Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slutmachine's 'Choke: Full Throttle' Review

If there is such a thing as art direction in the world of porn videos, then Slut Machine is the studio that does it best. It makes for better porn, that's for sure, and 'Choke,' SlutMachine's latest, is the best video I've seen so far this year. There are some fetish scenes: a bottom wrapped in a straight jacket gets fucked by a Latin and Black top...and another bottom gets fucked while clinging onto mattress springs anchored to a wall. But it's all so beautifully thought out, that the setting enhances the sex, and the sex is all vigorous and exhilarating to watch. A couple fuck on a mattress in a red room, and the art direction comes into play by showing off the models at their best...the colors are worked in to make the best of the performers' skin tones and physical features. Jacob Slader, Antonio Biaggi, Chase Coxx and Justin Jameson are the tops in 'Choke,' and who could ask for more? Sage Daniels gets plugged by Zel Miller, and cute bottomslut Tyler who got plowed on the mattress in 'Ride Hard' by a video arcade customer and then, the Latino janitor, actually flips in his scene with bottom Blue Baily. Blue Baily also gets it from Antonio Biaggi in maybe the hottest scene...this Blue fella is a new find for me, a hot little post-twink type with a curious tattoo that I fantasized as a stylized shamrock suggesting a biohazard design...as in, hey I'm Irish and poz. He's certainly looks good enough to pass for Irish, but I can only fantasize about his status, because I don't know. Anyhow, we hope to see more of him. Check out 'Choke'...if you're already a Slutmachine fan, you'll want it to complete your collection.
Cheap thrill today: a construction worker walking into the Bank of America branch on Castro Street...with a biohazard tat on his forearm, but individualized with a Frenchy fleur-de-lis kinda look. God, I love San Francisco.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Scott O'Hara Died 13 Years Ago Today

'Spunk' O'Hara (I prefer 'Punk,' as he stood at about 5-4, feisty little devil) wrote his own obit, and I quote from it, 'Writer/publisher/performer Scott 'Spunk' O'Hara wishes to announce that he croaked at 10:40 p.m. on Wednesday, February 18. All of his friends and fans are sorely missed. In lieu of flowers, he requests that you make a donation to your favorite sperm bank.' That's what the Bay Area Reporter (BAR) and other gay media printed. For once, Scott was too modest here: he was also a great social commentator and philosopher. For some samples of his own wicked take on life, look into 'Rarely Pure and Never Simple' (1999) published by the Harrington Park Press, a collection of his essays, some of them culled from STEAM, Scott's 'zine of the '90's.
When I need inspiration, I read selected passages from Scott's 'Autopornography: A Memoir of Life in the Lust Lane' (1997)...who can deny the eroticism of 'God it felt good to shoot inside an ass again...and then reach inside and feel my cum squishing around in an asshole made fiery hot by the friction of my dick,' that's on page 141, and it was totally politically incorrect back in '97, when barebacking was considered dangerous, one of the most irresponsible things you could do...we were still a couple of years away from 'Depth Charge,' 'Breed Me,' and 'Bareback Buddies.' Uhm...wow. Only chemo could slow Scott down, and it finally did him in...renal failure during chemotherapy for lymphoma. He had just attended a rehearsal of his new play, 'Ex-Lovers.' He was at it to the very end.
He had a contrarian streak in him as wide as Van Ness Avenue, and I attribute that to his rather hippie Christian contrarian upbringing in Oregon. He had his own ideas about sex; and he talked and wrote about it at great length...some of his vocal comments were loud and boisterous, all of the writing was hearthfelt, sometimes idiosyncratic, and always personal. I love the chronology included in 'Autopornography,' which documented his jobs, travels, performances, and red letter dates, such as 'August 11, 1985: won Greasy Jockstrap Contest at Powerhouse, San Francisco, met Al Parker,' followed by 'September 2, 1985: fucked by Al Parker.' Isn't that great?
Scott O'Hara was one of a kind; and getting fucked by Scott O'Hara was something to remember.

Monday, February 14, 2011

BathHouse Load Used as Lube for Jacking Off

A little business took me to Dallas and not having a car and being somewhat removed from the gayspots, living in a hotel downtown, I decided to hop a cab and check out the Midtowne Spa. I'm glad a cabbed it as it was farther away than appeared on the GoogleMap and it is located in Deep Ellum, the oldstyle traditional skid row/ghetto area except now it's staging an uneven reinvention, meaning there are lots of vacant lots, and dark streets, not a place to park your car overnight. The Midtowne Spa should be the hottest ticket for bath house sex in Dallas but it was fairly quiet for a Saturday night. As big as it is, it just needs a lot of people to make it feel really attractive, and those people weren't there the night I was. It has three floors, a rooftop sundeck and a spa on a lower level. The rooms are basic and plain, as they should be and the lighting in the hallways and rooms could be improved; a little darker would make it sexier. So I give the Midtowne a qualified thumbs up...I wasn't disappointed in the set-up, just in the shortage of men...and yeah, parking seems to be a problem that could hurt business. They have a tiny lot and the lot down the block is a pay lot, and like I said, I'd think twice about parking on the street. And I don't think Texans wouldn't even think of using cabs, especially in a spread out place like Dallas.
I had a few encounters: a Princess Tiny Meat gave me a quick fuck...it was maybe the smallest dick I've ever had so I clamped down on it and did my best to keep in my ass, which I did, and man,I was rewarded with a big load...sadly, it went right into his condom. I made sure I got that condom and after he left, I squeezed the cum out and lubed my asslips with it, smearing the rest on my buttcheeks.
Later, a big daddy came in and his dick was just the right size, not too big and we were able to get another big load, this one went straight up my ass, it was great...the kind of fuck that afterwards makes you want to take the time to meditate on the beauty of sex. But I didn't realize how big a load until I got back to my hotel, did a squat and got all the cum pooled into the palm of my hand. I hit my favorites on Xtube and jacked off using that cum to lube my dick...all of this made me feel pretty sexy and it was nice to think back on how that cum got up there in my ass, and how to spread that seed, mixing it up with your own. All said, an pretty good OK time in Texas.

