Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Art of Bottoming

Some latin queen hogged the fuckbench for the whole time that I was at the Steamworks last unusually long time, 10 hrs., since there was a promotional 10 hr. rental on that day, 10/10/10. Actually, he did me a favor, for I spent the whole stay in my large room, hosting a dozen butt-hungry sex are the standouts:

Black Daddy...this slender muscular mature top had a snow white goatee, and a longish dick that he used like a swirl stick whipping up a bucket of paint.

Branch Bank Manager...I don't know if he works in a bank but he sure looks like it, with a serious demeanor, average build, hair that's just combed not styled and...he wears his glasses when having sex...but with a big dick. Banker had also knocked back a couple, judging from his stale bourbon scented kiss, and a fuckstyle that can be described as haphazard. His fucking was unsteady, and unrhythmic with that big dick sideswiping the walls of my asschute like the dick had a mind of its own...but this is not a bad thing, actually. That long rod kept slipping out and I had to put it back in, much like putting the gas pump hose into the gas tank, and that made me feel really slutty.
Then I said something one never hears in a bathhouse, 'Just fuck me 'til you cum.' Banker said, 'I think I have to share the wealth,' which was a way of saying, 'shut up, bitch, I'll cum when I cum.' No matter. He never got the chance...drunken banker tried to climb on to the mattress, slipped and fell to the floor...pretty much killing the moment...though it was great to hear him mutter, 'Hot Ass!' as he left the room.

Stealth Cat...this man-boy/boy-man stood at the foot of the mattress and pondered my ass for a few moments (I was looking at him by way of the wall-sized mirror) and then pounced on the mattress and shoved his dick up my ass. This was the smallest dick of the night and the best fuck of the night. He got on his haunches and clutched my ass close...and by grasping him by the arches of his feet, we turned into an in-synch fuckmachine. His grinding fuckstyle resulted in a load planted deep in my ass...I shat out the load the next morning, hours took hours
to work itself out.

Nur...this Middle Eastern looking guy fucked me rabbit style and I was sure he would come, but he didn't...but it was a good workout.

PozMan...I don't know if he's poz, but I think so...I looked like the way I like my poz tops to look: ravaged face, salt and pepper buzzcut, well-toned bod, tribal tattoos, and of a certain age. This coupling led to a missionary style pounding with intense eye to eye concentration, and he chose to pull out before cumming, denying me that poz load. This was some hot sex nonetheless.

4 White Men...these guys all looked similar: similar meaty builds, similar degree of baldness, all sure of themselves grabbing me and putting me where they wanted, all good fucks. I don't bother to discuss condoms anymore; I keep them under the mattress and if a top asks, I let him use one. But I just smear some lube on their dicks (I hate stuff that squirts or has to be squeezed) and let the tops go for it. All these four went for it...and they all knew what to do when I pushed back...they retracted their dicks, teased my hole and then plunged right back in. There is an art to bottoming, you just can't lay there, you've got to work for it, and that means working that hole. So I should thank that latin queen for keeping me off the fuckbench...and for giving me hours to perfect my art. Thanks,dude.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Captain Hook, Butt Pirate of the Caribbean

First thing, he IS from the Caribbean and he IS a butt pirate as he's savaged my asshole a few times now, to the point where he's becoming a regular fuckbuddy. He's also a chef who's worked in New York and San Francisco, but what makes him Captain Hook is his phenomenal cock: it's got a crook that's almost a 90 degree angle...I'm exaggerating a little to make a point, but I've seen and taken a lot of dick in my time, and this one is unique and for real. I've discovered that my best position for him is my fuckbench, actually a sofa with a low back where I can hang my arms or snort poppers while he fucks me. We've fucked on the bed and on the floor and standing up, but not missionary style...not yet. I'm really curious to feel how that dick fits in and what places deep in my ass it's going to prod and stroke. When you get a top who's average to small, you get on your back, spread those cheeks and stretch your hole to make it easy for him to stuff it in. With bigger guys, it's problematic. You'll notice that most bottoms take mega-hung Lito Cruz doggy style although I understand Tim Skyler takes it in a sling, that's rare: big guys can hurt. I'm wondering if this crank is going to hurt. The only way to find out is to do it, which I'm hoping will be next week, and with another bottom in a tag team scene. I'm not a territorial bottom; I love having other bottoms around, it makes it all that much nastier.
I'm not at my best right now, recovering from an ailment encountered in the desert, and Captain Hook just called...he comes over during his lunch break...and I had to tell him not today...damn! Next week...missionary style...2 hot poz hot poz Captain Hook...worth waitin' for.