Monday, September 23, 2013

Crossed Wires Leads to Toxic Three-Way

In this technology-driven age, it shouldn't be surprising that we can get too well-connected for our own good.  Or maybe it's all good if it leads to good fuck. 

I don't know about you guys, but I can handle only one text conversation at a time.  I'm hooking up via barebackrt and my cellphone...and it turns out I'm working two guys at once (the phone numbers were almost exactly alike and I wasn't paying that much attention...I wanted to get fucked!), except I don't know it.  One guy's text messages did seem out of synch with the conversation but I just thought he was slow or whatever.  Anyway both guys turned up.  The first guy at my door wasn't the guy I thought he was, but he was this nice-looking black dude with a neat Afro, and we were about to get it on, when the second guy turns up, and he's the bi-racial guy who first texted that he was going with somebody else, but then he must have changed his mind, because here he is.  It turned out he had never changed his mind, and it was I who had mixed up these messages from two different guys.  It was the black guy who had changed his mind.

Got it?  Who cares?  It happens.  I'm glad there are plenty of trashy fuckers on barebackrt, because when I asked the second guy if he was into a three-way, he responded by dropping his jeans.  I shouldn't say it was a three-way, because it was more of a sandwich with me on the bottom.  I got fucked by the black guy who got fucked by the bi-racial dude, who was short, stocky and packed.  Alas, I never got to sample that dick, since they both came pretty quickly and good for them, at the same time.  I did get the brother's poz load, which should be good enough for anybody.  Getting mixed up with your text messages ain't necessarily a bad thing.