Monday, January 30, 2012

Scouts' Badge for Bottoming

It's been a while since I was a Boy Scout but I recall deep from the recesses of my memory, something about 'Be Prepared.' A good scout was always prepared, and in those days it meant something about keeping a jack knife and a compass on you at all times. For aging boy scout bottoms it could also mean keeping yourself cleaned out at all times. I can only reason that the bottom half of a long term relationship cleans himself out before going to bed and first thing upon getting up in the morning. I mean, I've never had a relationship where I slept with somebody, the same somebody, night after I'm only trying to make sense of it. If your mate starts putting the moves on you in the middle of the night, the least you can do is oblige and you'd better be ready for anything.

Back in the '80's when I was an exclusive top and didn't give an itty bitty thought about what bottoms have to do, I had a colleague at work who was decades ahead of me, as far as awareness was concerned. I guess Barry was versatile, and I'm not sure why I think that, because he never left the house without a cleaned and lubed hole. I discovered this when we had occasion to travel together on business, when we shared a room at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, this was years ago. After dinner, he announced that he was going to take a cab to hit the gay bars in Garden Grove, the town next door to Anaheim where all the gay bars were at the time, and could I leave for a while so he could get ready? Getting ready meant cleaning out and lubing his hole with vaseline which is what he liked to use, I found out.
Then he told me that this is what he did every night. Just in case. Be prepared.

Now that I have 3 fuck buddies, I've altered my lifestyle to accommodate their tastes. They're all is an early morning bird, another is a nooner and the other hits me up on his way home from work. Now I'm not about to turn down a chance to get laid. Since my conversion, the only certain thing is that I'm going to take my HIV with me to the grave, so there's no good reason to pass up a chance or put off an opportunity, much less to be noble. This means I have to be prepared just about all the time, and this requires a scout's dedication.
Scout's honor.
Listen up, all you bottoms working on your scout's badges.
Be prepared.
I think I've earned my badge.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Filipino Flips for Pumped Dick

I've blogged before about how much I enjoy vacuum pumping and how pleased I am with the results. Yes, you can increase the size of your dick, most certainly temporarily and with religious diligence, permanently, as well. Our Puritan culture asserts that you cannot increase the size of your dick without surgery but how the hell would they know...they who pretend that a penis is merely for procreation? Just because they hate theirs, doesn't mean you can't love yours. And then they'll tell you, oh well, yes, maybe you can increase the size of your dick, but it won't be by much. Oh yeah, well, when it comes to dick, 1/4 inch is a lot, and a whole inch is possible but it will take a long time, and as I must pump it up...religiously. Praying to Jesus won't help here.
I like to pump up before I go out to the bars or when I'll be wearing jeans or hell, I pump it up whenever I go out. With my pump it takes about 30 minutes to get a plump fat dick, and then I'll wrap it up with a twisted black sweatband. I can't get a cockring on it after I've pumped.
And then I go out.
Last week I was at a popular bookstore on Market St. A regular bookstore not a dirty bookstore, there aren't any of those anymore on Market St, they're all on Polk St. or SOMA. So I'm wandering around when I notice a shortish, middle-aged Filipino guy kind of hanging around, not quite following me but always keeping within view of where I am. I spend a bit longer than I need to, looking over books that I don't care about, because he's like wanting to be teased and I was in the mood to fat cock was clearly bulging through my jeans which aren't that tight, but definitely show a good roll.
When I get to a more desolate corner of this bookstore, this Filipo guy gets fairly close, crouches down and pretends to look for a book on the shelf closest to the floor. And then, after pausing for about ten seconds, reaches up and cops a feel. Just enough to squeeze my sausage. And then he's up and outta there. I walk over to the main aisle of the bookstore and can't see a sight of him. He got the hell out of there right quick. It's like maybe he thought I was going to report him to a clerk or something. In the 1950's, this is what might have happened, and the police might have been summoned. But in the new century, this is merely quaint behavior, rather charming actually in that one can find his desires satiated in such an elementary and primitive way.
And did I want this to happen? I don't know and I'm not going to give it much thought. I just wanted to write that some more souls are still trapped in the last century. And some have advanced to one step beyond staring with a nose pressed up against the window. They're actually touching.
I'll continue to pump, taking the lead from the late, great super pornstar and businessman Al Parker, who didn't invent but certainly popularized vacuum pumping. Old Al probably used to pump up before walking down to the local 7-11 for a pack of cigarettes. I may not be there yet but I'm getting there, getting off on those poor souls who reach, grab and run.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Interracial 3-Way

