster the brain behind barebackrt and the film producer Joe Serna, Scott Morris; they are very nice guys. I got a free dvd for showing up, after filling out all the paperwork, which I hope they destroy.
But I didn't get to play with Jayson. Sorry, dude, let's hope for next time.

Folsom Weekend 2011 - Part One - Cum Jar

I made up my mind to travel the cocktrail for as much as possible during the weekend, eventhough I wasn't able to make Treasure Island Media's play party at the new playspace on Friday night, I did my best to make up for it by Saturday morning. I got a bite on barebackrt around 8 a.m., Saturday, from a poz businessman staying at one of the finer hotels downtown...he was in town on business and his business wasn't Folsom. There was a little too much banter between us and I got the feeling he was going to reveal himself as a Chatty Matty and nothing would come of it, especially when he asked me what I was going to do to deserve his load. This was pretty chatty, wouldn't you say? I wrote him that I had a jar of cum in the fridge and I would inject myself with cum before coming over...did he like it cumsloppy or super cumsloppy? He mailed me back his room number and I was I on my way...his hotel is about a 10 minute walk from my apartment. So fast that I couldn't get the cum jar defrosted so I took the whole goddamned jar with me.
I really don't prefer sex in elegant surroundings, for myself or for porn...Christian getting fucked on fine English furniture in a high class hotel sort of messes it up for me despite Christian's porn magnificence and his hard-working tops. So you can imagine me walking into this nicely decorated room with a lot of thought behind every detail. Nothing impulsive ever happens in a room like that.
Fortunately, the gent was from the Middle West and had been to Texas on business and I spied two pair of cowboy dress boots, one black and one brown. The cowboy thing brought things down a bit, making it a little sexier.
I let the tops call the shots, and this man knew what he wanted. He wanted me to keep my head still while he fucked my throat. I kept it perfectly still just like he wanted and did the best I can: I'm not a great cocksucker; I don't really care to have my cock sucked, I can't cum that way, so it never really interested me, cocksucking that is. But the top is the man, and I guess I did OK; he seemed to like it. He asked me about the cum, which had defrosted by this time, so I showed him how I fill myself up using the dollar store plastic injector. This really interested him and he asked me a lot of questions about the cum, but without killing the mood.
How many loads are in there? I said about 30 or 40, but some of it is mine...which is true.
How much of that is poz cum? I said, well, probably most of it, I'm into poz cum but I don't turn down a load that's not charged.
Any black guys' cum? Oh hell yeah. For some reason, black guys dig my ass. I don't necessarily chase them, but they find me...and I try to make it as easy as possible.
Are the black guys' poz, too? Oh hell yeah, come on!
Chatty Matty.
I injected a couple of ounces, making my hole nice and sloppy.
He pushed his dick into my ass, and wham! I could tell the dude was turned on so like he couldn't stand it...and he didn't for very long.
A few strokes, some squishy, slurpy belches from my hole and wham! he shot his load.
It was all very hot because I like being on my back and watching the top's facial expressions. His were great, expressive, honest.
That was awesome, man, I said.
This was a first for him, I could tell.
Don't forget your cum, he said, motioning to the jar on the desk.
I grabbed the jar, put it on the floor, squatted over it and dumped his load into the jar, then swished the jar around to help mix his poz-ness with everybody else's, black guys, white guys, latin guys, my own poz donations.
Well, thanks for coming over, he said. I gotta get ready for a meeting, I was able to switch appoints around to make time for this.
Well, thanks, I said, getting my clothes on...not a bum's rush, as I was eager to get a move on myself, after all, it was Folsom.
I made sure not to forget the jar.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Some Like It Supersize - Review

If your fantasy is that of manly poztops plundering tender young boi butt, this video, from Stevan Maverick's Red Stag Studio, is for you. Tober Brandt, AJ Long, Jacob Slader, Lito Cruz are among the tops plundering, plowing, plugging, planting seed deep into the asses of post-twinks like Jake Brentwood, Luke Bennett, Blake Daniels. Some of the tops here are openly poz, and though I don't know the status of any of the young piglets sucking in all that toxic seed, living as they are, they'll probably be counted among the brotherhood in short time. I write this with some admiration, as when I was their age, I was scared shitless, totally inhibited, practicing safe sex and being very conservative. As it turned out, I converted anyway and that diagnosis was key to my becoming the dedicated barebacker that I am now. There's also a hot sequence where Antonio Biaggi fucks the hell out of Ron Rossi, who's hardly a twink anymore, but the theme in general here is older top/younger bottom. Enjoy guys, this is primo porn, beautifully conceptualized and artfully captured on video. As in other Stevan Maverick works, the settings and lighting are kept simple, enhancing the nasty poz vibe...what better place to fuck than on a mattress on the floor?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bruthas in Bareback Porn: Two Studios

BlackBreeders is a relatively new studio; their early efforts were hampered by disappointing production values...the video I recall was characterized by those annoying crotch shadows and a reddish cast that made the action look out of focus. Nevertheless, I gave the production, which is called Magnum Fukkas, I think, a rather qualified thumbs-up because the players were all so hot, the video would not be a waste of time. I recognized the basis for an extraordinary production company and reported that I would continue to track it until they got it together. Ah, they have got it together: BlackBreeders/New Breed/Vol. 2 came out late last year and is a superb entertainment.
The studio based in Brooklyn has put together a combination of hot tops and bottoms for some of the nastiest, raunchiest, most spirited fucking you're ever gonna see...anywhere.
The schtick here is a collection of 'auditions,' I think the bottoms are auditioning but that's my conclusion, there isn't much explaining...there's no need to explain, here's a lot of hot lowdown fucking for you. The standout bottoms are Chase Walker (I think!), a bottom with a trim bod, nice dick, a bushy goatee and the sexiest belly button I've ever seen...he gets fucked splendidly by Pete Porter...let's have more of these guys.
Super hot Gio Jones bottoms out for sizzlin' fukka Tyke Logan...Gio's got a fabulously big ass, big thighs, strong legs and shows off some nice feet. There's a superhot creampie here as Tyke shoots a big load, retreats, then shoves it back in and mixes it up, cummy manjuice oozing out with each thrust. I think Tyke nutted three times, twice for sure. I'm overheating here. There's more: Nick Omni (I think, I wish BlackBreeders would get more specific about these bruthas, then I'd know for sure) gets nailed by Vann Williams (whom I remember from Magnum Fukkas) in the session expertly captured (hey they really got it together, I'm not lying) from a number of perspectives. The bottom has a fabulous big ass, a real man's ass ripe for beatin' down, and a mature, experienced bottoming style. The top...Vann (?) performs fabulously.
These dudes are not thugs...this is not thugporn. These are hot men, in their 30's/40's, experienced, confident, not into bullshit. You can buy this one without renting it first. is here to stay, let's hope.

