Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Popular Blogger Turns Up on Xtube Fucking Ass

I suspect that I am not the only reader lamenting the departure of Life in the Raw, one of the best barebacking blogs ever.  Blogger Mindtrip revealed his sexual adventures as a top, nailing butt from one end of LA to the other.  His presentation was opinionated and direct, presented with a no-bullshit attitude.  He seems to have pretty catholic tastes...pornstars, escorts, daddies, collegiates, disco queens, muscle men, all 'ethnics' and many generic hookups...he fucked them all.  His postings were regular and frequent, and then, I guess, it all become a big bore or maybe something more interesting came his way: Life In the Raw is no more, or I could be wrong; but if it's somewhere and somebody out there knows, please let me know.

I've seen Mindtrip in action at a famous and notorious house party in Silver Lake, and sadly I was not among those he fucked that night.  I mean the dude fucks just about anything that moves, and that's why we love him and are interested in what he's up to.  Now then, an Xtube contributor has posted a motel hookup starring himself and...our great Mindtrip.  Check out 'anon hotel cumdump' posted by a white, almost twink type kid who calls himself the_cumdump, and you'll see Mindtrip at his serious fuckin' best.  Mindtrip has also posted a video of his own on Rawtop's website in the Naughty Fuckers free video section...and under 'amateur videos.'  He calls it 'Pozzing in a Hotel,' and there's actual poz talk ('infection,' 'poz load') as he nails another white piece of ass.  This of course is absolutely verboten in the 'mainstream' bareback porn business, although Treasure Island Media comes closer with each year.  But so far, as far as I know, Mindtrip is the only guy who's actually done it.  I told you he was a no-bullshit kind of guy.  Mindtrip, we love you.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fake Cum Creampie

I am well aware and if you are not so aware, you are about to become aware, that what we see sometimes in porn...is...an illusion.  Up until the 1990's, there were a lot of video tricks used, especially in mainstream straight porn.  I'm not talking about the strategic crossing of legs, 'invisible' condoms or 'precautions,' an injection of lube treated with nonoxynol-9 to minimize the transmission of HIV.  I'm taking about phony cum.

Sometimes its application is pretty obvious, when a creamy flow of seed is emitted in a torrent akin to a malfunctioning softserve dispenser.  An early Dick Wadd video comes to mind.  But that's what happens when a director resorts to video tricks; that pina colada mix used to simulate semen has to be just right, or it gets just plain comical.

But I myself had to resort to a video trick last week when while attending a sex party at a Palm Springs gay resort, I discovered I had forgotten my lube.  Actually, the bottle had slipped out of my pocket and was safe in my car.  I trolled around the place but couldn't find anybody else's lube where to borrow from.  Most of my fellow bareback bottoms are pretty earthy and we don't mind sharing...cum, piss, viagra, poppers...lube. But I was the only bottom among the tribe of swingin' dick tops.  I finally settled on some SoftSoap that I found in the john.  I was afraid it might sting once in my ass, but it did not.  So I lubed up with the SoftSoap and returned to the play room to get fucked, and get fucked I did.

Three or four daddies fucked this hot poz ass, a couple I knew from before, and they, too, are certifiably HIV-positive.  One silver daddy plowed deep and hard, with a fierce fuck and sloshy sound effects raising audible comments like 'what a creampie' from a crowd of men taking in the action.  This was turning into a loud, squishy affair, made final by a spectacular orgasm with grunts and more squish.  I was milking that poz cock for all it was worth, and then silver daddy resumed fucking, pushing his toxic contribution deep into my basement.  He was't the only top there into creampies.  Other tops followed, turning my mancunt into a messy, cummy toxic stewpot.  Hey, I wasn't about to tell anybody it was SoftSoap that got the whole thing started.  Now anybody who reads this post knows the real story.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Death of a Sweater Queen

Tooling around Palm Springs on a winter Saturday, it is impossible to avoid garage sales.  Now there are garage sales and then there are garage sales.  In resort towns with a high proportion of senior citizens, folks are checking out by the dozens every day.  Their real estate turns, and their heirs must decide what to do with a lifetime's acquisitions.  Estate sales are even better as they are usually operated by hired professionals and the whole house is accessible with every little thing tagged for sale...little thing as in ashtrays and candy dishes.  In affluent neighborhoods of gay Palm Springs, an estate sale affords the rare opportunity to enter an impressive, exclusive residence, steeped in history and style.  I'm sure this is also true of Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the Hamptons.

After you've been to a few of these estate sales in Palm Springs, all those bits of information you've absorbed over the years of your gay life must be reconsidered, such as:

All gays have good taste.  So-o-o untrue.  Just check out the next gay estate sale.  Pity.

Palm Springs is a suburb of Los Angeles.  I will admit there is a lingering association with Hollywood, but we all have to work harder to keep it alive.  All the great things to love about Old Hollywood are getting lost amid the trashwave of Khardashians, Miley Cyrus and media types I read about yesterday whose names I've already forgotten.  Gays must keep the appreciation of Hollywood alive.  If not us, who else?  That big gross butt-ugly statue of Marilyn in the heart of downtown takes us in a wrong direction.

Palm Springs is the City of GODS, or rather Gays on Disability and Steroids.  So untrue.  Most are retirees who spent much of their gay lives hiding who they are, and are now getting to enjoy life.  Many are living off investments and savings of a lifetime, and they worked hard to get where they are.

Gays are good at real estate.  Maybe better than everybody else, but we're now spending too much money on safe real estate investments.  The pioneering spirit in real estate that basically rebuilt San Francisco, and is working its stuff in parts of Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento, has been put to bed in Palm Springs.  Maybe Palm Springs has already been saved by the guys who started buying up those midcentury tract houses back in the '90's.  Now people, wanting in, are paying too much.

Gays collect more sweaters than anybody else.  This must be a cultural thing.  When I was a kid there was such a thing as a sweater bar, where well-groomed professional types could meet hustlers in a safe, discreet environment.  I can't think of any such place now except for maybe the Town House in New York City.  The places were usually very dark, playing show tunes and never rock or disco, and everybody knew each other, including the hookers.  I was afraid to go into a sweater bar because everybody there was supposed to be cliquey and snotty, but then I started hitting the old Yerba Buena Village on Nob Hill and the Alta Plaza in Pacific Heights and made some friendships that have lasted to this day.  I went to Macy's and bought a black cashmere sweater...but only one and that was it.  The estate sale that brought all this back was in Palm Springs last month.  Everything the Departed had owned was up for grabs and I knew he had to have been an elderly gent, as in, old enough to be my gay uncle and frequent sweater bars. Sweaters....galore!  Sweaters not just for the Town House, but sweaters for hiking, fishing, gardening and sitting by the fire.  Italian cashmere sweaters, Scottish wool sweaters, Greek fisherman's sweaters.  Some very expensive, some not so.  In every color.  Enough sweaters to fill two department store style racks.  It was wonderful to see this...a sweater queen exiting in a blaze of glory.

Friday, December 6, 2013

In Praise of Vann Williams: Hottest Black Bottom Ever

I wouldn't be so silly as to declare any one bottom as the greatest of all time.  There are a great many hot bottoms who have since retired from the business, and some who have also departed forever to that great porn studio in the sky, who still and will continue to delight millions well into the future, thanks to a fabulous and wonderful technology that is now largely taken for granted.  A hot bottom is a joy forever.  Jon King...we salute you..and will never forget you.

But in the fantasy that is porn there is one unwritten law; all hung black porn stars are tops.  Investigate the record of hits on the internet searching for black tops/white bottoms and you will find numbers that trend to infinity.  White tops on black bottoms...uhm...let me get back to you.  Such is the mystique of black dick, so deeply ingrained into western Euroamericana psychosis, compounded by racialism and wishful thinking.  Talented black bottoms are getting fucked and giving pleasure every hour of the day and it's mostly under the radar.  That's all the more reason to call out Mr. Vann Williams, one of Black Breeders' super talented porn stars, functioning mostly as a bottom, and taking load after load of black cum.  You can check out this manly, bearded stud on the Black Breeders website, and for you cheapass mutherfuckas, Black Breeders posts its generous teasers (usually 1min59 sec in duration) on Xtube.  If there's another built, bubbled butt, masculine black bottom taking miles of thick black dick, I've yet to see him.  Until then, Mr. Vann is the man.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Black Top Says My Hole Ain't Loose Enuf, Kicks Me Out

It was supposed to be a fetish scene involving a sling, toys and blindfolds.  We're both supposed to be blindfolded.  After navigating my way through this massive apartment complex in the desert, I was instructed to put the blindfold on and get into the sling.  The top gave me orders from another room in the apartment; I wasn't supposed to see him and he didn't want to see me.  He was wearing a blindfold, too.

The play session wasn't all that bad, and I was doing my part, eventhough I'm not much into toys as foreplay.  In private, yeah, but otherwise, I find toys a distraction...too often the top shows how dependent he is on toys, and that's as far as it gets.  On this occasion, the top slipped into a series of penile devices, variations of the common strap-on.  Well, this is not bad if it leads to some real skin-on-skin fucking.

