Thursday, October 2, 2008

TIM's Fearless

Guys, this is a great it, or at least rent it. One of the best 3-ways ever with an unusually memorable cumshot is the one with Aaron Shadow, Jerry Stearns and everybody's favorite all-american gay frat boy, Alan Gregory. I don't know about Jerry's status but he's fucked a lot poz azz on video, as has Austin, and Alan's upfront about his status on his barebackrt profile, so seeing what I hope is genuine all-american poz cum getting plowed up some primo yankee pozazz will take care of me for a long while. Yowza!

Double Gangbang at the Folsom Treasure Island Sex Party

I wasn't feeling all that hot, recovering from a cold and with my libido running on empty, but I was determined not to miss Treasure Island Media's (TIM) Folsom party on Sunday night. After all, Dawson was expected. And Brad McGuire. And Dan Fisk. And others were expected, as well. More about those guys later. So I decided to skip the Folsom Street Fair and spent the day resting up, which killed me because it was a beautiful day here in San Francisco. So I spent the day engrossed in a James Ellroy crime novel and all the while, working overtime on pumping up. I took my Arize according to instructions, cleaned out and was ready to go by 7 p.m. The party was at the Power Exchange, unlike the country western bar venue of last year where everybody had to keep his clothes on. My libido wasn't working for, I wasn't all that horny but this was a party not to be missed. I took the un-sexy...but I got there and the nice guys at the rope told me the party wasn't on the 3rd floor as advertised (a hot play space) but in the basement (not my favorite). And there would be a clothes check, so we wouldn't be fucking with our clothes on, like last year....
Well, this party was great...a diverse mix of guys, lots of out of town traffic and hardly any familiar faces...I saw R. who kept himself covered up, per usual, but he was wearing a leather vest this time, more appropriate...still more the voyeur than a participant, but agreeable enough. I pretended not to notice him, and I think he might have been doing the same thing. There was also WW., that hot black daddy who's fucked me a couple times before, but who, tonight, couldn't get it up for me, but not for lack of trying. In his defense: he had just got through fucking the shit out of this leatherman, and might have been trending down. Anyway, I know he's one hot fuck and had passed up Tom Fister's fisting party to come here, just like me. No Dawson, no Brad, etc....but I did recognize Nicholas from BarebackthatHole and Leo Sargent of HDK, but no matter...I did my own porn that night...a double gangbang. Read on.
My favorite room in the basement of the Power Exchange is the dark hole near the entrance...I like to get on all fours facing the wall and watch the shadows of prospective fuckers on the wall as they approach. Some move on, but all you need is one...and I got more than that. Gawd, I love these no attitude, free for all parties. I had a dick up my ass within minutes, initiating a steady roll of action that lasted another 30 minutes. One right after the other, maybe seven dicks, I lost count, I was so into it...small dicks to better than average, and every one knew what to do with what God had given was dark, hot, sweaty, loud and non-stop. But the best part, the double part, was that another bottom had positioned himself opposite me, so that we faced each other...he took a dick and was engaged as an active bottom, expressive...his face approached my own and we engaged in some hot tongue action while each of our asses was getting plowed, oooh, dogie! The best part is that the tops kept on coming one right after the other, each of us getting some while the other was getting some...really bottom buddy had a hot loose tongue going deep, the scent of brandy or maybe bourbon. I prefer bourbon, more appropriate for the setting. No Dawson, no Brad, no Dan, who cares? It lasted for only 30 minutes or so, and that was it for me. I got up to stretch my legs, trolled around in the basement play space, getting in some voyeurism, chatting up a cute little bottom in a harness and glasses (!), drank a Pepsi, and returned to find my space had been taken over by another bottom with a buzz cut and a harness. And man he was getting fucked when and where I should have been getting fucked. But yeah, all right, I got mine...and he should get his.
It turns out Dawson and the other guys hit the Thursday Cockpit Party at the same venue (and were on their way home to Boston, New York or Chicago by Sunday night), but since I was out of town, I missed that party...knowing there would be a TIM party the following Sunday softened the blow. You can't miss if you try just a little. All in all, a great party, and my first gang bang since the Palm Springs parties of 7 or 8 years ago. As usual, I couldn't tell if anybody came in my butt. When I got home, I did my usual squat over the shot glass and pushed out what I could: 2 loads, I least I could detect 2 different types of cum, they looked different, so I guess 2 loads which I collected in my cumjar and put into the icebox for future lubing.
You never miss at the Cockpit, especially when TIM is involved. Thanks, guys. See you all next year, if not before...we keep trying.