Monday, December 21, 2015

Hung Muslim Plows My White Ass

I don't engage in sexual politics, as a rule, but I won't deny that it pleases me that among the studs plugging my hole of late, is this hardworking guy with two kids, drives for Lyft and satisfies tricks on the side.  And no, I didn't go on the prowl looking for a Muslim guy to fuck me, nor was I trying to make a point.  The fact is that he'd been taking care of me way before Donald Trump dropped his pants and churned up the pent-up resentment of menopausal white men Republicans and the girls who want to be like them.  However, like I sex life won't take a political slant, but I'm so happy that Islamic seed has coated the walls of my own love canal...just too fine...better than ever thanks to Trump.  Sometimes sex takes on an unexpected significance.

Back in the day when Vietnam was changing people's lives and not for the better, people fucked for peace. That's what they themselves said, as I recall.  The symbolism eluded me at the time, being too young to understand what were customarily dismissed as longhaired hippie weirdos, but people 'fucked for peace.'  Well, I'm fucking Muslims for peace.  And a fair shake.  Donald, pull your pants back up.  Please...before your hotels, and all the nice people who work at them, go to hell.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Michael Lucas AirBnB Shitstorm: Bitter Queen Trolls at Work?

The woman who owns the lovely Acacia Mansion in Ojai, Calif (a bucolic oak-studded town northwest of LA) has leveled a lawsuit against Michael Lucas for trashing the place and for renting it under 'false pretenses,' i.e., a pornshoot.  This story came out through the British press and was picked up by the SF Chronicle which is where I found it, and after some investigation I can say there are many things wrong with this story, and btw, the Daily, has included photos which reinforce my doubts.

The plaintiff claims the Lucas crew broke the bed (literally), wrecked the mattresses, left sex toys, hypodermics, enema kits scattered about, shit and semen stains on the bed linens and carpet, shit in the hot tub and turds floating in the toilet.  Okay, I added the turds for some color, but come on...enema kits(?)...nobody in professional porn uses enema kits anymore, does he?  Also, nobody leaves toys behind...they fuckin' cost money (!) and shit everywhere (?)...well, the last time I checked, ML had not ventured into scatporn, and I'm pretty sure about this.  If anything Michael Lucas is a professional and judging by his remarkable success, he understands good marketing.  As for false pretenses...uhm, I doubt AirBnB requires much more than the 'business' box to be checked when declaring a reason for the visit.  After all, porn is business, and NOBODY more than Michael Lucas understands this.

Michael Lucas has his detractors.  Most of them are not serious, because it's always fun to take a poke at the guy at the top of the heap.  Michael Lucas performed in a cameo role as an underworld gangster for the RuPaul film, 'Star Booty.'  When the RuPaul character riddled Michael Lucas with a barrage of machine-gunned bullets, the cheering crowd at the Castro Theater showing, stomped and rose to its feet.  I was among them.  But that was all in good fun, it was a fun evening.  There are some others, however, who, for whatever reason, are serious to the point of evil misdoing.  I believe that's what happened in the Ojai situation.  Somewhere, and not evidenced in the Daily Mail photos, lurks an evil, bitter queen.

These evil bitter queens function as trolls.  They lie, they make up and spread rumors, they churn the gossip mill, they sabotage, they sandbag, they call the cops.  Thinking back, I'm pretty sure they were responsible for the Robby Mendez dust-up at one of his bareback parties down in the desert.  Robby was spreading disease, encouraging men to engage in unprotected sex, the usual Miz Priddy bullshit. The issue was eventually settled somehow but Robby did have to spend a brief time in the Cathedral City jail.  Some bitter queen troll phoned in a complaint, I'm pretty sure.  Some queen who ain't gettin' any, I'd venture.  In Ojai, she had enough time to shit on the bed and leave a filthy buttplug behind

The great 'Cadillac Ranch' bareback parties in Palm Springs abruptly came to an end one night with the intrusion of half a dozen cops, I was there that night and I've blogged about it.  There was some talk about neighbors complaining about a driveway being blocked.  Six cops for a complaint like that?  No, I think it was something more like the Robby Mendez case.  Another bitter troll hard at work is what I think.

In gay culture, there is some acceptance of congenital bitchery...a queer bitch gene keeps turning up, there's no getting rid of it.  Some queens just seem to thrive on it; their world is one big mean girl sorority, and it is much easier being a bitch than getting laid, which is what they really want.  Somebody...somebody fuck these bitches now.  Please.