The top was nicely hung but not rock hard, maybe something short of semi-hard...as with massive dicks not completely hard, it was a floppy dick but not so soft as to feel like a loofah working its way into my ass.  I'm still game, though, as his dick is way big enough to create some nice sensations in my ass, and I clamped down, squeezing it as best I could.  I thought of Jeff Stryker's command, 'Tighten that purty l'il ass' and I did my super best.

'You're ass is too tight.  My dick needs a big, loose hole to get hard,' or something like that is what this top said, something you'd never heard Jeff say.  Well, okay, I've had MANY (probably hundreds by now) big-dicked tops use their rods like bottle brushes pushing deep into my big hole, and ain't never anyone said my ass was too tight.  But it is a rule: a bottom don't argue with the top...ahem, even if you're married to him.  Just keep your fuckin' mouth shut. The blindfolds came off.  I knew he was a black guy because of his profile.  He's more handsome in person.

From my perspective, it was an OK fuck, better than staying home and watching videos.  And the top was a perfectly nice guy, not rude or nasty at all.  He just wanted a loose, loose, loose hole.  Here's hoping he finds it in that desert town with a gayish neighborhood called Deep Well.  For starters, he should consider moving there to find out if it lives up to its name.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Black Yungsta Digs White Daddy Ass

You can go to the baths on a busy night, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get stuffed with a host of fine dick.  Go on a slow week night and you might be surprised.  With fewer guys, a top is going to be unwilling to wait very long for the next bottom to show up.  On a slow night, you're likely to get a long session, or a round two.  It takes only one man to make a difference, and that's what happened at my most recent visit to the tubs.  One black guy...three times...one night...a landmark occasion, at least for me.

This dude was really young, certainly in his 20's, sturdy and well-built, hung and black.  I mean, what's not to like?  The thing is, he probably thinks he's a dork...we're in Berkeley and he's probably associated with the University in one way or another.  I mean...he fucks with his glasses on.  He didn't flinch when I smeared some lube on his big raw black cock.  So like, you wear glasses?  Like who gives a flying fuck?

Well, he did take them off eventually, which was kind of too bad, because I can't remember the last time I got meat delivered by a guy wearing specs so that part was a turn-on.  And by the way, he's no dork.
We had three separate sessions over the course of five hours.  He kept coming back for more, and this night for me was anything but slow.

When you've got a big dick, you can afford to experiment with your bottom, to try different positions or alter your fuckstyle to see what he can take.  This dude's style was to treat me like his fuck bucket; with a big chocolate stick that he whipped around, hitting my hole walls at various angles, the best for a sloppy hole which he made sure to make, cumming multiple times.  He liked to twist me around like a pretzel and was able to get leverage from every angle and never slipping out...ah, the pleasure of a big dick.

Something new, at least for me: what I will call a 'tee fuck,' penetration at a 90 degree angle.  He put me on my side, stretched out my legs so I was straight, and then got in at a perfect tee from behind...digging in and never slipping out, not once.  In three sessions, I was dug out in just about every way.  So complete, so hot, and so young.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Man's Man: Big Dicked Prince Albert and Balls of Leather

Sometimes in all comes together, and when it does, it's always a surprise...and so much the better.  Let's start with a handsome man: tall with curly dark hair, a manly face, and the sturdy, fleshy build much favored by Italian Renaissance painters, and then a plump, delectable dick...a real Michelangelo classical dick, slightly curving, with a nice round head.  I know...Michelangelo's dicks were all uncut...but don't mess it up for me.  A nice fat dick.  And with a thick Prince Albert, maybe a 4 or 6 gauge in the barbell style...big enough to show some sparkle even in a dimly lit room.  A man's man with a fat dick, a sexy piercing and protruding...ah, definitely swaying...gigantic balls hanging like a couple of over-ripe fruits.

I enjoy vacuum-pumping as much as the next guy, and I work out a little every day, just long enough to plumping up before going out.  And while I do have the extra-super large cylinder for ball pumping, I just haven't got into that area.  So, I ask those in the know: does pumping up the scrotum have any effect on the texture of one's balls?  I ask because this dude's balls were like leather, ruffed up, clutchable, and I would have played with them more if that had been the reason for his presence here.  He was here to fill and drill my ass, which he fulfilled with all the force, confidence and control of a man's man.

There is male to male action and there is man to man action; they are different things.  This man's man put this man in his place, to be sure.  There was only one thing, though: when getting thoroughly roughfucked, I love to feel the slap of a man's man's big balls against my ass.  In the case of leather balls, they're so fuckin' heavy, they don't slap, but rather they just sort of shake.  I know I just should end this right now...forget the slappin' balls, this was another great fuck for the annals of anal.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Poz Stigma Makes for Hot Sex - Part Two

The notion of a stigma, attached to an HIV-positive diagnosis, prevails among the mainstream media and what I call the AIDS mafia, those organizations and activists who evidently want us seropositivos to hang it up and spend the rest of our lives wallowing in self-pity.  I think that most seropositivos have already rejected the idea that we are victims and must retire from sex.  Sero-sorting has become a way of life for us and we might as well bareback because we have no illusions about the reality of our status.  I wouldn't go so far as to say that all the hot gay men out there are already HIV-positive, but I think I've made my point.  We're alive, we're positive and we're having sex.

About a year ago, the Washington Post published an interesting article using D. J. Steedley as an example, of the 'new face' of HIV in this country.  Like most of us poz types, D.J. is on an anti-viral regime (in fact, part of a study group associated with the NIH) and doing just fine, both physically...and significantly...mentally.  He's adjusted to his status and is living his life accordingly. If you don't know him, redeem yourself immediately and check out the Treasure Island Media website; he's an All-American type, handsome, blond, clean-cut...an intelligent frat boy.

However...shortly before the Post had filed the story, D.J. did a very sexy thing that outraged the AIDS mafia: he signed a contract with Treasure Island Media to fuck in bareback videos.  The Post, being the great paper that it is, subsequently clarified this development, without acknowledging that D.J.'s porn contract is merely a manifestation of how some of us are getting on with our lives.  In his case, he's a hot top who is going to earn a little money doing what he likes to do; like fucking hairy daddy George Glass in TIM's 'Bad Seed.'  Poz stigma, they'll say.  I say, 'what poz stigma?'  Now that I know that D.J. will be pumping his nasty manjuice up the receptive mancunts of sleazy ass bottoms who don't give a shit...he's hotter than ever.  And as everybody outside the mainstream media already knows, there's full disclosure on the Treasure Island Media shoots.  Any bottom getting D. J.'s poz load knows and wants what he's getting.  Of course...that makes it even hotter.

As for D.J.'s porn debut, let's just say I'm looking forward to his future pairings with some white trash bottoms.  And as for 'Bad Seed,' I think it's TIM's best video so far this year; that Preston Johnson, uhm...wow.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Poz Stigma Makes for Hot Sex - Part One

I was at a bareback party in Palm Springs last weekend and had a great time.  I got fucked by only four guys but each fuck was memorable, and happily, each dick was certifiably positive. 

One fucking was delivered by an old friend, we've got it on many times before.  He's dumped his poz cum deep in my ass many times.

The next match was with a fit, older white guy who had rolled down his briefs just enough for me to engage in some cock sucking ...and just enough to see the biohazard tattoo at his waist.  Man, I could hardly wait to get his pozstick up my ass, which I did. 

A little later, after fisting a friend in a sling elsewhere in this favorite sex garage, I returned to my preferred station on the fuckpad, face down and butt up, and felt a prod poking around my pucker hole.  When this happens I push out my big hole to swallow up whoever's there.  A long and slender thing slid right in and immediately went into piston-fucking mode, getting so furious that I thought it was my old buddy the Energizer Bunny whom I've blogged about before.  But wait...this dick didn't feel like Bunny's...this dick felt thicker and certainly harder.  After pounding my ass for a good ten minutes, the top finished and withdrew; but I had enough time to turn to see that it was a guy who had fucked me a couple of times before and although we've never spoken, I know him from his profile on barebackrt...not the cutest guy, but positive.  Three toxic dicks up my poz ass.

Within minutes, another dick was diggin' out my hole; another spirited, dedicated fuck.  And finally, conclusively, a blast of cum was shot up my mancunt...where cum belongs.  I turned quickly to see who had made this generous donation, and as the slim, old-young/young-old white guy walked away, I saw the beautiful stylized biohazard tattoo on his right cheek.  Fuck!!!  Four out of four poz tops, and a poz load.  If I had tried to plan it this way, it wouldn't have happened.

Recalling how Sean Storm related to me in an e-mail, 'we do love those poz loads, don't we?' led me to wonder why this is so.  Sean's comment is absolutely true: poz bottoms (and chasers) love all loads but especially poz loads.  Such is the erotic power of the taboo, or the stigma of Positivity.  If that isn't a word, I just made it up.