I was a bit ambivalent about RawStrokes when it first appeared on the scene. Production values issues mostly were the problems, as some scenes seemed out of focus and they were using porn stars we knew to be poz, so it was even more annoying. Over the past 2 years, RawStrokes has gradually got it together, such that their latest, Raw Power, is a sure will like this tops, latin bottoms...L'il Papi, who broke out last year and veteran Robby Mendez who's been with Rawstrokes almost from the beginning, give their best performances to date. L'il Papi gets plugged in two segments, and his socks are off this time. I never thought Robbie Mendez was imaged to the best avail in his past videos...I always wanted him shot from a different perspective or matched with a different top. Here he gets nailed on a massage table by 2 young dynamic tops ('it looks ridiculous' the director is heard to say) and it's not ridiculous, it's all fuckin' torrid. Robbie never looked better...he's a skinny Mexican boy type...un flaquito...not my best fantasy...but he's grown on me over time and I now jack off to the memory of his bottoming in this video. This production is somewhat thuggish, for those of you into that, you will love this movie. I still haven't figured out all the tops but I've seen them before and recognize the names...Ass Professor, Derek Reynolds, Hot Rod, Remy Mars, Maseo, and oh yeah, the hot top of the moment, Antonio Biaggi, him I do know...if you see these names among the cast, you're going to have hours of fun with your video. I wish I knew who the two tops who tag little Robbie's ass...they are fan-fucking-tastic. Buy this one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dore Alley Needs a Piss Tent

I enthusiastically headed down South of Market way to hit the Dore Up Your Alley street fair last weekend, mostly in search of porn. I was hoping that Spunk Video or SX Video would have booths selling dvds at serious markdowns as they have in the past...but alas, I was seriously disappointed. Neither had a booth, and of course, Treasure Island Media has been banned...forever, it seems, from Up Your Alley just as it has from the Folsom Street Fair. There actually was porn for sale, but it was crap from studios like Threshold, Factory, Blue Alley and some others, stuff that wouldn't interest dedicated barebackers.
Dore Alley drew the usual and expected crowd, a lot of guys from out of town who dust off their leather gear a couple times a year and head straight for the Miracle Mile. As usual, the dudes who should keep their clothes on, were the ones who took it all off, and there were whipping demonstrations, the dildo ring toss, dancing in the street, all the stuff you'd expect. But what was interesting were the lines of leathermen waiting for a turn to piss. There were no fewer than 50 or 60 porta-potties and there were long lines for each of them...long, long lines such that one would have to wait 30 minutes to pee. I scanned Mindtrip's great blog 'Life in the Raw' and sure enough, he blogged about fucking a guy while waiting in line and the action continued to the shitcan. There was more than enough time to fuck a couple of hot asses.
Up Your Alley is basically a charity fundraiser. Raising some cash for local charities is the ostensible purpose to have it all. But the organizers of Up Your Alley missed an excellent opportunity to increase their income, and let's see if somebody important sees it as I do: bring on the Piss Tent. Raise a platform and cover it with a big tent, and charge the piss queens to hang out in there and drink up all the piss that's generated by the thousands of gallons of beer consumed from no fewer than a dozen booths, not to mention all the local bars. Design the platform with a trough so that the pissers can pee into the hordes of thirsty throats below. There would be no physical contact at all, so it would be no more 'objectionable' than public flogging. The first step would be to contact all the pissing groups out there, the Wet & Wild crowd. If only the right guys will see it as I do.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quiet Top Cums in a Double Session

We connected online and when we finally talked on the phone, I had to repeat address, the cross streets...several times. He stammered a lot even as he spoke only a few words, so I thought he might be a foreign type. He wasn't. He didn't seem how to use public transit in San Francisco...he said he was in the Castro and had to take public transit...but he didn't seem to know there's a subway station at Castro, so I guessed he might be a tourist. He wasn't. Then I had to repeat everything all over agan. I thought maybe he's just plain dim. He wasn't. But through all of this, I kept reading 'flake' and didn't expect much. I had cleaned out, was ready to go, and didn't have anything else going, so what the hell.

He did show up finally, though, and he turned out to be a six-foot Italian guy with average-sized equipment so at first he didn't look particularly hung. In time, we changed all that...he got a decent hard on though it didn't seem all that hard when he was plugging me, and for a long time, too, about 45 minutes before he finally shot his turned out to be a poz load, too, so it was a real seeding, nicely done. Then he lay down in the bed and made himself comfortable, closing his eyes as if drifting off. Usually my noon-time tricks hustle right out which is fine by me since I'm into quickies, pump and dumps, fast hose downs. And most of these daytime fuckers have to get back to work. But I didn't mind this, so I joined him in bed and we had a little snooze.

Every time I touched his uncut dick, it responded by stiffening a bit, not a lot but enough to be noticeable. Then I went back to work, going down on that Italian sausage, getting it up again. He had the same idea. This big guy fucked me again and just as forcefully as the first go-around. During the first fuck he was changing his position frequently, as if he couldn't get a proper footing. I figured out that the best thing I could do was stay flat on my belly with the palms of both hands flat on the bed and not to move at all. This worked. Bottoming is not instinctive. You have to learn how to bottom, how to react or respond to the top, when to move and when not to. This top is a silent type, didn't tell me where to put myself, not so much as a grunt. So the bottom learns when to keep his mouth shut. We didn't do any dirty talk with this dude. Although he didn't cum a second time, he worked hard at it, fucking me for another 30 or 40 minutes, not that I had my eye on the clock, but if you're working the nooner crowd, you gotta keep this in mind.
Not a real nooner,no being late getting back to the office, and the only guy who'll get fired, or fired up, this time, is me.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fucked by a Cop

Living where I do, just a few blocks from the San Francisco Civic Center, there are scores of cops, and I'm not necessarily talking only about the me, a cop is any law enforcement officer who wears a badge, so this being San Francisco, I might just as well be talking about the California Highway Patrol, the San Francisco County Sheriff, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police, the California State Police - to protect the State of California buildings, and the Department of Homeland neighborhood is swarming with cops, but I've never had one in my pants until I hooked up on bbrts with a 'cop,' and that's as specific as I'm going to get, you know, to protect the guilty.
This was technically a good, old-fashioned 'nooner,' and it took him only ten minutes to walk to my place. He dropped his pants and my first impression was that his dick was a little small for the rest of him, a 'problem' big guys have with average-sized dicks, the equipment seems out of scale. But not to worry: after a little sucking, we got that baby up to a decent working size. I decided that missionary style would be the best bet for this top so once on my back, this copper gave me a good dicking; he sure knew what to do with what he had. This was what I call a 'mature fuck,' that is, sex without a lot of play-acting or conscious role playing...I never understood the idiotic finger probe or butt slapping, some cheap tricks the insecure or inexperienced or unimaginative pick up from bad videos. No, this was a mature fuck: he's seriously fucking me and our eyes are locked...neither one of us broke this got very intense and just plain hot. The cop pulled out and sprayed my ass with cum, which I wiped up and licked off my fingers.
It was also an old-fashioned nooner: it lasted about 20 minutes and then he was out of there.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where Have All the Chad Douglases Gone?