As for Michael Lucas, I am not a fan..but I don't wish him any harm either.  Since he shifted to a bareback product only recently, and I've been interested only in barebacking, he's been off my radar for too long.  Anyway, his products are too polished, refined, buff and sanitized for my liking.  He's not much into the grunt, snarl and sweat that I desire.  But in this Ojai case, I think he'll come out on top, and I wish him well.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Viagara Poppin' Daddies

Whenever I'm down in Palm Springs, I try to plan my trip around a day pass visit ($5-10!!!) to the Helios Resort, a clothing-optional gay hotel...nice Spanish architecture arranged around a pool and with lots of outdoor play space.  And specifically, a day pass for a Tuesday, as that's the day when there's an open sex party featuring lots of daddy cock; and I make it my job to make sure that these men have a great time.  When I get there, I make a beeline for the slings, and I have never...never (and that's sayin' something) been disappointed.  Last week, I got my ass filled by a series of dads, most of whom were fueled by the power of the little blue pill, and they were all great...lots of piston drilling, strokin', dick punchin'...a good time was had by all.  The great thing about these Viagra parties is that the silver daddies are out to get their money's worth before the effect wears out, so they keep comin' back for more...there are repeats and team taggin'...there are times when it's the bottom who calls for a break.  And need I say (from experience) that mature men can be the best sex, and so much the better if they rely on pharmaceutical help.  So, if you are into daddies, and into poz dick and/or ass, I can recommend Helios-on-Tuesdays.  And Wednesday wasn't bad either...repeats, team taggin', etc.  One thing I should add: don't expect to be loaded up with cum; the actual loads are rare, but when they do shoot, they are intense.  And oh yeah, another thing, bareback video superstar Matt Sizemore doesn't work there anymore.  He would have been too professional to play with the guests, but he was sure nice to see when one checked in.  Palm Springs...Helios...Tuesdays...more.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Butt Gymnastics

It is said that if one is a good dancer, he is probably good in bed.  And a good dancer also knows how to follow...and I consider myself a good follower.  Needless to say, I'm also a good dancer.  The daddy who fucked me inside, outside, downside and up, definitely knows his game and was easy to follow. A good bottom does what the top wants, and an experienced bottom just knows how to flow...especially when following a good top.

Most of my adventures lately have involved models.  While I don't mean to suggest that the sex is routine, but it has become...ritualized.  The computer and cell phone are involved, cab fare is on the table, it's butt up, pump, dump, and thanks, see ya.  I live in a tiny studio so it just works out best this way.  When I got to daddy's loft South of Market, there was a lot of space and we took advantage of it.

During a relatively long session, daddy twisted me like a pretzel, gently and I followed...any way he wanted me...sidesaddle...reverse this, reverse that...scissor style...and his dick never slipped a masterful fuck, controlling, dominating in an assured way rather than the usual pistonfuck.  I just went along with his moves, it was great, a real one time, the inside bend of my knee was around his neck...while his dick was deep in my ass.  The last part was the familiar missionary, but intense...we were in direct eye-to-eye contact, as he shot a poz load deep into the hinter reaches of my gut.  Ah......nice.

I had met daddy in Palm Springs and later in a sling at a Polk Street fuck motel, but these were group fisting sessions, so we talked about meeting up one-on-one, since we're fairly close to one another here in the City.  There's a lot of such communication in the gay sex universe, but we finally made it happen.  Am so looking forward to next time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kid Satyr Leads 271 Dick Assault on SuperUltraMegaBottom Ryan Cummings

Men, catch it all on xtube...start with Ryan Cummings.  This super cumpig has yet to reach his ultimate capacity, since he's constantly aiming towards new heights, which ain't easy for him, since he's based in Edmonton, hardly the center of the gay universe.  He is one of two entities that I actually follow on Twitter; the other is Ray Dalton.  If you check him out on Twitter, you will learn that he will be in Los Angeles next month, featured at CumUnion and at the Slammer, and most probably another weekend of pump and dump action at one of Hollywood's sleazier motels (Oh God, that is so HOT!!).  His xtube download is of a previous no holes barred cumfest on a earlier trip to LA, and it's rather long by xtube standards, over an hour of non-stop action.  Keep in mind that this venture still qualifies as amateur but it's damned good, and certainly better than adequate.  For the ultimate Ryan Cummings gangbang video with superb production values, we'll have to wait for a major studio (Treasure Island Media, guys?) to document it all.  Be patient, I'm pretty sure that it will happen, yes indeed.