I was going to segue into the media-enhanced Poz Stigma power of Treasure Island Media studlet, D.J. Steedley (seen in 'Bad Seed'), but rather will continue this tread in a second posting.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tony Bishop and Steven Daigle Distinguish Treasure Island Media's 'Cum Whore'

The striking aspect of Treasure Island Media's latest production, 'Cum Whore,' is that some familiar characters don't look all that familiar.  Antonio Biaggi is leaner, and with some facial hair besides a little more hair on top, and an enhanced tan.  Jack Allen's nicely-styled hair and facial re-do makes his former homeless look a faint memory.  Sean Storm is leaner and more angular, showing a great chin and hair, graduating from post-twink to handsome young daddy.  And Peto Coast is now a silver daddy.  All this is to the good.  Max Sohl scores again. 

Treasure Island Media has big plans for Steven Daigle; he appears shirtless on the dvd wrapper.  But as hot as he might be, he just doesn't come across as an uninhibited, wanton sex pig.  Well, at least not yet.  We'll be seeing more of him, I hope, in upcoming productions and online.  He has still to grow from piglet to full-fledged pig.  Maybe this vanilla pudding needs some chocolate.  Steven Daigle will probably become a big bareback porn king, but probably not because of Cum Whore.  I've got a feeling that the best stuff is yet to come.

Tony Bishop, however, is a revelation.  I have admired his profile on Rentmen where he's one of the 'Anything Goes' guys.  And with that biohazard tattoo on his upper left chest, you'd have to be really dense not to get the message.  Tony Bishop has only one scene: he tops Jacob Lee and we get the full view of the biohazard tat as Tony Bishops works his dick like the weapon it is.  Max Sohl's on top of it, giving us Jacob's p.o.v.  This is a very hot sequence, all too short, but also promise for more.  Tony Bishop...more! more!

Cum Whore exploits the Treasure Island Media formula: a mix of old faces, regulars and reliables with some new, fresh dick and ass.  It's not as good as 'Bad Seed,' but still five stars.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dawson in Chicago

Trolling through the Barebackrt website, I noticed that Dawson has posted an updated profile with a new location: Chicago.  The Fog City's loss is The Windy City's gain, and DawsonBB (the profile handle) is looking for new friends, so I guess this move is permanent...well, at least for now.  My guess is that Porn's Greatest Bareback Superstar will have little trouble making friends in his new hometown.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Steven Daigle's Status: Poz Cum Whore?

There's certainly been a lot of buzz out there about the new Max Sohl/Treasure Island Media video, 'Cum Whore.'  It may be out in the stores (when I checked last week it wasn't available at my usual haunt, Rock Hard in San Francisco), which interests me since I intend to buy this one for my collection; my being totally old school and not into buying air time online.

So, obviously I haven't seen this video beyond the teaser on the Treasure Island Media website.  It looks better than promising; it's looks positively nasty, vile and fabulous.  I'm particularly interested in seeing Sean Storm, looking better than ever on the cusp of 40, but more about Sean in another post; everybody knows I'm already a fan of his.

This Steven Daigle character is the source of all the buzz online.  There's a lot of speculation as to his HIV status.  He had something of a career working for Sister Superior condom Nazi Miss Chi Chi LaRue (Chi Chi's position on safe sex is well-known and non-debatable) and then some stuff for Raging Stallion.  But his latest move into bareback has fueled a lot of rumors.  The roadmap for a career in porn usually takes the bareback offramp when one converts to HIV-positively.  Why this is customarily seen as a bad, regrettable affair is beyond me.  A lot of formerly mainstream guys really get loose and crazy in their porn performances for the bareback studios, and I'm thinking of the great Matt Sizemore here.

So, Steven Daigle appears in three scenes in the new 'Cum Whore' aptly named video, with his butt the territory of Antonio Biaggi (of course), Peto Coast (hmmmm) and old reliable negative Brad McGuire, among others.  I'll leave it up to you guys to decide for yourselves whether Steven is a member of The Club, but let me say this much: any bottom who gives it up in such an unhibited, wanton style is not worrying about catching da bug.  What little I've seen has been superb, so here's a video I'm actually going to buy without renting first...and I think all those discriminating video collectors out there who are actually buying the hard dvd editions will be well-advised to open their wallets for this one.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Crossed Wires Leads to Toxic Three-Way

In this technology-driven age, it shouldn't be surprising that we can get too well-connected for our own good.  Or maybe it's all good if it leads to good fuck. 

I don't know about you guys, but I can handle only one text conversation at a time.  I'm hooking up via barebackrt and my cellphone...and it turns out I'm working two guys at once (the phone numbers were almost exactly alike and I wasn't paying that much attention...I wanted to get fucked!), except I don't know it.  One guy's text messages did seem out of synch with the conversation but I just thought he was slow or whatever.  Anyway both guys turned up.  The first guy at my door wasn't the guy I thought he was, but he was this nice-looking black dude with a neat Afro, and we were about to get it on, when the second guy turns up, and he's the bi-racial guy who first texted that he was going with somebody else, but then he must have changed his mind, because here he is.  It turned out he had never changed his mind, and it was I who had mixed up these messages from two different guys.  It was the black guy who had changed his mind.

Got it?  Who cares?  It happens.  I'm glad there are plenty of trashy fuckers on barebackrt, because when I asked the second guy if he was into a three-way, he responded by dropping his jeans.  I shouldn't say it was a three-way, because it was more of a sandwich with me on the bottom.  I got fucked by the black guy who got fucked by the bi-racial dude, who was short, stocky and packed.  Alas, I never got to sample that dick, since they both came pretty quickly and good for them, at the same time.  I did get the brother's poz load, which should be good enough for anybody.  Getting mixed up with your text messages ain't necessarily a bad thing.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Xtube Star Dabootfrk Gives & Takes Where He Can

I really like Dabootfrk, one of the contributors to the Xtube website, because he takes the time to give some backstory to his postings.  This tattooed, mustached black versatile stud uploaded only a half dozen or so videos but the situations are provocative: in an SUV parked in front of a daycare, or on a pile of trash behind a Texaco gas station.  The technical quality varies, and he never clearly shows his face, just some arty digital suggestions, but the action is always hot with big black dicks, messy cummy holes and creampies.  And the big black probe comes through the courtesy of his fuckbud Ajay2fly, another Xtuber.  Dabootfrk posted his videos back in March, so here's hoping he'll be sharing more soon.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Syphilis Treatment a Pain in the Ass

Hey, hi, shit, I've been out of circulation, yeah, thanks to my latest fuck-up with an STD.  This time it was syphilis and my life changed last week when a buddy texted me that he had tested positive and so I made the trip to my local VD clinic the next morning.  For those of you have regularly read this blog, you know this is not the first time.  I should feel lucky, as I've had sex with probably 200 guys since my last STD infection, but it's still a pain in the ass...literally.

Treatment for sif is thankfully quick and easy.  It's a couple of shots, one in each cheek delivered during the same visit.  The technicians don't mainline the medication when treating sif.  Instead they administer a shot deep into your butt muscle, and it's not over in a nanosecond...it's a shot with a needle stuck in your ass for about five seconds, and it seems like an eternity.  You can leave right away and there's no follow up or additional medication required, but here's a heads up: your ass might experience some severe soreness.  I mean, severe, as in having to lie down.  And in my case it was a delayed reaction.  I didn't get that soreness in my cheeks until about 12 hours later, and since the shot went into muscle, I'm guessing my whole muscular system was effected, which would explain the stiffness and need to take a rest, i.e., stay home from work.

So the point here is this: if you have the luxury to choose, select a Friday (or whatever day happens to be the last before your weekend) for your treatment (the shots), and take the rest of the day one hour at a time, because if you need to sit down to work at your desk or computer, your ass is going to be so sore and it will mess up your concentration.  Even a pillow won't help, so take note.  Or maybe you'll be lucky and not have this problem, but be advised.  By the way, the penicillin will not necessarily kill any other STD you might have been exposed to.  You'll still get tested for the clap or chlamydia...ah, well, such are the wages of sin.

Of course, as before, I'm now a little gun-shy about getting back into circulation, but as we all know, time heals all wounds, er, a sore ass.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Falcon Pornstar Hustles in Montreal

I happened upon a dvd called 'Men for Sale' (Breaking Glass productions) which turned out to be about a batch of dopers in Montreal resorting to gay prostitution to pay for their drug habits.  They were all morally ambiguous, slovenly, unkempt street types in their 20's and desperately in need of dental care, and they were all straight...except for one.  This one hustler was a bit older and more experienced, and actually had a goal, a plan for living.  He looked familiar when interviewed, a guy in his 40's, who had retained all his hair and showed early signs of middle age, but still attractive and with a clarity in his eyes that suggested he had practiced some restraint in his vices.  It was none other than Danny Brown, a real porn star of dozens of videos from the late 80's to the present, notably in work for Jean Daniel Cadinot, Grapik Art Productions and Falcon Studios.

Danny Brown did a couple of videos for Cadinot, including 'Hand in the Fire' where he traveled the wilds of Morocco (or maybe Algeria) getting fucked by Arabs all along the way.  He had a run at Falcon Studios during their Golden Age, performing in 'Deep: In Hot Water,' 'Do It for Daddy' and in the Rex Chandler vehicle, 'Made for You,' one of the best porn videos of all time.  Needless to say, these appearances occurred in the pre-Condom era, but Danny Brown has worked steadily to the present for dozens of minor studios and not so minor ones like Stallions Studios where he was featured prominently in the Hunk Hunt series.