Where have all the Chad Douglases gone? That isn't my line...Somebody else used that language on the Treasure Island website's open forum (I think), lamenting the lack of decent dick in his life. The writer must have been a bottom of a certain age to recall maybe the greatest stud in the old Falcon Studios stable, maybe the greatest top in porn history, and I'd commiserate with that sentiment entirely, based on how things have been going for me, lately.

Guys, it's been a while since I last posted. I haven't posted because my sex life of late has been substantially less than fabulous. Until last Monday, that is. Most of my fucks over the past couple of weeks have been sheathed, rubbered, and pretty ordinary, so there was no point in boring the pants off of you all with renditions of how ordinary the sex has been. If it wasn't ordinary, then it was comical, like the fucking I got from the guy whose equipment was about the size of a wine bottle cork. Corky actually did cum up my ass and I did manage to squeeze the last drop of cum out of that dick, but somehow I sense nobody wants a blow by blow detail of that deposit. Corky was one of two or three bareback fucks; all the rest were protected, so-called safe sex encounters and not in the spirit of this blog.

Some of you know that I work from my home which makes hosting during the daytime quite possible. I go straight to barebackrt and post and just check periodically while I go about my professional business life. I post for only an hour or so, sometimes renewing the post, because I have found that posting for a period of 4 to 6hours encourages a lot of idiotic chatter from people who have no intention of fucking at all. So when a buddy sends you a message that reads, 'I'll be there in an hour,' you know it's for real.

And he was for real. A slender young/old, old/young (he admitted to being 50) dad with a long, slender tool that plumbed my assline for a good 10 minutes before depositing a nice poz load in that ole cumbucket. Then he simply lay on my back, with his dick fully immersed in a buttcanal swimming with toxic juice, while I did my best to massage his pozbone with my well-trained buttmuscles, all the while he was whispering nasty poz talk into my ear, and I talked right back with some toilet talk of my own. It could have been Chad Douglas for all I cared, but it was better than Chad because Chad is dead and I'll blog about him tomorrow maybe. But for now, Chad Douglas is a Monday day fuck, and one I hope turns into a regular. So remember there are lots of Chad Douglases out there...they just all don't look like Chad Douglas. But give them a chance, it could be better than you think.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Popping Another Cherry

I'm not much for false modesty, so I'll just say that I have a minor reputation in fisting circles for being the best fister to pop a bottom's cherry. I'm about 5-8 and 165 or so, wear a size 9 boot and have a fat plump dick...alas, it's a shower more than a grower, but the girth would be enough for any bottom, if I could only get the damned hard like I used to. But...I have smallish hands that don't go with my feet. I also have pretty good stamina and prefer to stand when fisting, very often pressing my body against the bottom's, and finishing off by my grabbing my fat dick for some fisting with dick in hand. I'm also a top who doesn't push his bottom to the top's limits; I respect the bottom and it's the bottom who calls the shots, as far as I'm concerned.
After chatting interminably with a versatile pozman who said he wanted me to pop his cherry, we finally reconnoitered at a private playroom in the Mission District of San Francisco, on a quiet tree-shaded street of cutesy-pooh Victorian cottages...who would have thought that behind one of these doors lay one awesome helluva playspace with platform, mirrors, sound and video equipment, and a sling?
I worked this man over for a full hour and at first I thought he was bullshitting me about never having been fisted. He's done a lot of playing around with toys and such, and that is the best way to ease yourself into bottoming for a fist, no amount of dickfucking is going to do it. Well, I got this guy to Level One...all five fingers to the knuckle...Level Two would be to the wrist and we didn't get that far this time, this first time. But we will eventually. One year with this man and I'll have him proud of a fabulous, mellow, buttery ass that just swallows up a mean fist. The point of this blab is to announce that Ready to indoctrinate any willing novice into the culture of fisting. I used to do this years ago at the legendary fistspace South of Market, and half of the guys honestly decided it wasn't for them. But the other half went to the limit and are now of the fisting brotherhood. It's dificult to ask an experienced top: 'will you break me in?' Some tops seem so unapproachable, especially when decked out in full gear. Well, I am approachable, so all you wannabe fisting bottoms, now you know.
This blog is about gaypoz culture in the 21st century but with a lot of historical cross references, so I'd be remiss if I did not mention that the biography of the seminal (figuratively and most probably literally) leatherman, Chuck Renslow, written by Tracy Baim & Owen Keehnen, is now out and available...'Leatherman: The Legend of Chuck Renslow'published by Prairie Avenue Productions, $24.99. Jack Fritscher reviews it in the Bay Area Reporter (6/9-15), and those leathermen who actually read will know where to buy it; otherwise you can start with our friends at Q Trading Company in Palm Springs.
A fist a day keeps the doctor away.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gas Prices and Getting Laid

Has anybody else had a trick tell him that he didn't have enough money for gas? Therefore, he couldn't make it over to your place. And when you offered to help him pay for gas, he responded that the offer wasn't enough...I assume, to fill the tank of his SUV? And he doesn't host...ever. OK, no problem with that, I understand and respect the desire to keep things anonymous, a lot of guys don't want tricks to know where they live. I used to be like that, until I started hosting last year...mostly because I wanted to be comfortable and I couldn't have sex in the some of the bedrooms I traveled to, they were too goddamned tacky and by the way, not sexy...they were anti-sexy. Enough of that. I hope this gas issue isn't a trend, especially in oliocentric places like LA, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta. Hooking up was made a lot easier through the internet, but now high gas prices are keeping guys home, as guys have to worry about wasting gas on a flake, or worse yet, having to worry about having enough gas to get to work tomorrow. Who would have thought that gas prices would have to be factored into your plans for a slutty evening?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Necessary Roughfucking

