Saturday, December 10, 2011

AIDS Mafia Gets Politicial in L.A.

The AIDS mafia wants voters to ban bareback video production in L.A. They are trying to round up enough signatures to put the measure on the ballot for the election next year, and they probably will get more than enough signatures and they might be successful in the election. It doesn't matter, of course. I don't know if that many gay bareback videos are produced in L.A. anymore; the only entity that comes to mind is Knightbreeders. This measure will effect straight video studios more than gay studios since the heart of straight video production is the San Fernando Valley, most of which lies within L.A.'s city limits. Of course there's nothing to prevent a producer from crossing Clybourn Avenue and shooting in neighboring Burbank. So this measure has to do with two things: first, I admit, it is a matter of conscience for some AIDS activists, and second, and I think, equally influential, is the quest to justify their existence, to communicate to their contributors and donors 'hey, look at us...we're doin' something.'
Put aside any libertarian arguments against this ballot measure, and keep in mind that they money spent on this political campaign would be so much better spent on expanding the public information regarding safe sex, education and prevention, which they do very well. Ah well, as I've said before, these guys are just doing their jobs.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Fuckbud's Return

It had been so long since I heard from my favorite fuckbud, 'Dr. Hook,' that I thought he might be mad at me. Then, last week, we were both online at once and we traded messages and agreed that we each was looking forward to hooking up again, and soon. I didn't realize how soon.
A few days later, I was walking home and saw him across the street walking in the opposite direction. He was dressed for work so I knew he had been on his lunch break; it was about 12:45 on a Saturday afternoon. We greeted each other enthusiastically and though he had only another 15 minutes for a lunch hour, we headed to my place, about a block away.
With time of the essence, we engaged in a most satisfying coupling, me taking his fabulous corkscrew black dick in a fevered frenzy...I had forgotten what a great top this man focused, controlled, and with that cranked dick of his hitting the rarely probed corners of the love canal. Hook always cums deep, but this time was phenomenal...a day later I was still shitting out his cum, and using it to lube my dick for a morning wank.
Later that same Sunday morning, I called him and left a message on his cell. He was over in about 30 minutes, and we played a repeat, although this time we started doing missionary and I felt that pozcrank hit some places I'd forgotten about. His style, like I said, is measured and fierce, with alternating stretches of slower, forceful plumbing and rapid rabbitfucking. It takes him only about 15 minutes, which is just about ideal in my book: another deep planting of his toxic seed...I needed a recharging, but twice in two days from this pozfucker really is a gift. I didn't wait as long as before to push out his load, equally copious as earlier, and with his poz seed I lubed my dick and wanked off, cumming this time. Life is good.