Monday, April 30, 2012

Bareback Sex Parties in the Desert

I'm happy to write that I was able to make it to Palm Springs to take part in pspigslut's fetish and fisting party. These parties are posted among the barebackrt party listings, and for my money, they are the best parties going. Literally, there is only a $10 donation required, and you can ask if there's viagara available at about $5 a pop, and beer or wine or something else are OK, as long as you bring your own and in something other than a glass container. The venue is literally a sex areas for fucking or fisting are curtained off by hanging drapery and the lighting is just right...hard concrete floors and wow, great music tracks to keep memorable moments in the sex archives of your forever, maybe. There's also a pool (heated for now, as the desert nights are still cool) and another play area, with a sling in an outdoor patio. There's also a lot of outdoor furniture for resting and fucking, as I saw Saturday night...a black top lain out a chaise longue with a short white bottom riding a long, slender cock. The best party is where every top fucks every bottom, and that's pretty much what happens at these parties. There can be as many as 50 guys at these parties, but more likely 30 guys, and it's all looky-loos here, no people who keep their clothes on while rushing around to stand around and watch. I'm not saying those voyeurs should be barred from any sex party, but they should be made to pay more, like $25, something comparable to streaming porn, because these parties are living porn, real life porn. The most active play area is just off the right as you enter: a large mattress that can accommodate four of five bottompigs at a time, each one getting fucked hard and consistent. And there's no one bottom hogging all the action, spreading out and taking up all the these guys are all adults...a bottom will get fucked by three or four guys in about 30-45 minutes and then he'll relinquish his space to take a rest, not concerned about missing out. There always seems to be enough dick, enough ass, to go around. The crowd is older (40's-50's) and sure of itself...and it's an early crowd, too...the busiest part is between 8-10pm, although the fisters go at it well into the night. So these parties can be a great beginning to a night of sex, party here and then meet up somebody else later. Or get loaded up, then go home and let your partner or boyfriend fuck your cum-filled ass. But best of all, unlike a lot of sex parties advertised this party, everybody is NAKED...maybe a jockstrap once in a while, but for the most part, it's total, naked, mansex...and oh, did I say it's the best bareback sex party going?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Porn Stars of Yesteryear and Today

This post started out as a Cheap Thrill, something we do when we catch a public view of a porn type on the street or engaged in 'public' sexual activity. First, the porn star of Today: the classic beauty of Sage Daniels for the world to see, at least that part of the world on the F Line streetcar on Market Street in San Francisco. Sage was busy on his cell phone for most of the time but he looked around enough for us to meditate on his classically chiseled features, that real movie star face he's been blessed with. After boarding on Upper Market near the Mint, he rode for only a short distance and alighted at 9th Street/Larkin Street. Either he went north to the SF Public Library or south to the Treasure Island Media corporate office, perhaps for a production date: you decide. Nevertheless, this sighting definitely qualified as a Cheap Thrill. Now for the pornstar of Yesteryear: Steve Hurley AKA Titpig seen at the Revivals gay thrift shop in Palm Springs, looking a little grayer and a lot paunchier, a bit of disheartening news. Now for those of you too young to remember, Steve/Titpig was one of the first bareback porn stars of the Post Condom Era. He worked mostly for Hot Desert Knights and Treasure Island Media, and was of an earthier type, a real daddy with a lot of hair, strong legs and impressive dick, a dry sense of humor, and a thing for pipes and cigars; in fact, Titpig articulated the cigar fetish better than anyone else, except maybe for Cole Tucker who was definitely a barebacker (seen in action at the Camp Palm Springs) but without any bareback video credits. I'll never forget the night at Camp Palm Springs when I saw Titpig, cigar hanging from his lips, preparing to drill a young preppy type hoisted in a sling. That vision is something one never forgets. Apart from the spare tire, Titpig looks as good as ever, given he's gotta be a good 50 years old. Not a Thrill, maybe, but certainly as Cheap as they come.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Diversification thru Promiscuity: Cum Must Come from New Sources

