Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bath House Roughfuckin'

It's Friday afternoon and I'm back at Steamworks thinkin' to hook up with guys on the down low. You never know how it's gonna go at a bathhouse, and today was no exception. And it didn't look very promising...not that busy, and...a lot of bottoms already there...a wide range of bottoms hungry for dick, for every taste. In the room next to mine there's a cute little Abercrombie & Fitch type slut (and later I'd see him in an A&F cobalt blue tee) putting up and out his best feature: a perfect bubble butt. There was a hot Jake Wetmore type, and a slightly round femmy type in a green bandana, and a guy I think I recognized from barebackrt, in one of the highly desirable 'SuperSlut' rooms on the main corridor leading back to the gymn and the gloryholes. There was enough to please any top and most versatiles.
But, hell, nobody was getting fucked! The best I could do was an okay fuck on the saddletramp in the gloryhole area, delivered by a short Asian guy wearing a rubber.
After a few hours...a lot of time was spent in my room vacuum pumping behind a closed door...I decided to call it a night. As I got to the checkout, there was a crowd of 4 or 5 black guys, don't know if they came together or just happened to come in at the same time. All were overweight; 2 were downright obese. Seeing all this for what it was: promising, with great potential...I went back to my room.
None of these black guys bothered to give me a look, as best as I could tell, but out of nowhere this white daddy comes him, sticks his long and slender dick in my face and gets the best blowjob I could muster...within seconds, this long rod is deep in my ass and this guy gives me a hard and rough plowing...maybe a good 15 minutes, a good loud fuck...he was just as noisy as I am, and I'm noisy with trash talk and my head thumping against the bathhouse wall. White Dad doesn't come, but quits and departs with a grunt. I just chilled, stretched out, savoring the fuck, my butt up in the air. Within minutes, another white dad is in, plugging my ass. This dick kept slipping out and was brutally stuffed back in, a man in control. Loud sex noises all along, just as before...then after a frenzied fuck of 15 minutes or so, he's outa there. He didn't come either. Moments later, as I left my room, I saw a line of 3 or 4 guys up against the wall, as if waiting to see who the trashy slut in Room 210 was. 30 minutes of hot bare fucking, 2 hot daddy tops...worth it! Never saw any of the black guys, finally left feelin' good.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Masterful Poz Latino Fucker Despite Mishaps

I had a window of free time, so I hit up on barebackrt with a younger latino poz top, who turned out to have an amazing cock, a gift from God, a crooked dick curving downward like a scimitar...not just bent, but an honest to goodness crook, a crank, a masterpiece of mother nature and I could hardly wait to get it up my ass and savor the sensation of it digging into me, doggystyle. Fuck yeah!! Then I'm on my back, he's inside me, and we're kissing like a couple of gone to hell apes. There are certain moves that are done best with a big dick in a big hole...such as...this dick swiped the insides of my fuckchute with a rippling sensation that I couldn't recall ever feeling before, touching places I didn't know I had, then enhanced by his gentle massaging of my asslips, shit, it was one hot fuck and I knew it and I did my best bottoming style to match his masterful fucking...that means pushing back a little meeting his thrusts with my buttmuscles pressing around that crankshaft of his. Then it started getting juicy with some minor farting sounds, like a ladle dipping into some thick soup...but he hadn't cum yet...his profile read that he liked long sessions, this being one dude who takes his time. But I was so caught up in his slow and steady drilling, that I just let the farts go, until...goddammit, I let go with eine grosse fahrt, I mean, a really big one that shot a blot of lube onto his tank top. Somewhat embarrassing to me, shit, but thank God he didn't care, laughed it off.