Friday, February 11, 2011

AIDS/HIV March, Race and Reality

In recognition of National Black AIDS/HIV Awareness Day, the San Francisco AIDS mafia organized a march from City Hall to someplace in the Western Addition, although the local gay media failed to disclose exactly where. I guess this was totally a media event concocted to keep Black AIDS victims in the communal consciousness, so where they marchers ended wasn't important enough to report. A photo published in the Bay Area Reporter (BAR) showed a few dozen marchers, some of them assisted by canes or crutches. The mafia, here in this context, namely the National Minority AIDS Council, says Blacks are at a disadvantage due to "a complex set of social, individual and environmental factors." Fair enough I agree that any program designed to target a specific group has to be real and honest. This whole business of living on the down low, for example, is rife with racial connotations. But my experiences, based on decades of hot anonymous sex with men of all races, ages and cultures, would make the mafia's analysis only more complex. For example, I can generalize about condom use: Black men are more fastidious when it comes to using condoms, second only to Asian men, and by Asian I mean Chinese and Japanese. My experiences with Filipinos and Koreans have been inconsistent. Latinos, and in my case, this means Mexicans, are more problematic...Mexican guys over 40 are likely to use condoms, those younger are among the fiercest barebackers. But who's less likely to use a condom? It's 'white' guys, hands down. And I've had enough sex to conduct my own survey; it's just too bad I haven't written and categorized every single sexual encounter; they're not in the thousands, but hundreds, most certainly.
Then the resident himbo on the SF Board of Supervisors, one Ross Mirkarimi (who is not Black but represents the Western Addition), chimed in with non-sequiturs about AIDS and San Francisco's dwindling Black population (the City now has fewer Black residents than it has in many decades, less than 7% of the total population)...'the African-American exodus couldn't be more shameful,' he opined. 'I see this as an opportunity to make sure the stats go in a different direction.' Well, go ahead, do what you want, but the declining Black population has nothing to do with AIDS/HIV, so if you don't see the results you envision, don't blame Black folks.
I suppose these media events do fulfill some purpose, but I couldn't vouch for their usefulness. Black guys are nowhere the 'problem' in the prevention discussion, that the white guys are, and that's a fact.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Year of Living Positive

Treasure Island Media has designated 2011 as the Year of Living Positive. So far they haven't done much to articulate beyond what is implicit in the language, except to run a short video clip on the website starring three studs who are poz and out...and 'proud!' as my pal Jayson Park says. We're anxiously watching to see where they go with this.
It was bound to happen: a porn studio was going to acknowledge the presence and attraction of the HIV-positive fetish and admission of the erotic nature of poz cum, impregnating somebody with it or absorbing it into your most intimate parts...the most conclusive manner of bonding.
I have been ruminating about the 'All Sucking! All Fucking! All Poz!' video for a long time, from even before the late porno diarist Scott O'Hara quoted 1980's performer Cory Monroe's ultimate wish by using the language of 1930's movie musical promotion. Paul Morris launched Brad McGuire and James Roscoe as an example of a sexual relationship that has thrived despite sero-discordancy; Brad is notably HIV-negative. I think Paul Morris realizes that this match doesn't quite work as a fantasy for a lot of us; most of us poz guys into longterm relationships dream of a hot poz partner, not a negative guy who will put up with us. In short, and I wish him no harm, but a guy like Brad would be so much hotter if...
There's an unseemly side to the Year of Living Positive that will doubtless raise the ire of the AIDS mafia, those professionals and activists whose existence and paychecks depend upon marketing guilt and fear as the means of HIV prevention. Also provoked will be those rightwing politicians who play the gay card to secure political donations from terrified hairbags in the hinterlands, frightened into giving up a share of their Social Security checks. As I wrote earlier, we'll be anxiously watching.
It IS interesting that some of the mainstream porn studios are now producing bareback videos with a disclaimer that all the performers tested as HIV-negative. We hereby certify that all performers in this video tested negative as of 1/31/10. What pleasure it will give me if Treasure Island puts it right back out there: We hereby certify that all performers in this video tested positive as of 1/31/10. That would be hilarious (!) and something to think about.
Until then, we'll be anxiously watching...