Sunday, July 21, 2013

Falcon Pornstar Hustles in Montreal

I happened upon a dvd called 'Men for Sale' (Breaking Glass productions) which turned out to be about a batch of dopers in Montreal resorting to gay prostitution to pay for their drug habits.  They were all morally ambiguous, slovenly, unkempt street types in their 20's and desperately in need of dental care, and they were all straight...except for one.  This one hustler was a bit older and more experienced, and actually had a goal, a plan for living.  He looked familiar when interviewed, a guy in his 40's, who had retained all his hair and showed early signs of middle age, but still attractive and with a clarity in his eyes that suggested he had practiced some restraint in his vices.  It was none other than Danny Brown, a real porn star of dozens of videos from the late 80's to the present, notably in work for Jean Daniel Cadinot, Grapik Art Productions and Falcon Studios.

Danny Brown did a couple of videos for Cadinot, including 'Hand in the Fire' where he traveled the wilds of Morocco (or maybe Algeria) getting fucked by Arabs all along the way.  He had a run at Falcon Studios during their Golden Age, performing in 'Deep: In Hot Water,' 'Do It for Daddy' and in the Rex Chandler vehicle, 'Made for You,' one of the best porn videos of all time.  Needless to say, these appearances occurred in the pre-Condom era, but Danny Brown has worked steadily to the present for dozens of minor studios and not so minor ones like Stallions Studios where he was featured prominently in the Hunk Hunt series.

He also found a place for himself in the niche of fetish, toys and bondage and worked for Grapik Arts in the Tom Ropes McGurk videos.  As far as I know, these are not available on dvd, but you can find VHS versions in specialty shops like The Magazine or Autoerotica, both in San Francisco.  My understanding from 'Men for Sale' is that Danny Brown has found some success working this fetish niche in Montreal, although his clientele can be unseemly, such as the one he refers to as 'My Sicko.'

So what's Danny Brown's plan?  Well, according to his 'Men for Sale' interview, he wants to return to San Francisco this time, not Los Angeles...shape himself up to his new specifications with include some gymn time, some facial hair, generally a physical re-invention, and work the fetish market for a better class of client.  Should there be any potential benefactor out there who is reading this, you can reach Danny Brown directly at and help this talent get back to San Francisco where he belongs.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Champ Robinson Mixes Up Those Loads: A review

Okay, I bought this dvd, even after vowing that I'd never buy another one.  Any video starring Champ Robinson is hard to resist.  If you're like me, you probably envisioned Champ churning a sperm cocktail in a lucky bottom who'd already taken gallons of manjuice from a succession of horned up tops...but no, it was only Champ's loads up Damien Silver's big white ass.  How many loads?  Well, three, for sure and maybe one or two more.  In a spectacular performance Champ keeps it up for a good 45 minutes, unloading and then plowing butt lubed by his messy cum, and this happens more than just once.  With a swollen thick black cock, covered with cum, and fertile seed dripping from a white fucked ass, and a lot of athletic body English in between, this video does not disappoint.

I checked out the Knightbreeders website first and discovered that another of my favorites, Chris Kohl is also in this video, but alas, Champ doesn't get into Chris' ass in this video, but we'll keep praying that it will happen in the future.  Chris' toxic butt gets worked over by Damien Silver himself in another extenuated sequence, with some really nice insertion shots, so if you're a Chris Kohl fan, you'll love this, although Chris wears big clunky engineer's boots throughout.  He has nice feet, let's see 'em.  Two more segments with two new bottoms slammed by ole DS round out the action.

For more, check out the Knightbreeders website; they've expanded into selling accessories besides the videos, but have resisted adding streaming videos, which is all to the better, since the brand remains untarnished by substandard crap uploaded to fill in time.  The notoriously crapped out set in the San Fernando Valley is as tacky as ever, the perfect setting for some of the raunchiest sex online.  They've set a pretty high bar for themselves and are wise not to ruin it with hours of so-so, yawn, snoozy boring sex that characterizes most websites now.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bareback Top Plugs Hole, Fills It Twice

I hit the bareback party circuit over the holiday weekend, getting a lot of dick but the standout was a digout administered by a teasing top with a sense of drama.  First off, he didn't have a monster dick, but rather a perfectly respectable average-sized dick.  Second, he was experienced and knew what to do with an average sized dick, which is to ram it in deep and hard. 

It started like an ordinary (I'm not complaining!) fuck and he came within a few minutes, but he didn't stop there.  He pulled out and then teased the rim of my creamed butthole with the tip of his prod, light and easy, suggesting the was something more to come.  I really liked this, so I grabbed my moons and pulled them as wide as I could, so that even in this darkened room, he'd get a good view of my spermed hole and get inspired to wipe all the cum with his dick and then put it back up there.

Then I started talking...'Oh yeah, shove it up there!  Fuck your cum deep into my ass!' or something like that.  And that's what this top did.  He resumed fucking, and more spirited than before, turned on by my dirty talk.  This action continued for a few more minutes, until he pulled out and stroked himself, but we were both at a fever pitch by now, and I knew he wasn't going to be satisfied until he dumped a second load in my ass.  He wanked off some more, like it was the last thing he was gonna do before exploding, stuck that hard rod up my ass and fucked me deep and hard.  This time he tipped me off, 'I'm gonna cum,' just before blasting a second shot, stopping still while his cock twitched and unloaded. 

I was tempted to shoot out the cum then and there, but decided against it, as this was all the lube I'd be needing, this was a sex party after all.  Before I left the party, I got fucked by another dozen guys or so, and I don't think any of them came, but when I got home, I shat all the cum out of my ass and it was a better than decent deposit, thick and rich.  All his, I'm pretty sure.  No matter where you are, two is always better than one.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Latin Slut in Sheer Nylon Socks Spews Cum from Freshly Fucked Hole

I've followed this trashy Latina bottom for a few years now...I believe he started out in Spain, then he was in Mexico (Merida? Acapulco?) for a few years and now he's in Barcelona.  He's used more than a couple of handles in his Xtube profile, but now he's posting his videos under the name of adamstorm38, and he's hotter than ever.  His 'used and abused' (thank you Jeff Palmer) hole is hotter, bigger, cummier, nastier than ever, and that's what you get in his videos: a slow steady drilling, with his sheer nylon sock-clad feet in full view, and then some fabulous hole-stretching at the end with rivers of seed flowing out.  None of this is faked, it's purely raunchy mansex with a bottom who gives it all up.  He also handles a reverse cowboy fuck better than anyone else I've seen lately.  The videos run mostly 3-5 minutes...go to Xtube, and check out adamstorm38.