Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Fuck Motel : Cheap Ass Hollywood Fucking - Part One

Men, I spent a fabulous couple of days in gay Loz Angeleez, and now that it's over, I can say that I feel completely qualified for the lower rungs of those many levels of Hell.  I was pretty trashy trolling for sex online, getting fucked at all hours by people I don't even fuckin' know.  Yeah, it was great. 

Sex does come with real estate.  I don't dig sex in alleys, by garbage dumpsters, in cars or in public places.  Those are all great areas for pissin' but no, I really don't like having sex with my clothes on.

But for my last trip to LA, I found a great motel on Sunset Blvd. with a parking space just a few feet...literally...from my door, and without the officious, uptight security that sometimes turns into a cock withering dealbreaker.  And no, it isn't the fabled Dunes, which has become famous for anonymous pump and dumps among horny Angelenos.  The Dunes will cost about $125 for a room, and my place goes for half that. 

But hot real estate doesn't make for a sure thing.  Of course I went online...complimentary wi-fi, thank my favorite hookup site Barebackrt, and got the usual mix of hot prospects, bullshitters, timewasters and Chatty Matties.  LA is awash in bullshit, but you knew that already.  Now mind you, this was a business trip, so I had to plan around business affairs, but the convenience of My Fuck Motel meant I didn't have to waste hours on LA's notorious freeways.  I spent way too much time trying to connect with this hot black daddy, and I actually thought it was a no-go, but more on that later.  For most of the night, I just wrote him off...he was texting me too much, a true sign of a chronic and habitual bullshit artist.

Finally, out of nowhere, I connected with a very tall youngish poz daddy on his way to work.  My set up was on the first floor, street level, and I was able to leave the door open a crack, and it was basically anonymous, although we had communicated online.  He was dressed for work.  I was on the bed on all fours, feeling spectacularly slutty after a night of tease.  What I got was a steady, measured, efficient fuck lasting about 5 minutes and resulting with a hot poz load deposited deep in my butthole.  I use the word 'efficient' and that's not a sexy word...but I do mean this guy knew how to fuck and get off, and that's what these anonymous online hookups are all about.  I was maybe a little disappointed when he first stripped and exposed his relaxed toolkit, but with a little bit of oral action, we got him up and ready.  My butt really loved this was the just right length and thickness for a pleasurable wake up call.  And when I say 'efficient,' well that was it to the very end.  When finished, he zipped up and was out of there, but not before remarking he'd like to meet up again, and maybe with some of his friends.  Ah, well, yeah, hell yeah...but who knows.  But for now, it was just what I needed.  But the day wasn't over...there's ,more with Part Two.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Video Review: JackSin215 on Xtube

I admit to being startled by the swaggering display of bravado so notably demonstrated by JackSin 215 through his videos posted on Xtube.  We have become so numbed by the onslaught of reality crap on cable and elsewhere, so much of it fake and orchestrated, that it is hard to be startled by anything.  There's nothing phony about JackSin215's encounters, nothing staged or rehearsed...his stuff is real...public sex with anonymous bottoms getting jizzed in alleys, cars and public parks.  The late night couplings in public parks are spectacularly arresting with black or latino asses getting fucked on park benches, picnic tables or playground equipment, and to add to the excitement, there are the occasional headlights of passing cars or the rumble of passing trains, only feet away from unlawful raw sex.  And for a change of pace, there is a gangbang included in his collection of videos, filmed in an Orlando hotel, where the totally versatile JackSin 215 shows that he can take as well as he gives.  And there's plenty of cum to satisfy you pigs out there.

Now we are talking amateur stuff here...sometimes there are weird angles or inconsistencies with light, but these shortcomings only add to the raw appeal of the situations.  And yeah, for now the videos are comparatively short, running 2 to 4 minutes, but no matter, it's all good.  So check out JackSin215 on Xtube, and consider sending him gifts or other rewards through the Xtube format, since we'll all want to see more from this promising amateur pornographer.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bottom's Butt Clamp Makes Top 'Cry Uncle'

There is a thrill for every fisting top as he enters a new fisthole.  I like to feel my way around the asslips first, and caress the tender meat found there.  A well-used hole, like a beautiful flower responding to a blaze of sunlight, opens up and simply swallows a top's probing fingers.  A new tight ass is something different, more of a mystery, I'd say.  We can make a tight ass open up much to the pleasure of the hosting bottom, but it takes work and patience.  A dedicated receptive bottom not only works with his top, but actually takes the lead.  Last night's session with a new fisthole was gradual, and challenging requiring concentration, but in the end, it was a very satisfying success.  After a long while of holding my fist in place while my fingers danced in his hole...I commanded him to take a long hit of poppers...then a deep breath...and my right wrist finally slipped completely in.

I love fisting a big man.  No, wait...I love fisting a big man with a big hole.  A big, experienced, well-used hole I can swirl my hands with a bit of artistic flourish while deep in his ass.  A pocket bottom is a different story.  While a pocket bottom - and happily they come in all colors - is a delight to can do all kinds of great things like flip them around, and toss 'em like a salad....he has to be fisted differently.  He's best in a sling.  He's good on a ledge or the edge of a bed, though the top will have to crouch down or kneel on the floor...that's OK...but flat on the bed requires some adjustment.  Now, I'm a shorty, too...5-6 they tell we fisted on a flat bed whilst I lay on my back, too, but crossways against the bottom so he could place his legs on my chest or belly, that made it comfortable for him and accessible to me.

Too bad, my fist wasn't all that comfortable, though.  After a prolonged period where we got him comfortable by keeping my fist in place while my fingers did their magical probing, I sensed that his tight ass was getting even tighter...a veritable clamp around my fist, like a vise applying enough pressure that my wrist started to ache.  That's some tight ass, but like I said, we eventually got the hand in as far as the wrist. That was as far as we were gonna get that night.   By then it was getting hard for me to ignore my discomfort, and it's not my style to bark out commands, Nazi-style.  The bottom was eagerly wanking himself, so I asked him, his being new, if he could cum that way and he said yes, so I say, go ahead and cum...which he did.

My current niche as a fisttop seems to be breaking in newbies or guys who want to explore their limits through a gentle hand.  I'm looking forward to taking this dude to the next step.  And any other interested dude out there, for that matter.  I'm getting to love that tight ass that makes me Cry Uncle.