Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Seance on a Wet Afternoon: Poz Top Churns the Butter

What better way to pass a wet, sloppy day than to open your heart, home and hole to the horny bastards of the world?  That's how it's been in California where we are finally getting hosed down with buckets of the wet stuff, and we respond by engaging in indoor sports.  A regular fuckbud came over for our customary nooner, and fortunately he works only a five minute walk away.  How good is that?  It's best to make the best of this situation before he gets tired of me.  And well, he's so good that we can get down and off in about ten minutes; he likes to make his toxic black cum deposit doggystyle, and I'm just love that shit.

But a load of cum deep in your ass is a terrible thing to waste.  It should be shared with the perverts out there harboring the cum fetish.  And they're out there, too.  Going online, we didn't have to wait long, thanks to barebackrt's newish cell phone app.  I need to share fairly quickly because I have found that a massive wad up there makes for a pregnant feeling and the urge to shit it out, which is what I consider to be a sad waste.

A nice, short All American type showed up, slightly post-jock with a full head of hair, and I discover that he likes to swing it side saddle.  I don't get fucked on my side all that much, so it was a riveting experience and this dude was hung well enough so that he never slipped out through all of that scissor action.  He rocked on the squishing sounds of his poz rod stirring the stew and he stayed rockhard throughout.  On top of that, his missionary style was to thrust and pull, which he did expertly and he closed a long session with some butt nibbling, tongueing and wiping down my cleaned out hole.  I'm not much for long sessions, but with this top, it was a very satisfying bit of afternoon play, almost romantic (which is not my style, usually!) with the grey skies, the rain, and the sounds of tires on the wet pavement of the street below.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pornstar Lou Cass Cleans House

Once a pornstar, always a pornstar...no matter down what road life takes you.  Lou Cass is an example of this observation.  In the Pre-Condom Era, pornstars paid the rent working at jobs leveraged through their porn associations.  All did some modeling on the side, and a great many were bartenders, barbacks or waiters, djs or event promoters, some managed gay businesses and some carried out production roles behind the scenes.  Some became writers, poets or editors.  But it was mostly porn related, since time spent doing porn didn't read too well on a 'real world' resume.  Since the Pre-Condom Era, the situation has loosened up a bit...which is so obvious when one recalls how Antonio Biaggi owned his own baked goods company or Cole Tucker worked in real estate.  But few who remained in show business (and yes, porn is definitely a show business) were able to make the transition to mainstream movies and TV.  Lou Cass is one of those few and for those of you interested in his filmography, check out Wikipedia for the full list.  That list includes 'Melrose Place,' and while I don't remember that, no Wikipedia user has corrected that information.

Now Lou's added a new venture to his entrepreneurial resume: his own house cleaning services outfit working in San Francisco and environs.  Lou was a lean, wiry, muscular dude when he worked for Catalina Video and other 80's studios, and the head shot on his new business card shows a bulked up young daddy complete with tats and a buzz cut.  The meticulously groomed young man obvioiusly takes care of himself and is now ready to take care of your house.  Do his boys work in the nude? That you'll have to ask him yourself...Lou Cass The Cleaning Specialist...LouCass@gmail.com, Facebook.com/LouCass or 415-377-3427