Every self-respecting bottom needs to get roughfucked every so often. About once every six months, at the least. It keeps him on his mettle. When a top talks about 'long and slow' sessions, I want to get myself loose from that guy and right away, too. Suggestions of passion or tenderness, or god forbid, romance, are enough to chill my fire. I like it vigorous, athletic, spirited and hard. Maybe I need to get roughfucked more than the average bottom. Among the couple hundred tops who have fucked me in the past 12 months, only three have been roughfuckers. One is my fuckbud who gives it to me on regular basis (praise the Lord!), another is a certain Latin toppozfuckr down in the desert and whom I've blogged about, and the third worked me over last Friday night. A roughfucktop grabs the bottom without the slightest bit of gentleness and puts him where he wants him. He doesn't talk much, nor should he...the most I want to hear is...maybe...'fuckin' hot ass!' While I've commented on the various fuckstyles of the men who've fucked me, I can say that all three roughfucktops fucked in the same way. Oh, they'll go through all the various positions and that's all great, but when they're driving a load home, what they do is, first, put you flat on your stomach, two, put your legs as close together but still allowing himself to get his dick up your ass, and three, pin your arms and/or shoulders down, putting most of his weight on the upper half of your body, giving him plenty of room for full throttle thrusting. This is the best type of fucking, and the bottom has to concentrate and not lose the beat. This is what makes a true power bottom: he never loses the beat, he knows when to lead and when to follow. And with necessary roughfucking, the bottom follows. Even the most confident power bottom gives way to a roughfucker. Problem is, I doubt any body, even the most dedicated and effective bottom, can afford to get roughfucked night after night. That's what makes roughfucking so special and wonderful when you're lucky enough to get it. So, to 'Goliath'...any studly built top with hair down to his shoulders is 'Goliath' in my book...thanks for the roughfuck which I so desperately needed last Friday night. Hope to see six months, but I wish I could call you whenever...necessary.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bastard Junior's Auspicious Debut - Porn Review

If 'Raw Stallions Hung Hot Rods' isn't a debut for Bastard Junior, it might as well be. Just who is this new name guy? Whoever he is, he's a new talent, and hooked up with Frank Stein's SlutMachine, he should do well and go far, if this new dvd is any indication. The action is beautifully captured; we get great insert shots, sequences that are just right in length, great lighting, camera angles and a combination of veterans and newcomers. Sage Daniels and Ian Jay are the veteran bottoms taking hung hot rods, the likes of favorites Hot Rod and Chase Coxx. Ian Jay has never been better presented...through medium range shots where we get to see his face and his feet as he's getting viciously fucked by Hot Rod, and the contrast of skin tones is artfully caught on camera. Newcomers Jake Brentwood and Luke Bennett are manly young bottoms and we can't wait to see more of them. And then there's Antonio Biaggi, who seems to branching out, working with various studios. This splendid specimen of manhood is beautifully presented here...a great performing talent matched with great directorial talent. Buy this one without renting it first, you can't go wrong. This rates 5 stiff dicks!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silent Breeders

I'm in Las Vegas and his dick is very small as a short pencil used for jotting notes, but like most small dicks, it's as hard as a pencil, as well. Small dicks are often good for jabbing pussies, coming out and thrusting right back in again, but this one had a hard time getting in, so when it was finally in, I took care to keep it in. I squeezed that baby as tight as I could and massaged it earnestly with my talented buttmuscles. At that point, the top just stopped and held his dick in place and within a minute, withdrew completely and left. Oh, well, I thought...there's always the next one.
But as I fingered my hole, I realized that it was rather sloppy and then a blob of cum oozed out. I fingered some more and got enough to lube my dick for some playing of my own. Then as I got up off the bench, I noticed there was a pool of cum on the floor. Imagine, all this cum from this tiny bit of meat, and the top gave no indication he was cumming at all, a real silent breeder.
The next night I'm in Palm Springs at the CumUnion Party. I'm on that annoying mattress that's actually three long, narrow pieces that don't stay together. A top climbs on my back and tries to get in. He's not really hard nor is he that big, but he does get in and he fucks me briefly with a loofah-type cock. This action lasts for only a minute, and then he's off my back and I never see him again. That's all the action I get at this party, which I will describe in greater detail on another blog. But when I get home, I get the urge to crap and I realize there's actually a load up there...a big one that just flows out of my butthole. Again, as in Las Vegas, this was a silent breeding...there was no thrusting nor pounding, no change in tempo, no grunt nor sigh of pleasure. Just some silent breeding but with a couple of big loads. Some guys breed silent, breed deep.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fucked by a Salesman

The funny thing is I didn't realize it was he until we talked, after he had fucked me to heaven and back. I used to be a client, and he used to service my account. I guess now he serviced me in another way. I wasn't sure it was he but he started a conversation and then he asked me, 'Is your name...?' And then I realized who he was. It's funny getting fucked by somebody you've known for years in a business context. A spirited, longlasting top...adequate equipment...uhm, and no discussion of HIV status after the fact, a bareback fuck in a bathhouse with anonymous-friendly lighting...and a hey, how are you...but no asking further questions. I guess I can assume he's poz also, but the situation though not exactly awkward, was certainly new and it still has me!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 Load Squat

I headed to Palm Springs for a few days and one of my favorite sex venues, a sex garage on the north end of town. I've described this place before; the fuckspaces are divided by hanging panels of black fabric, there are slings (3), a fuckbench, and two spaces with big mattresses dumped on the floor...there's not too much lighting and the guys are there to fuck, not stand around. It's a mostly older crowd and I guess that's why there's a lot of action, even though there's never been more than 30 guys or so. It also tends to clear out early...I was one of the last guys to leave and it was only around 11:30.
I got totally fucked by a series of tops I'd never met and oh yeah, the Energizer Bunny who pounded my ass off and on throughout the night...I think five times in all. He also fucked every bottom who was there, and I really enjoyed watching the bottoms in slings getting worked over by all sizes of dicks...I especially liked seeing the bottoms' dirty feet (from the garage floor)as their asses got pummeled.
I took at least one load, a big one that the top really worked hard to get off. When I got home, I took a squat, collected the cumload in the palm of hand and then used it as lube to jack myself off, a nice way to close the evening.
The next morning, after I awakened, I simply lay in bed for a while thinking about how great the previous night's action had been, and I got that nice feeling of being pregnant with cum, you know, that urge to take a crap but you know it's not crap. I just lay around a bit longer, thinking back and hoping it would be another copious load. Finally, I did another squat and shat a smaller but still nice blob of seed, which I smeared over my dick so I could play with myself a bit longer. What I don't know is...was it all from one, massive load, or a second load shot deeper into my hungry ass? Don't know, don't care. Cum's the best.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Demise of the SF Eagle and Chris Burns Remembered

The news around town is that the SF Eagle, the legendary leather bar, will close at the end of this month. My information is all second hand but essentially, the lease and liquor license have passed on to new hands who have no intention of maintaining the Eagle as we have come to love it over the decades. For me it is the quintessential leather bar, although there are Eagles all over the country and I have been to all the West Coast ones, LA, Seattle and Portland, as well as our own San Francisco...they were united in sensibility but not in management. If somebody visiting from out of town wanted to hit the leather bars, you started at the Eagle.

There was a time when gay bars were supposed to be dark holes and the best ones really were dark holes. The Eagle, its outdoor patio (the place to be on a warm Sunday afternoon) notwithstanding, was a dark hole, especially in the after midnight hours. Now that is not to suggest that it was a dismal, gloomy place for habitues of the twilight netherworld...I recall many happy boisterous times, such as the Mr. Eagle or Mr. Leather talent contests, live rock concerts, some vibratious drag appearances, and notably, when Miss Connie Francis brought down a crowded house by launching into 'Where the Boys Are,' or when the crowd cheered THE Tom of Finland. Dark as it was, with its black walls and stategically placed lighting, the SF Eagle was memorable to anyone who dropped in. Like Danny AKA Chris Burns, the 1980's pornstar and champion analist of the era.

