Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ray Dalton: Poz Superstar

The time has come to acknowledge a reliable...and greatly underestimated, bareback top, who has entertained us, for years now and if history serves, is probably at the end of his shelf life.  I speak of the great...Ray Dalton.  He was made a star through his multiple appearances for Treasure Island Media, and he's made the rounds, and lately, notably, he's landed at Knightbreeders, that under-the-radar, truly raunchy porn studio from the bareback-hating San Fernando Valley.  Ray has changed his look over the years, but most recently he's affected a dissolute, wasted look, with tattoos, unruly hair and snarly demeanor that serves his fans and clients well...he's a professional escort marketing himself through the digital and print media.  He's a total, nasty ass pig and we love him.

Ray's always taken a no bullshit approach to his status: he's upfront poz, none of this 'ask me' crap for him, I have to qualify this because it's hearsay...he's not on meds.  That means that all those bottoms who take his badass seed up their cum-traps are getting the full-blown germy real can't get nastier than this.  Now, nobody is baser than the Knightbreeders studio, and superstar cumsnatcher Damien Silver pushes all the buttons in his one-on-one with Ray Dalton, taking that infamous pozstick in a number of positions...and heads up, you foot fetishists...Damien finally sheds his typical clodhoppers for this scene...some nice shots of his big-ass feet.  Like I say, nice hands...nice feet.  You won't be disappointed.  Oh, the video is 'Sperm Stretched Fuckholes,' from Knightbreeders, and it also has Chris Kohl in the opening scene, getting his fabulous Canadian toxic ass loaded up by Damien Silver playing top.  So, this video takes you full circle. It's on the internet but I won't tell you where, as I want Knightbreeders to keep churning out its masterpieces.  Buy the's only forty bucks...then you can play it whenever you want and won't waste time and money playing your laptop.  Reliable Ray Dalton makes it worth every penny.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Wonderful World of Robby Mendez

'The Wonderful World of' was/is a construct of the 20th century...the media slipped into the wonderful world of this or that, everything short of psoriasis was described in terms of a wonderful world, e.g., The Wonderful World of Rice Pudding.  I prefer 'The Strange World of...' but that is for another blog.  Today, I'm using this outdated phraseology to describe the status of porn star turned entrepreneur pornographer Robby Mendez.  You know Robby from his association with RawStrokes, where he superby played the role of submissive Latino sex toy for a series of megahung, aggressive black tops.  That was the formula: LA barrio boy gets stuffed by big black banana dicks.  Robby is short with a thin build and a buzzcut, a flaco and we didn't see much emotion coming out of him, but there wasn't a big cock that he couldn't take, and he was fed a steady diet of massive ebony love, to be sure.  Robby is definitely a member of my own personal Bareback Bottom Hall of Fame.

Robby has launched his own website with blog, calendar, videos and some free teaser video previews of sex parties he's hosted at this home in Los Angeles.  I advise you to check it out and you'll see what a charmer Robby actually is; a revelation apart from his subdued performances documented by Rawstrokes.  Robby's promoting his parties through barebackrt's party listings, and there's one scheduled for this Saturday.  And if the past is any clue, there will be a couple of live sex shows featuring Robby and featured guest tops.  These parties are open to barebackrt correspondents, but he says nobody under 21 or over 42 years old.  Such a weird cut off date, Robby, but it is your wonderful world and you're entitled to design it the way you want.  Hung tops and sizzling bottom bois of a certain age, like me, will have to content ourselves with joining the website and watching the action from our laptops.  Trust me, Robby, you are making a mistake!!

Anyway, some of his website is free, including his bi-lingual comments on contemporary sex culture, so enjoy Robby in any way you can.  That's wonderful, for a start.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Big Hole Gets a Big Pole: A Reunion with a Daddy Stud

My Thursday (Lights Out Party) at the Berkeley Steamworks got off to a slow start but that was because I got there early to improve my chances of getting a room without having to wait.  I was successful in this, and then I had some bizarre encounters before the big event unfolded much later.

First off I got fucked by a daddy who never really got all that hard or that big but somehow he managed to get it in and I did my best to clutch my butt muscles around a spongey smidge that never really felt like a dick.  He didn't move much; he mostly pushed, but it was like pushing a tiny chunk of banana against a hard surface..squishy. But...I got a cumload out of him...I really worked for that load by doing the ultimate buttwall massage. 

