Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bastard Junior's Auspicious Debut - Porn Review

If 'Raw Stallions Hung Hot Rods' isn't a debut for Bastard Junior, it might as well be. Just who is this new name guy? Whoever he is, he's a new talent, and hooked up with Frank Stein's SlutMachine, he should do well and go far, if this new dvd is any indication. The action is beautifully captured; we get great insert shots, sequences that are just right in length, great lighting, camera angles and a combination of veterans and newcomers. Sage Daniels and Ian Jay are the veteran bottoms taking hung hot rods, the likes of favorites Hot Rod and Chase Coxx. Ian Jay has never been better presented...through medium range shots where we get to see his face and his feet as he's getting viciously fucked by Hot Rod, and the contrast of skin tones is artfully caught on camera. Newcomers Jake Brentwood and Luke Bennett are manly young bottoms and we can't wait to see more of them. And then there's Antonio Biaggi, who seems to branching out, working with various studios. This splendid specimen of manhood is beautifully presented here...a great performing talent matched with great directorial talent. Buy this one without renting it first, you can't go wrong. This rates 5 stiff dicks!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Silent Breeders

I'm in Las Vegas and his dick is very small as a short pencil used for jotting notes, but like most small dicks, it's as hard as a pencil, as well. Small dicks are often good for jabbing pussies, coming out and thrusting right back in again, but this one had a hard time getting in, so when it was finally in, I took care to keep it in. I squeezed that baby as tight as I could and massaged it earnestly with my talented buttmuscles. At that point, the top just stopped and held his dick in place and within a minute, withdrew completely and left. Oh, well, I thought...there's always the next one.
But as I fingered my hole, I realized that it was rather sloppy and then a blob of cum oozed out. I fingered some more and got enough to lube my dick for some playing of my own. Then as I got up off the bench, I noticed there was a pool of cum on the floor. Imagine, all this cum from this tiny bit of meat, and the top gave no indication he was cumming at all, a real silent breeder.
The next night I'm in Palm Springs at the CumUnion Party. I'm on that annoying mattress that's actually three long, narrow pieces that don't stay together. A top climbs on my back and tries to get in. He's not really hard nor is he that big, but he does get in and he fucks me briefly with a loofah-type cock. This action lasts for only a minute, and then he's off my back and I never see him again. That's all the action I get at this party, which I will describe in greater detail on another blog. But when I get home, I get the urge to crap and I realize there's actually a load up there...a big one that just flows out of my butthole. Again, as in Las Vegas, this was a silent breeding...there was no thrusting nor pounding, no change in tempo, no grunt nor sigh of pleasure. Just some silent breeding but with a couple of big loads. Some guys breed silent, breed deep.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fucked by a Salesman

The funny thing is I didn't realize it was he until we talked, after he had fucked me to heaven and back. I used to be a client, and he used to service my account. I guess now he serviced me in another way. I wasn't sure it was he but he started a conversation and then he asked me, 'Is your name...?' And then I realized who he was. It's funny getting fucked by somebody you've known for years in a business context. A spirited, longlasting top...adequate equipment...uhm, and no discussion of HIV status after the fact, a bareback fuck in a bathhouse with anonymous-friendly lighting...and a hey, how are you...but no asking further questions. I guess I can assume he's poz also, but the situation though not exactly awkward, was certainly new and it still has me!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 Load Squat

I headed to Palm Springs for a few days and one of my favorite sex venues, a sex garage on the north end of town. I've described this place before; the fuckspaces are divided by hanging panels of black fabric, there are slings (3), a fuckbench, and two spaces with big mattresses dumped on the floor...there's not too much lighting and the guys are there to fuck, not stand around. It's a mostly older crowd and I guess that's why there's a lot of action, even though there's never been more than 30 guys or so. It also tends to clear out early...I was one of the last guys to leave and it was only around 11:30.
I got totally fucked by a series of tops I'd never met and oh yeah, the Energizer Bunny who pounded my ass off and on throughout the night...I think five times in all. He also fucked every bottom who was there, and I really enjoyed watching the bottoms in slings getting worked over by all sizes of dicks...I especially liked seeing the bottoms' dirty feet (from the garage floor)as their asses got pummeled.
I took at least one load, a big one that the top really worked hard to get off. When I got home, I took a squat, collected the cumload in the palm of hand and then used it as lube to jack myself off, a nice way to close the evening.
The next morning, after I awakened, I simply lay in bed for a while thinking about how great the previous night's action had been, and I got that nice feeling of being pregnant with cum, you know, that urge to take a crap but you know it's not crap. I just lay around a bit longer, thinking back and hoping it would be another copious load. Finally, I did another squat and shat a smaller but still nice blob of seed, which I smeared over my dick so I could play with myself a bit longer. What I don't know is...was it all from one, massive load, or a second load shot deeper into my hungry ass? Don't know, don't care. Cum's the best.