I wanted to call this a tri-racial threeway but that doesn't quite make sense in today's parlance. It gives the wrong impression: biologists, or at least bureaucrats, stop at 'bi-racial,' any more races makes it 'multi-racial,' eventhough this three-way involved men of three races, and as far as I know, none of us is multi-racial. So I'm settling for an interracial three-way.
I had been chatting with this Filipino guy on barebackrt for around a year but we couldn't make it happen, as he lives out in the 'suburbs.' For those of you who know San Francisco, anything, west of Van Ness Avenue and south of 13th Street, qualifies as the suburbs in my book. This guy was just too hard for me to get to; but he seemed nice and so we kept on trying. Yesterday, Friday, it worked out...he was able to drive to me for a morning rendezvous.
This daddy is into getting his tits handled, pinched and chewed on. I'm always afraid to overdo this stuff but he seemed to want more and more. I'm still feeling my way around this nipple freak but we learn fast, and eventually I figured out I could sit on his throbbing dick while I gnawed at his tits. He's about 5 inches taller than I am so it worked out; if he'd been taller it would have been ever better and I would have learned something new to add to my repertoire of sex.
We'd been going at it for about half an hour when my fuckbud Dr. Hook showed up at the door.
'I've got somebody here. Is that OK?' This should have been a rhetorical question but I had to ask anyway. It may be just sex, but that doesn't mean you forget good manners. Both guys were into it.
Well, what followed was a 'first' for me: getting fucked by an Asian top and a Afro-American-Caribbean top, both taking turns on my ravaged butthole.
My black buddy filled me up with usual generous load. More toxic juice to keep me charged up.
Something new for me: interracial, three ways. Awesome.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year: Recharged with 3 Poz Loads

My plans for New Year's Eve are almost always the same: a couple of drinks or more at various bars in the Castro, and taking my buzz with me to an annual fisting party in the Castro. I was a little ambivalent about New Year's Eve 2010 because I had enjoyed a rousing good and unexpected fuck from my Dr. Hook the day before, Friday, leaving me full of toxic semen and a sense of fulfillment. But then, on Saturday, the 31st, I got a call from the very same Dr. Hook who had planted his seed deep in my ass only the day before: was I ready for another load?
Well, hell yeah! I immediately forgot about whatever I had been planning to do and got down serious about making myself ready. Dr. Hook's visits have to be short and sweet because he's on his lunch hour and he's about a 5 minute walk away, so that's 10 minutes right there, and it's a good thing he's a fast and furious dedicated top, because he makes every minute count.
Saturday's fuck was a bit more stylized; I mean he likes to work his dick around at various angles and since it's a crank dick that practically turns with a 90 degree bend, I get an anal massage like none elsewhere. But when he shot his load deep in my butt like he always does, this time he just kept his dick in my hole for a longer time, like 5 minutes or so, moving it around slightly, but still keeping deep within. I'm crouched on my knees with my butt up and he's resting his full body weight on my back...he's a shorty, 5-5 maybe and a lean, very lean, muscular 130 lbs. or so...ideal. And of course, the whole time he's in there, I'm squeezing his dick with all I'm good for...needless to say he likes that a lot.
After he left, it was hard to get up to go out, drinking and even fisting seemed like too much bother. I was one happy dude, and so I just went to bed early thinking about that rich poz load of cum marinating in its well.
But it didn't end with that.
On New Year's Day, I was at the gymn when I got a text message from Hook: how about another go?
Ah...hell yeah. Three poz loads in three successive days, makes for a lot of recharging up...I'm ready for 2012, so let's hope 2012's ready for me.