This buttlove continued and got pretty intense...meeting his thrusts with everything I had in me...he said pushing back with my asshole would take him longer to cum, and I thought OK, but I was getting really worked up and finally, asked for a break to take an aspirin. Yeah, dudes, I really thought I could have a heart attack...besides, I'd taken a Levitra. So, eventhough I feared that I was killing the moment, I ran to the john, swallowed an aspirin and got back to it. The dude never lost the beat...we just changed positions...first spooning, which he handled supremely well, slipping out occasionally but that just made it hotter when he guided that torpedo back in, running over my asslips with that crookdick then hitting me at different angles. Shit, how much of this can I take? Then he put me on all fours and gave it to me doggystyle, and then I thought I really would die..he really knew how to work the sides of that butt canal, I don't think he ever hit the deep bottom like a lot of other fuckers have..it wasn't a punchfuck, but a slow, steady cranking massage, really fantastic...and then I inadvertently did my best to fuck it up again...first with the fart, then the aspirin, and now with a bottle of spilled poppers. Neither of us noticed this until the stench in my small apartment became overwhelming. The poor guy had to stop...he was getting a headache...we had to break it up and open the windows. He never did cum, and I never got what would have been a special toxic recharging. Shit, but it was one memorable fuck, and M., I hope we can do it again...and again.
One word about the poppers mentioned: this was a new one to me, called Amyl Night and it was a fresh bottle I bought at Rockhard on Castro St. I build a resistance over time to most poppers, but this was new to me, as I said, and I must attest, it is some potent stuff, with a different kind of high, though, sadly, the whole bottle was lost, so I'm back to Rockhard to get me another. If only it were as easy to find a fuckbuddy with everything I like...poz, latino, shit, life can be good.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Steamworks Cumdump

Since I found myself in Berkeley last Sunday, I just had to drop into the Steamworks for a relaxing couple of hours before heading out to the Central Valley for a family Sunday supper. Arriving around 2, fairly early, I thought it would get me a good choice of rooms, but all they had was the extra large 'super slut' room with the oversized metal frame four poster bed and optional sling...mirrors on two walls...located on the main aisle...at a whopping $55. Well, I was already there...and though I had expected to fork over a Jackson and get a standard room, it was time for plastic...that really messes up my budget, so I won't be buying Dick Wadd's 'Niggas' Revenge 2' or Sean Storm's 'Cum Greedy Fuckholes.' Well, it's all about priorities, you know.
I adjusted the lighting and got a pretty good effect...I came pretty close to looking like Dawson at his peak, which to my mind, was when he made 'UK Butt Bangers.' I gave myself 2 hours, that means $27.50 per hour...well, that's still better than a cheap hotel.
#1 Chubby Daddy
I'm not a discriminating bottom when it comes to putting it all out in a bathhouse. #1 was horribly out of shape with a big belly that folded over...well, and I'll be nice...the smallest dick I've seen in a while, and it looked even smaller due to the rolls of fat folding forward. But you never know, so I sucked on that mini-dick but wasn't able to get much of a rise. I'm a nice guy: I told chubby dad that he should come back later, maybe...but he never did...never saw him again.
#2 Crix Belly
This was a middle-aged dad with a crix belly that I hung on to while he fucked my ass...I was on my back taking his average-sized dick after sucking on it for a while until it about doubled in size. But dad's dick kept slipping out, so I thought it was me and maybe I shouldn't move so much...but it turned out to be dad's fuckstyle...withdrawing and then thrusting with quick, short jabs...Crix Belly finally shot a load up my ass and with great gusto. For those who don't know: a Crix (from Crixivan, an HIV med)belly is hard, not flabby, as if there were a basketball in there. I say this, eventhough I don't know anybody who takes Crixivan anymore.
#3 Mohawk Art Punk
This was a slender, short arty type with a blonde mohawk to contrast his darker hair everywhere else. Another average-sized dick that plumbed my innards nicely until he filled his condom. Neat freak: he slipped the condom off and tucked it into the small plastic bag the Steamworks provides. I would later take this trash bag home, snip off the condom's head and add that cum to my frozen cum collection.