To those of you too young to remember the pre-condom porn era, there was some really great bottoming talent who excelled despite the limited capacity of videotape. Some names easily come to mind: Cory Monroe, Kevin Wiles, Michael Cummings, Brad Mitchell. But the three that really stand out, and all worthy of the Bareback Bottom Hall of Fame were Kevin Williams, John King and Chris Burns. I saw only Chris Burns perform live...and that was a dildo show at the Nob Hill Theater. He was famous for putting his hole to the test; he wanted to get fucked by a horse (he'd already been fucked by everything else) and I heard through the grapevine that he had attained that goal (it's on tape somewhere) but the effect was more comical than erotic. After the death of his longtime companion Jim Ed Thompson, a leather great of high repute, Chris hit the Eagle to find tops to fill that demanding hole of his; dick, dildo, fist, whatever.

Chris usually showed up after midnight, dressed as if he had just worked out: baggy sweatpants and tank tops with armholes that almost reached his waist. With his pumped up arms, his trim collegiate haircut, and sly smile, you knew what the game was. Chris was a predator, looking for a dick or fist that he could control to do whatever he wanted it to do. Chris Burns may have been the first and essential power bottom. In the days of the dark holes, a guy would enter the bar and everybody would turn to see who it was. Even now, after these many years, I have vivid memories of how Chris entered the Ealge and stood there, looking everybody over, who would it be, who was tough enough? To bottoms like me, Chris would give a quick, knowing nod and move on. The guy was in control from the get-go. But actually, thinking back, I never saw Chris leave with somebody...maybe I just didn't happen to wait long enough. But I know what had to happen: his trick would get on the back of Chris' motorcycle and they'd head for Chris' place. He used to buzz around town in a leather jacket and somebody once commented to me, 'there's Chris Burns with a load up his ass,' you have to understand that people didn't talk like that in the '80's...Chris' reputation was secure at the time, not just in retrospect. Chris didn't need a bike to get to the Eagle, he could have walked and maybe he did...he lived in a modest Victorian next door to where Stompers Booth shop is now, on 10th St., two whole blocks from the Eagle. When Chris lived there the house was painted a faint shade of lavender.

So as the Eagle closes its doors, gone is more than a leather bar, and more than a chunk of leather history, gay history, San Francisco history. Gone, too, is a big piece of our lives. At least we'll have stories about people like Chris Burns, as long as there are people to remember and to share with the world.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Afro Macho Top Barks 'No condoms!'

I have a favorite room at the Steamworks in's Room 310, and the bed is situated parallel to the hallway, making for a different vantage point in offering up one's, may I say, hot ass. The room is smaller than average, too, but I love it...I get on my knees and spread my ass and I'm only a couple of feet from the's a slutty pose and always gets results...quick results I might add...remember, we're in a bath house. On this occasion, a slender guy, with the biggest afro I've seen in years, came in and started feeling up my butt...but in a way that indicated he knew what he was doing...not the annoying crooked finger buttprobing that an intern, who's never been laid, might do. Within seconds, I felt a big, thick dick as hard as your favorite dildo, go straight up my ass...I'm on my knees, remember. My buttchute took it all in one slip and he was in balls deep. He left the door open, which in bath house etiquette means he was willing for others to come on in. I rarely say anything when a top does something, especially when it might lead to a group session, which I really like. The looky loos came streaming in, maybe three of four of them, in this very small room. The Afro Macho Top was giving it to me machofucker style with no let-up, and the looky loos were feeling me up, pinching my tits, rubbing the muscles of my sweating back. Whenever one made the slightest move suggesting he wanted to fuck my ass, the top sternly barked out, 'no condoms!' in a very unfriendly way. There was some tittering, and then...all those girleens fled much faster than they had come in. Machofucker fucked me to the very end, shot a load in my ass, and then kept on fucking it in deeper. Then in true machofucker style, he just pulled it out in one quick move, slurping sloppy sounds, buttfarts, cum flying...nothing delicate or graceful about this guy. But another great fuck, made unique by the way he took control and got rid of all the safesexers, something's that never happened like that before.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fucked at the Top of the Stairs

I'm not a big fan of Victoriana. I mean I don't favor tearing down old Victorian buildings...on the contrary, I think they should be celebrated, saved or adapted...but although I have read and enjoyed "The Pearl" and "Fanny Hill", my fantasies are about more contemporary settings. So then, on this mid-afternoon hook-up, I found myself on the steps of a late Victorian house on a hill overlooking the Castro. I had chatted with this bald daddy on BBRTS, and his profile pictures suggested a vaguely leatherman sort of lifestyle...not enhanced one bit by the Victorian setting, but no matter, as I was here and it was a boring throwaway day and I was horny.

The front door gave directly straighaway onto a staircase, so naturally, I looked up and there he stood at the top of the stairs, looking very much like his pictures, a fairly well-maintained dad, and hell, he was a top. When I got to the top of the stairs, dad put his arms around me and engaged in some very expert tongue work which I reciprocated. It's hard to find a great kisser, so when you do, you gave it some time and work.

With our tongues engaged in their own coupling, our arms moved down our bodies and belts were unbuckled and pants were dropped...I realized that I wasn't going to make it into bed, shit I wasn't even going to make it to the bedroom. Dad wanted to fuck right there, at the top of the stairs. Like most daddy tops, he was an experienced and talented fucker. After sucking his ample dick, memorable for all the veins, that viewed from above looked like rich burrowed tunnels,...carrying viagra-fueled blood that would help get his poz seed into an asshole that would just swallow it up, without lube. This daddy was in great shape, giving me what amounted to a roughfuck, so hard that I kept steady by grabbing the newel post, a Victorian fixture at the head of the staircase, and holding on. After slamming my horny ass, he shot a nice load up there. I quickly dropped to my knees to suck him some more, which he liked, but then he directed me to the post and started fucking my ass again. He may or may not have come a second time, but he eased it off so nicely, I was able to hold on that dick with my buttmuscles for a couple minutes more, until I just let his dick slip out. This was a nice 'mature' fuck by guys who know what they're doing.
This man is so conveniently located...there was a lot of street parking, an advantage to living on a hill...that I hope he becomes a regular thing. Victorian or otherwise.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blatino Drills Hard, Shoots Deep

I had bottomed for this big-dicked Latino on a couple of other occasions, both times at parties posted on barebackrt. The first time he was furiously fucking a smallish dude on a bench at a garage sex party...the encounter was loud and in a dark corner of a play area...the bottom moved on and I climbed onto the bench where he had been, in hopes that I could be as lucky. I was. This massively-built machofucker then nailed my ass in the same way he had taken care of my predecessor, with swift firm strokes, totally in control of my hot throbbing fuckchute...well, I did say 'machofucker' didn't I? As it was dark, all that I could be sure of was that he was massive, well-endowed and very dominant.

