Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bareback Porn 2009 Review

2009 has been an interesting year for gay bareback porn because of the emergence of some new directors, with distinctive styles and great promise for some hot times ahead. Treasure Island Media brought us Liam Cole and a whole new stable of sleazy tops and barely post-twink bottoms...some are alumni from TIM's UK Butt Bangers, the video that started it all...when Brad McGuire and Dawson invaded Britain. Now we can look forward to more Britrash talent getting it on in sleazy venues the likes of which we haven't had in the States for a decade. On this side of the Atlantic, TIM kept it up with a roster of raunchy LA talent in Bone Deep, eventhough it was almost ruined by Lucas' saying 'yummy.' Yummy is a Brent Corrigan word, not a Paul Morris word. But the milk scene will be a classic 50 years from now. And, it was TIM showing us all those biohazard tattoos and letting us make our own conclusions. A few years ago Hot Desert Knights broke the biohazard barrier by letting us see Dillon Press' tattoo (on his upper back) as he creamed Chad Adams in Dungeon Ass Poppers. Now, we've got Christian Torrent, Eddie Hibbs and veteran Sean Hunter in full view. Hope to see more biohazard in the New Year. Hell, I'm getting one myself as soon as I decide the best place for it.
Frank Stein of Slut Machine and Stefan Maverick of RedStag came out in a very big us hard hitting blood and guts hardcore porn delivered with confidence and no holds barred. The artistry of these two directors puts them in a league of their own, and in their first full year of production, fuckin' incredible. Thanks, guys, and we can't wait to see what you're saving for 2010.
Johnny Ramsom's videos show great potential, as do those of Marco Paris, who with Raw Pleasures or RawStrokes 3, made it into the upper tier of porndom. His use of Blazzin and bottom Quan (whose jack off stuff I've seen on Xtube) is one of the hottest fuck scenes of the year.
Patrick Kohl and the Ricky Raunch gang relied on veteran, tried-and-true performers to advance their brand, and it all got better in 2009...with these guys, every scene is positively a pozfest. Fred Mayer is ready for superstardom...skinny as he is, with that shaved head, who cares? his hole is supreme, and he's not a bad top, either. Poz heaven.
Hot Desert Knights showcased Jayson Park in Absolutely Fucked and showed another side of Ray Dalton (also in Bone Deep as a top), with promise of more to come. These two bottoms are major breakout studs and we can only wait for their next dvds.
Some of the disappointments of the year: the Monster Cock series, and in Monster Cock 2, there's only one really good scene, and that with Lito Cruz and Ian Jay, well they couldn't miss. Lito had lot of great exposure in '09 through Slut Machine, TIM, Stefan Maverick and others, and is the Top of the Year, hands down.
Ian Jay, who might have been still a teenager when he showed up in New York to get fucked by Brad McGuire and then took off from there, should be another hot bottom property in '10, along with Jayson and Ray, already mentioned, and the idiosyncratic Timm Zane who broke out with Spunk Video, and has moved on to Jonny Ransom, and we hope, to still hotter stuff in '10.
All the Sean Storm gang kept their boots on in '09. Sean's feet are some of his better features, besides his ass and smile. We're looking forward to Sean's gangbang video in '10, let's hope he's barefoot.
The other disappointment was Jeff Palmer's lukewarm re-entry into porn, and it wasn't Jeff's fault. Somebody give Jeff a deal and let him fuck Ian, Jayson, Ray, Quan Sean and Timm. Now that would be something!
The biggest surprise of the Year: Guns in Cum Collector, by Spunk Video. For years, I wrote off Guns has just another blockhead himbo, a reliable bottom who wasn't photographed right for his big muscular bod. He worked a lot for SX Video, and I've been kind of a fan...after all I bought his first big video, Gangfucked, when he was still known as Dexter. In Cum Collector, Guns has posted online for hook ups, and gets fucked in four sequences, taking 5 loads, and they're finally figuring out how to shoot him. But there's some dialogue and acting in this video, and he comes across, as a really sincere hot piece of ass...when he says 'I love you, man' as a second load of cum is plowed into his butt (and we get a great buttshot close-up), it doesn't sound phony or forced like programmed dirty it's even hotter. I apologize, Guns, for not having paid better attention in the past.
And I don't think I've forgotten anything...these were the ones that stuck in my mind, and if I forgot something, I'll post it later. But these are studios giving you great bareback porn. I just ignore all that crap from Eurocreme, and all that junk now out, every week it's something similar, just the angle is different: Bareback Hayseeds, Bareback Laundromat, etc...and Dick Wadd continues to miss the mark with me unless they come out with another in the Load Collector series, that would make my year. And as far as condom porn is concerned, all the Blu-Ray in the world wouldn't make it more palatable, so forget it. And Miss Chi-Chi...who she?
Next posting: the Best Bareback Video of 2009!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Drinks with Jayson Park

I met up with cutie Jayson Park last month when he stopped in SF after shooting a video in Las Vegas. No, it wasn't a sex thing, although when I was younger and exclusively a top, it would have taken a lot to keep me from attacking that spectacularly fuckable ass of his. Jayson actually thought I was a top! Believe me, if modern science comes up with something that brings back the rockhard hardons of my 20's, I'd buy it by the caseload and resume my topping ways. Jayson and I talked about porn, sex, living in New York, and poz lifestyles in general...he's an intelligent guy who's pretty straight up on any subject. Although I liked him in HDK's Absolutely Fucked (where he has 2 scenes, including one with the delightfully monikered Chico Cabron), I don't think anyone yet has captured JP's ass quite the way I'd like to see it. He's a muscular, wiry, slender dude with a lot of flex to his back, ass and legs...he should be riding dick cowboy style for some great angles, or a reverse fuck where he can grab the top's feet as he gets the classic scene from Paul Morris' What I Can't See (1999) which expanded on a sequence in the groundbreaking 'Breed Me,' a hot video not available on dvd. I'll wait patiently, like everybody else. Eventhough co-star Ray Dalton's ass is the breakout bottom in Absolutely Fucked, I think Jayson is THE breakout bottom for 2009, and look for more of him next year. While lots of performers have their own little schticks...Titpig's chomping on cigars, Kurt Kaiser's gum chewing, some scowl, some snarl...Jayson wears those white gymn socks. So, OK, Jayson...when you take off those socks, I'll buy you a steak dinner at Morton''ve got nice hands, and that means, nice feet. Buy Absolutely Fucked and you'll be a JP fan.