Monday, May 25, 2015

Drivin' the Chariot: Fisting Two Hot Asses at Once

I'm a quick sketch; I'm in the Civic Center Motor Lodge for another sexual encounter, fisting this time and I can see right away that my job is to hold steady while these two possessed sex-driven crazy ass bottoms ride my arms in some bronco busting action that keeps me, a top...the a suspended, awed state of submission.  Don't talk to me about power bottoms.  This is beyond power bottoms...this is uncharted territory for me, and frankly, gents, there are times where I can get a little scared...maybe this would be one of them.

Take a straight-looking businessman by day, and put him in a fabulously old school, semi-seedy motel just blocks from the very grand San Francisco City Hall, and you might guess that he'd take my extended arm all the way to the elbow in one sleazy slide and then work his hole like a pumperjack.  A stocky guy but graceful with each stroke, all the way in, and then he'd let up, until very nearly out.  I'm on the bed and on my back...this is the maybe only way this can be done, and by the way, the view is great.

Meanwhile, on my other arm is another power bottom whose approach is totally about a hole that sucks up an arm like a python sucks up an alligator? Ah, slowly but firmly, completely, finally,silently.  The hardest job was giving each man his due, these two different styles could make an unwieldy chariot, but I think I did OK.  I'm so lookin' forward to the next time.  And by the way, anybody out there the wee bit interested, you can find out more about me on Asspig, or Barebackrt, or Adam4Adam (San Francisco/Civic Center)...just start with billytwee.  Any pair of bottoms wanting a chariot ride, now knows how to find out more.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ryan Cummings: Multi-Cumming Man Cunt Star Needs His Close-Up

Xtube, video performer and producer Ryan Cummings is a freak.  In a good way, of least, I want to think so.  Ryan's manpussy is blessed (?) by an extraordinary quantity of nerve endings along those sugar walls resulting in waves of multiple orgasms that keep this handsome dude on the edge throughout the most ordinary of fuckings. There is no reason to doubt him; you can see for yourself as he's posted some generous clips on Xtube; just start with ryancummings.  His blessing or curse - and I say 'curse' because I doubt many of us could survive such pleasure - must be something similar to vaginal orgasms, which I have heard described as waves, or ripples of orgasms, an ebbing and flowing but continuous sensation.  Quite different from a spurting moneyshot.

Ryan is a Superstar in the making, and he needs only a better outlet.  He has done some work for Bad Seed Media, including a video of his gangbang at a recent IML, but I can't locate a supposed dvd version, and since I can't find it, I'd like to communicate with anybody who has.  Ryan's also done some work through other channels, performing separately with poz faves Jessy Karson and Logan Stevens in a flip scene.  Another xtube contributor, KidSatyr, the former Mindspring of googleblogspot, has uploaded his two scenes with Ryan, with a poz injection and buttloads of cum.

I suspect Ryan wants to call his own shots, but if he can work something out with Treasure Island Media or SlutMachine, this guy could become really...uhm...famous.  I haven't met this high flying Canadian - he is also known as flyinryan, but we've chatted and he sounds like a nice, serious guy.  As for that IML video (or was it MAL?), I'm still lookin'.

Friday, May 8, 2015

What Blatino Oasis Is Not

It just so happened that I was in Palm Springs the same weekend as Blatino Oasis, so naturally I went down valley to the Cathedral City Boys Club to check it out.  I had seen videos on xtube that made it look irresistible to me: scores of handsome black men, appropriately scantily garbed, lotsa drinks, laughs, strip shows, live sex shows and dj's around the clock...the relentless hot sun of the desert...what's not to like?  Actually, I was looking forward to what went on after the sun went down.
Now I know: not much.  If you, like me, were expecting some sort of back room you'd find at The Black Party, a situation where no hole goes unplugged, you'd be as disappointed as I am.  No such thing at the Blatino Oasis I was at.

The set-up at CCBC is a cluster of small cabins, each one easily accessible to the next, that seems to encourage all those looky-loos who just go from one to the next, door slamming, and similar heads poking around, those voyaging voyeurs.  One cute white boy legs up in the sling was totally ignored for more than hour.  I oughta know: I was in the sling opposite the whole time.  I stayed a little longer and I was as good as ignored, a couple of buttslaps and some finger probes, but no black cock interested in slamming one of the biggest holes in the desert.

The crowd that Sunday morning (I checked in around 1:30) was young, social and into silly playacting...without any real black studs into fucking.

My suggestion to CCBC: turn down the lights, way too much light in those sexshacks.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Back Alley Blowjob for Chump Change

I'm not a great cocksucker.  I don't live to suck cock although I respect those men who need to suck cock, especially those so driven that they jeopardize reputation, family and career to suck cock.  The media pages are jammed with Republican cocksuckers self-destructing over the promise of dick.  But speaking for myself, I'm not one to prowl the streets looking for cock.

But -
when a slender latin, standing between two parked cars in one those dark side alleys of San Francisco, waves an erect dick in your direction, and it's 6 a.m. and no one else around, does one have to think for an instant about what to do?

I'm not a great cocksucker.  I don't know how to suck cock all that well because I've never cared all that much about it, being the analist that I am.  But I did adapt right off to this guy's style, which is to thrust violently.  The cocksucker's job in this case is to keep his own teeth out of the way.

Thrust, thrust, thrust, shove, shove, in and out.  Strong, blunt, fast. Then-
jingle, jingle, jingle.  Yeah, the fucker's pockets were full of loose change, and it was jangling with every thrust.

Thrust, slam, boff, in and out.  Jingle, jingle, jingle.  Yeah, it was hard not to laugh, which would have been impossible anyway since my mouth was full of hot latin dick,  Then-
there was a streaking flash of a car's headlights as it slowly trolled the alley.  Golden boy lost it all, the bravado and the erection.  He zipped up and beat it into the shadows.  In a New York minute.

An old Monte Carlo rolled past and turned at the corner.

No cum shot here.

Looking down on the pavement, I saw the remains: quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies all scattered about, fucked out of his pockets, I guess.  Well, hell, I scooped them all up: $1.79.

$1.79, not much...Even the trannies in split hot pants do better than that.  End of discussion: I'm the makes me the cheapest whore in San Francisco.  The Buck Seventy Nine Whore.