Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some more porn mini-reviews for SX, Dirty Dawg

Diego Cruz is my new interest, and by that, I mean that I'm tracking his career, looking forward to his next video...he's that hot! Here's the ideal latino bottom, well-developed, not too young, great body, great ass, sexy man's face. He's the best thing in the SX Video release 'Raw,' getting fucked on his knees, on his back...he isn't paired with Lito Cruz, the biggest name in this video, but one hopes that will be forthcoming. 'Raw' is a Ben Baird video, and worth renting...and I might buy it, eventually. 'Bareback That Twink' from the Canadian producer Dirty Dawg, was a disappointment. Jarod Steel and JC Carter burn it up in the opening sequence, though the scene is hindered by pesky crotch shadows, damn! JC Carter is a great top and Jarod Steel, with his Renee Zellweger pouty face, is in top form, suggesting a sleazy (and worldly) teen-aged slut picked up on the street. Having said that, this one is OK to rent...for now.

Dining Room Sling Fuck

Another hook-up in Cathedral City, and once again in the Cove, on a Saturday morning, around 11...through the services provided by Barebackrt. The dynamic: a gay partnered couple hosting a couple of friends for the weekend, and a cute schnauzer thrown in for the bargain. Guys in their 30's-40's, in good shape and evidently financially secure, a nicely landscaped yard in the modern desert style, a bland but well-kempt house, with a sling set up in the dining room, very middle class, very American, with 70's disco tracks filling the house...all rather memorable, and therefore, enticing...something I want to remember forever. A blonde guy ate me out for a good half hour, and then his partner came in, a bearded, short-haired muscular young dad who addressed his partner as 'boyfriend.' Dad put me in the sling and fucked me for another half hour, maintaining a fierce pace and never took a break, impressive, a nice good morning a America's kitchen. Dad never came, but I could sense that he was tiring, and who wouldn't? I called it off, finally, satisfied, and I think he was, too, in our 'mature' way, when just the intimate contact is enough.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garage Sling Fuck

This was a daytime engagement...after logging on to, I got a bite within a couple of minutes. Was I ready to fist a ready and hungry ass? Well, I was, and after some messaging, I jotted down the address in the Cathedral City Cove district...a transitioning neighborhood of modest homes and nice, fixed up properties, late model cars and landscaped yards. I was instructed to let myself in and follow the open doors to the garage where I would find my bottom, butt out, legs up, naked in his sling. I was delighted to see a middle-aged silver-haired daddy with big beautiful fat bare feet in the stirrups, and big fat gorgeous ass. I pulled over a stool, got comfortable and lathered my right fist from the jar of lube placed within arm's reach...everything was totally thought out, and without that unsexy air of fastidiousness that one sometimes encounters with middle class guys. Dad's hole was well-used...he said he had a couple of loads in there, but I couldn't tell...and it couldn't take my fist too deeply, but it was wide and able to take swirling flourishes of fingers and hands, it was a fabulous mess of lube, buttjuice, sweat and maybe, cum...this was a great fistfuck. I told him that I liked to fuck the ass I fisted, and he said, go ahead, but I was pretty limp, without enhancements on this spur of the moment hook-up. Dad told me to grab my dick and stick fist and dick up his hole, and this I did...I retracted my hand and proceeded to give a spirited and forceful fuck with a semi-hard dick, and I was surprised how well it went...I guess my pumped up dick was big enough, even only half-hard. The whole session lasted about an hour, and I was the one who had to call it off. Dad has beautiful feet, and a full head of silver hair, and what he admitted was a Crix belly. I thought nobody took Crixivan anymore, but he said the Crix belly can come he hasn't taken that med for years. Neither have I, not since those days of fasting before or after, mixing combinations of pills, and fear of missing a dose because of travel or sleep or forgetfulness. Dad's Crix belly was pretty extreme, scary maybe, but this is one fine fisting bottom, and one I hope to work over again and again.