Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Year Starts with Uncut Latin Dick

It would seem preposterous that a month has gone by with just a couple of postings, but indeed, I have been busy trying to purchase my own personal sex venue in the Colorado Desert, and more about that some other time.  I have had a sexy January, mostly fisting some seasoned, mature, and worthy ass in our City by the Bay.

The month got off to a sleepy start: on New Year's Eve, I passed out around 10pm and was jostled awake in time to toast the arrival of 2014, and then I went right back to sleep.  I don't force myself to be jolly and prefer to be comfortable.

A couple of days later, though, I was back to my old tricks, scouring the internet for old tricks and new tricks, and struck gold with a buddy who'd been to my place before.  Except on that occasion, he didn't fuck me (although he was supposed to); instead he fucked the black poz top who was fuckin' me.  Yeah, I was the bottom of a good old fashioned 3-meat sandwich fuck.  Both tops came simultaneously, and I did get a nice load out of it...but now it was time to sample that raw latin dick that had charged the top who was charging me.  Just thinkin' back now, I'm gettin' hard...that session was a quick journey to pozotopia.

I am very much into Latin guys.  Of all the numerous types of men, If I may be permitted to generalize, Latin men seem to be the 'less fucked up' about sex than any others.  Ricky Martin has been quoted saying to the effect, Sex to us (Latinos) is a joke, which sounds flip but what I get from that is that Latinos realize sex is just another aspect to the human experience, something not necessarily sacred or idealized, conjugal sex and the Blessed Virgin aside.  So my Mexican buddy fucked me raw, hard and fast, shot a toxic blast of jism up my white ass where it stayed for the rest of the day, marinating with my buttslime and giving me that pregnant feeling bottoms get when juiced.  Ah, that brings us up to January 3.

Friday, January 3, 2014

RawOreo: What I Learned in 2013

Why haven't I heard about this porn studio/website earlier?  This venue is the most interesting discovery of the past year...RawOreo.com, and it is exactly what its name suggests and delivers: Interracial bareback porn from deep in the heart of Texas.

Most porn studios do their best to cover all the bases, and nobody does it better than Treasure Island Media. Within TIM videos, one finds a wide range of scenes including leathermen, muscle daddies, preppies, gymbots, hustlers, bears and cubs, ethnics, drunks, and street pigs.  Other studios have followed suit, but RawOreo is concentrating on young black thug tops matched up with skinny, wiry, white pussyboi bottoms, and let's the sparks fly.  The mastermind behind this concept appears to be Machofucker favorite, Frost, who stars (sleazily in a spectacular way) in all of the videos supported by a bunch of passive white lads, all getting fucked by lean, mean black dudes.  There's the usual streaming, but only 4 or 5 dvds out as of this New Year, but we are so looking forward to what they come up with in 2014.

Go to RawOreo, courtesy of the FrostedMediaGroup, and get educated as I did, and enjoy these raw, uninhibited, genuinely trashy exhibitions of hot interracial bareback mansex.