Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poz Degrees of Separation

I've bought the new 'Pounded' by Liam Cole for Treasure Island Media as well as Frank Stein's 'Shoot to Thrill' for Fuck Machine. I ran them through but I'll review them in a subsequent posting because I really wasn't in the right frame of mind when I skimmed them. I wasn't 'in the mood.' I'll tell you what was missing: the Poz Tree with its Degrees of Separation. It's far sexier for me to know who's poz and who's shooting a toxic load up whose ass, and what poz bottom is getting re-charged with a fresh shot of germed seed. I don't know many of the British guys in Liam Cole's repertory company...yet. I know Adam King is poz, and I can guess about some others, but I need to know my men before I can fantasize situations for them, which makes it all the hotter for me. I envision a Poz Tree with a trunk growing from the roots of Dawson, Jeff Palmer, Cam Cruise, Ray Butler and Will West, all openly HIV-positive and from their poisoned jism growing branches, sprouting Billy Wild, Jerek, Alan Gregory, Christian,Steve Tuck, Tim Tyler, Bo Knight, Fyerfli, and more poz seed spreading, growing studlets like Fred Mayer, Derrick Downs, Aaron Summers, Johnny Farrell and so on, and others I can only hope are positive and open to spreading their seeds onto the fertile ground of willing bottoms like me. Ah, well, I've been fucked by Will West but he didn't come up my ass (and later apologized for it, what a gentleman) but it's the thought that counts. So as I get to know more about these now unfamiliar performers, I'm sure that they won't disappoint. By the way have you noticed, how the tops in bareback porn are so coy about their status? As far as I know, the super-mega-tops in the business, like Brad McGuire or Jesse O'Toole don't really advertise whether they're poz or neg...Dan Fisk says he's neg and I believe him but he'd be so much hotter for me if he were poz. I know this is all politically incorrect, but let's just say that admitting I'm poz has never resulted in a top refusing to fuck my nasty ass. That said, I'm going to pop 'Shoot to Thrill' in the dvd player right now and meditate on those filthy acts perpetrated upon mattresses dumped on a concrete floor in some basement in some warehouse in some derelict part of town. Frank Stein definitely knows how to do it. Reviews of this video and 'Pounded' will follow. Now I'm looking forward to some 'Lights Out' action at the Berkeley Steamworks tomorrow night. As for you all, get laid tonight.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Art of the Come-On

I grew up in an era, the 70's/80's when it was cool to act disaffected, even bored, above it all, diffident...even when on the search for sex, which doesn't make sense but there you have it, the Golden Age of Attitude. Even now, I pretend not to be interested, even when I am not disinterested, or...flattered. I was at my gymn last Friday night when a tall dude, an Arab no less, engaged in his usual flirting, it's been going on for months...he's got big eyes and lashes and a nice smile, but he comes across as if everything is a big joke, including sex. So he's been coming on to me, in a very cheerful way with the toothy smiles, the flashing eyes and the small talk. I never took him seriously, being from the Golden Age of Attitude, as I said, and I wasn't particularly flattered...he can't be serious, I thought...for one thing, I'm 5-8 and he's about 6-6, skinny and all legs. So after some banter, he follows me into the locker room where he starts motioning me to head towards the showers. Let's the showers, he's gesturing...he means the steam room...and then he gestures a mutual jerkoff...not my scene, never was...besides tonight I couldn't get it up to save my life. Still, I'm surprised that guys still go about it this way. He says he has a girlfriend, and I believe him...he's straight and probably thinks all gays get it on at the drop of a hat. What hat? I'm thinking he doesn't know how to go about it. He's dense, thinks all gays want straights and can be had.
The next day I was checking out the sale bin at Superstar video in the Castro. I'm wearing tight black capri pants (yeah, I know, but they're hand-me-downs from a friend who wears things for a few months and then gives them away, besides they're Armani Exchange) with my dick stuffed down one side. I pumped up before I left the apartment and since my dick doesn't fit in the cock ring after I pump, I just tied up with a thick leather bootlace...and I'm showing a nice roll. I'm grabbing myself slightly which I tend to do when alone, and I did think that I was alone when out of nowhere, a voice says 'I can help you out with that.' It's a big young shapeless guy, the kind that wears baggy running pants, an oversized tee-shirt, shaved head, a mediterranean type, maybe latino. I laughed it off in a friendly way, but I thought it was better than ignoring him altogether. Twice within 24 hours and I'm trying to figure out if that's significant. I'm not into cruising and I'm not a tease, and I don't know enough not to wonder what's going you know, I'm gettin' old. Could there be a future for me?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Equal Opportunity Politically Correct Bottom

It was time to revisit my relationship with the Steamworks in Berkeley. I've had a lot of hot times there over the years and one really bad experience where I got fucked on my belly by a leatherman and the unyielding pressure on my balls resulted in a testicle that swelled to the size of a softball and required a visit to the emergency room. And over the years, I may have picked up a bit of the clap there and I may have converted there (but I don't really think so), but on the whole, the Steamworks has been great for me. This last visit within a couple of hours I got fucked in succession, by a big black daddy type, a white bread vanilla white guy, a short flabby latino and a slender Asian guy...all using condoms except for the Asian guy who didn't fuck me for very long. In each case, the tops deposited the rubbers into the handy bag hanging off the wall. I checked and only one condom contained a load, and I don't know whose. All said, it was better than staying home, but we do want those loads, don't we? As for the Steamworks, they've done some capital improvements, and have re-done at least some (all?) of the rooms with fresh paint, and the place looks better than ever. STD and HIV testing continues, on certain nights...and I have a special respect for the Berkeley Men's Health Clinic