The raunchiest sex I've enjoyed has been at the old Cockpit parties in SF and the Hot Desert Knights 'dungeon' ('warehouse' would be more accurate) parties in the desert, where I took one dick after another and just gave up trying to keep count...oh, I guess...maybe 30, but Ryan leaves nothing to chance or the imagination or estimation...he keeps count with an electronic tabulator.  When he says '271' he means '271,' it's right there on the machine.

So who's Kid Satyr?  He's a very hot black poz daddy in LA who used to blog as Mindspring, well, as I recall, for he gave up blogging a while back.  But for a time, he was my source for what was going on in Hellay.  He also uploads some of his videos on xtube, including a couple with Ryan, all very sexy, steaming, cummy, sloppy...what's not to like?  Kid Satyr opens and closes this latest Ryan Cummings video, performing with his usual aplomb...his styling is just fabulous, so go to xtube and check out Ryan Cummings and Kid Satyr, or better yet, get your ass down to Lozangeleez and feel for yourself.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Cum is on the Floor

The cum is on the floor.  I got reunited with a fuckbud this weekend and he fucked my ass just like old times, and it was even better because he had stored up a few days of his poz jism and gave me a generous deposit after some extended stroking...yeah, even better because this load was just as big as he had promised, unlike the old times when he took care of my ass on a weekly basis, and it was great, but oh yeah, this time it was even better.  Like most bottoms, I want to keep that load up in there for as long as possible, with my buttwalls absorbing all that toxic juice, sending it to every corner of my deserving bod.  But also like most bottoms, just thinkin,. about all that cum up there, keeps me restless and horny as hell.

Something had to be done, as there is nothing like a restless fagwhore; we just can't concentrate on anything except gettin' more dick up our asses.  At times like these, I have learned to rely on local sexcare givers for psychological and physical support.  These lovely boys can be at your disposal for cabfare and lunch money, and so what if it sets us back a couple of Franklins?  So a local caregiver came right over and delivered his much desired and needed care, and another generous deposit.

Well, I know this can't go on ad infinitum, after all I ain't Ryan Cummings, you know...but I did keep these loads up my ass through the night, and upon waking the next morning, I was still restless and horny as hell.  But since I couldn't afford cabfare and lunch money for another caregiver, I'd  have to fall back on Mrs. Fist and her five daughters, as their services are free for the taking.  So in getting ready,  I took a squat on the hardwood floor and shat out a copious blob of natural lube that had marinated all night.  I mean, a big fat wad of gorgeous, deadly squat.  I couldn't touch it, it was so beautiful.  It is so beautiful.  It's still there.  The cum is on the floor.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Treasure Island Media's Fuckholes 3 Ups the Ante

Greetings, men, it has been a while since my last post and for that I apologize, but if I had blogged about my sexlife during these past weeks, this blog would have turned into an escort review blog, which never was the intent.  Yes, lads, I have been commissioning the services of professionals, and the changes have been significant and that is the subject for another time.  In the meantime, I have been selling old porn and buying new porn, and that brings us to Treasure Island Media' latest, Fuckholes 3 which continues the pattern set by Fuckholes 1 and 2,  and also breaks some startingly new ground.

When I travel, I always take along some of my favorite dvds, which I rely upon as background to my sex romps and/or to rev up my own libido.  I always include the best bareback video of all time, 'Cumsloppy Buttholes,' the Paul Morris masterpiece.  I usually pack 'Meat Rack' and 'Meat Packing' also by TIM (warm weather, outdoor sex, Jerek), and 'World's Hungriest Cumhole Contest' and the video depicting Kenboy's hiv conversion, 'Birthday Fuck Party' (?), these last two by Hot Desert Knights, and maybe Knightbreeders' 'The Best of Damien Silver' ...but...above all, Treasure Island Media's 'Fuckholes' and sequel 'Fuckholes 2.'

The 'Fuckholes' schtick was that the tops and bottoms did not formerly know each other.  That in itself was a major turn-on, even if it wasn't quite true all of the time.  These were videos that you didn't fast forward.  Each scene was distinctive, and up to now, one would have thought all bases had been covered.  'Fuckholes 3' proves that was not the case, for there's a lot of new stuff I never quite considered as porn materials.  I know better know.