During the 1980's, those early years of the mysterious and insidious phenomenon that came to be recognized as AIDS, there was the assumption that AIDS, or HIV, was a product of promiscuity. Irresponsible homosexuals were engaging in scandalous, risky sex and spreading their filth around the world, infecting humanity. Well, there may be some truth to that claim, but it's a waste of time to debate it now, 30 years later. Yet I do recall an idea posited by the late Scott O'Hara, put forth regarding the infection of late author Randy Shilts, who did much to promote the idea that unprincipled and undisciplined gays who were killing themselves and a generation of gay men, by engaging in condomless sex. Barebacking wasn't a term commonly heard in 1985; it came later, but Randy Shilts portrayed barebackers as selfish, irresponsible idiots acting out a communal death wish with their promiscuity. Much was made of anonymous sex, which is what these nasty barebackers were into. Bath houses were shut down. Super nelly right wing Republican pundit William F. Buckley suggested that HIV positive men be required to have an AIDS tattoo for I.D. purposes, as if we'd shun these tramps, these self-absorbed pigs, who wanted to have unprotected sex, no matter what. Little did these queens realize that oh yeah, we would do much better than that: yeah, we'd continue to have anonymous sex with as many people as possible and hell yeah, we'd go out and get our own biohazard tattoos. It came to be that a biohazard tattoo would not be a badge for the shunned, it would become a magnet for guys with an edge. A younger generation didn't experience that insidious time when nobody really knew much about this virus and when the Randy Shiltses and AIDS mafia did their best to turn us all into a class of victims. Oh yeah, about Scott O'Hara: in 'Autopornbiography,' he reasoned that Randy Shilts came out against promiscuity because he felt that's how he had become infected. Scott felt that it was more likely that Randy Shilts got infected in his bedroom by somebody he loved, a boyfriend or a partner, rather than on that massive orgy mattress on the 2nd floor of 8th & Howard. I've read some uncharitable accounts that Randy Shilts favored closing down 8th & Howard and every other bath house in SF, only after 8th & Howard denied him entry. There is some medical research that suggests that, today, with all the marvelous medications available, promiscuity may be a good thing. Exposure to various strains of HIV may actually bolster immunity. This stuff is politically incorrect and not much was made of it when it was proposed at the AIDS conference a few years ago. I've commented on the AIDS mafia many times, so the fact that these studies are allowed to settle under the radar doesn't surprise me one bit. But here's my point: I love my fuckbuds; I have three...they keep me flooded with their poz cum, but I've not been getting much beyond them. I need to diversify my cum sources, and I'm doing my best. I need to try harder at promiscuity. I need to go to more parties and the baths and anonymous hookups. Sunday I got the ideal pump and dump. I hooked up with a guy from Barebackrt, and he came over as he said he would. I pulled down his pants to reveal a plump uncut schlong that reminded me of a bull elephant seal. He got me on all fours, moving me around like a chess piece, and proceed to give me a good, solid, fuck that went on for maybe three minutes. Then, blasted a load up there...and left. No small talk, I never even caught his name, although I did save his profile on my buddylist. At least, some new cum source to keep my immune system on its mettle. As for my fuckbuds, as I said, I love them and need them and will do anything they tell me to do. But, I'll also pay attention to those medical researchers from Switzerland, and do what I can to get some new germy seed, in the promotion of better health.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Butt Sweepstakes Winner: Jesse Balboa - Fuel Injected 2 Review

