Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some musings on Treasure Island Media...Island...What I Can't See 3

I was going to blog about Knightbreeders but got distracted by Treasure Island Media's latest, 'Breeding Season 2,' which I finally viewed last night. You may recall my blogging about seeing it on the lousy video screens at the Chaps II bar in SF and still being old stalwart Brad McGuire and a crop of new bottoms, including John Sullivan whom I described as a 'keeper.' He's more than looks like he's going to be TIM's next big star bottom. Breeding Season 2 is a 2-disc set and you really get your money's worth...disc 2 has some shorter chapters incl. a couple of gangbangs, some re-edited chapters and a preview of Ryan Sullivan's upcoming video, called 'Island,' a sort of homage to What I Can't See (more about that in a minute)which in shorthand will be referred to as WICS3 starring Ryan's brother...that same John Sullivan the keeper, the looker, who will play the role first played by cuteslut, the bottom who started it all.
Back around the turn of the century, barebacking was still something that raised eyebrows. It all got on tape around '99, with Michael McKey including a bareback fuck in Depth Charge 2, complete with a droplet of cum on a fucked hole. I wrote to Michael at the time about how the hell did it get in and he wrote back saying that the director was so tweaked at the time he didn't notice. MMcKey was the videographer, not yet to direct his own bareback classics. I think his reply was a joke, but we were definitely going in a new direction. Then around the same time, Paul Morris did Raunch Lunch (I believe) which I read about in one of those cheap, amateurish 'zines held together with staples. You wrote to a PO box on Market St. and Paul got back to you with a self-addressed stamped envelope...that was only about 10 years ago! McKey came out with Bareback:The Movie and Bareback 2:Once in a Blue Moon, but then Paul blew it wide open with 'Breed Me' and the opening sequence, some J. Arthur Rank gongs and a bottom milking 15 or 16 loads of cum out of his ass with a dildo. I think we were all shocked at this but there was no turning back...barebacking was taboo, verboten, sexy, hot and we wanted more of it.
What I Can't See had an interesting premise: a blindfolded bottom getting fucked by a wide variety of guys in a motel room that looks like Beck's on Market St. Cuteslut was a skinny little redhead who didn't drive, lived in Modesto or thereabouts and was posting in the early days of the internet...I think for a while he was splitting his time between CA & NYC. There was very little cum in this video, and I wrote to Paul about it and he wrote back saying that cuteslut's ass just soaked up all that jizz. There'll be a lot more cum in Island/WICS3, to be sure.
Scott O'Hara wrote that Cory Monroe (a cute skinny little blonde bottom from the pre-condom '80's) mused that he hoped one day there would be a porno that would be 'ALL SUCKING! ALL FUCKING! ALL POZ!' What made me think of Cory Monroe is that John Sullivan is interviewed in the preview (on disc 2 of BS2) and for the first time there is a discussion of HIV status...John is poz which of course is going to make him all that more desirable. The world turns..
In Breeding Season 2, the openly poz top Lito Cruz drills an in-shape daddy called Seth, and of course we all want to be like Seth sucking in Lito's poz load...disclosure is Sean Storm communicated to me, 'we all love those poz loads, don't we?' Breeding Season 2 is a terrific video, buy it(!) and can't wait for Island/Whaat I Can't See 3...I got a feeling it's going to be important.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Night of the Long Dongs