Fuckholes 3 opens with a Ryan Cummings gangbang, and here is the main reason why I ordered the dvd via mail order and didn't wait to buy it in the store: I couldn't wait to get my hands on it...Ryan Cummings, the hottest multi-cumming hole in the business had been brought into the Treasure Island family, just as I had blogged about earlier this year.  Ryan is the most intense bottom around, so you are not a weak sister if you find you must take him in short doses.  I think maybe TIM agrees: Ryan takes only 10 loads in this opening sequence, and also injects 110 loads up his ass to be fucked out by the biohazard tattoo guy, fabulous Tony Bishop.  The loads must have been filtered, because they look as pure as Perrier.  My collections when defrosted look murky yellow and scummy.  As for the stench, ah...yes.  I think a Ryan Cummings dvd, in the manner of Dawson, is the next logical development.  I can't wait for that.

The hardest, stiffest top in the business Rob Yaeger fucks transgendered Sami Price.  I don't wish Sami any ill will, and I thank Max Sohl for expanding the discussion, but...well, you know...I was kinda hopin' the roles would be reversed: with a butch bottom getting pumped by a big black TG, although a drag queen top might have been good enough.  I think we'll see more of this, I surely hope so.

If Siouxsie Q had been banged by a gang of rapacious queers, that would have been something, but these guys are all straight.  At the right time, I might have enjoyed it more, but I'm still having trouble with girly voices in porn.  I used to mute straight porn so I wouldn't have to listen to those femmy squeals.  My experience is that women don't talk during sex; however, whores do, inspired by bad porn.

Rocco Steele fans (count me in), Lukas Cipriani fans (uhm, maybe, don't know yet), and Tommy Delucca followers...will love this vid.  Tommy looks all of 28, and he's been in porn for what(?)...maybe...10 years?  He's matured nicely, see for yourself, buy this video.  The other guys are mostly new to me, so I still have to imagine my own fantasies involving them, which means nothing to anyone but me.  I didn't know Dane Ford (Fuckholes) or Taylor Means (Fuckholes 2), and now they are among my favorite bottoms of all time.  Fuckholes 3 will definitely be along for the ride on my next trip to the desert.  Buy it!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Drivin' the Chariot: Fisting Two Hot Asses at Once

I'm a quick sketch; I'm in the Civic Center Motor Lodge for another sexual encounter, fisting this time and I can see right away that my job is to hold steady while these two possessed sex-driven crazy ass bottoms ride my arms in some bronco busting action that keeps me, a top...the a suspended, awed state of submission.  Don't talk to me about power bottoms.  This is beyond power bottoms...this is uncharted territory for me, and frankly, gents, there are times where I can get a little scared...maybe this would be one of them.

Take a straight-looking businessman by day, and put him in a fabulously old school, semi-seedy motel just blocks from the very grand San Francisco City Hall, and you might guess that he'd take my extended arm all the way to the elbow in one sleazy slide and then work his hole like a pumperjack.  A stocky guy but graceful with each stroke, all the way in, and then he'd let up, until very nearly out.  I'm on the bed and on my back...this is the maybe only way this can be done, and by the way, the view is great.

Meanwhile, on my other arm is another power bottom whose approach is totally about a hole that sucks up an arm like a python sucks up an alligator? Ah, slowly but firmly, completely, finally,silently.  The hardest job was giving each man his due, these two different styles could make an unwieldy chariot, but I think I did OK.  I'm so lookin' forward to the next time.  And by the way, anybody out there the wee bit interested, you can find out more about me on Asspig, or Barebackrt, or Adam4Adam (San Francisco/Civic Center)...just start with billytwee.  Any pair of bottoms wanting a chariot ride, now knows how to find out more.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ryan Cummings: Multi-Cumming Man Cunt Star Needs His Close-Up

Xtube, video performer and producer Ryan Cummings is a freak.  In a good way, of least, I want to think so.  Ryan's manpussy is blessed (?) by an extraordinary quantity of nerve endings along those sugar walls resulting in waves of multiple orgasms that keep this handsome dude on the edge throughout the most ordinary of fuckings. There is no reason to doubt him; you can see for yourself as he's posted some generous clips on Xtube; just start with ryancummings.  His blessing or curse - and I say 'curse' because I doubt many of us could survive such pleasure - must be something similar to vaginal orgasms, which I have heard described as waves, or ripples of orgasms, an ebbing and flowing but continuous sensation.  Quite different from a spurting moneyshot.

