Friday, August 26, 2011

Some Like It Supersize - Review

If your fantasy is that of manly poztops plundering tender young boi butt, this video, from Stevan Maverick's Red Stag Studio, is for you. Tober Brandt, AJ Long, Jacob Slader, Lito Cruz are among the tops plundering, plowing, plugging, planting seed deep into the asses of post-twinks like Jake Brentwood, Luke Bennett, Blake Daniels. Some of the tops here are openly poz, and though I don't know the status of any of the young piglets sucking in all that toxic seed, living as they are, they'll probably be counted among the brotherhood in short time. I write this with some admiration, as when I was their age, I was scared shitless, totally inhibited, practicing safe sex and being very conservative. As it turned out, I converted anyway and that diagnosis was key to my becoming the dedicated barebacker that I am now. There's also a hot sequence where Antonio Biaggi fucks the hell out of Ron Rossi, who's hardly a twink anymore, but the theme in general here is older top/younger bottom. Enjoy guys, this is primo porn, beautifully conceptualized and artfully captured on video. As in other Stevan Maverick works, the settings and lighting are kept simple, enhancing the nasty poz vibe...what better place to fuck than on a mattress on the floor?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bruthas in Bareback Porn: Two Studios

BlackBreeders is a relatively new studio; their early efforts were hampered by disappointing production values...the video I recall was characterized by those annoying crotch shadows and a reddish cast that made the action look out of focus. Nevertheless, I gave the production, which is called Magnum Fukkas, I think, a rather qualified thumbs-up because the players were all so hot, the video would not be a waste of time. I recognized the basis for an extraordinary production company and reported that I would continue to track it until they got it together. Ah, they have got it together: BlackBreeders/New Breed/Vol. 2 came out late last year and is a superb entertainment.
The studio based in Brooklyn has put together a combination of hot tops and bottoms for some of the nastiest, raunchiest, most spirited fucking you're ever gonna see...anywhere.
The schtick here is a collection of 'auditions,' I think the bottoms are auditioning but that's my conclusion, there isn't much explaining...there's no need to explain, here's a lot of hot lowdown fucking for you. The standout bottoms are Chase Walker (I think!), a bottom with a trim bod, nice dick, a bushy goatee and the sexiest belly button I've ever seen...he gets fucked splendidly by Pete Porter...let's have more of these guys.
Super hot Gio Jones bottoms out for sizzlin' fukka Tyke Logan...Gio's got a fabulously big ass, big thighs, strong legs and shows off some nice feet. There's a superhot creampie here as Tyke shoots a big load, retreats, then shoves it back in and mixes it up, cummy manjuice oozing out with each thrust. I think Tyke nutted three times, twice for sure. I'm overheating here. There's more: Nick Omni (I think, I wish BlackBreeders would get more specific about these bruthas, then I'd know for sure) gets nailed by Vann Williams (whom I remember from Magnum Fukkas) in the session expertly captured (hey they really got it together, I'm not lying) from a number of perspectives. The bottom has a fabulous big ass, a real man's ass ripe for beatin' down, and a mature, experienced bottoming style. The top...Vann (?) performs fabulously.
These dudes are not thugs...this is not thugporn. These are hot men, in their 30's/40's, experienced, confident, not into bullshit. You can buy this one without renting it first. is here to stay, let's hope.

I was a bit ambivalent about RawStrokes when it first appeared on the scene. Production values issues mostly were the problems, as some scenes seemed out of focus and they were using porn stars we knew to be poz, so it was even more annoying. Over the past 2 years, RawStrokes has gradually got it together, such that their latest, Raw Power, is a sure will like this tops, latin bottoms...L'il Papi, who broke out last year and veteran Robby Mendez who's been with Rawstrokes almost from the beginning, give their best performances to date. L'il Papi gets plugged in two segments, and his socks are off this time. I never thought Robbie Mendez was imaged to the best avail in his past videos...I always wanted him shot from a different perspective or matched with a different top. Here he gets nailed on a massage table by 2 young dynamic tops ('it looks ridiculous' the director is heard to say) and it's not ridiculous, it's all fuckin' torrid. Robbie never looked better...he's a skinny Mexican boy type...un flaquito...not my best fantasy...but he's grown on me over time and I now jack off to the memory of his bottoming in this video. This production is somewhat thuggish, for those of you into that, you will love this movie. I still haven't figured out all the tops but I've seen them before and recognize the names...Ass Professor, Derek Reynolds, Hot Rod, Remy Mars, Maseo, and oh yeah, the hot top of the moment, Antonio Biaggi, him I do know...if you see these names among the cast, you're going to have hours of fun with your video. I wish I knew who the two tops who tag little Robbie's ass...they are fan-fucking-tastic. Buy this one.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dore Alley Needs a Piss Tent

I enthusiastically headed down South of Market way to hit the Dore Up Your Alley street fair last weekend, mostly in search of porn. I was hoping that Spunk Video or SX Video would have booths selling dvds at serious markdowns as they have in the past...but alas, I was seriously disappointed. Neither had a booth, and of course, Treasure Island Media has been banned...forever, it seems, from Up Your Alley just as it has from the Folsom Street Fair. There actually was porn for sale, but it was crap from studios like Threshold, Factory, Blue Alley and some others, stuff that wouldn't interest dedicated barebackers.
Dore Alley drew the usual and expected crowd, a lot of guys from out of town who dust off their leather gear a couple times a year and head straight for the Miracle Mile. As usual, the dudes who should keep their clothes on, were the ones who took it all off, and there were whipping demonstrations, the dildo ring toss, dancing in the street, all the stuff you'd expect. But what was interesting were the lines of leathermen waiting for a turn to piss. There were no fewer than 50 or 60 porta-potties and there were long lines for each of them...long, long lines such that one would have to wait 30 minutes to pee. I scanned Mindtrip's great blog 'Life in the Raw' and sure enough, he blogged about fucking a guy while waiting in line and the action continued to the shitcan. There was more than enough time to fuck a couple of hot asses.
Up Your Alley is basically a charity fundraiser. Raising some cash for local charities is the ostensible purpose to have it all. But the organizers of Up Your Alley missed an excellent opportunity to increase their income, and let's see if somebody important sees it as I do: bring on the Piss Tent. Raise a platform and cover it with a big tent, and charge the piss queens to hang out in there and drink up all the piss that's generated by the thousands of gallons of beer consumed from no fewer than a dozen booths, not to mention all the local bars. Design the platform with a trough so that the pissers can pee into the hordes of thirsty throats below. There would be no physical contact at all, so it would be no more 'objectionable' than public flogging. The first step would be to contact all the pissing groups out there, the Wet & Wild crowd. If only the right guys will see it as I do.