He also found a place for himself in the niche of fetish, toys and bondage and worked for Grapik Arts in the Tom Ropes McGurk videos.  As far as I know, these are not available on dvd, but you can find VHS versions in specialty shops like The Magazine or Autoerotica, both in San Francisco.  My understanding from 'Men for Sale' is that Danny Brown has found some success working this fetish niche in Montreal, although his clientele can be unseemly, such as the one he refers to as 'My Sicko.'

So what's Danny Brown's plan?  Well, according to his 'Men for Sale' interview, he wants to return to California...to San Francisco this time, not Los Angeles...shape himself up to his new specifications with include some gymn time, some facial hair, generally a physical re-invention, and work the fetish market for a better class of client.  Should there be any potential benefactor out there who is reading this, you can reach Danny Brown directly at dannybrownxxxstar@yahoo.com and help this talent get back to San Francisco where he belongs.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Champ Robinson Mixes Up Those Loads: A review

Okay, I bought this dvd, even after vowing that I'd never buy another one.  Any video starring Champ Robinson is hard to resist.  If you're like me, you probably envisioned Champ churning a sperm cocktail in a lucky bottom who'd already taken gallons of manjuice from a succession of horned up tops...but no, it was only Champ's loads up Damien Silver's big white ass.  How many loads?  Well, three, for sure and maybe one or two more.  In a spectacular performance Champ keeps it up for a good 45 minutes, unloading and then plowing butt lubed by his messy cum, and this happens more than just once.  With a swollen thick black cock, covered with cum, and fertile seed dripping from a white fucked ass, and a lot of athletic body English in between, this video does not disappoint.

I checked out the Knightbreeders website first and discovered that another of my favorites, Chris Kohl is also in this video, but alas, Champ doesn't get into Chris' ass in this video, but we'll keep praying that it will happen in the future.  Chris' toxic butt gets worked over by Damien Silver himself in another extenuated sequence, with some really nice insertion shots, so if you're a Chris Kohl fan, you'll love this, although Chris wears big clunky engineer's boots throughout.  He has nice feet, let's see 'em.  Two more segments with two new bottoms slammed by ole DS round out the action.

For more, check out the Knightbreeders website; they've expanded into selling accessories besides the videos, but have resisted adding streaming videos, which is all to the better, since the brand remains untarnished by substandard crap uploaded to fill in time.  The notoriously crapped out set in the San Fernando Valley is as tacky as ever, the perfect setting for some of the raunchiest sex online.  They've set a pretty high bar for themselves and are wise not to ruin it with hours of so-so, yawn, snoozy boring sex that characterizes most websites now.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bareback Top Plugs Hole, Fills It Twice

I hit the bareback party circuit over the holiday weekend, getting a lot of dick but the standout was a digout administered by a teasing top with a sense of drama.  First off, he didn't have a monster dick, but rather a perfectly respectable average-sized dick.  Second, he was experienced and knew what to do with an average sized dick, which is to ram it in deep and hard. 

It started like an ordinary (I'm not complaining!) fuck and he came within a few minutes, but he didn't stop there.  He pulled out and then teased the rim of my creamed butthole with the tip of his prod, light and easy, suggesting the was something more to come.  I really liked this, so I grabbed my moons and pulled them as wide as I could, so that even in this darkened room, he'd get a good view of my spermed hole and get inspired to wipe all the cum with his dick and then put it back up there.

Then I started talking...'Oh yeah, shove it up there!  Fuck your cum deep into my ass!' or something like that.  And that's what this top did.  He resumed fucking, and more spirited than before, turned on by my dirty talk.  This action continued for a few more minutes, until he pulled out and stroked himself, but we were both at a fever pitch by now, and I knew he wasn't going to be satisfied until he dumped a second load in my ass.  He wanked off some more, like it was the last thing he was gonna do before exploding, stuck that hard rod up my ass and fucked me deep and hard.  This time he tipped me off, 'I'm gonna cum,' just before blasting a second shot, stopping still while his cock twitched and unloaded. 

I was tempted to shoot out the cum then and there, but decided against it, as this was all the lube I'd be needing, this was a sex party after all.  Before I left the party, I got fucked by another dozen guys or so, and I don't think any of them came, but when I got home, I shat all the cum out of my ass and it was a better than decent deposit, thick and rich.  All his, I'm pretty sure.  No matter where you are, two is always better than one.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Latin Slut in Sheer Nylon Socks Spews Cum from Freshly Fucked Hole

I've followed this trashy Latina bottom for a few years now...I believe he started out in Spain, then he was in Mexico (Merida? Acapulco?) for a few years and now he's in Barcelona.  He's used more than a couple of handles in his Xtube profile, but now he's posting his videos under the name of adamstorm38, and he's hotter than ever.  His 'used and abused' (thank you Jeff Palmer) hole is hotter, bigger, cummier, nastier than ever, and that's what you get in his videos: a slow steady drilling, with his sheer nylon sock-clad feet in full view, and then some fabulous hole-stretching at the end with rivers of seed flowing out.  None of this is faked, it's purely raunchy mansex with a bottom who gives it all up.  He also handles a reverse cowboy fuck better than anyone else I've seen lately.  The videos run mostly 3-5 minutes...go to Xtube, and check out adamstorm38.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pornstar & Exhibitionist Ray Dalton Gets Fucked in Parking Garage

I've been a fan of pornstar and escort Ray Dalton from the first time I saw him in a Treasure Island Media video quite a while back.  He has a raw and edgy look about him, enhanced by prison tattoos and the occasional Mohawk, not to mention a well-muscled and defined body, and I detect...a sly sense of humor.  His exploits captured on video, for the past five years or so, are well-known.  What is not so well-known is that Ray Dalton is a big time exhibitionist, driving the streets of Los Angeles, butt ass nekkid, and ready for anything that turns up, such as getting plowed in the dark corners of a public parking garage.  He'll also whip it out and jack himself off under certain circumstances, like, maybe, at an unusually long traffic light.  It's all on xtube for you to enjoy so start with his profile which is 'nakedbuff.'  Most of the postings are rather short, less than a minute, but his latest...the garage fuck...is longer than 3 minutes, and an indication, we hope, of longer sequences to come.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CAsexpig: Pussy Muscle Bottom Heats Up Xtube

One of the fascinating aspects of Xtube is how a contributor makes a grand splash with some great videos and then disappears.  Guys lose interest, or experience lifestyle changes in a relationship that doesn't have room for porn, whatever.  So, that said, check out these newbies while they're hot, or disappear, they and their fabulous videos.  Point in fact: one contributor who goes by the name of CAsexpig.  He says he's an ex-Marine and he likes to pimp out a skinny white bottom to big black daddy tops.  The set-up involves a sling and rarely do we catch sight of the bottom's face, but on the other hand there are a few dozen snippets of huge, thick ebony wood clearing out a most responsive, expressive and elastic hole; it seems to be the same bottom in all these sequences, so our hats go off to him...he's a hot piece of white ass.  Most uploads are short, but a good enough number are 2 to 3 minutes, and there's one that's about 25 minutes, but rest assured you'll get long dickin', internal loads, creampies and rosebuds.  And I almost forgot: CAsexpig provides a streaming narrative of trash talk but manages to avoid racialist or disease-related references.  The image quality is better than fair with vivid capture of aforesaid expressive asslips wrapped around all those anonymous cum donors.  CAsexpig is one of the better new contributors to Xtube library.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Black Country Dik Makes Me Feel His Cum

This trick from two nights past was a rangy black country boy with a bit of shyness.  And oh yeah...with a big dik...that he liked to use like a plunger. 

I have read many bottoms write how they could feel jets of cum blasted deep in their asses.  I've always thought this was total bullshit; in my time I have taken literally gallons of cum by now, and I'm pretty sure I'd know if I could feel seed planted deep in my hole.  But if they only imagined it then I guess it might as well have been so, being as it enhanced their sexual experience.  I can't say I felt his black cum as she shot up my butt but he came after only a couple of minutes...and kept on fuckin'...so that I heard and felt (!) that squishy seed on the edges of my buttlips, and the way he kept plunging in deeply then withdrawing, then working that big black dik of his all around my messy hole...yeah, I could feel all that going on.  Does that count?
A shot of cum lasts a nanosecond, but a messy anal massage with cum spilling out lasts much longer, to be sure.

After country boy left, I just lay around for a while, fingering my hole, licking his black cum off my fingers.  That pleasure lasted a lot, lot longer.  Oh yeah.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fast and Furious Slingfuck Closes Sex Party

One must show his best manners when he is the last one left at a sex party and the host isn't interested in having sex with him.  This happened to me last Sunday, but my good manners were rewarded in the end.