The next top simply lay on my back and moved around, snarling and growling, grabbing my neck and moving my head about.  Thing was, I couldn't feel a dick at all, not even a bump.  I thought for a moment I might be getting worked over by the famous Joe Mangina.  Then I thought this must be the way he gets off...he must just squirm around to get off.  But he didn't get off.  I put up with this bullshit for about 10 minutes and then said I had to pee.  The next top was hot and heavy until I opened a bottle of poppers.  He said he was allergic to poppers and beat a hasty retreat.  Then I got a deep load from a dick that looked like a big ole bratwurst that the top knew how to work nicely...this guy plunged as deep as he could, held his dick for a second, then unloaded a big load really deep in my ass.  This was an East Indian guy with Caucasian features and skin the color of rich dark chocolate.  The door was open, and we had roused a crowd, and this guy brashly cleared off all the voyeurs.  I mean, it was Lights Out pitch black so it would have been hard to see anything.

I spent this next hour trying to push that load out, but I'm still learning how to do this.  I think I'm developing a rosebud after all these thousands of dicks, but I still haven't managed to push out all the loads that might be in my ass.  All I get is a bullet haze of loud farts.

Finally, a shadowy number came in and started to feel me I'm in my usual bath house pose: flat on my belly.  With my hand I can feel from his muscle tone that he's an older daddy, but it's a great worked out bod, his calves are beautifully muscled.  And there's a massive rod here and if he slips on a condom, I ain't comin' back here anymore.  He doesn't put on a condom.  He just pushes his rock hard cock into my well-fucked ass with one big thrust.  He stuffs his long straight dick into my deep hole to the hilt.  And I get a really good workout.  His style is to plunge and hold, retreat completely out of my ass, and then plunge and hold again. He never uses his hands.  And he doesn't really slam, he more like steers that big old manmeat, hits the wall and then puts out more pressure.  But he had dug so deep that he unleashed the cum from 2 loads that had lodged in my innermost depths.  And with his plunge and retreat style, every time he withdrew, there was a juicy, gummy gush of seed with buttfarts and this was too much for this dad.  His dick stayed rock hard throughout.  He liked to tickle my buttlips with his ramrod, teasing my hole before poising his pole on my holetrap before shoving it back in going all the way to the bottom of that cum reservoir, then pulling out, more dripping cum, more juicy farts.  I'm a bitch with cum fever, a crazy bitch with poppers up my nose, fat dick up my ass, cum, squish, grunt, fart...tribal beats, pitch black, this place could be burning in a raging fire, and I wouldn't give a good goddamn.  Man, I'm going to die!

This man is a great fuck but he wants a deeper probe he can get with me in missionary.  He gets me on my back, and we make eye to eye contact!!...this is the same daddy who closed an exceptional night a couple of years ago when I got fucked by four massive dicks one right after the other.  This is a reunion that might change things for me...I hope so.  We exchanged phone numbers after meeting years ago...he called me but I was at Home Depot at the time...I waited too long to call him would have been embarrassing because I waited too goddamned long...then I got a new cellphone and all my old contacts were lost.  I think God meant this to happen...yeah, I believe in God (and guardian angels) when it suits me.  Anyway, I was so happy and he so was happy that we didn't care about fucking anymore, that's how great this was.  More about this later, if you guys can stand it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Video Reviews: Ass Wreckers of the Congo, Real Pump & Dumps of LA

I had a little downtime in Palm Springs and hit the best gay emporium in town, Q Traders, for some old school dvd rentals.  They have a 3 for the price of 2 deal, and the rental is good for 2 nights, so that's where I go when in the desert.  Amazingly, they offered 'Ass Wreckers of the Congo,' a recent video from the iconoclastic Knightbreeders, based in the condom-loving, bareback-hating San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.  Knightbreeders has run the gamut of sleazy thematics...ah let's see, they've covered sex cults, satanism, Roman Catholic imagery, vampires, gas masks, clowns, trailer trash and Caligula...that's quite a playbook.  Most of the action is filmed in the same set on sofa, chair and floor in spectacularly tacky fashion, and it's the best, sloppiest, cum-drenched sex in LA.  But now we travel to Africa-in-the-San Fernando Valley with drum beats, ritual chants, jungle birds screeching, lions growling and four mega-hung black tops that drill Damien Silver's expressive asshole from hell to eternity.  This is one hot video with great angles, good clarity, and the trashy toilet talk that Damien Silver does better than anybody else. But once again, it's all about Damien's hole, the best in the business and you get great closeups of those well-exercised, gripping, quivering buttlips wrapped around pounding black cock.  Damien likes his black dick, and he's hosted some big names...Chase Coxx, Buster Sly, the incomparable Michael Rome, but these guys in 'Congo' are all new to me, and we hope to see more of them.  I know we're all buying fewer dvds these days, but you might want this one for your collection.

