Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Best Bareback Videos of 2011...Wrap Up

Here it is nearly March and I haven't done my wrap up of bareback porn videos for 2011. Well, obviously, there wasn't much last year that really excited me except for the breakout of 3 porn producers, who've been around but finally found their places in our nasty mondo porno.

Oh, I guess the video I liked best from last year was 'Real Cumdumps of New York' by the Raw Fuck Club. Yeah, I fell for the box cover with its biohazard logo on the back of a top's tee-shirt...I thought the top would be wearing the biohazard tee in the movie but actually it was just the graphic designer's placement of the artwork. And it worked. And it turned out to be a great entertainment. I like gonzo video, but I'm also in schticks, themes and even basic storylines. Owen Hawk took 4 very different types of New York pigbottoms and did a take on the Real Housewives genre. A very nice guy (sorry I can't access his name) plays the Third World immigrant type, Jayson Park plays the white collar intellectual type, Dominick Rider plays the gymn bunny type and Marco Cruise plays the streetsmart hustler type...and they're all hot cumdumps, all the sequences were nicely directed by Owen Hawk. And he's one of the three 'new' producers I'm citing as sources for hours of great pornsex in 2012, if they live up to their work issued last year.

The other two are Robby Mendez, long the Latino sextoy stuffed by numerous black dicks in Rawstrokes productions...Robby has his own brand now and he stars in most of the scenes, so check it out by starting with Robby Mendez in your search, these may be hard to find. It took me a while to warm up to Robby; I always thought he wasn't filmed quite right to show off his best asset, his totally receptive and talented hole. Now that he's in charge, he's showing it off to its best advantage.

Finally, the third producer is Black Breeders...where there are no stars as such, but always nasty sex. The sex was always there; it's just the production values that have improved substantially. And there's a bottom over there...a Gio (Joe?) Jones, the hottest black jizzhole among all the talent that Black Breeders, Raw Swagga, Thug Mania, Black Rayne, etc. made available to us in 2011. So there you have it....2011...Raw Fuck Club by Owen Hawk, Robby Mendez Productions and Black Breeders. That's where you'll find all the hottest moments in porn last year.

Now I'll have to get to my review of 'Manfuck Manifesto,' Treasure Island Media's newest dvd, in my next posting.