Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quiet Top Cums in a Double Session

We connected online and when we finally talked on the phone, I had to repeat address, the cross streets...several times. He stammered a lot even as he spoke only a few words, so I thought he might be a foreign type. He wasn't. He didn't seem how to use public transit in San Francisco...he said he was in the Castro and had to take public transit...but he didn't seem to know there's a subway station at Castro, so I guessed he might be a tourist. He wasn't. Then I had to repeat everything all over agan. I thought maybe he's just plain dim. He wasn't. But through all of this, I kept reading 'flake' and didn't expect much. I had cleaned out, was ready to go, and didn't have anything else going, so what the hell.

He did show up finally, though, and he turned out to be a six-foot Italian guy with average-sized equipment so at first he didn't look particularly hung. In time, we changed all that...he got a decent hard on though it didn't seem all that hard when he was plugging me, and for a long time, too, about 45 minutes before he finally shot his turned out to be a poz load, too, so it was a real seeding, nicely done. Then he lay down in the bed and made himself comfortable, closing his eyes as if drifting off. Usually my noon-time tricks hustle right out which is fine by me since I'm into quickies, pump and dumps, fast hose downs. And most of these daytime fuckers have to get back to work. But I didn't mind this, so I joined him in bed and we had a little snooze.

Every time I touched his uncut dick, it responded by stiffening a bit, not a lot but enough to be noticeable. Then I went back to work, going down on that Italian sausage, getting it up again. He had the same idea. This big guy fucked me again and just as forcefully as the first go-around. During the first fuck he was changing his position frequently, as if he couldn't get a proper footing. I figured out that the best thing I could do was stay flat on my belly with the palms of both hands flat on the bed and not to move at all. This worked. Bottoming is not instinctive. You have to learn how to bottom, how to react or respond to the top, when to move and when not to. This top is a silent type, didn't tell me where to put myself, not so much as a grunt. So the bottom learns when to keep his mouth shut. We didn't do any dirty talk with this dude. Although he didn't cum a second time, he worked hard at it, fucking me for another 30 or 40 minutes, not that I had my eye on the clock, but if you're working the nooner crowd, you gotta keep this in mind.
Not a real nooner,no being late getting back to the office, and the only guy who'll get fired, or fired up, this time, is me.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fucked by a Cop

Living where I do, just a few blocks from the San Francisco Civic Center, there are scores of cops, and I'm not necessarily talking only about the me, a cop is any law enforcement officer who wears a badge, so this being San Francisco, I might just as well be talking about the California Highway Patrol, the San Francisco County Sheriff, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) police, the California State Police - to protect the State of California buildings, and the Department of Homeland neighborhood is swarming with cops, but I've never had one in my pants until I hooked up on bbrts with a 'cop,' and that's as specific as I'm going to get, you know, to protect the guilty.
This was technically a good, old-fashioned 'nooner,' and it took him only ten minutes to walk to my place. He dropped his pants and my first impression was that his dick was a little small for the rest of him, a 'problem' big guys have with average-sized dicks, the equipment seems out of scale. But not to worry: after a little sucking, we got that baby up to a decent working size. I decided that missionary style would be the best bet for this top so once on my back, this copper gave me a good dicking; he sure knew what to do with what he had. This was what I call a 'mature fuck,' that is, sex without a lot of play-acting or conscious role playing...I never understood the idiotic finger probe or butt slapping, some cheap tricks the insecure or inexperienced or unimaginative pick up from bad videos. No, this was a mature fuck: he's seriously fucking me and our eyes are locked...neither one of us broke this got very intense and just plain hot. The cop pulled out and sprayed my ass with cum, which I wiped up and licked off my fingers.
It was also an old-fashioned nooner: it lasted about 20 minutes and then he was out of there.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Where Have All the Chad Douglases Gone?

Where have all the Chad Douglases gone? That isn't my line...Somebody else used that language on the Treasure Island website's open forum (I think), lamenting the lack of decent dick in his life. The writer must have been a bottom of a certain age to recall maybe the greatest stud in the old Falcon Studios stable, maybe the greatest top in porn history, and I'd commiserate with that sentiment entirely, based on how things have been going for me, lately.

Guys, it's been a while since I last posted. I haven't posted because my sex life of late has been substantially less than fabulous. Until last Monday, that is. Most of my fucks over the past couple of weeks have been sheathed, rubbered, and pretty ordinary, so there was no point in boring the pants off of you all with renditions of how ordinary the sex has been. If it wasn't ordinary, then it was comical, like the fucking I got from the guy whose equipment was about the size of a wine bottle cork. Corky actually did cum up my ass and I did manage to squeeze the last drop of cum out of that dick, but somehow I sense nobody wants a blow by blow detail of that deposit. Corky was one of two or three bareback fucks; all the rest were protected, so-called safe sex encounters and not in the spirit of this blog.

Some of you know that I work from my home which makes hosting during the daytime quite possible. I go straight to barebackrt and post and just check periodically while I go about my professional business life. I post for only an hour or so, sometimes renewing the post, because I have found that posting for a period of 4 to 6hours encourages a lot of idiotic chatter from people who have no intention of fucking at all. So when a buddy sends you a message that reads, 'I'll be there in an hour,' you know it's for real.

And he was for real. A slender young/old, old/young (he admitted to being 50) dad with a long, slender tool that plumbed my assline for a good 10 minutes before depositing a nice poz load in that ole cumbucket. Then he simply lay on my back, with his dick fully immersed in a buttcanal swimming with toxic juice, while I did my best to massage his pozbone with my well-trained buttmuscles, all the while he was whispering nasty poz talk into my ear, and I talked right back with some toilet talk of my own. It could have been Chad Douglas for all I cared, but it was better than Chad because Chad is dead and I'll blog about him tomorrow maybe. But for now, Chad Douglas is a Monday day fuck, and one I hope turns into a regular. So remember there are lots of Chad Douglases out there...they just all don't look like Chad Douglas. But give them a chance, it could be better than you think.