Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Face for the World to See/My Ass for Latins to Seed

You would have seen a man's face looking out the window if you had been standing on the sidewalk looking up to the fifth floor.  You would have seen a man talking trash to the world, shit like 'fuck that ass!'  That man was I, and I was poised on an armchair facing the open window with my hands on the sill while a humpy Latino neighbor plowed my ass with his thick, veiny, uncut native meat.  The seat could have been a little higher for the best insertion and I raised my white trash butt as best I could to take his forceful thrusting; with my dirty bare feet on the seat cushion, I could poise my ass just right for this rockhard dick, he never slipped out even though it wasn't the most comfortable position for either of us.  Latino fucker had to pause to put on his shades because the sun was in his face, and sadly, there's no building across the street so there was no one there to get the best view, which would have been from a few stories up.  As for the 100+ windows down the block, I couldn't say if anybody took advantage of the free show, for as I said, it was pretty bright...broad daylight in the middle of the day.  But world, if you saw it, that was I...my gnarly face shouting obscenities with a Latin man, face obscured by sunglasses, behind me, fucking ass.  Sorry if you all missed it, and I sure would like to do it again...just for you.