Now understand that I had arrived late by two whole hours, which is a long time when it comes to sex.  There were guys already leaving as I was undressing.  I had a couple of beers, and just enjoyed the fine desert weather, but the crowd thinned to nothing as I lounged alone, out back, poolside...with a cool Tecate in hand.  It was so nice maybe I didn't care if I got fucked that day.  But I was a guest, and nobody likes a guest who doesn't know when to leave.

I had fully dressed, such as it was...four articles of clothing: baseball cap, an old orange A&F tennis shirt, khaki cargo shorts and flip flops...and then a tall, tanned stud, decorated in tribal tattoos, peeked from behind a black curtain.

'I know you,' he said.
'Yeah, and I know you, but from where?'
'I fucked you!'
'Oh yeah!  You're (his barebackrt profile name)!'

'Are you really goin'?'
'Well, it's like everybody's left.'
"I haven't left. Get your ass in the sling ,if you want.'

Well, hell yeah, I want. This dude has a torpedo-shaped prod that he likes to drill relentlessly into toxic asses, shooting a load, then hustling off.  He's fucked me a few times, always on a mattress, always with a lot of vigor, so I knew that a sling would only make his performance better.  I was right.  This was a fast and furious fuck, an athletic breeding lasting only 3 or 4 minutes but something you'll remember for a long time.  Then we weren't alone anymore; the host had shown up and a youngish, firm and in-shape cub had materialized from somewhere.  Cubby fortunately had no problem with sloppy seconds, fucking me nicely and cumming within a couple of minutes.  Two good fucks and two loads within 5 minutes whereas sometimes it's 5 hours between fucks.  I guess you need a sling to make it sing.  No complaints here.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pornstar Robby Mendez Jailed!

Yeah, you read right.  Pornista and baby mogul Robby Mendez, of LA-based Robby Mendez videos and host of pool cum sex parties, was arrested near Palm Springs a couple of weeks ago just as his pool party at the Cathedral City Boys Club was about to begin.  If you are a lover of bareback porn, you should know who Robby is: this LA barrio boi took a thousand miles of raw black cock in service of Raw Strokes, and then ventured out on his own, producing and starring in his own videos, that's Robby Mendez Productions.  Go to his website and get familiar; he posts clips from his own videos and trailers of his recorded pool parties, which always lead to sex parties.  Robby's bottoming style is one of silent endurance and is rather underplayed, if that's possible in porn.  His style is his own.  If you check him out, you'll find he's a very likeable, modest and thoughtful guy.  Why would anybody want to do him harm?

The story that I got is that somebody...let's call her an evil, malicious, bitter and terminally unhappy queen...phoned into the authorities that Robby was spreading meningitis at his party in Palm Springs, simply because he was hosting the party.  A little background: a gay man in West Hollywood did die of meningitis recently, and the queens went wild, getting vaccinated and refusing to share their Bud Lights.  Meningitis is highly contagious, spread by close physical contact like kissing, but it can be contracted by sharing a Dixie cup, so yeah, it's deadly serious.  I associate it with Basic Training in the Army when dudes are in perpetual close contact.  The West Hollywood case was anecdotal.
This has nothing to do with Robby Mendez.  If there were concern over a serious outbreak, then every school, restaurant, bar and public facility in Southern California would have been shut down.  They weren't, and as of this writing, they haven't.

So what rotten, despicable queen would do this to Robby, a sweet kid if there ever was one?  Well, I don't think she was going after Robby.  She was probably going after her boyfriend, or somebody she lusted after, who was planning to attend Robby's party.  She thought by phoning in her phony concern over the potential spread of meningitis, she could thwart the party and her boyfriend's getting sex on the side.  That's just my guess...I don't know...but I'm basing my conclusion on what I know about the evil queens of this world.

So little Robby was hauled off to jail...booked, mugged, printed...and tossed into a cell until he could be bailed out, which he was.  If you're interested, Robby's first person account of the story is now on Youtube for the whole world to ponder.  As for me, I still don't know on what charges he was arrested.  My guess is that the charges will be dropped, and I hope, sincerely, that the perpetrator of this outrage will be identified and sued for damages by Robby Mendez.

Until then, stay tuned.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cameron Cruise Makes A Party

Down in the desert a couple of weekends ago, I couldn't pass up the chance to hit pspigslut's bareback party on the north end of town.  Now I've seen pornstars there before but usually I don't give out names unless I know the guy personally and know that he would be all right with my blogging about it.  I hadn't met Cameron before although I knew and admired his work which goes back a few years now, mostly as a bottom with his partner Tony DeAngelo.  Their website Bareback Masters has been a fixture on the bareback video scene for years, and as far as I know, is the only porn studio working out of Pismo Beach, an unpretentious little California beach town on the central coast about half-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Pismo is the way Newport Beach must have been in the 1950's.  Both guys are openly poz barebackers and their stable of models reflects their catholic taste in men...there are some big name stars and starlets ready to break out, all hot.  There's a lot of toxic jism streaming at Bareback Masters.

The party in Palm Springs was the first one with decent enough weather for nightime outside play, but nobody was outside...so that made for a lot of close-in communal activity.  I was getting my share of dick, but I was waiting for a particular top who had RSVP'd on the Barebackrt party list, since he had fucked me before and I like his schtick: white trailer trash longhair motorcycle top slut who fucks anything that moves.  He happens to be a very nice guy.  One time we were talking about his plans to complete a Craigslist hookup at the local Motel 6, and he could put all his sentences together, and he sounded like a considerate type.  But I like his biker shit and wanted that poz dick up my butt in a very bad way.

Cameron showed up a little late and I recognized him right away.  He was getting a lot of dick and doing some topping, too.  I went up and introduced myself, told him what a fan I was.  Note: Cam is much handsomer in person and his personality comes across as it does not on video.  Of course, he doesn't say much in his videos: he leaves the communicating to his magnificent butthole...check out the website for a good look.  He also looks somewhat thinner, as the camera does make you look thicker or heavier, but in person Cameron Cruise is a slim, hot sex machine.   We chatted for a bit and then split up; after all this was a sex party.

From the sexpad, I could see the undressing room, and noticed the cycle slut had arrived finally...way later than usual, and it's getting past my bedtime.  He usually doesn't take much off, and adheres pretty much to the leather code, always keeps his hat and boots on.  So here I was, hoping to take that white trash schlong up my shithole, when the dude takes one look at Cam and he's off in Cam's direction, where I concluded he'd take his time and not be interested in anybody else after fucking some Cameron Cruise ass.  That was when I just bagged it, hoping that Cam wouldn't make it to the next party.  Like I said, it was way past my bedtime.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Popular Gay Barebacker Dies, A Suicide at Golden Gate Bridge

I met Jonathan Klein through a barebackrt hookup.  At the time, he was still living in a rather large nondescript wood frame house at the end of the Castro streetcar line.  He was hosting, but by the time I got there, he wasn't up to sex.  Now I have been refused by the host a couple of times in my bareback career, but never before in such a gracious manner.  Jonathan had changed his mind about sex...at least about sex with me...but he offered me a soda and we had an engaging chat in his kitchen.  He's a slightly burly, bearish guy, and he was dressed in a filled out tee, sweatpants and socks.  He couldn't have been nicer and I really wanted him to fuck me because I had already watched him in action.  I recognized him as soon as I saw him in person, after a slight inkling based on his profile headshot.

Erich Lange filmed Jonathan fucking Max Holden in the Treasure Island Media video, 'Fucking Crazy' a few years back.  'Fucking Crazy' was actually a documentation of an erstwhile San Francisco gangbang phenomenon, the Cute Boy Bareback Party.  If you don't know this video, check it out and the format of the CuteBoy will be explained to you.  Jonathan was a regular at these parties, I think, stuffing his pozdick up the asses of some of the legendary bottoms of our time: Jeff Palmer, Sean Storm, Rob Rodin, Max Holden among them.

Then I was walking up 18th St. in the Castro one day and passed maybe the last, full-service old school travel agency in the whole world: Now Voyager Travel (the title taken from the famous Bette Davis movie) and there sat Jonathan at his computer, providing the personal service for which he was well known.  I had occasion to pass Now Voyager many times since, and just about every time Jonathan was there, working his ass off for his loyal clients.  It follows that he was well-known in the gay business community and well beyond Castro Village.  And of course, I wasn't the only guy who met him through barebackrt.

It turns out that the building has been sold recently and the future of Now Voyager uncertain.  Jonathan had also recently taken a buyout for his Castro apartment (rather than fight an eviction) and had moved to Bernal Heights, a desirable rustic cottagey hill neighborhood a bit removed from the gayness of the Castro.  He had turned 60, and he was poz, two factors which the local gaypaper Bay Area Reporter seemed to take as negatives contributing to depression.  Alas, suicide is often impulsive and always final.  I wish Jonathan had gone online to solicit a hot ass to fuck, rather than to make that last trip to the Golden Gate Bridge.  In short, his life didn't have to end this way, despite all these setbacks ganging up on him.

