Monday, November 30, 2009

STD Pit Stop

I'll been out of commission for a week...a teensy touch of turned up during my routine's a three day incubation period, so I guess it must have been a bath house hook-up, Goliath, probably. Oh well, that's the business. The VD Clinic called me up and left a message, come on over on Monday. Chlamydia is knocked out with a single dose of 2 pills and 7 days of chastity. The people at the Clinic couldn't be nicer...the storefront office in SOMA has been there for years...the block was more industrial when I first went there 20+some years ago, a fishmonger was next door. Now there's a nice new school across the street, the Orthodox Ukrainians have got their act together and fixed up their attractive little church (although some palm trees were sacrificed), some new condos have gone up and the old Mr. S. Leather is now a high end art gallery. And here among schoolkids, church-going Ukrainians and condo dwellers, are we nasty sexy health statistics. Like I said, the staff couldn't be nicer...Rebecca, Clara, Carmen, they explain everything and have yourself to some condoms, lube, Carmen said, as I left. I took some lube. As I was leaving, a Yellow cab pulled up and deposited a tall slender dude in a peacoat and cowboy boots. A taxi to the VD clinic? Cowboy boots? God, I love SF.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Review 'LA Raw,' some thoughts on Jeff Palmer

I usually don't review videos that I wouldn't buy myself, and though I didn't much care for LA Raw, this dvd is a curious offering that features porn legend Jeff Palmer, not as a star with top billing but only as a performer in a threesome sequence that's it cannot truly be called a Jeff Palmer video. This reality, of course, is unfortunate. Jeff Palmer truly is a porn legend, whose career switch from mainstream gay to bareback was characterized by uncommon self-promotion...not just as a major porn figure but also as a concert performer and wannabe rockstar. I have his cd, a gift from my friend Jimmy Z formerly of the Palm Springs Gaymart (who also had some interesting tales to tell about Jeff), and that cd is something else, as they say...I'm not quite sure what it is, but it is definitely something else. Jeff's website was fascinating. Here was a pornstar totally into being a pornstar, living a glamorous life in Miami, LA and Oregon with sugar daddies, sporty duds, sportscars, trips to high end resorts, and lots of scandalous sex. Jeff had no problem fucking fans, his handlers and promoters, managers, presidents of his fan clubs. It's all on his blog, in the section called The Scoop and it goes back a few years, related in his own personal Ricky Ricardo-ish dialect. It's the best blog I've ever read, and if I had any influence over Jeff, I'd encourage him to publish The Scoop as a paperback is absolutely the sexiest accounting of the bareback/pornstar/rockstar lifestyle of the 21st century, so far. Jeff, Jim Bentley did it and so can you. So, buy LA Raw if you want to complete your Jeff Palmer library...otherwise mail Jeff and encourage him to add publishing to his extensive resume. Jeff is a famous AIDS denialist and while I disagree...yeah, AIDS does exist, dammit...he's always made a good argument against letting your HIV-poz diagnosis turn you into a victim. Fight back and don't waste your time left feeling sorry for yourself...use everything that works for Jeff's case, that includes a dash of his personal brand of Christianity, but he doesn't preach...except when it comes to the guy he sees as the ultimate victim, Michael Brandon. Jeff, please get The Scoop into print, let's get some financial backing, it won't take that much.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Another Hot Bottom Among Many Others

