Thursday, August 2, 2012

Orgy: 90's Condom Party: Shove'em Up Your Ass!

Okay, there's something called...Orgy...advertised as a 90's Condom Party...takes place on Aug. 18 at 525 Harrison here in SF...dancing...with big name DJ's...and on stage: live safe sex acts(!)...Wow! we go...another lame attempt to fetishize latex. Kids, I go way back to the days when Al Parker was the biggest name in the business...scary times, to be sure...but Al Parker was enlisted to act on video demonstrating safe sex options, and one of them involved using a dental rubber dam to engage in oral sex. I doubt if it worked. I don't mean to demean Orgy's mission, as the Stop AIDS Project is involved...but its message is for negative men who want to stay that way. And these guys are looking for husbands, mostly, and more power to them. But what about those negative guys who want to enjoy nasty, raunchy, unihibited mansex? I doubt if condoms are the answer, here. To me, the message has always been concise: get tested/get real/get down. To confront this issue, negative guys, you have to be honest with yourself, and I don't need to elaborate any further. Which brings me to last night: the CumUnion Party at the Steamworks in Berkeley. Well, too much happened to reveal in a single blog, so I will continue about CumUnion on a Wednesday night in another posting. But let me share you with some of the condom shenanigans that went on last night in they relate to me, personally. I got fucked about 12 times, took 2 loads, and I shouldn't complain...but being a pig, of course, I wanted more, and drove home feeling a bit comtemplative on our lifestyle, but more about that in another blog. Last night, the first guy came into my room with the condom already on his dick...he fucked me was a nicely curved tool, not too big, not too small, the curve made for some interesting sensations, but...that condom...fuck!!! Okay, he's looking out for himself, he's smart, etc, a nice looking guy, maybe Latino, definitely a Mediterrannean type. I made sure to ease that rubber off his cock and once he had left my room, pushed it up my ass. The next guy was a rawfucking bald daddy, and I'll blog about him another time...he didn't cum, at least I think he didn't...then another top came and quickly got me where he wanted me and fucked my ass vigorously...I got my hand down where his dick was in my butt, and I detected a rubber (fuck, man!)...he didn't even have time to put it on..WTF...but this guy did shoot a nice load...ah, into the rubber. I made sure that I unrolled this prophy off his cock, and as before, shoved it up my ass. These rubbers stayed in my hole the rest of the night...some time was spent on the fuckbench in the gloryhole area, where 5 guys fucked me, and later on, the best fuck of the night...raw(!!!)...a torpedo-shaped schlong worked my hole up and down, and shot a respectable load up my ass...he was fucking the rubbers the whole time and we got some interesting squidgy sounds, very hot. Let's think of a great Stop AIDS fundraiser, at a hot SF bar (Kokpit, are you reading this?) with hot pro bottoms (people like Sage Daniels, who's always game, for example), pushing donated rubbers (filled with cum?) up their asses, then pushing them out and then letting the bar patrons bid on them. Then the patrons can eat the condoms, or do whatever. If that's just too much, well an homage to the late, great Christopher Rage. For charity...let Sage push a chocolate up his ass, push it out and let the bidding begin! Wouldn't that be better than just another dance party? And oh, about my own condom stash...the shit stayed up there almost a full day. I finally coaxed them out with my favorite dildo, my Jeff Stryker Super Fabulous Fucktool...well, that's what I call it...Jeff doesn't know about this. Yeah, I had a couple of condoms, one full of cum, marinating in my ass for almost 24 hours...doesn't that make you wanna cum?