Monday, April 28, 2014

Robby Mendez: A Ten on a Scale of Ten

If I had to name one guy of the present moment, who embodies all the qualities of the Perfect Bottom, that guy would have to be superbottom and porn mogul Robby Mendez.  In some recent work for Rawstrokes where he bottoms for the mega-hung Hood, Robby demonstrates how a bottom should get fucked, ideally...and for real.  He's simply the best; his is a controlled, nuanced, sustained bottoming experience.  A great bottom has only a few minutes to understand the top's fucking style and then to follow accordingly...when to move, how to move, if to move at all...when and to what degree to be submissive, or, at times, all depends upon your top and you had better pay attention and don't be a stupid bitch.

I don't like bottoms who scream, talk, whimper or moan.  Grunts are OK, but mostly it should be a case of Bitch, just shut the fuck up and take it...if the top wants you to say anything, he'll let you know.  Bitch, shut up, don't move until the top lets you know and don't fuck up his climax and when he shoots it up your ass, you goddamn squeeze his dick with your buttmuscles.  Robby does all this with scarcely a hint of emotion...although I have seen him respond intensely while getting fucked in his own videos on his own website.  He is cool and kewl.  The Perfect Bottom.

Some other items of interest regarding Robby: his physical flexibility and his complexion are astounding.  Hood puts Robby through a series of moves, of various attitudes where we get good, unobstructed views of big black cock digging into Latino ass.  Robby can do it all with a rarely seen grace.  And then, Robby's skin is so damned perfect, I wonder if he's resorted to full body make-up the way William Higgins used make-up back in the '80's.  The difference is even back then it looked fake, especially on natural beauties like Kevin Williams.  The color contrast of the skin tones, Robby and Hood, in an anonymous looking hotel room with only three or four background colors, makes this sequence a of art.  Rawstrokes, Robby Mendez, Hood, check it all out for yourself.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Can't Get Enough of Joey Rodriguez

If you're like me, you've become a fan of this lithe, wiry, talented little Latin bottom boi, who made 2013 his own and is delivering on 2014.  XVideos contributor Porn Dog has uploaded his own compilation of four sizzling Joey scenes where he gives it up to Jessy Karson, Mr. and Mr. Owen Hawk, Antonio Biaggi and a hot black top of the thug persuasion, sorry that I can't recall this guy's name.  Joey's wearing shoes or socks in all but the Biaggi sequence, which is interesting because the time I actually saw Joey getting fucked, he was fully dressed in tight jeans and sport shirt.  Well, at least I'm pretty sure it was Joey, it sure looked like him, and judging by his facial expressions...which were pure Joey.

The reason he was dressed was because the occasion was a Super Bowl Party at that famous Silver Lake location where there is an unusual mix of socializing, drinking and eating, and sex, if you want it.  Joey was getting plugged in the kitchen during the first quarter, so it was still pretty early in the day.  And I can vouch for the top...I should say...he's fucked me twice, once at a fisting party at Master Tom's in the Castro and the other time at one of early Cockpit parties at that old catacombs of a sex club on Harrison Street.  So I know what I'm talking about here.  This top is short, stocky, hairy, bald and wears glasses even when he's fucking...and is...massively endowed. Joey took it all and since it was early in the day, I'm sure it didn't end there in the kitchen.  So if you're a Joey Rodriguez fanatic, check out XVideos or join up, and btw, it's free. You won't see the Silver Lake kitchen fuck but you...will like the four scenes...and get your Joey fix for the day.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Faceless Bottoms Take Black Dick, Cum, Piss

Noholesbard is one of my favorite Xtube contributors and his handle is an absolutely righteous pun, for he does provide some literary descriptive backup to his many encounters at That Place, and his masterly fucking is...indeed...well...poetic.  The holes are offered up by every Chicago cumslut who knows the way to the legendary That Place, obviously one of the hottest sex venues in Chi-town and on Xtube and could be, not so obviously, Noholesbard's bedroom.  He's uploaded dozens of episodes, most of them around ten minutes in length, depicting wasp-waisted bubblebuts with accommodating holes taking many miles of raw dick. Noholesbard's raw dick, for sure, but many other anonymous black topmen also contribute: That Place is the site of many a gangbang, all carefully edited by the Bard of Bareback himself.  Noholesbard never shows his face, nor the faces of his fellow sperm donors, much less the faces of his bottoms...still, the action is nonstop and has the real rawness that makes amateur videos so check out Noholesbard on Xtube: black dick, big black asses, cummy holes, and lately, piss with the promise of more to come.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Poz Texas Businessman Does It Sidesaddle

