Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cockpit Party

Same great space in The Mission, different great crowd, smaller crowd than I had expected, but a successful venture nonetheless. What makes a great party? Everybody who wants to fuck...fucks, and everybody who wants to get fucked...gets fucked. In my case, more cock up my ass than I've had in a long time...six plowings, three by the same guy who kept coming back for more, all kinds of loads, though...I'm pretty sure about that...I thought I might be carrying a nice load up there nothing came out although I pushed out as hard as I could. I have not mastered this fetish. When I first saw Paul Morris' Breed Me years ago, I was astounded and impressed...the movie opens with a headless perfomer working his ass over with a dildo, and then several loads of messy cum just out in rivulets...about the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Real mancum, not that pina colada mix phony cum some porn studios resign to, in a pinch. I've never mastered this art of squeezing the stuff out...even after a memorable night in PalmSprings when I took six hot loads, I couldn't get the stuff out, and believe me, I tried. The next morning, I took a squat and it all came out in one movement, which was nice in its own way.
Anyway no loads at the Cockpit this St. Valentine's Day. I was moved to top on two occasions...a tiny pinoy was stretched out on a mattress and taking all comers, and the second was a short, built Asian muscleboi on the bed in what I call the Victorian room...a proper bed with a headboard and drapped in GI-issue netting. In each case, I hesitated...and lost. Other guys moved in and took over for long sessions...and in my case, a better offer to bottom again turned up within minutes. The Cockpit is the hottest venue for uninhibited mansex going on in the City right now...good lighting, jsut enough lighting, not too dark...several (!) mattresses, benches, sofas, a sling, the 'Victorian' room, another room that I call the Egyptian Room, and a rapidly changing fluid mix of tops and bottoms. Thanks, Cockpit guys!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Day in the Life of Chris Neal, AlphaMale video

Chris Neal, escort and bareback pornstar, looks like a throwback to another era...the era of 'rough trade,' a term that sounds terribly dated now but does come up now and then. Chris has an attractive, scruffy jarhead kind of look, enhanced by prison style tattoos all over, including his dick, a real turn for his fans. This recent video shows some recent ink work on his left arm, which is beginning to look like an oriental-inspired mural of color. Chris might or might not be Southern, but he surely reminds me of the white trash guys I grew up with in SoCal's tacky so-called Inland Empire. Chris Neal's fans won't be disappointed by this video...A Day in the Life...Chris playing with himself in the shower, Chris getting head in the gym, Chris fucking pornpup Billy Cochran in a chair, Chris fucking the pool boi, and finally Chris getting it from two black tops...on a bench. While not up to the quality of the Treasure Island Media products (against which all bareback porn must be compared), there is an early morning glow to the lighting, it goes to a faint pink with subtle shadows, which Recommended for Chris Neal fans. If a porn producer ever wants to make a bareback version of Sam Steward's Phil Andros stories, he should look into Chris Neal...the guy's a natural for Phil Andros, the quintessential black booted, leather jacketed rough trade of the '50's. Chris also has a nice, unaffected, soft vocal delivery.
Bareback Fuckers is a new video by AlphaMale Media...and it's a series of unrelated pairings of Euro couples. It's pretty middle class and the guys are in monogamous relationships, so while the models are decent looking, even hot by daddy standards, it's a bit like watching nice clean cut straight couples having sex in suburbia. Does that turn you on? If so, then this one's for you.

It's St. Valentine's Day and '60's starlet Olivia Hussey appears in person on stage at the Castro Theater's showing of Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet tonight. Last night I was going to go out to the Fruit Cocktail reading at A Different Light and then top it off with Brain Farts at the Outlook, but then it got windy and cold, and I got lazy and lost interest. Instead I stayed home for some autosex, helped along by What I Can't See 2, mostly as a warm up for the Cockpit Party tonight.

The bears are here for the International Bear Rendezvous! Hope the restaurants make a killing.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Goldilocks and Three Thousand Bears

There was much blab on the radio (Ener-G 92.7fm) this a.m. regarding the international Bear Rendezvous slated for this weekend in our fair City with some terminology unknown to me. Of course we have navigated the world of bears and cubs, where girth and hair are the principal defining characteristics. But of course not all bears are fat, as you may have, we have musclebears and musclecubs, these being the more athletic varieties, but now we have silverbears and polarbears, those bears that bear winter colors year round...I could figure that one out for myself, but what of Goldilocks?
Fernando and Greg, the charmingly opinionated d.j. duo on Ener-G's morning show, revealed more terminology that I mentioned earlier: more than a few Goldilocks were expected to prowl the streets of the Castro and SOMA this weekend. What is a Goldilocks, do you ask? According to Greg, a Goldilocks is a bear's own fag hag, a straight girl who hangs with bears. Uhm, I haven't met one of these, so maybe I should broaden my horizons, a bit. Of course, I've known a great many bears and they are generally a kind, gentle breed...I have NEVER encountered a loud, obnoxious bear...evidently, after a winter of hibernation they are by nature kind and gentle and friendly.
I'll do better about attending bear events; I'll admit to a certain fascination with what have been billed as 'go go bears,' as they have lived up to the tale that heavyset people are often light on their feet and good dancers.
The Bear Rendezvous runs through the weekend with all sorts of socializing and some big deal affair at the Castro Theater hosted by Kathy Griffin.
At the moment my thoughts are focused on the upcoming Cockpit party and the GayVn awards ceremony, neither of which have much to do with Bears. Ah, generally speaking.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A poz gay barebacker documents his times

This is a linear documentary by a poz gay barebacker...of thoughts about sex, the search for sex and the consummation of sex during these muddled times. Public figures and public places will be identified...private individuals and private places will not be identified but will be described as observed or experienced.

Pozboi lives in San Francisco but considers the West Coast as his domain. Trips beyond his domain do occur and will be documented. Fast approaching middle age and thoroughly aware of his HIV-positive status, he is dedicated to the pursuit of sex for the duration of a lifetime that he will play out to the very end. This is a documentary and is not an editorial...written so that future historians will know how HIV-positive gay men lived and shared the experiences of sex and disease, in the shadow of a taboo that was seldom acknowledged because of fear or the pressure to appear politically correct. This is my story. This is our story.

I am William Harry, known, to pozbois throughout, as Billy Twee.