Sunday, September 19, 2010

HDK's Bill Gardner Remembered

It's been over a week now since HDK founder, and Grandaddy of Bareback Porn, Bill Gardner, died of lung cancer in Delaware. Bill had returned Back East after his cancer diagnosis, about a year ago, but for years, he was a mainstay of the gay community and culture of Palm Springs, which is where I met him.
Bill was maybe the kindest, most unaffected guy I ever met, and his passing is a real loss for everybody, not just the gay community.
If you want to see and listen to this guy, check out "Sex/Life in LA Part 2," where Bill talks about bareback porn/ His good-natured self just comes across effortlessly and naturally. A reviewer of this video called him a 'happy chappie' and that about sums it up.
I did a little porn for HDK around the turn of the century, and was a loyal and frequent participant at the bareback parties hosted by Bill and partner John Singleton. These were truly the nastiest sex parties ever, thanks to the design and lighting of the expansive play space and all the pervs that seemed to come out of the woodwork to fuck like adrenalin-fueled fiends. I actually used to close the 4 a.m. as I recall...pig that I am and hoping for one last plug...I was NEVER disappointed. I never left sayin' 'well, that wasn't very hot.' Once I left a dildo behind...the play spaces were divided by hanging fabric (black, of course) creating piles of fabric on the floor, and my Doc Johnson get lost in there. I called Bill about the dildo...yeah, the guys had found it, and he sent it back to me by FedEx overnight...what a guy.
Bill never played during these orgies...he used to man the 'registration desk' and at times pulled security outside...this was in the north end of Palm Springs, an estate closed off by tall walls of trees, if you know the city, then you know how windy it gets up there.
He didn't play at the last party I saw him, a subsequent house John & Bill had moved into on the more suburban south end. These parties were also fisting parties and I topfisted a hungry older bottom on the fuckbench, really working him over. I was too involved and didn't notice that Bill had been watching me. "I hope you'll fist me like that some day,' he said. He said this in a very affectionate way, almost fatherly, as ludicrous as that may sound. "Sure, Bill,' I said, meaning it too. Alas, it was never to happen.
Take care, Bill. I'll make it up to you when we meet again in that Big Playroom-in-the-Sky.