The last time I saw Jonathan was around 2011 at a Jayson Park video shoot at the Playspace on Folsom St.  Jonathan was in line to have his turn with Jayson's fine ass.  We said 'hi' but not much else, though Jonathan did feel me up nicely.  He seemed his old friendly self.  I left before Jonathan did, but I assume that Jayson did get some of Jonathan's poz seed planted deep in his ass, but regrettably, I don't recall seeing it in the video, but I could be wrong. 

It's always sad when a good men elects to end his life prematurely, and in this case, the world is worse off for his departure.  R.I.P., Jonathan.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Fuck Motel: Cheap Ass Hollywood Fucking, Part Two

Like most travelling business sluts, I try to make every penny invested, in the hotel room. return a dividend in the form of hot sex.  After spending way too many hours trading e-mails and text messages with one Chatty Matty after another, I retired that game around 2 a.m. and went for a couple of hours of sleep before hustling the morning commuter market.  Checkout time was gonna be at 11 a.m.  I did not break my fast, so I would need only a quick clean check and be ready for dick, not wasting valuable time cleaning out.  This strategy did pay off, as I wrote in Part One, a tall professional type nailed my ass around 8 a.m.  I left my door unlocked, my lubed ass was in the air, this dude walked in and he fucked my ass while I never saw his face.  It took 5 minutes, it was great, it was living porn.  His breeding me made me feel like a 'fabulous farm animal,' a quote from one of my favorite movies.

Since being a slut is all about quality AND quantity, and since I still had a couple of hours of room time, I returned to the search.  One guy had texted me about 6 or 7 times while I slept, and while I had written him off as just another Chatty Matty, I decided what the hell...I texted him back.

He was an hour away.  It was morning rush hour.  He was on his way.  Yeah, right.  I kept lookin' online.  But damned if he didn't show up: a not young, not old black dude, lanky, wearing a black cap over his longish hair.  I thought he was OK and liked him right away.

I had been playing around with my IPad, teaching myself how to record myself, and I jury-rigged a setup with the IPad on a table, braced up so we'd get a good view of the bed.  I sucked on this dude's dick: it was plump and slightly curved, not all that big to start but we got him to a nice kingsize, and he liked to move around so he was able to eat my ass while I worked on his joystick...being a 5-6 bottom with a much taller top allows for a lot of sex options.  This dude really loved eating ass...he had me twisted like a pretzel while his tongue probed my sweaty manhole while I did my best to push out tall guy's cum.  I just hope I don't fart too loud.  Well, I didn't fart...it was more of a wet squish and a load of poz cum oozed out of my hole.  This was too much for black daddy.  He turned me around and got me doggy style and then fucked that slutty hole for a rammin' five minutes before he shot his load.  Too bad, he pulled out first, blew his wad over my back, smeared it back on my hole, and then shoved his dick back in and dug deep.  I was gettin' pretty vocal with my racialist toilet talk, and he seemed to like that.  It was an almost perfect fuck.  Almost...because he pulled out rather than flood my mancunt with his seed, and...almost...because he's neg...and almost...because he won't let me post the raunchy video that was recorded because he was smokin' shit throughout.  So now I have this hot video which needs editing because it's too long to send via e-mail, but I'm working on that, at least for now it'll just have to be my own private video until this top no longer gives a shit and doesn't care if I post it here or on xtube, which is what a really would like.  If anybody out there wants to do a video, we can talk about that. 

The best part of this Fuck Motel experience is that I've found the perfect place in Hollywood and I'll be coming back again for sure.  And no, it's NOT the Dunes. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Fuck Motel : Cheap Ass Hollywood Fucking - Part One

Men, I spent a fabulous couple of days in gay Loz Angeleez, and now that it's over, I can say that I feel completely qualified for the lower rungs of those many levels of Hell.  I was pretty trashy trolling for sex online, getting fucked at all hours by people I don't even fuckin' know.  Yeah, it was great. 

Sex does come with real estate.  I don't dig sex in alleys, by garbage dumpsters, in cars or in public places.  Those are all great areas for pissin' but no, I really don't like having sex with my clothes on.

But for my last trip to LA, I found a great motel on Sunset Blvd. with a parking space just a few feet...literally...from my door, and without the officious, uptight security that sometimes turns into a cock withering dealbreaker.  And no, it isn't the fabled Dunes, which has become famous for anonymous pump and dumps among horny Angelenos.  The Dunes will cost about $125 for a room, and my place goes for half that. 

But hot real estate doesn't make for a sure thing.  Of course I went online...complimentary wi-fi, thank you...to my favorite hookup site Barebackrt, and got the usual mix of hot prospects, bullshitters, timewasters and Chatty Matties.  LA is awash in bullshit, but you knew that already.  Now mind you, this was a business trip, so I had to plan around business affairs, but the convenience of My Fuck Motel meant I didn't have to waste hours on LA's notorious freeways.  I spent way too much time trying to connect with this hot black daddy, and I actually thought it was a no-go, but more on that later.  For most of the night, I just wrote him off...he was texting me too much, a true sign of a chronic and habitual bullshit artist.

Finally, out of nowhere, I connected with a very tall youngish poz daddy on his way to work.  My set up was on the first floor, street level, and I was able to leave the door open a crack, and it was basically anonymous, although we had communicated online.  He was dressed for work.  I was on the bed on all fours, feeling spectacularly slutty after a night of tease.  What I got was a steady, measured, efficient fuck lasting about 5 minutes and resulting with a hot poz load deposited deep in my butthole.  I use the word 'efficient' and that's not a sexy word...but I do mean this guy knew how to fuck and get off, and that's what these anonymous online hookups are all about.  I was maybe a little disappointed when he first stripped and exposed his relaxed toolkit, but with a little bit of oral action, we got him up and ready.  My butt really loved this dick...it was the just right length and thickness for a pleasurable wake up call.  And when I say 'efficient,' well that was it to the very end.  When finished, he zipped up and was out of there, but not before remarking he'd like to meet up again, and maybe with some of his friends.  Ah, well, yeah, hell yeah...but who knows.  But for now, it was just what I needed.  But the day wasn't over...there's ,more with Part Two.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Video Review: JackSin215 on Xtube

I admit to being startled by the swaggering display of bravado so notably demonstrated by JackSin 215 through his videos posted on Xtube.  We have become so numbed by the onslaught of reality crap on cable and elsewhere, so much of it fake and orchestrated, that it is hard to be startled by anything.  There's nothing phony about JackSin215's encounters, nothing staged or rehearsed...his stuff is real...public sex with anonymous bottoms getting jizzed in alleys, cars and public parks.  The late night couplings in public parks are spectacularly arresting with black or latino asses getting fucked on park benches, picnic tables or playground equipment, and to add to the excitement, there are the occasional headlights of passing cars or the rumble of passing trains, only feet away from unlawful raw sex.  And for a change of pace, there is a gangbang included in his collection of videos, filmed in an Orlando hotel, where the totally versatile JackSin 215 shows that he can take as well as he gives.  And there's plenty of cum to satisfy you pigs out there.

Now we are talking amateur stuff here...sometimes there are weird angles or inconsistencies with light, but these shortcomings only add to the raw appeal of the situations.  And yeah, for now the videos are comparatively short, running 2 to 4 minutes, but no matter, it's all good.  So check out JackSin215 on Xtube, and consider sending him gifts or other rewards through the Xtube format, since we'll all want to see more from this promising amateur pornographer.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bottom's Butt Clamp Makes Top 'Cry Uncle'

There is a thrill for every fisting top as he enters a new fisthole.  I like to feel my way around the asslips first, and caress the tender meat found there.  A well-used hole, like a beautiful flower responding to a blaze of sunlight, opens up and simply swallows a top's probing fingers.  A new tight ass is something different, more of a mystery, I'd say.  We can make a tight ass open up much to the pleasure of the hosting bottom, but it takes work and patience.  A dedicated receptive bottom not only works with his top, but actually takes the lead.  Last night's session with a new fisthole was gradual, and challenging requiring concentration, but in the end, it was a very satisfying success.  After a long while of holding my fist in place while my fingers danced in his hole...I commanded him to take a long hit of poppers...then a deep breath...and my right wrist finally slipped completely in.

I love fisting a big man.  No, wait...I love fisting a big man with a big hole.  A big, experienced, well-used hole I can swirl my hands with a bit of artistic flourish while deep in his ass.  A pocket bottom is a different story.  While a pocket bottom - and happily they come in all colors - is a delight to fuck...you can do all kinds of great things like flip them around, and toss 'em like a salad....he has to be fisted differently.  He's best in a sling.  He's good on a ledge or the edge of a bed, though the top will have to crouch down or kneel on the floor...that's OK...but flat on the bed requires some adjustment.  Now, I'm a shorty, too...5-6 they tell me...so we fisted on a flat bed whilst I lay on my back, too, but crossways against the bottom so he could place his legs on my chest or belly, that made it comfortable for him and accessible to me.

Too bad, my fist wasn't all that comfortable, though.  After a prolonged period where we got him comfortable by keeping my fist in place while my fingers did their magical probing, I sensed that his tight ass was getting even tighter...a veritable clamp around my fist, like a vise applying enough pressure that my wrist started to ache.  That's some tight ass, but like I said, we eventually got the hand in as far as the wrist. That was as far as we were gonna get that night.   By then it was getting hard for me to ignore my discomfort, and it's not my style to bark out commands, Nazi-style.  The bottom was eagerly wanking himself, so I asked him, his being new, if he could cum that way and he said yes, so I say, go ahead and cum...which he did.