Raw Fuck Club has the best website around, with great video streams, a good selection and the hottest models.  The biohazard logo says it all.  But...I really didn't care that much for 'Real Pump & Dumps of Los Angeles,' a follow up to the New York pump & dump video that was one of the best of its year. There are some interesting things, though.  Danny Lopez fans, take note: Danny's here with a full head of hair, but he isn't shot from the best angles this time, and Jay Hernandez closes the vid with his scene, which isn't all that great (it could never be bad, but we've been spoiled by some great videos), but we'd like to see more of him (he's also in 'Power Studs' which I haven't seen).  So, if you're into hot muscular Latino bottoms getting pumped, you can't do better than Danny Lopez and Jay Hernandez in one video, and this production might do it for you.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Power Bottoms Devour Tops at Desert Leather Pride

It can be embarrassing if you are one of five bottoms, butt up on the mattress in a sex garage, and you are the only one of the five who's not getting fucked.  Well, that does happen, assuming you are like me and spend a lot of time at sex parties.  This party during Palm Springs Leather Pride (going on right now) actually has three mattresses scattered throughout the play space, but the area near the entry is the most active, and though this space is the smallest of the three, it is also the darkest and by extension, the sexiest.  The mattress can accommodate four bottoms fairly well, but for most of last night, there were five, sometimes six, positioned butt up, ready to take any of the tops that crowded around, an ever changing cast from the moment the party started, around 8 p.m.  That's a pretty early hour for me since it pushes the prep time into the late afternoon.  I usually check in around 9:30 but I decided that was way too late, so this time I was there right at 8.  And man, the action starts right away, no shrinking violets here, no posing, no attitude...these guys are here to fuck!!

That mattress was crowded for the next 4 hours, for only around midnight, did the action diminish.  I described my fellow bottoms as 'power bottoms' because we were ready for every swinging dick that wanted a piece.  No dick was refused, needless to say no load was refused, and the cum that wasn't discharged into a hot ass, was flying on our backs, and we would wipe it up and put it into our asses, or what I like to do, is put that cum into the ass of the bottom next to me.  There's no territorial competition among these power bottoms...we all know we're all going to get fucked good, so no one hogs the mattress, splayed out taking up all the space the way that a queen, who doesn't get around much, would do.  It couldn't be hotter with bottoms kissing each other as they're getting plowed, passing poppers around, and even grabbing a dick and putting into another bottom's ass.  Especially if that dick had just been up your ass.  It's the best way to get another bottom's DNA into your own gut.
These pigs were totally greedy.  There was no wimpering, no screaming, and NO talking...these bitches were in control.   And the tops just kept coming, and cumming...and coming back for more. It was like that for four fuckin' hours.

I had three good runs over the night...each session on the mattress good for about 45 minutes, and then I'd take a break for a beer and relax my back, which would get sore from being arched for so long.  I got fucked by about 20 guys, excluding the repeats, and took 4 loads.  Three loads were in succession.  The first blast came after the top really worked my butt for a good 10 minutes, a relentless fuck ending with a manly orgasmic moan.  Well, all the tops crowding the mattress were really into sloppy seconds, and the next dick was up my ass within 10 seconds.  This guy came really fast, as I think he'd been jacking off to the first top's fucking.  He was nice, trim fuck.  The next top slipped it into my cum-lubed asshole and he was a furious fucker with quick, jabbing strokes.  But it took him a while to cum, and he was really working hard, and I realized I was slipping off the's slick because it's covered with a black vinyl cover...the easier to wipe the cum off.  Anyway, I'm sliding, moving off the mattress, and this guy is digging deep, and I'm thinking to myself, 'Bitch, don't you fuck it up for this hold firm and don't go off the bed.  He is the top and he will be served!'  And we kept up with him, and the dude came deep in my ass.