Ryan is a Superstar in the making, and he needs only a better outlet.  He has done some work for Bad Seed Media, including a video of his gangbang at a recent IML, but I can't locate a supposed dvd version, and since I can't find it, I'd like to communicate with anybody who has.  Ryan's also done some work through other channels, performing separately with poz faves Jessy Karson and Logan Stevens in a flip scene.  Another xtube contributor, KidSatyr, the former Mindspring of googleblogspot, has uploaded his two scenes with Ryan, with a poz injection and buttloads of cum.

I suspect Ryan wants to call his own shots, but if he can work something out with Treasure Island Media or SlutMachine, this guy could become really...uhm...famous.  I haven't met this high flying Canadian - he is also known as flyinryan, but we've chatted and he sounds like a nice, serious guy.  As for that IML video (or was it MAL?), I'm still lookin'.

Friday, May 8, 2015

What Blatino Oasis Is Not

It just so happened that I was in Palm Springs the same weekend as Blatino Oasis, so naturally I went down valley to the Cathedral City Boys Club to check it out.  I had seen videos on xtube that made it look irresistible to me: scores of handsome black men, appropriately scantily garbed, lotsa drinks, laughs, strip shows, live sex shows and dj's around the clock...the relentless hot sun of the desert...what's not to like?  Actually, I was looking forward to what went on after the sun went down.
Now I know: not much.  If you, like me, were expecting some sort of back room you'd find at The Black Party, a situation where no hole goes unplugged, you'd be as disappointed as I am.  No such thing at the Blatino Oasis I was at.

The set-up at CCBC is a cluster of small cabins, each one easily accessible to the next, that seems to encourage all those looky-loos who just go from one to the next, door slamming, and similar heads poking around, those voyaging voyeurs.  One cute white boy legs up in the sling was totally ignored for more than hour.  I oughta know: I was in the sling opposite the whole time.  I stayed a little longer and I was as good as ignored, a couple of buttslaps and some finger probes, but no black cock interested in slamming one of the biggest holes in the desert.

The crowd that Sunday morning (I checked in around 1:30) was young, social and into silly playacting...without any real black studs into fucking.

My suggestion to CCBC: turn down the lights, way too much light in those sexshacks.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Back Alley Blowjob for Chump Change

I'm not a great cocksucker.  I don't live to suck cock although I respect those men who need to suck cock, especially those so driven that they jeopardize reputation, family and career to suck cock.  The media pages are jammed with Republican cocksuckers self-destructing over the promise of dick.  But speaking for myself, I'm not one to prowl the streets looking for cock.

But -
when a slender latin, standing between two parked cars in one those dark side alleys of San Francisco, waves an erect dick in your direction, and it's 6 a.m. and no one else around, does one have to think for an instant about what to do?

I'm not a great cocksucker.  I don't know how to suck cock all that well because I've never cared all that much about it, being the analist that I am.  But I did adapt right off to this guy's style, which is to thrust violently.  The cocksucker's job in this case is to keep his own teeth out of the way.

Thrust, thrust, thrust, shove, shove, in and out.  Strong, blunt, fast. Then-
jingle, jingle, jingle.  Yeah, the fucker's pockets were full of loose change, and it was jangling with every thrust.

Thrust, slam, boff, in and out.  Jingle, jingle, jingle.  Yeah, it was hard not to laugh, which would have been impossible anyway since my mouth was full of hot latin dick,  Then-
there was a streaking flash of a car's headlights as it slowly trolled the alley.  Golden boy lost it all, the bravado and the erection.  He zipped up and beat it into the shadows.  In a New York minute.

An old Monte Carlo rolled past and turned at the corner.

No cum shot here.

Looking down on the pavement, I saw the remains: quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies all scattered about, fucked out of his pockets, I guess.  Well, hell, I scooped them all up: $1.79.

$1.79, not much...Even the trannies in split hot pants do better than that.  End of discussion: I'm the makes me the cheapest whore in San Francisco.  The Buck Seventy Nine Whore.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Billy Twee's House of Sin

Here's an apology to all you guys, who have diligently read my posts, for the lengthy intermission since my last contribution to this blog.  No, I was not in the hospital, nor was I in jail. Here's what's been going on: I've been completely immersed in real estate transactions; selling properties, paying off all my bills, taking care of other fiscal obligations.  Then there was the process of finding a place where I could someday retire, but that meant a place that wasn't going to eat up my last dollar.  And then, get a new loan.  And then, etc., etc., etc.  It took some doin' but the deal closed!