Our second pairing was at the same place some months later...another party with the same format, except this time, I got up on all fours on a mattress on the concrete floor of this sex garage. Man, he gave it to me again, and not just me, but an older, chubby bottom who had situated himself right next to me. This top tag-teamed us, going from one bottom to another, giving us equal treatment until he finally dumped a load deep into chubby's firm ass. I tracked the top through the barebackrt profiles and buddylisted him...well, just in case an opportunity should present itself. Eventually, last weekend, it did.

This time I hosted and since I don't have the usual California King sized bed, I improvised with a twin mattress on the floor. This was OK with him and he fucked me in a totally different but still essentially machofucker style. This time he wanted me flat on my stomach, butt down, thighs together, as he pommeled my ass with the violent energy of a gymn workout. I have a tendency to raise my ass and arch my back; machofucker would have none of this and kept pressing my butt down so that I was flat on the mattress. I got the hang of it and got a great fuck with machofucker changing the pace only as he let go with a pulsing load plumbed into my inner depths.
So even though you think you know a guy's fuckstyle, sometimes you discover you don't know as much as you thought...and in a nice way, too. As he got up to go, I saw that he had a stylized biohazard tattoo on his back...a design I've seen on some porn models and among friends at sex parties. There are few things better than a hot Latin poz load delivered machofucker style deep into your ass. Men, are you with me? Life is worth living!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elderly Gent Gets Off

When I first checked out the Cathedral City Boys Club it was on a cool day in December. They have a very generous day pass with in-and-out privileges and a fairly extensive play area...a few sheds, one with gloryholes, another with benches and another with a sling...a 'confessional' and some sheltered outdoor pads for fucking, and a long, circuitous trail with many spots for sexual encounters. The grounds are landscaped with the usual tropical trees and shrubs, so you can really get into it, if you're a pig with some imagination.

But as I said, it was cool, only in the 60's in the middle of the day, but I still did my best to get fucked on one of the outdoor fuckpads (there are 2), and I attracted a lot of feel-ups, but the crowd was mostly older dads in various states of decay. But then...and of course this is what makes the hunt so never know...a louche-looking Latino in sweat pants and a hoodie turns up, lingers a bit, obviously interested. He was so shrouded that what I remember most are his moustache and his teeth, and oh yeah, his fair-sized dick. The guy was out to fuck some ass and I was happy to comply...he came rather quickly and pulled out and my ass responded with a loud, squishy, sloppy fart. This seemed to scare him, and he beat a fast trail for elsewhere. But I had a nice load in there and it made the wait totally worth it. I had a couple more feel-ups but nothin' else got close to my butthole. But with the 12-hr. day pass, I was able to come back around midnight and I got a second load in the sling by a youngish dad type, a hotel guest who was wearing the issued the standard bathroom. He came like he hadn't come in weeks, with some violent thrusts and a yahoo that traveled into the chilly night. As I left, I saw him by the pool dancing by himself to the piped-in muzak. Well, not bad, I thought...2 for 2, eventhough it took 12 hours.

My next trip was in much better weather, more guys, the same out-of-shape daddy types, nobody really hot...BUT...again the hunt, if you're patient, can deal some surprises.
Here was a truly old daddy, maybe in his 80's, I'm not kidding, he could have used a walker. He moved very slowly and stuck his average sized dick in my face. I was happy to oblige...I felt dutiful, not merciful...I pride myself on my 'no attitude.' The elderly gents don't have much of a bush; this guy had a few blades of wispy pubic hair, all gone gray. He got semi-hard and I did a half-assed suck-off, and lo and behold, HE CAME!

In a matter of minutes. He said absolutely not one word, and then retreated, each footstep a steady stalk, like I said, he could have used a nice walker. I didn't swallow the cum. Instead I spit it out into the palm of my hand and did my best to push it into my ass, and then I cleaned off my hand by wiping my asscheeks with what was left. Cum is cum, but to be happy with an 80-year-old's cum, I think qualifies me as a real cumpig.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fucked Raw by Identical Twins - video review

This is the latest from Knightbreeders directed by Justin Credible and starring Damien Silver, the hottest hole in the business, bar none. The twins are a bit of a dud, and hung, what's not to like? Well, the guys didn't seem to be really into it, though Damien did his damned best climbing up and riding those impressive dongs like there was no tomorrow. But the tops didn't help out much at all. Having said that, this video is worth adding to your collection (I don't review videos I didn't like) because Damien Silver shoots out two massive loads from the twins, and again in the final segment (there are 3 scenes), he shoots another big cummy runny load delivered by a serious black stud daddy...and it's all real, not pina colada mix and it is unedited, there's no break in the sequence...big dick is retracted and the cum just flows...flows...out in a river. The opening scene Damien Silver tops a well-built black stud (Zaine?) with a hole loaded up with cum...he said he got 9 loads in a bathhouse and there's no reason not to believe him. This video is a real cumflood. Git it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slutmachine's 'Choke: Full Throttle' Review

If there is such a thing as art direction in the world of porn videos, then Slut Machine is the studio that does it best. It makes for better porn, that's for sure, and 'Choke,' SlutMachine's latest, is the best video I've seen so far this year. There are some fetish scenes: a bottom wrapped in a straight jacket gets fucked by a Latin and Black top...and another bottom gets fucked while clinging onto mattress springs anchored to a wall. But it's all so beautifully thought out, that the setting enhances the sex, and the sex is all vigorous and exhilarating to watch. A couple fuck on a mattress in a red room, and the art direction comes into play by showing off the models at their best...the colors are worked in to make the best of the performers' skin tones and physical features. Jacob Slader, Antonio Biaggi, Chase Coxx and Justin Jameson are the tops in 'Choke,' and who could ask for more? Sage Daniels gets plugged by Zel Miller, and cute bottomslut Tyler who got plowed on the mattress in 'Ride Hard' by a video arcade customer and then, the Latino janitor, actually flips in his scene with bottom Blue Baily. Blue Baily also gets it from Antonio Biaggi in maybe the hottest scene...this Blue fella is a new find for me, a hot little post-twink type with a curious tattoo that I fantasized as a stylized shamrock suggesting a biohazard in, hey I'm Irish and poz. He's certainly looks good enough to pass for Irish, but I can only fantasize about his status, because I don't know. Anyhow, we hope to see more of him. Check out 'Choke'...if you're already a Slutmachine fan, you'll want it to complete your collection.
Cheap thrill today: a construction worker walking into the Bank of America branch on Castro Street...with a biohazard tat on his forearm, but individualized with a Frenchy fleur-de-lis kinda look. God, I love San Francisco.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Scott O'Hara Died 13 Years Ago Today

