Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hosting Men of Color

If you want to get laid on a regular basis, and you're single, you will have to host. It's that simple. I speak from experience. Since I finally overcame my fear of hosting, I have enjoyed a stream of hot fucks by men of color. It wasn't planned that way...I'm not sure you can plan it at all, but that's how it turned out and I'm not complaining. The first of these tops is a lawyer who needed relief while working on a Saturday morning. After cleaning out thoroughly, I went online to barebackrt and connected with this hot black guy, mid-30's to maybe early 40's, in good shape, casually dressed. I greeted him at the front gate and took him upstairs. There was no chit chat here; I dropped my sweat pants and got on the bed...he unzipped, dropped his jeans and plowed my ass good for about ten minutes, shot a load up my ass and left. His was a nice full-bodied load which I shat out into the shot glass and poured into the cum cube tray in the icebox.
The next day, I went online and finally hooked up with a black dude I'd chatted with before. Usually it was too late, and he's from across town, so we had never connected...until this time. This time, it worked, he came over and he turned out to be a bit chubbier than his pictures showed, but with a nice enough dick, and a good personality. We actually socialized, had some vodka chatted about his being from Indiana and his plans to return, out of necessity, he's being evicted and his mother back home could use his support, besides, he's unemployed like a lot of us...this is all going on about eleven on a Sunday morning. I get fucked up the ass, then we cuddled a bit...he's a cuddler and being somewhat shorter than I, he fit snugly next to my body. He said he came, but I don't believe it. I tried my best to squeeze the cum out but nothing came out, then or later.
The following weekend, I hosted a tall lanky black guy who couldn't keep it hard...he used up all the lube I had, laying on the bed jacking off vigorously. He finally pulled me down on his dick and shot his load. So says he. I doubt it, but no matter. This is an interesting a guy, a former drag queen hooker who worked my neighborhood when it was noted for such things. More about this guy later...he's interesting enough to merit a bit more writing. Let it be known that we hooked up again in the days...he still spent more time jacking off than in my ass, so it was a somewhat disjointed fucking experience. Nice guy, though.
My fourth man of color hosted at his place...a nice flat in the took me about 30 minutes to get there on the bus, then the metro, and then by walking the last couple of blocks. His is a nicely appointed place...nicely furnished with art, good furniture and attractively lighted with sconces casting a seductive dim all seemed engineered by a man of experience. This 40ish black gent greeted me in a burgundy colored satin robe, put me on the bed and fucked the hell out of me. Now this was a memorable coupling because he was consistent throughout...the scene lasted about maybe 10 minutes...and my butt felt like a swinging door as his big dick went in and out, it was as if my buttwalls were flapping. Kinda crazy, this was out of the ordinary for me...a slippery massage of my love canal. We didn't talk, besides the usual greeting and goodbye. And I let myself out...down the carpeted hall softly lighted, down the carpeted stairs, out the front door, down the steps to the anonymous scene, the way it should be, like porn.
The drawback to hosting of course is that some times the guys can't get to you...I'm still working on all those guys from Oakland, one especially whose pictures look really for now, we're still chatting, making dates, and not following through. Give me enough time, though, and we'll take care of everybody.