Well, Billy Twee has found his place in the sun, quite the Colorado Desert, the Coachella Valley of Southern California, where the days are hot and the nights are warm, most of the year. Yeah, I've finally bought the place in Palm Springs, something I've wanted ever since I hit the bareback party circuit masterminded by John Singleton and the late Bill Gardner of Hot Desert Knights...ah, going back 15 years.  Yes, indeed, it was April of 2000 when I first had this dream.

You latter-day-sinners wouldn't believe those parties.  It was an airplane hanger-sized venue, with heavy black ceiling-to floor draperies (were they leather?  I can't recall) closing off play areas, a row of 6 or 7 slings, a fuck bench or two, cages, and a St. Andrew's cross (why St. Andrew, I've gotta ask...what happened to him? the Romans must have flogged him), a piss area with a couple of old tubs and a massive leather upholstered raised platform for hot fucking that could be observed at standing eye level.  And most important, appropriate lighting, with just the right amount of shade and shadow.  My first time, I had the time of my life, taking pornstar dick - the HDK studs were usually there, that's how local the bareback scene was in those days - and experimenting with a teensy bit of crystal (me, maybe the pornstars, too).  I was so stoked after this night of raunchy sex, I got into my was about 4 a.m. and they were kicking us out...and drove the 400 plus miles to San Francisco straightaway, all the while thinking I gotta get a piece of this and I think I can!

Well, it took a while, but I've done it, not that I could ever replicate those hot desert (k)nights...but I can try.  For once in my life, I have room, I have privacy, and I have the wherewithal, the friends and contacts, and the media, and at least for now, the physical capacity.  And for the first time ever, ever, I can host at will.

So watch this space because I intend to host fisting parties, escorts, outdoor fucking in the hot, dry night under that incredible desert sky, and most important, I'm gonna give back to all the friends in Palm Springs, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, New York and Florida who have been so nice to me over the years.

You guys gotta understand, now I can be as loud and as messy as I want, and so can you!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Hardass: Fisting Top Humbled

I had played with this durable fisting bottom years ago.  This weekend, thanks to Asspig, we hooked up again...later is better than never; this was to be a memorable connection.  I do remember that this guy had endured surgery on his butthole for some reason that I cannot recall.  What I do recall is that this guy gives the term 'hardass' a new dimension.  His buttwalls are like fuckin' concrete.  Getting through that hole in the wall requires endurance and patience, and neither failed me last night as I worked my way through that tight, tight, tight hole.  Getting through was like having your hand crushed by a brick on each side.  I found that I could get a better extension by turning by hand sideways with thumb on the bottom and pinkie on the top, and working it in bit by bit.  Let me tell you this top was humbled by this superb bottom.  Despite the crushing pressure on my if some bull had placed a brick on my hand and put his full weight on that brick...I kept on, and yelled...screamed(!) pain as I got through.  Yowza!  That fuckin' hurts, you'll never hear a top talk like this until he fists this guy.  Once in, we had a great time, the pressure eases a little but builds over time...I lasted only about ten minutes of this torture, but the bottom came, albeit weakly...what a time we had.  A hard...hardass, yeah.

Every fisting session is a new experience with something to be learned and gained.  Tops take note: that brick in the wall can crush your fist.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The End of Condom Porn

A few years hence, historians will look back to 2015 and declare that sometime during that year, gay condom pornography just sort of petered out.  By next September, you'll be hard pressed to find condoms in gay porn, and by the end of 2016, there will a few condom fetish sites (I mean, yeah, there ARE some sexy things you can do with condoms), but that will be it.  It all has to do with Neg+Prep; it's happening right now and bareback sex and by extension, porn, won't be the same.  Hey, it's still sex, and nobody's complaining, and maybe such discussion will become merely academic.  But..along with the condom fetish, there will be more dedicated poz bareback fetish sites, and there will still be chasers and gifters, and conversion parties will become more acknowledged and maybe typical, and the poz bareback cult will intensify, but I'll leave that discussion for another time.

So, the Condom Era lasted from 1989 until 2015 and at that era's dawn, I was a big Falcon Videos fan, and I remember big stars like Jeff Stryker crossing over from bareback (the term didn't even exist then!) to condom, but a lot of big names from the Pre-Condom Era already had their tickets punched for the Big Nowhere.  They had been dropping off since the mid-80's, and let me tell you youngins out there, them was creepy gotta remember they were still trying to figure out what the hell AIDS was, much less working on a test or medications.  But enough about that for now...the Pre-Condom Era produced some really great stars who will live on forever, thanks to video...and I just can't help thinking: oh what Paul Morris could have done with Chad Douglas, Jon King, Kevin Williams or Chris Burns.  Shit! The mind boggles.