'Spunk' O'Hara (I prefer 'Punk,' as he stood at about 5-4, feisty little devil) wrote his own obit, and I quote from it, 'Writer/publisher/performer Scott 'Spunk' O'Hara wishes to announce that he croaked at 10:40 p.m. on Wednesday, February 18. All of his friends and fans are sorely missed. In lieu of flowers, he requests that you make a donation to your favorite sperm bank.' That's what the Bay Area Reporter (BAR) and other gay media printed. For once, Scott was too modest here: he was also a great social commentator and philosopher. For some samples of his own wicked take on life, look into 'Rarely Pure and Never Simple' (1999) published by the Harrington Park Press, a collection of his essays, some of them culled from STEAM, Scott's 'zine of the '90's.
When I need inspiration, I read selected passages from Scott's 'Autopornography: A Memoir of Life in the Lust Lane' (1997)...who can deny the eroticism of 'God it felt good to shoot inside an ass again...and then reach inside and feel my cum squishing around in an asshole made fiery hot by the friction of my dick,' that's on page 141, and it was totally politically incorrect back in '97, when barebacking was considered dangerous, one of the most irresponsible things you could do...we were still a couple of years away from 'Depth Charge,' 'Breed Me,' and 'Bareback Buddies.' Only chemo could slow Scott down, and it finally did him in...renal failure during chemotherapy for lymphoma. He had just attended a rehearsal of his new play, 'Ex-Lovers.' He was at it to the very end.
He had a contrarian streak in him as wide as Van Ness Avenue, and I attribute that to his rather hippie Christian contrarian upbringing in Oregon. He had his own ideas about sex; and he talked and wrote about it at great length...some of his vocal comments were loud and boisterous, all of the writing was hearthfelt, sometimes idiosyncratic, and always personal. I love the chronology included in 'Autopornography,' which documented his jobs, travels, performances, and red letter dates, such as 'August 11, 1985: won Greasy Jockstrap Contest at Powerhouse, San Francisco, met Al Parker,' followed by 'September 2, 1985: fucked by Al Parker.' Isn't that great?
Scott O'Hara was one of a kind; and getting fucked by Scott O'Hara was something to remember.

Monday, February 14, 2011

BathHouse Load Used as Lube for Jacking Off

A little business took me to Dallas and not having a car and being somewhat removed from the gayspots, living in a hotel downtown, I decided to hop a cab and check out the Midtowne Spa. I'm glad a cabbed it as it was farther away than appeared on the GoogleMap and it is located in Deep Ellum, the oldstyle traditional skid row/ghetto area except now it's staging an uneven reinvention, meaning there are lots of vacant lots, and dark streets, not a place to park your car overnight. The Midtowne Spa should be the hottest ticket for bath house sex in Dallas but it was fairly quiet for a Saturday night. As big as it is, it just needs a lot of people to make it feel really attractive, and those people weren't there the night I was. It has three floors, a rooftop sundeck and a spa on a lower level. The rooms are basic and plain, as they should be and the lighting in the hallways and rooms could be improved; a little darker would make it sexier. So I give the Midtowne a qualified thumbs up...I wasn't disappointed in the set-up, just in the shortage of men...and yeah, parking seems to be a problem that could hurt business. They have a tiny lot and the lot down the block is a pay lot, and like I said, I'd think twice about parking on the street. And I don't think Texans wouldn't even think of using cabs, especially in a spread out place like Dallas.
I had a few encounters: a Princess Tiny Meat gave me a quick was maybe the smallest dick I've ever had so I clamped down on it and did my best to keep in my ass, which I did, and man,I was rewarded with a big load...sadly, it went right into his condom. I made sure I got that condom and after he left, I squeezed the cum out and lubed my asslips with it, smearing the rest on my buttcheeks.
Later, a big daddy came in and his dick was just the right size, not too big and we were able to get another big load, this one went straight up my ass, it was great...the kind of fuck that afterwards makes you want to take the time to meditate on the beauty of sex. But I didn't realize how big a load until I got back to my hotel, did a squat and got all the cum pooled into the palm of my hand. I hit my favorites on Xtube and jacked off using that cum to lube my dick...all of this made me feel pretty sexy and it was nice to think back on how that cum got up there in my ass, and how to spread that seed, mixing it up with your own. All said, an pretty good OK time in Texas.

Friday, February 11, 2011

AIDS/HIV March, Race and Reality

In recognition of National Black AIDS/HIV Awareness Day, the San Francisco AIDS mafia organized a march from City Hall to someplace in the Western Addition, although the local gay media failed to disclose exactly where. I guess this was totally a media event concocted to keep Black AIDS victims in the communal consciousness, so where they marchers ended wasn't important enough to report. A photo published in the Bay Area Reporter (BAR) showed a few dozen marchers, some of them assisted by canes or crutches. The mafia, here in this context, namely the National Minority AIDS Council, says Blacks are at a disadvantage due to "a complex set of social, individual and environmental factors." Fair enough I agree that any program designed to target a specific group has to be real and honest. This whole business of living on the down low, for example, is rife with racial connotations. But my experiences, based on decades of hot anonymous sex with men of all races, ages and cultures, would make the mafia's analysis only more complex. For example, I can generalize about condom use: Black men are more fastidious when it comes to using condoms, second only to Asian men, and by Asian I mean Chinese and Japanese. My experiences with Filipinos and Koreans have been inconsistent. Latinos, and in my case, this means Mexicans, are more problematic...Mexican guys over 40 are likely to use condoms, those younger are among the fiercest barebackers. But who's less likely to use a condom? It's 'white' guys, hands down. And I've had enough sex to conduct my own survey; it's just too bad I haven't written and categorized every single sexual encounter; they're not in the thousands, but hundreds, most certainly.
Then the resident himbo on the SF Board of Supervisors, one Ross Mirkarimi (who is not Black but represents the Western Addition), chimed in with non-sequiturs about AIDS and San Francisco's dwindling Black population (the City now has fewer Black residents than it has in many decades, less than 7% of the total population)...'the African-American exodus couldn't be more shameful,' he opined. 'I see this as an opportunity to make sure the stats go in a different direction.' Well, go ahead, do what you want, but the declining Black population has nothing to do with AIDS/HIV, so if you don't see the results you envision, don't blame Black folks.
I suppose these media events do fulfill some purpose, but I couldn't vouch for their usefulness. Black guys are nowhere the 'problem' in the prevention discussion, that the white guys are, and that's a fact.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Year of Living Positive