The best sex is the kind you want never to end...and that's what happened at my latest trip to the Berkeley Steamworks. I was there for only a few hours and I got fucked by only four tops, but it was extraordinary in that every one was massively hung, and I ended my stay there because I didn't want an average-sized dick to 'mess up' the beauty of the though I didn't want it to end, I knew that it would and I ended it because I wanted to remember it as a really special experience. The first top that fucked me was a 20-something Black dude with his hair wrapped in a bandana, and he delivered a rough fuck that plumbed the depths of my fuckchute. He didn't cum but the workout was so invigorating I didn't give a shit. The next top was a preppy type who was into piss...first I got rammed good and hard, followed by a piss is a great feeling getting your ass filled by a man's hot piss, and more about this encounter in a separate posting...just think, fuck, piss, wet, messy. The third, also supremely endowed was a Latin type who gave me a good even drilling and got me to thinking...ah, three big ones in a row...this can't go on. The fourth fuck of the night was delivered by a White top in his twenties with a scimitar-curved dick that was almost touched his navel...the firmness, the curve, the beauty of this dick was something to savor, but he was a rough fucker also, and by now my ass had taken a lot of deep drilling...this guy hit my prostate with every trust and I have to admit, it was gettin' to me, hurtin'...I moved forward on the bed (I was in one of the really nice x-tra large rooms) hoping he would follow and fuck me on my belly, but he wanted to give it doggy style and kept pulling me back to the edge of the bed. Wham, wham, wham, and god it was hurtin' but I wasn't goin' to ruin it for him, I held on for as long as I could.
Four big-dicked tops, one right after the other, is more than any bottom could hope for. I didn't want just an OK-guy to finish it off for me, so I called it a night while I was still riding the rush.
More about the piss enema in the next post...if you never heard of a piss enema delivered in a private room in a bathhouse, neither had I. This should be handled with extreme care.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sexy Nightmare: Getting Fucked at Army Recruiters'

Greetings, men...I'm in Palm Springs right now, just having awakened at 0745hrs. from a vivid nightmare and I want to get it down and share it with you because we tend to forget these bad dreams, as you all know.
I'm riding in an SUV driven by an elderly demented friend (dead since '05)when he stops and disappears. I go into this building and it's the US armed forces recruiting station and enlistment center (I've been there, know what it looks like), and there some guys there, including a parapalegic who's on the floor, naked with a hard on. Pig that I am, I asked him if he wanted to fuck me, and he says yes and I drop my pants to my ankles, and get down on the floor and can feel the head of his dick entering my asshole but he never gets it in all the way and deep...he doesn't have any legs, just stumps, but it seems that he's learned how to fuck despite the no legs. Finally, there's some nice fucking, but I look up and there's an Asian sergeant telling us to break it up, and not to say anything but the first thing we do after taking the oath is to go to the if the most important thing to him is his enlistment quota, which on reflection, absolutely rings true. Then I notice that the guy fucking me isn't the parapalegic at all, but some other guy...and then I notice my pants are missing...along with my wallet, ID, credit cards, money. Then I get afraid and angry and start cussing out my elderly friend who drove me here...and then I woke up! Ugh. This nightmare was 'so real' that I lay in bed for a few minutes worrying what to do about that lost wallet. Anybody want to translate any of this for me, by all means, don't hold back.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some New Players in the World of Bareback Porn

Dan Fisk is marketing his own videos under the name of 'Bone Daddy' and the quality is as good as those by Slut Machine, which is very good indeed. If you're a Dan Fisk fan, you can order these sight unseen and you won't be disappointed. The one I saw was something about fuck that faggot ass, and there was plenty of fucking faggot asses, so enjoy. Blackbreeders I've been following through twitter and its website as production continued on their early videos, and they deliver: thick dicked black tops drilling talented bubble butt black bottoms. If anything, the action wasn't raunchy enough for my tastes but those chocoholics among us will enjoy these. I wasn't overjoyed by Daddy Pack (I saw only #2) and again, not raunchy enough...the daddies, attractive as they are, just didn't seem down and dirty enough to please my qualified we age, our passion shouldn't necessarily diminish, though admittedly, we are fighting the trends of Mother Nature. The guys at Rawstrokes just keep getting better and better: I bought 'Raw Hole Damage' because Jack Simmons' fucking of Jayson Park was the best interracial coupling so far this year, and now I'm encouraging everyone to buy 'Raw Addiction,' which is also interracial, with superb black tops plugging hot latin asses...ah wowza, this is one hot video despite Marco Cruise, the hottest piece of latino manflesh to come along in a long while, not being captured in the best lighting, with annoying crotch shadows...but I know his next video will be really great, there's too much talent there...add another hot latin bottom, L'il Papi, whose style is completely different but equally fabulous (nice dick insertion shots, and some nice butt perspectives) and the reliable Robbie Mendez, these flacos can really handle the massive black schlongs that equip the stable of tops that's making Rawstrokes one of the hottest studios of the moment. Though Spunk has been around for a while, in 'Hot Fuck' they introduce a hot little pussyboi bottom named Jay Elliott who got my crank goin'...add him him to that list of cute little bottoms like Tim Skyler and Christian Baxter...young they may be, but they are experienced and take it like the champs they are.
Lookin' forward to seeing Sean Storm's new one, Assblasters, with a lot of old familiar tops and of course, the new Treasure Island offering Breeding Season 2. This has been a good summer for hot if I only knew the HIV status of some of these new performers, the summer would get even better. We'll continue to keep an eye out and keep our readers posted.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Suction Cup Bottom at Chaps during Dore Alley