Jesse Balboa has been around for a while, but never quite identified as a top or a bottom or even as versatile. Jesse was usually to be found among a list of performers, one among several or many, and teamed with an adequate partner and never quite standing out, as in a featured or lead sequence. I remember him as a budding fisting bottom and he did fairly well in 'Raw Sweat,' by Spunk Video, but that was about it. But Frank Stein at Slut Machine is smart to put Jesse on the box cover of 'Fuel Injected: Two,' because for maybe the first time, Jesse Balboa is going to sell a video. You can see and read those fabulous buttlips right on the cover...SOLD! This is the best video of the year so far.
Jesse Balboa has the best videogenic ass in the business. Maybe Danny Lopez could give him a run for his money but Danny isn't in 'Fuel Injected: Two' and Jesse is. Both have gorgeously plump moons that for a moment make us forget their well-cultivated, well-seasoned buttholes. Jesse's hole gets treated to some serious pole driving by Antonio Biaggi and Lito Cruz, the two major topmen in the business right now. I liked Antonio's scene better but he got the better views from the camera. You'd have to ask Jesse which one he liked better, but the star in this video is Jesse Balboa's expressive, responsive hole...and his nasty bad boy attitude. This is not to say that the rest of the dvd is a wash...which is so not true...the other scenes would be the best scenes of any other video, but this is Jesse Balboa's video. Here's hoping for more from this talented Latin hole.
Frank Stein, thank you.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Piss Man

It was Sunday afternoon at Steamworks and not particularly busy; evidently more guys were home doing their taxes. But even a slow night can turn up some surprises. Like piss. This young/old daddy comes into my room, feels me up and asks if I'll drink his piss. I'd rather have him pee up my cumtrap, and we're in a bathhouse not outdoors on the patio...piss can get messy...but what the hell...OK. After sucking on that pisstick for a while, he lets go with a modest stream and I take it down the gullet, but he's really into my ass, fingering my stretched puckerhole (I always prep with my travelin' dildo), caressing my buttlips with an experienced hand, not the coarse jabs that some idiots pick up from third rate porn.
The door to the room is open throughout all of this.

'That's nice,' I say, 'but I'd rather have your dick up my ass.'
He bends over to my ear, and says, 'I can't keep it hard enough to fuck you.'

But then, this built white daddy works his way into the room and starts palming my butt, and I hear Mr. Piss Man say, 'this is a hot ass. Go on, fuck it.'
Built daddy is young/old, old/young, not quite stocky, blonde going gray, and in the dim light, he looks like a glowing white bear. He turns me around and proceeds to fuck the hell outa my ass. His dick is better than adequate, and thank God not monstrous, so I can handle his rapid repeat thrusting style of fucking.

He shoots his load up my ass, and I yell, 'Okay, Mr. Piss Man, eat my ass!'
Well, somebody is eating my ass, and I think it's White Bear, but I don't really know and frankly, I don't care...piss, cum, ass eating, all in a day's work.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Efficient Fuck

Of course we watch porn mostly for inspiration and partly for vicarious thrill. For those bottoms having as much sex as I do, there's very little vicarious thrill. We don't need to be vicarious. Some of the sex I've been getting is as good or even better than porn. I've been a little lucky here and there, but mostly I'm responsible for my own sex life and to make it happen.

Now if I can inspire a top, at least for a short while, I'm as good as porn. I have little patience with those bottoms who are always complaining about their tops. Ya know, ya gotta be inspiring.

So when I'm plowed by a daddy, fabulously fucked, as Scott O'Hara used to say, I think I deserve most of the credit. Aha! Well, that is most of the time. A couple of weeks ago I got fucked up my toxic shitter by a muscular daddy, built and bald, and it was such an efficient affair I'm calling this installment The Efficient Fuck. These fuckings are smooth, rigorous, paced, quick and effective, ergo, a nice load planted far and deep, deep, deep into my gut, my inner depths, the back room.

This fucking maybe lasted all of 3 minutes but it was so nicely executed it was totally satisfactory. I've never had a live-in boyfriend kind of relationship, so I'm only guessing that this is what it should or must be like. An efficient fuck...every night or so...preferably. By a top who knows what he's doing. The bottom has to be cleaned out and ready to go at all times, and I've blogged about that already. And most important, try to be inspiring. And better than porn. Amen.