It was Friday night at the Steamworks and it was surprisingly quiet...ah, how I long for the old days when one had to push his way through the crowded corridors of a favorite bathhouse, but I digress...there are only about 6 or 7 doors open and those rooms are occupied by bottoms, and another thing...they are all hot bottoms, one particular tattoo'ed number and another is a downright muscle bottom, and yet another is what the late, great Boyd McDonald used to call a 'young collegiate,' nice-looking, butt up and ready for all cummers. Too much competition...I'll never get laid, that's what I thought. But before long, I welcomed the first hook-up, a slender older guy (balding, anyway...although his body was fairly intact) with a slender dick...but he was more interested in sucking mine...mine was limp, not much more than a stubby thick stump, but he nibbled on it for a good 30 minutes...and oh yeah, he fucked me while wearing a condom, although that rod never really got rock hard. It looked big enough but truth to tell, I never felt it. An hour passed. I hit the playrooms, mostly looky-loo's and guys into gloryholes, not my scene. Back in my room, a tall type with curly dark hair, a real Goliath, stood at the door, and gradually edged himself in.
'Ya got poppers?' Indeed I did...I had Fist, highly recommended by porn god Jerek and purchased on the internet. This top, fueled by Fist, plowed my ass deeply and thoroughly, with my head banging against the wall such that I had to place the pillow against the wall to keep from getting a broken neck. This fucking went on for a good ten minutes, and then ended abruptly. It was a fair fuck...and I felt lucky to have been fucked at all, since there were all those other hot bottoms out there, most of them...maybe all of them...younger than I.
I hit the playroom again, spent some time in the sling, and some time on the fuckbench...but nobody was interested. After 30 minutes, I was pretty sure that everybody at the Steamworks that night had seen me, so I went back to my room. After about 15 minutes on my belly, arching my back was Goliath, back for round two. Goliath fucked me good and seemed that he was good for a vigorous ten minutes or so, and abruptly he stopped and vacated, just as before. Ah, I really felt lucky...after all it didn't look all that promising when I had first arrived, and I had gotten a couple of good fucks in the course of a couple of hours. I stood up and felt filled up...could it be? Had Goliath shot his wad? I've written before that I usually I can't tell. I squatted on the floor and cupped my palm under my butthole and pushed out what turned out to be a decent load...a little bit of Goliath. Well, I really was a lucky man. As I left, I made one last round of the rooms and saw very little going was getting attractively late and there still weren't many guys there...even most of the bottoms had bailed. Yeah, a lucky man indeed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

High Class Castro Fuck

'Remember me?' is what he posted. Hell yeah, I remember. He's a hot 'older' black guy with a nice crib in the Castro, and I've written about our past mating but I'm too lazy to look it up now and reference it for you. I took a cab and was there in 15 minutes...public transit would kill the I was feeling pretty horny and didn't want to mess this up. He buzzed me in, and I went up the stairs, saw my host in a bathrobe, and went straight to his bedroom and stripped down. I had dressed hurredly, in old jeans (but they fit perfectly and are hot), an ugly North Face pullover and ugly slip ons from International Male, I wear them as slippers at home. I'm thinking that I'm not dressed quite right...this guy has good taste and all his shoes have shoe trees in them; he's particular, neat and thoughtful...and this top knows exactly what he wants and says so; he's very much into nipple play...he put me on my back, commanded me to work his tits (I did the best I could), and fucked me in his 'in control' style. It was all rather quick, intense, and then he shot his load up my butt after only 10 minutes or so. I didn't feel any cum at all and those queens who claim they can feel jism being shot into their asses are full of shit. I got a sweet kiss from my top and was outa there in 15 minutes max. I made a detour to The Midnight Sun, since it was Retro Night...that is, 80's standards and all drafts (I ordered a Stella) were a mere $2.25. What's not to like? It was while standing in The Midnight Sun that I felt that urge to shit. Yeah, black top really had shot his load up there. I had a great time drinking and taking in the videos before taking the train & bus home.
Cheap thrill: Max Holden (of TIM's Fucking Crazy) in The Midnight Sun, with a 3-day beard and more hair on his head, filled out a little and looking good. The fact that his hot ass has taken literally hundreds of poz loads and that he looks so healthy and happy is an inspiration to all us pozbirds.
When I got home I thought I would play a little before hitting the sack. I squatted and dumped a big, big load of cum on the floor. Yeah, black top really had a good one for me. I used his cum to lube my ass before working my favorite toy up where, while watching 'Dawson's 50 Load Weekend, Part 2.' I kept thinking of the black top, what was his status. I quickly checked his profile since I couldn't remember status, I'd never go with a neg guy if I knew it. 'Ask Me' he says. Well, that will do for now. A big load of cum up the ass pretty much sets me up for the rest of the week...a trip I had planned on Fri. to the Steamworks may not be necessary

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More reviews: Christian Torrent's Cum Party, Load House, Barebacking Rich Wrangler