I am well aware of the risks that go along with promiscuity.  But having already dented the car, I'll continue to drive it for as long as I can.  I will not make excuses for promiscuity but I have to admit that were I not so promiscuous in these risky, treacherous times, I would never have experienced the wide range of fuckstyles found among the bounty of poz tops now traveling the world spreading their toxic seed.  Being a San Franciscan who gets out and around, I have enjoyed match-ups with many of the visitors passing through.  I have been fucked at midnight by a poz CEO in his suite at the Hilton.  I have been fucked by a poz St. Louis businessman in his suite at the Nikko...he was in full leather gear but because of his professional reputation, he wouldn't risk being seen at Kok or Truck, so I went to him.  I raced to the Parc 55 to get laid by a poz businessman whose window of opportunity was an hour while his partner shopped in the mall across the street.  And I haven't been all that discriminating: I've hooked up at Beck's many times, ditto the Travelodge on Market St, and guys who have rented short term places on Nob Hill, in the Castro and Pacific Heights. All bareback, all fucking, all HIV infected.  I've been fucked all over town and I'm glad for the experience of meeting new meat, as you never know who it will be or how it will turn out.  Such is the thrill of promiscuity and discovery.

How else would I have known that the post preppy in the rugby shirt would be such a pig with a distinct style of pounding it home?  The fact that he was poz was enough of a turn-on for me: with his styled hair and smile, he looked like he could be selling stocks, insurance or fine jewelry, but I knew that underneath the J. Crew khakis was a dick loaded with nasty, deadly stuff and I had to have it.  Usually when I find a guy who's 'too' well-groomed, it's not sexy for me but in this case, I liked the incongruity of his appearance and his being HIV-positive.  The media would like us to believe that poz men are the walking dead, depressed characters marking time before checking out to the Big Nowhere.

This dude is from Houston, and I thought about him after rhapsodizing about the great porn turned out by the Texas-based operation, RawOreo.  But this Texas fucker had a style that hasn't been much depicted by RawOreo or any other studio, for that matter: he liked to do it sidesaddle.  After the customary sucking around, he put me on my side, made sure my legs stayed together, and shoved in his average to better than average dick straight into my ass.  And I got a really nice drillin' with that rock hard prod hitting my buttwalls at various angles, 'places I never knew existed'...okay, I borrowed that line from 90's porn...who said that? Kurt somebody.  But it is so true.  Sidesaddle fucking requires a stiff dick, and probably a big dick, although Houston wasn't huge or holy shit.  But he never slipped out...not once, never.  It was a good, solid, relentless fuck so vivid I'm able to recall it now a couple months later.  And I haven't been fucked like that since.  Now that I think about it, maybe cute Latino hot-bottom-of-the moment Joey Rodriguez is the only guy I've seen sidefucked lately, and handling it very well, too...but more about him some other time since he deserves a posting of his own.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Black Thugs Plow White Ass Deep in the Heart of Texas

For those of you unfamiliar with Raw Oreo, it is a website built around the talents of MachoFucker alum, Frost, featuring black thug type wannabes fucking a cast of skinny white bitches.  This may or may not sound enticing, but all the good stuff is there: miles of thick black dick, cultured white holes for copious black cum deposits, interesting camera angles...every sequence seems to include some cowboy and reverse cowboy action.  Yeah, there are a lot of raw cowboy cockriders dow there, and it's so appropriate, this being Texass coming and going.  In the release, Frosted Toppings, the lanky Frost demonstrates his versatility by doing a fair amount of topping white AND black ass, so I know you'll want to check out the website, or the Frosted Toppings trailer now available on Xvideos.  All the action takes place in a cookie-cutter Dallas apartment...all very real, and very hot, hot, hot.