My current niche as a fisttop seems to be breaking in newbies or guys who want to explore their limits through a gentle hand.  I'm looking forward to taking this dude to the next step.  And any other interested dude out there, for that matter.  I'm getting to love that tight ass that makes me Cry Uncle.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Poz Daddy's Freshly Fucked Hole

Billy's freshly fucked hole

Hot Daddy Dumps Poz Load in a Quick Fuck

We often read from men who abhor the Chatty Cathies of the wireless world...'not here to chat' is a succinct message to all those timid creatures who blow big on the internet and much less so in reality. These characters get off on anxious adrenalin rushes and not so much on fucking, trading e-mails ad infinitum without the intention of fucking, and are perfectly satisfied to play that game. Those of us seeking real sex just wish they'd set up their website so they can Chatter Away with others of like temperment...maybe ChattyPatty.com. But... it's we don't have to dream the 15 minute hook-up among the men who get real and get down. Sometimes they really do happen. I'm in my favorite wireless access coffee shop in downtown Palm Springs with a cleaned out hole and a horned up attitude, post my intention to get fucked right now and then am genuinely surprised when I get three responses within the first five minutes. It's about 10 in the morning on a Wednesday, a ripe time to get fucked maybe only in Palm Springs. Naturally, I answer all e-mails as a matter of principle...yeah, even the Chatty Cathies...but naturally I'm going with the closest one. This turns out to be a mobile home in a park about a three minute drive away. The top texts me clear directions, while I'm starting up the engine...Kesha comes on the radio...before Kesha is finished, I'm on his bed and on my back getting drilled by a nice, stubby, thick cock. I love missionary style because I can make and hold eye contact and by now I'm an expert at reading faces and I love it when our eyes lock...it's all a matter of concentration. This top daddy then blasts a nice big load up my worked out hole. He took a quick image shot with his cell phone, which I can e-mail to anyone who's interested, but which I'm too dumb to figure out how to publish on this blog. It's all quick and intense and great, and when it's over, it's over. Not much apres sexchat here. We'll hook up with this Dad again, but for right now, it's over so I get the hell out. I get back to my car and the coffee is still warm. I get back to the coffee house and the same people who were there are still there and the seat I vacated, is still vacant. And I went right back online to check out what could be next. Only this time, there's a fresh poz load warming up my manhole.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fisting a Poz Businessman in the Afternoon

I'm guessing that travelling salesmen have earned their place in the American sexual consciousness through the simplest of ways...by being available. These guys have also been characterized in various media, like books...movies, certainly...as being unattached in a new town...horny as hell...and an easy hookup...good for a quick suck, fuck...and then never seen again. True, maybe, unless you're part of the fisting brotherhood. A good fist is hard to find. Once found, a bottom can only want more of it. I think I connected with this traveler through Asspig. Yeah, Asspig.com. A hot bottom taking fist at a local Holiday Inn, obviously a business guest and posting in the middle of the afternoon. You know, you just can't decide you want to get fisted. Being a fisting bottom requires preparation, and sometimes preparation becomes a long and involved process; of course I'm writing about cleaning out. So when a man goes through the effort of cleaning out for taking fist, he doesn't want to let all that go to waste. So you post on Asspig and hope for the best. When I'm feeling up to fisting, I'll post on Asspig; but most of the time the avaiable bottoms are in Keokuk, Iowa or Binghampton, New York and here I am in San Francisco. But occasionally, things do work out. Imagine my delight to find a travelling businessman holed up in the Holiday Inn, conveniently just off Market St. and ready to go for RIGHT NOW. And oh, by the way, it's about two in the afternoon. It takes me a while to park my car in a safe (read meter maids, not break-ins) spot and take the street car to the Holiday Inn, but once there, we enjoyed a great session; he knows what he's doing, he's experienced and testing his limits, he wants me to probe more, he has fine interior buttchitecture. What's not to like? We give him a good time and he's appreciative since he's had at least one flake already, and a third guy does show up but he's not as commanding as I am and soon leaves, feeling a bit like a third wheel, so he never gets that guy's fist. I call the session out after about 90 mins., that's long enough for a break, but this guy is expecting somebody else later so I bid my leave, and hope I'm leaving him in good hands. Postscript: We buddylist each other and hope to meet up in his home town, a few hundred miles down the coast...I'll be there in April and hope to report on another great meeting. He gave me his Barebackrt handle and I checked him out, and he's poz...something we didn't discuss before I barefisted him. So much the better...travelling salesmen can sometimes be seen again.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Poz Bottom Gets Fisted With His Own Cum

On a quiet, well-tended suburban street of neat, substantial houses in Southern California, a man is getting fisted in the middle of the afternoon. This appointment was arranged online through a popular website...a pretty ordinary means of getting laid, or in this case, fisted. I'm the fisting top and I love daytime sessions on a weekday because it usually indicates that both top and bottom are at leisure to play when it suits them. This hook-up is especially nice because it involves my first redhead...ever. Well, a blondish reddish sort of lean tiger with zero body fat and a stiff crewcut...basically, a novelty of the best sort, enhanced by a genial personality. And oh yeah, it gets better thanks to a nicely shaped dick that looks like a mouth watering plump pink pork sausage. So in this suburban setting, the session starts with my getting thoroughly porked and taking a very generous juicy poz load. That's good for a start. My part of the bargain is to stuff this lean mean fisthole with my very talented hands. At first glance the hole looks rather small but this guy is an experienced bottom...I mean, I noticed him a long time ago and buddylisted him and I've been tracking him like a bloodhound ever since. When I saw him online, I hit him up, but whatever his history, it still looks like a pretty small tight hole. Looks are often deceiving. This talented fistchute took my hand easily, one deep breath and I was in like an oiled slippery slide and I did the old five finger exercise hitting his interesting combination of deep corners. But while this was going on, I detected the unmistakeable aroma of cum. His cum. My ass. As I squatted to get a better fisting angle, I felt by buttlips quiver like they wanted to dump, so I quickly cupped my free palm under my hole to catch whatever might come out. What I got was the big fat load of poz cum that he had shot up my ass. This was just too good to pass off lightly. I withdrew my other hand and lubed both hands with him cum, and after asking him politely if I could fist him with his own cum, that's exactly what I did. This was a very satisfying accessory to the action, and one I wish would happen all the time. I had to ask him first, though. To get his permission. After all, there is an etiquette to fisting. And the first rule is mutual respect. Ah, like I didn't know he'd say yes. Thanks, my man, for a great suburban afternoon session, cum and all.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Serosorting Keeps World Safe from Billy Twee

Super Bowl Sunday found me at a BBQ/fundraiser/sex party in Silver Lake. These guys generously open up their home to strangers like me on a few special occasions throughout the year. The game played on a big screen in their backyard covered patio adjoining a play area with gloryholes and slings, but sex play was extended into their bedrooms, balcony and a living room where I thought the furniture was too good to fuck on, though that didn't stop my fellow cockhounds. A shortish bear in glasses with a thick stubby dick who's fucked me twice (once, sheathed in the basement of Master TomFister's place in the Castro and another time in a now demolished sex venue in SOMA) barebacked a short sexy Latino I recognized from Barebackrt in the kitchen. Watching them get it on was hot, eventhough fucking in the kitchen personally never worked for me. The Latin cutie was atypical, though...this wasn't the West Hollywood crowd; this was the East Hollywood crowd, just guys tending to beardom...not many cell phone queens, steroid queens, gymbots or Andrew Christian types here. I found the crowd earnest but not into fucking somebody they didn't know already. As a matter of fact, though there was some energetic barebacking here and there, but it concerned only guys who knew each other, or at least that's how it seemed to me. In short, this was mostly an oral crowd with lots of cocksucking going on everywhere except the patio where an unwritten rule was universally observed. So with all this cocksucking going on all around, I didn't get more than a couple of feel-ups the whole time I had my ass in the sling. I got a lot of interested looks, but that was about it. As I drove home, I pondered why not one guy even tried to fuck me. Come on, I was one of the easiest fucks there, and I made that pretty obvious. It finally struck me, that since this was an older crowd, and quite possibly not exclusively bareback, with probably a good percentage of negatives, they weren't going to take any chances with a pig slut like me who obviously was ready to take it from any warm, moving thing. I qualify the 'older' comment because I understand that HIV conversions have substantially declined among older guys, while rising among younger dumb fucks. That's how I pegged this crowd, football fans or not, as wise, experienced, wary but convinced that I was an uninhibited, non-discriminating, unprincipled pig bottom. Ah, yeah, and guilty as hell. Anyway, these hosts put on a great party, they were gracious and the food was great. Did I mention that $20 got you in...it was a fundraiser, of course...but you got unlimited food (probably catered from a restaurant, it was that good) and beer. A cocksucker's paradise; a bareback bottom's desert.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Trap Boyy Getting Fucked by His Fans

Trap Boyy broke out sometime around 2010-2011 and by 2012 was the hottest fresh bottom in the business, and acknowledged accordingly at Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs last year.  He worked exclusively for the feverishly torrid Black Rayne enterprise where he was paired up with every swinging thick black dick in the industry, and as it happens, developed quite a following among porn connoisseurs who search beyond the Treasure Island/Machofucker/Slut Machine/Hot Desert Knights/SX Video circuit.  Black Rayne is for the connoisseur of Black Dick, and is the alternative to Black Breeders which features a distinctively different brand of Black Man.  They're both awesome; BR works the thug angle and BB goes the way of the mature type, like all those brothers in Oakland who are doing their best to keep my white ass in shape.

