Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cum-drenched Fucking in Florida according to the Bible

Genesis 38:9 has been mangled by self-serving Puritans and fags for centuries.  Those of us Christians who endured hours of bible study in Sunday school will recall 'tis better to spill thy seed into the belly of a whore than to spill it on the ground,' or something like that; pick your Bible for it's been re-written, re-translated, re-edited for political and other ulterior motives for millenia now, but if you will, it's the Lord's stamp of approval on bareback cum-filling...by the throat I'd say since that's the most direct route to the belly.  But up my butt will do, too.  He didn't say cunt, He didn't say woman.  He said Whore, if you believe a common, white trash, low class interpretation of the Bible.

Down in Florida, a couple of tops are doing their best to make sure their seed ends up in the bellies of various hot ass Cuban whores and others, by lubing their dicks with cum (their own, most probably) and then fucking it up those willing butts.  What results are some of the raunchiest, cummiest free videos on the internet, courtesy of Xtube.  Yeah, and there's some assalicious butt-eating, felching, cum schmearing, and all with a subtle Latin flavor.  This pair is known as chaosity420 among Xtube contributors, check out their contributions, the quality varies and some are unfortunately short, but more than a couple are inspiring to the point where we'll all be saving and using our cum.  Put it in a jar, not the ground...you don't wanna go to Hell, do you?  Bible does and Bible says.