Monday, March 10, 2014

Treasure Island Media Pushes the Button with 'Viral Loads'

Most of the comments from the public posted on the Treasure Island Media website have been typically lame, with a lot of dancing around the issue: detectable HIV deposits banked into willing asses.  Certainly, this is a fact of bareback sex, and by extension, bareback porn.  But the guys at Treasure Island Media are engaging in some subtle (some might say 'not so subtle') marketing here, demonstrating how to engage the pozcum fetish which is a repugnant issue for the mainstream porn industry.  Michael Lucas is now producing bareback porn...BUT...and we all know this...his models are all HIV-negative.  Ditto, the slew of crap from Brazil and Central Europe...fresh twinks free of the nasty bug are all tested, and paired off in antiseptic, usually tedious, uncharged bareback action.

I don't know about you gentle readers, but as far as I'm concerned, poz guys are so much sexier because we are uninhibited and have gone for broke with what remains of our sexual lives.  A porn star of undisclosed HIV status becomes so much more attractive once his positivity is revealed.  It helps the viewing public create his image, part of an imaginative and intellectual process that is a vital part of porn.  For example, I never really appreciated TIM starlet Jay Ross until I created my own image of his character: rich college frat boi who spends his allowance on expensive New York hotel suites where he can get gangfucked and charged by big latino cock.  But it's still up to the pornographer to give us something to play with.  Treasure Island Media is doing this with the new video, 'Viral Loads,' where a preview scene with poz megastar Blue Bailey (porn types reach 'mega' status when they star in their own gangbangs) and Steven Richards, of whom I would know little if it were not for TIM's subtle marketing.

We all know that all bareback porn bottoms are poz, with only a few exceptions.  You can't be worried about HIV if you're going to bottom in bareback porn.  But we often don't know that much about the tops; we have to search the internet for more information about HIV status, if it's ever disclosed at all.  Until now, however; through this subtle exercise, TIM has taken the unspoken to the next step.  A viral load in bareback porn is a matter that pertains to the top.  We bottoms love those viral loads, and in the new video 'Viral Loads' we can assume that all the tops have a viral load to satisfy the hungry demands of those toxic bottoms.  So I'm assuming that Steven Richards is poz, and all the other tops are poz, as well.   I think we're supposed to assume such.  So I'm anxious to see who else tops in 'Viral Loads.'  I can almost guess who the bottoms are, but I'm really interested to see the roster of tops with their viral loads.  One thing about Treasure Island Media: they don't mislead their viewers, e.g., we all know Brad McGuire is negative.  If Brad shows up in this one, then it will show how wrong I can be.  Check out the 'Viral Load' preview scene on the TIM website.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mike Dozer's Million Dollar Bail

As far as I know, Mike Dozer remains in the Montgomery County (PA) clink and that million dollar bail levied by the judge assures he will remain there for a long time.  There's no way that Mike can win on this one, even if his 14-year old prey (located through the Jack'd website) looked mature for his years, pursued and consented to having sex with the poz pornstar.  I don't know if this story will interest the gay community for very much longer, although some of the comments I've read online have been provocative and reveal some understanding, however creative, of Mike's situation.  It's been posited that the boy wanted to have sex with a poz man and set in his mind that Mike Dozer was the man he wanted.  I'm not from Philadelphia, but I would have to assume that your choices in that part of the world are going to be limited...pornstar, poz, can travel, all that stuff.

Mike has been quoted as saying that he didn't realize how young the kid was until he met him...ah, the perils of internet hookups...and then he says he cleared out.  But he did communicate with the kid online, he did travel to engage the kid, and may or may not have had sex with the kid, but by that point it doesn't matter anymore. Although the statutory rape laws do differ slightly from from one jurisdiction to another, according to statute, one doesn't need actually to engage in a sex act.  Just putting yourself in the situation pretty much closes the case.  As soon as Mike got within a few feet of the boy, he was matter what information the kid provided online or via cellphone.  The rape rap also includes a charge of 'recklessly endangering another person,' which probably has to do with Mike's hiv status.  You can see the Montgomery County's docket case for yourself, it's been posted on the website str8upgayporn.

Sorry, Mike...there's no way out for you on this one; it's probably the better course to face the music. Having written all this is not by any menas to suggest that your porn career is over; you may return to your bareback porn career once you have paid your 'debt to society,' just stick to the beef and the pork and give a pass to the chicken.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Matt Sizemore's New Gig

Anyone who's part of the Palm Springs gay scene knows that the enduring bareback pornstar Matt Sizemore hosts some pretty incredible parties at the Helios resort.  These themed events relate to the holiday calendar and the seasons, and always feature a hot bareback performer...guys like Champ Robinson, Brad McGuire, Patrick O'Connor, lately Adam Russo...setting the mood for anything-goes sex parties where all attendees can take part, and though, not necessarily bareback, there's plenty of bareback action to go around.  I've blogged about these parties, and my admiration for Matt is well-known, and when Treasure Island Media asked me to review 'Return to Meat Rack' I jumped at the opportunity, delighted when Matt got fucked in the pines, his first time on video as far as I know.  He had already racked up a reputation as a top during his tenure at Hot Desert Knights in videos such as 'Cum Canyon.' 

So there I was, sitting in the sun at Helios last Tuesday, taking a breather from the weekly informal daddysex party enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, when who should hustle past but the great Matt himself, dressed and acting very businesslike, like a guy who runs things.  And that's because he does!  Matt Sizemore is now managing the Helios Resort just off Indian Canyon Drive in the north end of Palm Springs.  We had the opportunity to chat a bit and he's every bit as charming as he appears in his videos, with his good-natured manliness. 

I have been meeting men at Helios for sexual encounters for a while now, especially after Camp Palm Springs went downhill (and eventually closed and converted to a straight hotel called the Skylark), because of the generous day pass...only $10 but you have to clear out at 5pm...and the great layout...a playroom (with too much light), mattresses, slings both indoors and outdoors, not to mention the hot tub and the pool.  Helios is not in the gay-oriented Warm Sands District but the Spanish hacienda architecture, the lush landscaping and agreeable size...about 12 the Palm Springs hotel I heartily recommend...and oh yeah, you might get to meet Matt Sizemore making his rounds.