Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cockpit Sex at the Dungeon

When I found out that the Cockpit Party (to coincide with Dore Alley this weekend) was to take place in the Dungeon of the Power Exchange, there was no way that I was going to miss it. Although my libido might have been at low ebb, I shot three syringes of cum into my ass and went earlier than usual, since previous parties seemed to peak at around 9 p.m. The Dungeon is a rather large space, maybe 3,000 s.f., with a large play area that includes slings, fuck benches and some partitioned areas with dividers low enough for voyeurs to observe the action from a distance. There's a video lounge that also functioned as a play area with people fucking on the sofas and chairs and an section that can be described as a gloryhole galley, a corridor with a series of connecting cubicles. Near the entrance to the Dungeon there are two separate rooms, one with a four poster bed and the second with a large platform, both convered with wipeable vinyl play sheets. Since I prefer to be on my back or all fours, I staked out these rooms, and the four poster turned out to be better for me. I first thing I did was turn off the lights.
On my belly facing the entrance to the room, my preferences were made clear. These men were ready for action and I got responses almost immediately. I sucked a smallish dick, got him hard, turned around and felt his cock slip up my ass. It certainly didn't feel small and he gave me a good fuck when I placed my feet on the bed board and directed my ass downwards a bit to give him better access. A nice fuck, like hand in glove, but no load. Then a long skinny dick went straight into my mouth and after some time he was only semi-hard so I abandoned this one and went for another dick, there were many to choose from, all sticking in my face. Mistake! A Latino bottom, wearing a black tee with a 7 printed on it (his dick was among those in my face) turned around and took long skinny up his ass and got a good fucking, but no load. A new top turned me around, and fucked me so-so, no load. Another...then a few more, maybe twelve dicks up my ass within...oh I don't know, 45 minutes...finally a very dominant top grabbed my ass cheeks, spread them and shoved a nice big dick in there. I was then the object of a fierce fuck, complete with athletic thrusting, grunts and dirty talk. I myself am pretty loud when I get into it...what comes out is usually 'Fuck that ass! Shit! Fuck! Yeah!' a lot of 'yeahs, yeah, fuck me' but I stayed in control and didn't shout 'fuck that hot white poz ass!' which I've done before and maybe is not cool to all tops. This top shot a noisy load up my butt and kept on must have been really big because I detected that sound of cum (his load plus the cum I came with) being swished around my cumhole. I was so into this, I put my hand on my butthole and felt his spooge all over my my hole and my buttcheeks. When he pulled out, there was the sound of a sloppy fart. Somebody started fingering all the cum and putting into my mouth. I gladly slurped it up. Holy shit, what a hot fuck! I raised myself to stretch and get some cramps out after being in the doggy position for such a long time, and said out loud, 'who wants to fuck this hot cum-filled ass?' No takers, I guess I scared them all off, so I retired my place on the four poster letting another bottom take advantage of it. There's room for 2 bottoms on the bed and I'm always hopeful for another bottom at my side to share the tops, encouraging the tops to do some switch fucking, like has happened in Palm Springs and at the now defunct Marshall's Parties, but not this time.
I drifted into the neighboring room where I recognized (from his tattoos) a Latino bottom known to me through barebackrt. He was wearing flip flops which really gives me a crank, and he had beautiful feet, a nice chest, and a nice smile. In a moment he was on the medical examination table getting plowed in rapid succession by two tops. I was jacking my dick to a reasonable degree of firmness but the goddamned table was too high for needed to be six-two at least to make it work. I didn't fuck this hot Latin this time.
I found out it was after 11 p.m. on a school night, and after getting fucked by a dozen dicks, taking a fierce, hopefully poz load, I bagged it and went straight home, showered and was in bed by midnight.