Saturday, November 15, 2008

Squeezing Out the Cum

Thirty minutes after I concluded the previous posting, I had the urge to crap, but I knew it was all that cum the black lawyer had injected into my ass. I was not disappointed. My bowels discharged a copious amount into the shot glass, which I added to the jar of cum I keep in my icebox. But then...more...after about 15 minutes, a second load, this time smaller but still enough to fill the shot glass halfway full. I still felt something up there...either that or my ass was sore which seemed unlikely...I didn't feel sore, just different. But then a third load of cum, smaller but still more than I shoot when I do shoot. This was a huge load or else three loads, judging from the cum discharged! I never felt it go in, which leads me to doubt those queens who swear they can feel cum being shot up their asses. Having taken all that cum, and being able to save all of it (an uncharged load, according to the top's profile he's reason to doubt that, he seemed pretty upfront about everything, he also said he was a multiple cummer, which I can now vouch for), makes me a happy man today.

Saturday Morning Interracial

I'm sitting here writing this with a hot cumload up my butt. I have not mastered the art of squeezing it has to stay in there and work itself out...but I can feel it there, so I'm sitting here at the computer waiting for it to want out, so I can collect it and get on with my morning's a beautful day in SF, uncommonly warm for so early in the day and I want to get out, hop the streetcar, get a coffee and a paper at the Cafe Flore and enjoy life. The load's still up there, and in a minute I'll try to squeeze it out...maybe I'll learn how to do it right. When it comes out, I'll be squatting over a shot glass into which it'll go, and then into the freezer to lube a future fuck.
This morning's load comes courtesy of a black lawyer taking a break from his busy professional life. Lawyers work long hours sometimes, and since it's early Saturday morning and he's working towards a Tuesday deadline, maybe he'll come back for seconds later this weekend. I'm starting to host now, since it's a lot easier than hopping the bus for an assignation...nothing cools the sex drive faster than a bus full of ugly, unhappy people, and there are always some, unwittingly ruining my day. Clogged traffic on your way to a date is bad enough, a bus ride can be really ugly. So the nice looking black lawyer and I hooked up on Barebackrt...the best website for barebackers...and being a lawyer, there was no bullshit about him, he showed up, and we got down to it...he fucked me on all fours with his scimitar shaped dick, a nice nine incher which seemed to dwarf my seven inches which got only semi-hard.
I feel that load in there wanting to come out.
The black lawyer top came almost immediately. He pulled out, and some cum dropped onto the carpet. I scooped it up and put it back on his cock. Then he put me where he wanted me on the bed and then gave me a good good as the bottoms got that he posted on the profile. He was an efficient fucker, and came a second time after a few minutes. I was totally sober, and took only two snorts of Amsterdam.
I feel it wanting to come out. Gotta go.