Monday, June 23, 2014

Fred Mayer is a Top

The shelf-life of pornstars, sadly, is rarely longer than a couple of years.  Porngrazers hitting the websites usually notice Somebody Interesting, so we follow Him, then for about a year, He's everywhere, eventually graduating to the better studios, assuming He didn't start at The Top.  And then he slips, oh so gradually, into obscurity, so when someone brings up his name, you think...oh yeah, whatever happened to Him?  So when Somebody you really enjoy watching, fades away into the archives of porn, so philosophically concede...well, that's the way it is.

So when a performer emerges from the archives of porn, a performer who was really Great, it's newsworthy for us porn aficionados.  Fred Mayer shows a new public face in his edited profile on BarebackRT.  It's the familiar body, lithe and sinewy but he's let his hair grow back, which is a good thing.  That shaved head business on a skinny dude can make him look cadaverous.  Well, wait...cadaverous is kind of a 'porn look,' especially among Euros, but Americans tend not to like it.  But I digress.  Fred is not American, of course, but a French Canadian.  He had the best quality a porno bottom can have and that is: I like what I'm doing. All the great bottoms demonstrate this quality; Dawson, Christian, Damon Dogg among them.  So Fred thought he needed to update his profile, and I guess the reason is  That's what it says, that's what he wrote.  Great News indeed!  Let's hope Fred returns to porn as a top, that would be fascinating. Anytime, Fred.  Nothing would please us more than to have your pozdick up our asses.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Man Seed Planted Deep

Like every other bottom I know, I like to keep a load in my ass for as long as possible.  Married bottoms may have the best deal, especially if they get fucked in a conjugal morning bed.  Missy will tolerate, even enjoy possibly, her daily routine, if she's got a wad planted up there as she bakes, dusts or scrubs the toilet.

Personally, I can't feel a blast of semen shot up my ass.  And I seriously doubt a bottom who professes otherwise.  'Oh, I really felt that load!'  I've heard that bullshit many times and it shows the influence of porn, for there's always somebody making that claim in just about every porno.  I can tell when a top cums in my butt, butt not always.  Like I said, I just don't actually feel it when it happens.  Last Sunday night, I hosted a hung black daddy with whom I had been chatting for years, literally.  We'd exchange teasers, we'd come close to hooking up, but something always got in the way.  Finally, he made it to my was all rather lucky as he happened to be in the neighborhood after moving to his new place just outside the San Francisco city limits...important because he can walk to the SF transit stop and the bus that can bring him to me.  I'm going to hit him up as soon as I finish this entry, because I know from experience that lightning can indeed strike twice.

Daddy fucked my ass with great style...that black mamba snake just plumbed my love canal in and out, up and down...and deposited a massive wad of cum up my toxic ass.  I didn't feel it, like I said...I never do...but I sure as hell felt it hours later.  I slept contentedly with that black cumload soaking my buttwalls all fuckin' night long.  The next morning I had the urge to crap but I knew it was the cum...that pregnant want to shit but with experience I've learned to recognize cum vs., I just realized what a ridiculous thing I just wrote...but well-traveled and well-cultivated bottoms know what I'm talking about.  It's just fuckin' different and it can get uncomfortable...keeping a load of cum up your ass for hours, tightening your hole to keep it from leaking out...fighting back the urge to fart because what you will do is fart out the cum and it will be wet and if you're like me and don't wear underwear all the time, you'll have a damp cumstain on your sit down.

Finally, I just had to let go as I had to get ready for work.  I squatted and cupped my hand below my bumhole and shot the big, messy, gooey blob of seed...that it was planted by a free-wheelin', easy dealin' brutha, made it so much better...into my hand. hand wasn't big enough.  Try three big blobs of cum and man, I needed a fuckin' towel to wipe it all off.

I have read about guys who've ridden motorcycles with cum up their asses (the late great porn icon Chris Burns made an art of this), delivered speeches at conventions (sadly, the load was donated by a colleague, not the bellman) cum-loaded, and similarly at a wedding...a porn tale come true...the best man got fucked by a groomsman (alas, not the groom).  One wonders, as he navigates the commuter rush, how many fellow commuters are loaded up with cum.  That leaves the lovely idea of sitting peacefully in a chapel pew listening to Fr. O'Twiddle's sermon on sin, sin, sin, with a nice fat, rich sperm deposit marinating in your ass.  Oh well, that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.  That would mean I'd have to figure out how to get into church without bringing it down.  Men, plant your seed deep...bottoms, just shut the fuck up.