#4 Latino Daddy
One of the reasons I like Steamworks is that there are always a lot of Latinos there. Latino dad didn't bother with a condom (among Latinos I've had, I'd say it was 50-50 regarding condom use...kinda scary since most Latinos are married even if they get all their sex in bathhouses) and fucked me well with another average-sized dick. A noisy load blast, by the way.
#5 Salt and Pepper Dad
This dad was truly grateful for the chance to fuck my ass and dump his cum deep into my guts. By the this time, I'm hearing sloppy sounds coming with each thrust of his dick, also average-sized. I should have shoved that condom up my ass...that would have been hot. S&P dad was really enthusiastic and dare I say, grateful, like he hadn't cum in weeks. He gave me an appreciative hug.
#6 Athlete
Here was a well-built lean type who fucked me bareback for a good 15 minutes and in just about every position. This was a neat, efficient, energized fucking with a big dick. More squishy sounds, and now my ass is beginning to feel 'full.' Hell yeah.
#7 Tom Shannon look-a-like
This was not the superb Mr. Shannon, but when we looked at each other face to face, I saw Tom Shannon. And he fucked like Tom Shannon, forcefully, with vigor and control and eager to try every position, including a reverse fuck. Not to mention his well-sized appendage. TS came loud and strong. Finally, I got up off the bed and stood by door.
'You want me to leave? Are we finished?'
'Well...do you?'
'Hell, I'm Italian. I can give it up forever.
'Well, I'm Italian, too (a lie), and whatever you can give, I can take!'
Round 2 followed with some more esoteric positions, like with me hanging on to the bedframe. A lot of stand-up fucking. TS didn't come a second time, as far as I could tell. A memorable fuck from a nice guy.
I would have liked to test myself longer...I still had about 6 hours left, but I had to get on the road. Not bad for a couple of hours, as close to a cum dump as I would get for a Sunday afternoon.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Truth About Dawson

I worked out so hard on Saturday that I was too goddamned tired to get laid. I checked out barebackrt to see what was going on...not much, so I called it a night and retired early. Awaking energized and fresh on Sunday morning, I went online early and hooked up with a gent I'd played cat and mouse with for over a year...trying to hook up, but it seems something always came up and we still hadn't connected. Sometimes it was him, sometimes it was me, so that made it especially hot when we finally agreed to meet early on Sunday morning. The host has a nice set up, in a vaguely art deco house in SF's highly desirable Cole Valley, a woodsy neighborhood where the mists of the afternoon fog keeps everything green and squeaky clean. There's a playroom of sorts just off the garage, with a nicely upholstered daybed and a big screen TV playing porn with Dawson, the textbook hot bottom fucking trashbottom college slut Ian Jay. My host delivered an earnest fuck and after he blew his load kept his dick impaled deep in my toxic asshole, grinding, digging in deeper and deeper. When he pulled out, his dick was bigger than it had been going on. We chatted a bit, seems he's well-connected, knows some of the guys at Treasure Island Media, even knows Dawson himself and informed me that the superstar has been relocated to San Francisco for about a year now. So, Mr. Dawson is NOT an out-of-towner, as I had blogged in my last posting. Just to clear the record, Dawson is now a San Franciscan...I hope to see more of him...it's a cheap thrill and a bonus to living here in Sodom-by-the-Bay.
Cheap thrills: catching porn vet Max Holden bouncing out of the Metro station on Market St. and hurrying down Montgomery St., wearing a USAF flight jacket...the pukey green kind, with orange lining, made me wonder if MH had been a fellow flyboy...Keer shopping in Cliff's Variety on Castro, wearing sweatpants, a tank top and running shoes...little Billy Boyd on the Muni Metro looking a little worse for wear (after a hot night, maybe), and a Mick (Plowed, Like Honey, Knocked Up, all by TIM) look-a-like, having coffee with a pal at the outdoor cafe in Citicorp Plaza just off Market St.
Looking forward to my next Dawson sighting, take care, all.