At the party, a well-known escort from SF shared time on the mattress and was fucked beautifully by an assortment of tops, finally taking a big load from a leatherman in chaps.  You have to subscribe to the website to see his videos on Rentmen.  Yeah, well, maybe later.  I just saw it in person...and it was hot.  The best thing about a no-attitude party is that everybody gets fucked, and in the best type of party every top fucks every bottom.  That's pretty much how it was.

There were a couple of disappointments, though.  I saw among the RSVPs, a couple of fuckbud of whom is maybe the best top who ever fucked me...but neither one showed.
And the sexy black leatherman in a harness turned out to be a bottom.  

Thursday, November 8, 2012

LA County Passes Condom Law - yawn

Voters in Los Angeles County, which encompasses the city of Los Angeles, the surrounding suburbs, a few mountain ranges and a vast expanse of upper elevation desert scrub, passed a law that will require the porn industry to use condoms in all future productions.  I had reported that this unenforceable law would effect the City of Los Angeles only, suggesting the industry could merely cross the street and relocate to neighboring Burbank.  But no, I was wrong: it's the whole county; eventhough there's a quirk in the law that exempts a city or district with its own health department.  And there are a few, namely Pasadena, that staid, starchy, stockbroker suburb commonly referred to as Pasadowner and the port city of Long Beach (its raunchy Navy town days are now just a memory), and the industrial warehouse town of Vernon, known as one of the most corrupt cities on the Pacific Slope.  But do you know what?  Who gives a rat's ass?  Pornistas can take their business to escort and margarita-ridden Palm Springs, just 100 miles east in bareback-friendly Riverside County. The boys of the Hot Desert Knights family once ruled that town...Bill and John and Ray, not to mention Cole Tucker, Lance Hancock, Steve Hurley, and many others were all over the place.  You couldn't swing a purse without hitting a pornstar.  Now you might see Lance on the patio at Wang's-in-the-Desert during the infamous Friday happy hour, but that's about it.  LA porn producers should pack up the trailer, get on Interstate 10 and just head out east.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Poz Vampire Gets Prison

A Canadian jury has found a self-described 'vampire,' in fact, a poz vampire, guilty of sexual assault with intent to kill three men, including a 17-yr. old chicken.  The little chicken got fucked and took the vampire's poz load and according to the prosecutors, sero-converted. 

There are a lot of interesting details related to this story and you can read them for yourself by checking out the Ottawa Citizen's October 31 edition.  The Halloween edition (fittingly?), a vampire, a stealth conversion, and assault with a lethal weapon, which is how the Crown's lawyers characterized the vampire's toxic semen.  No argument there, I guess.  But the 'intent to kill' part is problematic, and I don't enough about the case to judge, but the poz vampire, one Steven Boone, would have to be trolling the dark alleys and bedrooms of Ontario, looking to kill trusting victims by shooting his toxic loads up their asses.  There are lots of easier ways to kill somebody, if that's what you want to I suspect there's a poz fetish at play here.  This Steven Boone guy might have been just playing out a nasty fantasy, and believe me, his is not that unique.  And Steven Boone pitifully declared that he wasn't trying to kill anybody, and actually, I believe him. 

There are certain aspects to the gay lifestyle which do appear unseemly to clueless straight people, and these aspects must be articulated by defense lawyers to help the jurors understand how much of gay culture is based on fantasy.  The trial seemed to dwell on HIV transmission, and a legal quagmire involving condoms and viral loads.  Steven Boone's lawyers didn't help his case by trying to characterize him as a victim of society, searching for love in all the wrong places after his own conversion.

Hell, if these squareball Canadians only understood how rarely disclosure of status is discussed before engaging in gay sex.  In the gay's understood that unprotected sex is risky, period...and we're all adults capable of making intelligent decisions that affect our health and the health of our partners.  I even know negatives who lie to get impregnated with poz cum.  That's their own little fantasy; what can a hot top do about that?

As for the little twinkette he pozzed up, there's no excuse for that bullshit, but the internet report didn't go into that part of the case very much.  I hope the kid didn't lie about his age, as it's implied that his sexual encounter was consensual, and I wish the kid all the best as he learns to cope.

By the way, the vampire aspect wasn't discussed much in the reporting I read.  Blood, I guess, was just a little too 'out there' for the jurists to pursue.