Then late last year, Trap Boyy had a falling out with his producer, and I guess his association with Black Rayne is over, unless there's been some reconciliation.  Jamari Fox has posted Trap Boyy's substance-fueled rant on his website, and for 8 captivating minutes, Trap Boyy delivers an impassioned endorsement of safe sex.  Although high as a kite, and extremely entertaining, Tray Boyy lays it all out and there's no reason to doubt his sincerity.  What to make of this?  Hell, I don't know, but one thing is certain: Trap Boyy for all his bloviating, doesn't quite come clean about his own HIV status, whichever it may be.  And he had 8 minutes of talk, and I don't think the clip has been edited or doctored, despite contrary commentary by the poster.  Check it out and make up your own mind.

I certainly hope TB gives a call to Treasure Island Media to discuss his next step in his porn career, as I think he's got a couple of good years left and TIM will know what to do with him.  He could be the first black bottom superstar.  Come to California for good, Trap Boyy.  I don't know where he lives now but I don't think it's West Coast.  He should do more porn, do some escorting if necessary, go to school, then move on.  Trap Boyy is no dumbass; speaking of which, those perfectly sculpted cakes of his are a Gift from God...you can't get good stuff like that from working out.

Until Trap Boyy takes his next fateful step in his porn career, you can see him in some amateur stuff by googling the title of this post and watching 2 black fans (heads are not revealed) cut up those cakes...despite some awkward angles and the absence of creampies, this amateur scene is amateur in the best way: we get to make up the details.  How did TB meet these dudes, where are they, etc.
That you can dream up for yourelf. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scary Deepfisting of a White Pig

Men, I am an experienced and dedicated fisting topman, but there was a time when I met more than a match for my talents, and that's when it gets scary.  This encounter happened when I was in the desert last month and after some time ruminating about it, I am writing about it now.

I am usually very much influenced by my surroundings when engaged in sex.  And I can't fully explain it because I have had great sex fisting a hot hole in a sling...in a garage...next to a Volvo.  How unsexy is that?  But it worked because the bottom was an amazing and holey artist.  On the day of the scary fistfuck, I found myself in a typical Palm Springs condo within a gated community of TacoBell style units.  I made arrangements with the bottom through Asspig, the best hook-up site for fisters (thanks, Asspig.com), so the door was unlocked, and he was on the bed, and everything....everything...was in place...mat, lube, towels, water (for me!) and the right kind of music, some tribal grunting to an endless beat.  This was a serious, no bullshit bottom...a guy in control, which of course, in fisting, is how it should be.

What was scary was the effect to which this guy had prepped his fistchute.  It was flawless, men; it was smooth, silky, primo.  It was surgically precise, and fisters will know what I mean by this.  I gave him a good workout, in fact, I had to call for it to end, because the bottom was wearing me out, and I was afraid I'd get careless.  This white man, youngish and nicely built, was over 6 feet tall, and I plumbed that hole all the way to my armpit...now I admit...I'm a short little number, I'm 5-6...but yeah, still...to my armpit.  And I with my nasty little fingers, I was documenting every bend to his interior architecture, where the asstunnel muscles spread and folded, gently feeling every millimeter of that interior manscape.  Did I write silky?  How about velvety?  It was stimulating and frightening, too: how deep did I dare to go?  But it was our first time together, and I got afraid of going any further.  I had to call it off.  It was a decent, intense session of about 30 minutes, and I know the bottom could have gone on indefinitely.  But a man has to be honest about his knowledge, experience and limits.  I'm talking about myself here.  I know I'm a great top.  It was I who had to call it off this time.  But, hey, there's a next time for sure.  To the armpit.  Man alive, what a thrill that was.  Thanks, Palm Springs guy, you're the best.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Video Review: Avalanche of Cum in My Mancunt by Knighttbreeders

In past years, I've completed a rundown on the better videos of the year and have tried to identify one as the best; but I can't and won't do that for 2012.  The reason is very simple: in 2012, I stopped buying videos.  I didn't want to pay those prices on my reduced income, and over a few months, I just lost interest, basically, on new releases.  That's not to say there's not a lot of good stuff coming out; I'm just not going to review them unless somebody sends me stuff to review. 

I began to rely more on free websites for porn video entertainment, including amateur video sites, as the amateur factor can add a certain erotic aspect, at least for me.  So, having qualified my reasoning, I'd have to say that the best video of 2012 would have to be the last video I actually bought, and that video is Knightbreeders Studio's 'Avalanche of Cum in My Mancunt' starring one of the best bottoms in the business, Damien Silver.  Now the first two sequences of this video turned out to be fast-forward material but they are followed by a great assgrinding segment where DS gets his big, fat, white, perfect butt fucked by a muscled white daddy, concluding with a rather emotional, gutfelt cumshot.  You can't rehearse or plan this stuff; it has to happen and the videographer has to capture it, and that's what happens here.  It's a great scene, but the only scene that really delivers, so you have been warned.  Damien Silver fans will not be disappointed. 

Nor will those tassel queens who like to dish porn interiors.  It may sound unbelievable, but the tackiest porn set in porndom just got tackier: honestly you won't believe the grossly designed room where these men fuck.  It's supposed to be a cabin in the woods ("Avalanche'...get it?) near the slopes of a winter ski resort....and that's all I'll say, you'll have to buy this video to understand.  And these guys know the whole schtick is ridiculous.  Satisfied, now that his fat ass is pumped full of manjuice, Damien Silver turns to his next need, namely, food...when he says, 'Somebody pull that rabbit out of the freezer so we can have something to eat.'  This great stuff will live on forever.

So, I may review new dvd's again if I ever get another decent job again.  But until then, I will most certainly be reviewing amateur videos with far greater enthusiasm than I have in the past. And believe me, guys, we are still gonna have a lot to talk about.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Palm Springs Sex Hotel Goes Straight

The Camp Palm Springs is no more.  It was primed for New Year's Eve in its latest incarnation as The Skylark, renovated from its slightly louche seedy gay origins into a dressed up midcentury mainstream identity.  There'll be nobody walking around with his dick hanging out at The Skylark.  All traces of its former gayness have been obliterated with fresh paint, fresh flowers and fresh bedsheets.  I sincerely doubt that its new guests will be as fresh.

I described the Camp as a sex hotel, and it certainly wasn't the only hotel in Palm Springs where a hustler's footfalls could be heard on the concrete at any hour of the night.  But somehow it managed best to exude that certain aura: there's sex going on in every room, behind every door.

The mystique was there even at its old location on a residential street slightly removed from Warm Sands.  It was run by a salty old dog who called himself Major Dad and the play areas recalled a vague military theme.  Not a wartime combat environment, but rather a draftee's medical exam environment; there were examination tables, and stockades, decor that recalled the brig, lots of camouflage, netting, helmets and dog tags adorning the walls.  Major Dad moved the Camp to the north end of town and prominently on Palm Canyon Drive, the main drag, taking over a dumpy gay resort called the Desert Hangout.  The military theme was softened a bit, but the sexual temperature returned to sizzling when regularly scheduled sex parties started, which for the first few years were quite the thing.  I don't know exactly why the fever cooled over time, but that it most certaily did   The play areas were fucked up with some clueless remodeling, especially after the oversized tent, containing mattresses and bunk beds, was dismantled, and our fantasies of servicing the randy British troops of the North Africa campaign were quashed.

I got pissed off at the management when the staff, called in to repair a toilet, removed and tossed (?) all of my rubber toys as a 'health measure,' they said.  This was bullshit, of course, they thought they were getting my Jeff Stryker dildo, and though I raised a fuss, I never got it back.  'You don't want to go searching through the dumpster.  It's too dangerous.'  That's what they said.  Total bullshit.  But I did come back because the opportunities for sex were enticing, though, in later years, seldom realized.

There was a time when Hot Desert Knights and Barebackrt filmed there, and porn star sightings were commonplace.  Titpig fucking with a cigar hanging from his lips, ditto Cole Tucker, Tom Shannon geetting fucked, Lance Hancock pulling guys off the sidewalk into his room.  And for a while, a few years back, the staff there was actually fucking guests...that tent set-up made things happen.

But every good time must come to an end.  If only prostitution were legal in this here State of California, I'm pretty sure I would have had even more to write about the Camp Palm Springs.  As it was, we came as close we ever got.
Farewell, forever, to The Camp.