Monday, December 21, 2015

Hung Muslim Plows My White Ass

I don't engage in sexual politics, as a rule, but I won't deny that it pleases me that among the studs plugging my hole of late, is this hardworking guy with two kids, drives for Lyft and satisfies tricks on the side.  And no, I didn't go on the prowl looking for a Muslim guy to fuck me, nor was I trying to make a point.  The fact is that he'd been taking care of me way before Donald Trump dropped his pants and churned up the pent-up resentment of menopausal white men Republicans and the girls who want to be like them.  However, like I sex life won't take a political slant, but I'm so happy that Islamic seed has coated the walls of my own love canal...just too fine...better than ever thanks to Trump.  Sometimes sex takes on an unexpected significance.

Back in the day when Vietnam was changing people's lives and not for the better, people fucked for peace. That's what they themselves said, as I recall.  The symbolism eluded me at the time, being too young to understand what were customarily dismissed as longhaired hippie weirdos, but people 'fucked for peace.'  Well, I'm fucking Muslims for peace.  And a fair shake.  Donald, pull your pants back up.  Please...before your hotels, and all the nice people who work at them, go to hell.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Michael Lucas AirBnB Shitstorm: Bitter Queen Trolls at Work?

The woman who owns the lovely Acacia Mansion in Ojai, Calif (a bucolic oak-studded town northwest of LA) has leveled a lawsuit against Michael Lucas for trashing the place and for renting it under 'false pretenses,' i.e., a pornshoot.  This story came out through the British press and was picked up by the SF Chronicle which is where I found it, and after some investigation I can say there are many things wrong with this story, and btw, the Daily, has included photos which reinforce my doubts.

The plaintiff claims the Lucas crew broke the bed (literally), wrecked the mattresses, left sex toys, hypodermics, enema kits scattered about, shit and semen stains on the bed linens and carpet, shit in the hot tub and turds floating in the toilet.  Okay, I added the turds for some color, but come on...enema kits(?)...nobody in professional porn uses enema kits anymore, does he?  Also, nobody leaves toys behind...they fuckin' cost money (!) and shit everywhere (?)...well, the last time I checked, ML had not ventured into scatporn, and I'm pretty sure about this.  If anything Michael Lucas is a professional and judging by his remarkable success, he understands good marketing.  As for false pretenses...uhm, I doubt AirBnB requires much more than the 'business' box to be checked when declaring a reason for the visit.  After all, porn is business, and NOBODY more than Michael Lucas understands this.

Michael Lucas has his detractors.  Most of them are not serious, because it's always fun to take a poke at the guy at the top of the heap.  Michael Lucas performed in a cameo role as an underworld gangster for the RuPaul film, 'Star Booty.'  When the RuPaul character riddled Michael Lucas with a barrage of machine-gunned bullets, the cheering crowd at the Castro Theater showing, stomped and rose to its feet.  I was among them.  But that was all in good fun, it was a fun evening.  There are some others, however, who, for whatever reason, are serious to the point of evil misdoing.  I believe that's what happened in the Ojai situation.  Somewhere, and not evidenced in the Daily Mail photos, lurks an evil, bitter queen.

These evil bitter queens function as trolls.  They lie, they make up and spread rumors, they churn the gossip mill, they sabotage, they sandbag, they call the cops.  Thinking back, I'm pretty sure they were responsible for the Robby Mendez dust-up at one of his bareback parties down in the desert.  Robby was spreading disease, encouraging men to engage in unprotected sex, the usual Miz Priddy bullshit. The issue was eventually settled somehow but Robby did have to spend a brief time in the Cathedral City jail.  Some bitter queen troll phoned in a complaint, I'm pretty sure.  Some queen who ain't gettin' any, I'd venture.  In Ojai, she had enough time to shit on the bed and leave a filthy buttplug behind

The great 'Cadillac Ranch' bareback parties in Palm Springs abruptly came to an end one night with the intrusion of half a dozen cops, I was there that night and I've blogged about it.  There was some talk about neighbors complaining about a driveway being blocked.  Six cops for a complaint like that?  No, I think it was something more like the Robby Mendez case.  Another bitter troll hard at work is what I think.

In gay culture, there is some acceptance of congenital bitchery...a queer bitch gene keeps turning up, there's no getting rid of it.  Some queens just seem to thrive on it; their world is one big mean girl sorority, and it is much easier being a bitch than getting laid, which is what they really want.  Somebody...somebody fuck these bitches now.  Please.

As for Michael Lucas, I am not a fan..but I don't wish him any harm either.  Since he shifted to a bareback product only recently, and I've been interested only in barebacking, he's been off my radar for too long.  Anyway, his products are too polished, refined, buff and sanitized for my liking.  He's not much into the grunt, snarl and sweat that I desire.  But in this Ojai case, I think he'll come out on top, and I wish him well.