Sunday, November 29, 2015

Viagara Poppin' Daddies

Whenever I'm down in Palm Springs, I try to plan my trip around a day pass visit ($5-10!!!) to the Helios Resort, a clothing-optional gay hotel...nice Spanish architecture arranged around a pool and with lots of outdoor play space.  And specifically, a day pass for a Tuesday, as that's the day when there's an open sex party featuring lots of daddy cock; and I make it my job to make sure that these men have a great time.  When I get there, I make a beeline for the slings, and I have never...never (and that's sayin' something) been disappointed.  Last week, I got my ass filled by a series of dads, most of whom were fueled by the power of the little blue pill, and they were all great...lots of piston drilling, strokin', dick punchin'...a good time was had by all.  The great thing about these Viagra parties is that the silver daddies are out to get their money's worth before the effect wears out, so they keep comin' back for more...there are repeats and team taggin'...there are times when it's the bottom who calls for a break.  And need I say (from experience) that mature men can be the best sex, and so much the better if they rely on pharmaceutical help.  So, if you are into daddies, and into poz dick and/or ass, I can recommend Helios-on-Tuesdays.  And Wednesday wasn't bad either...repeats, team taggin', etc.  One thing I should add: don't expect to be loaded up with cum; the actual loads are rare, but when they do shoot, they are intense.  And oh yeah, another thing, bareback video superstar Matt Sizemore doesn't work there anymore.  He would have been too professional to play with the guests, but he was sure nice to see when one checked in.  Palm Springs...Helios...Tuesdays...more.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Butt Gymnastics

It is said that if one is a good dancer, he is probably good in bed.  And a good dancer also knows how to follow...and I consider myself a good follower.  Needless to say, I'm also a good dancer.  The daddy who fucked me inside, outside, downside and up, definitely knows his game and was easy to follow. A good bottom does what the top wants, and an experienced bottom just knows how to flow...especially when following a good top.

Most of my adventures lately have involved models.  While I don't mean to suggest that the sex is routine, but it has become...ritualized.  The computer and cell phone are involved, cab fare is on the table, it's butt up, pump, dump, and thanks, see ya.  I live in a tiny studio so it just works out best this way.  When I got to daddy's loft South of Market, there was a lot of space and we took advantage of it.

During a relatively long session, daddy twisted me like a pretzel, gently and I followed...any way he wanted me...sidesaddle...reverse this, reverse that...scissor style...and his dick never slipped a masterful fuck, controlling, dominating in an assured way rather than the usual pistonfuck.  I just went along with his moves, it was great, a real one time, the inside bend of my knee was around his neck...while his dick was deep in my ass.  The last part was the familiar missionary, but intense...we were in direct eye-to-eye contact, as he shot a poz load deep into the hinter reaches of my gut.  Ah......nice.

I had met daddy in Palm Springs and later in a sling at a Polk Street fuck motel, but these were group fisting sessions, so we talked about meeting up one-on-one, since we're fairly close to one another here in the City.  There's a lot of such communication in the gay sex universe, but we finally made it happen.  Am so looking forward to next time.