Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bleedin' Love

I was free yesterday and up for a daytime fuck, somewhat out of character for me. In New York, I think of getting fucked in a penthouse, in LA it's outdoors by the pool and in SF it should be in a hillside house on stilts on a foggy night. This is stupid, I know...but I relate to the porn I grew up with, the Al Parker era, guys. In SF I want to be in a taxi on my way to a hook-up on Twin Peaks with layers of fog at midnight obscuring the glow from the street lamps. Yesterday's plan was for Twin Peaks all right, after a connection made on Manhunt, and I was looking forward to getting plugged by a big middle-aged black dude, one of my favorite types. But this part of Twin Peaks is characterized by blocks of schlocky dingbat apartments that remind me of San Diego. The bland architecture shows nothing to the street, but after being buzzed in, I feel my way through a series of anonymous looking stairwells and corridors until I reach the guy's apartment and see that the architect was focusing on San Francisco Bay, the view is awe-inspiring, humbling. The apartment is not awesome but a tacky hole jammed with all sorts of knick knacks, cheesy upholstery and lamps, butt-ugly pictures hanging on the walls...on the TV, the Wizard of Oz is playing, with the volume turned on loud enough to catch the munchkin chatter. Not a very sexy environment and the bright daylight isn't making it any sexier. Who said all gays have good taste? But to the purpose at hand: I started working on my host's big black dick and it was not a disappointment...a nice, curvy banana dick, perfection in fact. The guy's is not going to mess around...after a few minutes, he's got me on all fours on the bed that's protected by a lousy coverlet patterned with barnyard animals. I'm ready for serious sex, not silly sex. He works his dick into my ass and goes to work...and my ready butthole easily closes up around's a fine dick that pushes its way in and...up...up into that deep territory only occasionally plumbed. I took a snort of the poppers I had brought, and settled in for a nice long slow fuck...taking it in. But then...what...what? My nose feels funny. As the dude is fucking my ass, I'm not there...I'm more concerned with my nose and I prod it with my finger...blood! Here I am getting fucked and my nose is bleeding...this has happened before, once in a while, but this time, it's really bleeding and getting on the farm animals on the bedspread. Unfortunately, I couldn't fake my way through this, as the top has noticed.
'I think you should go.'
'I'm really sorry.'
'You should'!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fuck Engine by Slut Machine

Here's a new video by a new talent that should be of interest to all nasty barebackers and admirers of that's called Fuck Engine and it's by a new (to me, at least) SF-based studio calling itself Slut Machine. The director is a guy named Frank Stein. Now I've had personal business dealings with a Frank Stein at Treasure Island Media...a UPS delivery problem...and he was definitely a nice guy with a pleasant, clean cut such as it is these days, appearance and demeanor. If it it the same dude (and I believe that it is) he learned a lot during his time working for Paul Morris because with this venture, he goes right to the top rung of bareback porn directorial talent...right up there with Bill & John at Hot Desert Knights, Sean Storm, Gary Carlton, Steven JefQuin and the aforementioned Mr. Morris.
Fuck Engine is the hottest video I've seen in months (and it's been a disappointing few months, lately), capturing the essential dark underside of anonymous sex...none of the performers is credited, but they are portrayed as marginal types: skinheads, punks, dopers, slackers, fucking in plain, stripped down architectural settings...platforms, slings, spaces without distracting decoration, at best, the anonymous sheet burner motel room. There are some familiar faces, although uncredited...Steve Parker is now a full-fledged hot silver daddy, and there's a kid who looks a lot like Holden Grey, one of the boys profiled in Sex in LA, Part 2...I thought he was escorting in New York but am glad if he's in SF doing hardcore bareback, that makes 4 alumni from the Sex in LA cast. The rest are depicted as sexy low-life street trash who follow the lead of their dicks, and it works well...Frank Stein demonstrates some artistry in the staging and angle shots...there are plenty of close ups, middle range shots of fucking with plunging dicks, sweat, tattoos, cock rings, cummy assholes. There are no twinks in this neighborhood.
This video may be hard to find. Superstar Video in SF where I rented mine has a couple of copies. I haven't seen it in the stores yet.
I'm not going to waste your and my time writing about all the lousy videos I've seen lousy I don't mean not up to my personal taste...I'm talking about uninspired robotic fucking by jarhead tops, crotch shadows, and all those scenes where you can't see anything going on. There's none of that in Fuck Engine. See it, buy it for your collection. You'll appreciate it when you're older and can't fuck anymore.