Treasure Island Media promoted a dvd release party for their new production of 'Breeding Season 2' at the Chaps bar to coincide with the Dore 'Up Your Alley' fair last weekend, and of course I had to go. Recalling the spontaneous sexual mayhem orgy that erupted at the Rawhide bar (this was during Folsom not Dore) a couple of years ago, this time I went prepared with a cleaned out, lubed up hole and made up my mind to take any cock that I could get. The bar was crowded as expected but I got my draft and made my way to the benches way to the back of that dark hole which seemed grubbier than boots were sticking to the floor. I gotta comment that the boys behaving badly back there were all 'of a certain age,' while the younger queens in their leather gear were more into texting and sharing images on their cellphones. One daddy let his fingers travel along the small of my back and down my pants, down the crack of my ass, to probe my greased up asshole. I was going to let him go wherever he wanted with this...and I loosened my belt and held up my pants by my hands in the pockets...the seat of my jeans was loose and ready to drop at his desire. Then out of nowhere, some dude in a black leather jacket turned up and went down on top daddy and clamped his lips on that dick that should have been going up my ass...and stayed that forever. This oral bottom did not do much more than keep his face buried in the daddy's crotch...I mean there was no head bobbing, no cocksucking technique, no coming up for air...he just clamped down with his fuckin' face in the guy's crotch and stayed there, motionless like a suction cup. I gave every sign to the top that I was willing to wait this guy out, but finally, I said fuck-it and got the hell out of there. Besides, the crowd of nasty guys in the back corners of Chaps had thinned out by then, so we were pretty much exposed, and that seemed less attractive to me and kind of killed the moment.
I went to the front of the bar and took in what I could of 'Breeding Season 2' which was showing on all the screens in Chaps and I can't review it based on what I saw as the equipment wasn't all that great and it wouldn't be a fair and honest review...but I can say that even in that less than ideal viewing situation, the video 'reads' as another TIM classic: Brad McGuire, a little older and more mature, has never looked better...and there are a bunch of new guys, all of them good, and one in particular, John Sullivan looks like a keeper. That's why although Treasure Island Media advertised that the stars would be present, I wouldn't have recognized them anyway...the new young guys were probably busy texting someone, although I did recognize Tober Brandt smooching (yeah, that's the word I'd use) some fans in a corner, and the always professional Sage Daniels was a good sport and spent the whole time, that I was there, selling TIM tee shirts and gear, closer to the bar.
Finally I saw Suction Cup leave, so I went back to where the action never happened, and it had cleared out almost entirely...there wasn't even anybody waiting in line to use the john. So my plans to get fucked got aborted by a no good, low down sorryass cocksucker...yeah, but there's always next time. We'll shoot for military night or jockstrap night or the provocative-sounding Skank Night at Chaps and see if the dynamic's any different. And oh by the way, Dore Alley is alive and well. Now the scene shifts to bear country...with the upcoming Bear Market and a bunch of events planned for the capital of bear country, good old Guerneville.