Treasure Island Media has designated 2011 as the Year of Living Positive. So far they haven't done much to articulate beyond what is implicit in the language, except to run a short video clip on the website starring three studs who are poz and out...and 'proud!' as my pal Jayson Park says. We're anxiously watching to see where they go with this.
It was bound to happen: a porn studio was going to acknowledge the presence and attraction of the HIV-positive fetish and admission of the erotic nature of poz cum, impregnating somebody with it or absorbing it into your most intimate parts...the most conclusive manner of bonding.
I have been ruminating about the 'All Sucking! All Fucking! All Poz!' video for a long time, from even before the late porno diarist Scott O'Hara quoted 1980's performer Cory Monroe's ultimate wish by using the language of 1930's movie musical promotion. Paul Morris launched Brad McGuire and James Roscoe as an example of a sexual relationship that has thrived despite sero-discordancy; Brad is notably HIV-negative. I think Paul Morris realizes that this match doesn't quite work as a fantasy for a lot of us; most of us poz guys into longterm relationships dream of a hot poz partner, not a negative guy who will put up with us. In short, and I wish him no harm, but a guy like Brad would be so much hotter if...
There's an unseemly side to the Year of Living Positive that will doubtless raise the ire of the AIDS mafia, those professionals and activists whose existence and paychecks depend upon marketing guilt and fear as the means of HIV prevention. Also provoked will be those rightwing politicians who play the gay card to secure political donations from terrified hairbags in the hinterlands, frightened into giving up a share of their Social Security checks. As I wrote earlier, we'll be anxiously watching.
It IS interesting that some of the mainstream porn studios are now producing bareback videos with a disclaimer that all the performers tested as HIV-negative. We hereby certify that all performers in this video tested negative as of 1/31/10. What pleasure it will give me if Treasure Island puts it right back out there: We hereby certify that all performers in this video tested positive as of 1/31/10. That would be hilarious (!) and something to think about.
Until then, we'll be anxiously watching...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Best Bareback Porn 0f 2010

2010 was yet another bottom-driven year in bareback porn. Dedicated bottoms Jayson Park, Ian Jay, Orion Cross, Sage Daniels and Dominick Rider worked their asses off, figuratively and literally, to keep us entertained and inspired. These guys may have performed in 100 videos among themselves, and if you saw one of their names on the wrapper, you knew you were in for a good time. Lito Cruz remained the top of tops throughout this past year, Dan Fisk entered new territory with his own 'Best of' video, and Treasure Island Media and super-mega-top Brad McGuire opened a new chapter in video history. And some of the more mainstream (read 'condom') studios ventured into bareback porn with new products.
The best porn lives on in your brain and is enough to get you hard, and maybe get you off. That's my criterion for this list of the best bareback porn of 2010, and here it is in no particular order until we get to the best of the year, and that comes at the end of this blog entry.
'Asses Full of Cum' from SX Video, starts off with hot Latino superstar-waiting-to-be-discovered Diego Cruz getting gangfucked by a quarter of Latino tops. Ian Jay also stars. We get to see it all, with great shots of Diego's ass, feet and face. SX's 'Double Fuck My Ass' has some great group action with Dominick Rider (I told you these guys were busy), veteran Drew Peters and newer buttholes like Nelson Troy. We loved 'I Barebacked your Boyfriend' from Rob Rodin and the LoadMasters...we bought this one because of the cast, Lito Cruz, Tim Skyler and Seth Miller (who's interested us ever since he peddled his ass at IML, he actually said he was charging, this at an event where is ass is passed around like a bag of M&M's, we admire Seth's hutzpah), and weren't disappointed. Seth delivered, and we're happy to report that twinky-pooh Tim has picked up some slutty moves as he develops into the twink bareback superstar.
You can't beat Treasure Island Media for production values...nobody else can touch them though Slut Machine comes damn close. Both studios kept up the high quality of their products and were meticulous in their casting, overlapping veterans with new faces, match-ups and pairings in the tradition of the long gone Hollywood studios.
'Breeding Season 2,' 'Sperm Assault' and 'Obey' are all keepers, buy 'em.
Some lesser entities advanced: BlackBreeders came out with 'Raw Magnum Fukkas' (I might be wrong on the actual title, I tried to google it but it didn't come up) with not-so-great camerawork or lighting, but the men and action were so hot, it didn't make much difference, this was a New York gang, I think. 'Rawstrokes' continued to get better with each production...with 'Raw Hole Damage,' Jayson Park was at his best and showed what's meant by 'dirty talk.' There are a lot of things not to like about 'Bareback Marathon NYC' and they don't have anything to do with the performers, mostly black thugs from xtube and so on, but we did get more of L'il Papi (in his third video) and he's ready to 'go national.' We'll be writing more of him in subsequent blogs, I'm sure. Jayson Park (I told you he's been busy) and Fred Mayer make 'Supercharged' from Rawfuck Studios one of the videos of the year...Mayer may be the slut of all, he could read from the Bible and make it sound slutty. And Sean Storm reached a new high getting gangbanged by a bunch of mature local tops in 'Cum Greedy Fuckholes.'
Sadly, I haven't been able to see Jayson Park's play for Dick Wadd...someone's going to have to buy it for me.
So here it is: the best bareback video of 2010 is a compilation video, and I know that's really not fair, so the consider the second best to be No. 1, and that is 'Double Fuck/A Cockwork Orange' from Knightbreeders. It's not as good as 'The Best of Damien Silver,' also from Knightbreeders, but they both feature the raunchiest, sleaziest bareback action around. Next to Knightbreeders, Treasure Island Media looks vanilla, and it all comes down to Damien Silver's fabulously videogenic ass, it's fuckin' unbelievable! He's a full-bodied stocky number with a big ass and an impressive asshole that grasps the biggest dicks and milks them dry, and we get to see it all. For a while I thought that the director Justin Credible and Damien Silver were one and the same, because of the unity of presentation, and I'm still not sure. In fact, there have been moments when a phone rings in the midst of production, and Damien gets off a top's dick to answer the phone. It doesn't seem to slow the action. But more than that, I just love the whole Knightbreeders concept of low class, white trash, street hustlers, fucking in condemned buildings or in the tacky apartments in Hollywood with special effects in the form of fog, exploding gassy bubbles amid the imagery of satanism, anarchy, Catholicism, howling wolves, squawking ravens, storms, thunder, etc., etc., etc., these are not to be believed. And oh yeah, did I mention the thick dicks, rivers of cum fucked out of big sloppy holes as part of a religous sex cult ritual? Now try and find these fabulous have to go to the Knightbreeders website. Rockhard on Castro St. carries some of them, but not all, and they sell out quickly. I'm sure you can get them somewhere in LA, probably Circus of Books but I've yet to check.
It's been a great year for bareback porn, despite the passing of video pioneer Bill Gardner...where Hot Desert Knights, an industry leader for a decade, goes from here, I don't know. We'll be watching...and also watching Treasure Island Media and their venture into 'serosorting' in porn or whatever they're up to. It seems like some are finally acknowledging the appealing taboo of HIV. I'm not alone is recognizing that being up-front about your poz status is going to get you laid, and bareback poz porn would only enhance that.