So we watched the old Falcon stuff all through the Condom Era, and were aware of names like Rob Cryston but didn't much care.  ChiChi LaRue became a millionairess without any help from me.  By the mid-90's, things began to change.  The advent of new drugs changed life expectations, lifestyles and sex.  The Bareback Era started somewhere around late 1997, I would say, with a couple of fisting videos directed by Steven Scarborough and videographed by Michael McKey.  I just checked Scarborough's videography on a couple websites where he's credited on about a hundred videos, and Depth Charge I & II are not listed.  I could be wrong about giving Scarborough credit, or maybe the politically-correct powers-that-be deleted both Depth Charges.  Anyway...both videos were (just about) exclusively barefisting, with a little bit of bareback fucking and one pearl of cum that somehow made it through the editing.  Now Plain Wrapped video had been releasing fetish and fisting videos for a while, but wrapped is wright; it was all condom.  Depth Charge was bare fisting, deep and real, and we were shocked.

Then Michael McKey, based in Phoenix, produced a few of his own videos; the production values and qualities were superb but his cast of players, all friends and ordinary guys, ranged from semi-hot to butt ugly.  Most of them would qualify as bears today (a few were downright obese), but that term was not widely in use in 1998.  Cigar fetishist Titpig became the first bareback star to an audience craving more.  Around the same time, Bill Gardner and John Singleton, professional cinematographers based out of Palm Springs, started Hot Desert Knights with a video called 'Bareback Buddies' and a guy in San Francisco named Paul Morris produced a little VHS tape entitled 'Raunch Lunch,' featuring a performer with my favorite nom de porn of all time...Wyatt Trash.

It was all shocking to me, based on the climate of the times, but I had been living an insular life for a few years, having unknowingly converted, losing weight, sleeping 12 hours a day, falling asleep at my computer, and not interested in sex...finally ending up in the emergency room (collapsing at work!), then living on a weird schedule of nine pills a day, and abstaining from sex all together, thinking I was just plain gonna die.  I just wanted to get through the year and not embarrass my family with an AIDS-related death.  It was 1997, a transitional year, and a lot of us were fucked up mentally.

Bareback sex was totally, inarguably and positively taboo.  If you indulged in barebacking you were signing your death lease for a condo in the deepest reaches of Hades.  It was ignorant, irresponsible and immoral.  Barebackers were fucked up shitheads who didn't give a damn.  They were ballin' down the highway, a one-way road to Hell.  Hell.  Hell.  Hell.  You're gonna die a miserable death and you're gonna end up in goddamned Hell!

So.  Escape to video.

Imagine the shock of watching for the first time, Paul Morris' second video, Breed Me, when a dude works his ass with a dildo, and a torrent of sticky, slimy, messy cum just flows out for about five minutes.  No sound except the tolling of at a funeral.  Death.  Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, etc. We were all going to hell, together.

You know the rest.  The early porn characters were our sex life by proxy, then an inspiration, then as we gained confidence, role models.  Dick Kraver, Mac Curtis, Big Ken, Billy Boyd, Tom Shannon, Will West, Chad Adams, Ray Butler, names that now sound pre-historic.  Dawson was still a few years down the trail.  Websites were still pretty basic, if they existed at all.  And you couldn't buy these videos at the porn shop.  I ordered my first TIM video from an ad in one of the many amateur 'zines circulating then, and it came back by mail order.  Then Paul would send us a notice of the next video through the mail with a self-addressed stamped (if you can imagine that!!) envelope to his mail drop on Market Street.  And of course we ordered them as they came out and eagerly awaited the next.  There was an underground aspect to all of this.  Barebackers were shameful, nasty, dirty guys and keeping it hush.

Well, I and millions of others are still here.  I resumed by sex life in 2000...that's how long it took for me to overcome the fear of barebacking, from '97 to double aught, well, just 3 years...some guys still haven't come to grips with it.  Neg+Prep will change all that, too.  In the meantime, thanks Paul, Mike, Bill (r.i.p.), and John, for 17 years of adventure, inspiration, exploration and a lot of really hot sex!!