I've been a fan of Christian Torrent ever since TIM brought him out in 'UK Beef Bangers,' although it was a gloryhole scene, that biohazard tattoo was there in our faces. Then he returned in Liam Cole's 'Bad Influence,' shooting a hot charged load up the ass (or arse) of a cute little twink, and taking some loads himself in a hot threesome. Now he stars with his name in the title(by WAN). Claudette Colbert is said to have believed that her left side was her good side and it was in her contract that she be filmed only from her left side...Christian Torrent knows his left side is his good side and we get to see that biohazard tat as he's fucking and getting fucked...this is a major turn on for all serious pozcum this dvd. But more than that: there's a Christopher Rage thing going on here...CT is in just about every scene, and with some of the most louche, degenerate, dissipated looking bottoms in video and one dependable Woody Harrelson-lookalike top. But the Christopher Rage thing is simply not the slovenly trashy performers or the settings of solid, dark backgrounds...there's constant music relying heavily on African-inspired rhythms, percussion and sound effects like machinery and trains. Buy this one if you're hot for poz action.
There doesn't seem to be a bedroom in the Load House ( by Jonny Ransom), a residence in San Francisco where everyday typical gay businessmen like Dan Fisk (!) bring tricks to fuck. There are 4 or 5 scenes and its a round robin affair with everybody matching up eventually. The action starts in the kitchen with Dan and Sage Daniels, and in subsequent sessions, moves to the shower, and then a closet, hallway. No one gets fucked in a bed, in this movie. Buy this one for the latter two scenes both featuring bottom Timm Zane getting fucked in a chair (by Dan, again). I've written about TZ before...he's hot, poz and versatile, and if you should think he's not blessed with a pretty boy face, you'd be right and you'd forget about that and wish you had his dick AND ass. Look for more of him in the future, he won't let you down.
Barebacking Rich Wrangler (Ricky Raunch) features the usual cast of sluts from Canadian Patrik Kohl who improves with every new video. This one is especially hot because all the guys are poz, according to Rawtop's website...and you get Rich Wrangler AND Fred Mayer thrown in for good measure. These mega pig bottoms appear to be insatiable but you gotta hand it the overworked tops, guys like Kamrun and Andre Barclay, work their asses off with their relentless fucking. There are only 4 or 5 scenes but they are long, with plenty of good angles, clean anal insertion shots, dicks in ass, group sex...and a hot foursome. Now, I'm totally queer for foursomes...some of my hottest memories are of those lucky times when I happened to share a mattress with Tom Shannon (at the Camp Palm Springs), Chad Adams (in Bill Gardner's sex warehouse in Palm Springs) and Marcelo Masko (at a Cockpit party...the one time they had it in a playspace on Harrison St. in SF). In each case the tops fucked us, switched off, back and forth, cumming and then moving over to the next guy so that he'd get a share of the cum...none of this was just happened, as it does in the best sex parties. This video brought all of that back to me when RW and FM get fucked and loaded while on a round platform. Buy this one if you're into hot poz pigs getting charged up again and again. Oink!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Senior Daddy Fuck, Palm Springs bareback parties

I've had good luck with daytime hookups, and everything was going right on a Friday afternoon...I was cleaned out, feelin' a little horny after watching porn and had a little time before headin' over to Wang's for happy hour (on Fridays they are not to be missed)...I was in Palm Springs. Within a few minutes of posting on Barebackrt, I got a ping from a senior dad living in a condo complex I was familiar with, closeby, too. The only thing I don't care for that much is the host's set up. I know, I know...if I care that much about the surroundings, the set up, why don't I just host? But I really do have an idealized notion of where to find the best sex: it's on a mattress on a concrete basement floor, or a mattress tossed in the patio or backyard...not in a middle class bedroom decorated with furniture from Levitz. I'm not being petulant, but I do keep wishing for the ideal. Dad admitted to being in his early 60's, and I've seen dads older than that at the Cathedral City Boys Club, pops in their 70's swinging their big dicks's an aesthetic thing. Real slutpigs don't discriminate, we're after as much dick as we can get. Dad wasn't lying...he had a big one, and eventhough it never got ramrod stiff, it was thick and he knew how to shove it in to the hilt, which he did, fucking me doggystyle on his bed. Dad would plunge his thick stump as far as my ass could take it and then applied total pressure with the full strength of his body weight for a nice, deep fuck. He didn't cum, and of course I rarely cum anyway, but it was a nice start to the evening.
Had a couple at Wang's, met a new interesting guy whom I hope to see again, then had a beer at the Tool Shed before heading over to a party in Warm Sands which I had been looking forward to. It was pretty much a vanilla affair, lotsa guys with chemically-enhanced hard-ons but not doing much with those hard-ons. I mean, at a really hot party, a top on viagra will probably fuck (or at least try) every willing bottom there. The guys at this party behaved as if it were their first bareback sex party...I'm sure more than half were partnered, so there was a conventional, middle class aura to the whole thing. Some sucking, but mostly wandering around the nicely tended grounds (pool,spa,patio,playroom) and what little fucking I saw wasn't so hot...there weren't many bottoms around anyway, and it was hard to tell who wanted the best parties there is absolutely no doubt about it. The hosts couldn't have been nicer, and it was crowd of nice guys, I'm sure, just too vanilla, too middle-class, too conventional. Stuart's parties on the north end of town remain the best parties in the desert for nasty guys lookin' to get down.