Saturday, June 26, 2010

SF Pride starts at Truck

Treasure Island Media and Naked Sword sponsored an event they called Raw Underground at the Mission District bar, Truck, last Thurs. and for me, the SF Gay Pride celebration officially got underway. Not to repeat my mistake of a few Folsoms ago, when I showed up at the Rawhide bar for what I thought was going to be a TIM 'meet and greet' with special guest Dawson. I didn't bother to get myself together for sex because it didn't occur to me that the event would evolve into a sex party...I had even made a dinner engagement in Fisherman's Wharf, a world away from Folsom St. So this time meticulously cleaned out and horned up (after all, it's called 'Raw'), I made it down to Truck, which being south of Market is beyond my sphere of influence...I'm a north of Market guy...but no matter, there was a hip crowd of hot guys. I kept thinking WeHo vs. SOMA and decided, maybe the WeHo guys are a bit more self-conscious, but basically there's not much difference...I used to think the WeHo guys were more into lipo, botox & steroids, but this crowd looked pretty well-maintained, by what means, though, I couldn't tell you.
All drafts were $3.50, so it was an agreeable set-up from the moment you walked in. Star sightings: Damon Dogg in low hung jeans showing a bit of a crack, Jessy Karlson and Sage Daniels (I think...I'd have to play back some of his videos to be sure) or someone who surely looked like him, and some guys wearing TIM black tees with LOADED printed in red...maybe some of the performers on TIMFUCK or guys who haven't broken out yet. A nice party...but it wasn't a sex party, at least not by the time I left, around 10. I was anxious to get to the Cockpit for the Pride sex party. It was a smaller crowd than I expected, and not much for us bottoms, generally speaking. One bottom was getting most of the action and kept drawing a crowd to his sling cage for more than an hour, getting fucked by maybe a dozen guys. The rest of us had to be satisfied with 2 or 3 dicks, including 'Samurai,' the hot built little Asian bottom who's always there taking on all cummers. I've got to stop calling him 'Samurai' because now I think he looks Korean and that's not cool, Koreans were done dirt by the Japanese before & during WW2, and in their culture they never forget. We shared a bunk for a short while and a couple of cocks...I wiped some of the sweat off his back and rubbed it into my hole. Very hot. But it WAS a Thursday, so I bagged it around midnight...and ended up walking all the way home in the early morning mist. Lots of people still out in the SOMA bars, gay and straight, suggesting a good weekend where there'll be performances by Andy Bell (of Erasure), Martha Davis (of the Motels) and as I understand, the Backstreet Boys. I hope to see all these types at the Parade tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bottom-Driven Porn & Tim Skyler

Men, I'm sitting here composing this post with a load of cum in my ass. I know it's up there because it stuck to the blob of Crisco that I stuffed up my hole. Lubing your butthole with Crisco will make it easier for the load to stick to your inner manflesh...a benefit to those of us pozpigs looking to get recharged with a fresh hit of virus, if those Swiss researchers are to be believed...a benefit, and to those crazyass bugchasers, take note: finding a poztop may be one thing, but getting his pozload to do its nasty thing takes some planning...Crisco is the way to go. Then I got to thinkin' on how it's all about the bottoms, at least, lately.
What got me started on this trend was watching Max Sohl's sex tape masterpiece, 'Fuckholes,' the original TIM 2005 production, tho' 'Fuckholes 2' is pretty damn good too (I wasn't in the mood for internal cum shots which make 'Fuckholes 2' extra special)...a trashy top is one thing, but a trashy top is just as likely to be a straight goon, a dork with a big dick, a self-centered pig..all of that is OK but a trashy bottom is a gay phenomenon, cultivated by gay porn where bottoms are the real stars right now. This wasn't the case 25 years ago when to be a bottom was to be at the bottom of the gay social ladder. Go back 50 years and nobody would admit to taking it up the ass. To do so would make you a real, old-school pathetic faggot. But today, thanks to porn, the bottoms are in the driver's seat. Take Jayson Park, Dominick Rider, Sage Daniels, Ian Jay & Fred Mayer, for example: these are the hardest 'working' (if you can call it that) men in bareback porn...and if you see a new video and one of these guys is in it, it's going to be a decent video. Whereas Dan Fisk is the super top of the moment, what we want to know is who's Dan fucking, and if we like him (take any of the 5 uber bottoms mentioned), then we'll buy it. Which leads me to cutie pie bottom boi Tim Skyler, also 'hard working' and about to crash into the upper echelons of gay porn. I first saw Tim in an HDK video of a couple years back where he played a Palm Springs houseboi broken in by a herd of poz tops from the HDK stable of studs. He wasn't really my type at the time: too young, too skinny, a little too white bread for my taste...but he has grown on me, because he represents a type I admire...Tim is famously HIV-negative, and it's a topic that's been making the rounds on gay blogs, that is, Tim's famous resistance to the plague. He says he owes it to his good constitution and his healthy (?) lifestyle, but whatever, if I were in my 20's (Tim is probably 24 but just as probably 19, he certainly looks it), I'd be terrified to do what Tim does (on video, or wherever) and so my cap's off to him. Young dudes who hungrily get knocked up by known poz tops are either brain dead or fearless, and I'd have to go with fearless in Tim's case 'cuz he ain't stupid. He would have to have gotten fucked bareback before testing negative, so doing what he does carries the brazen badge of bravado. So Tim's new videos are going to make him a super big star: his gangbang in a sling for Raw Fuck Club and I Fucked Your Boyfriend Bareback by Loadmasters (see Rob Rodin's website) where he gets drilled by famously super-mega-poztop Lito Cruz. Shit, I can hardly wait for these babies. As for Tim Skyler, add him to the list of hardworking material all the way.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bad Manners at the Baths Ends with Cummy Hole

Nevah in all mah born days have I experienced such bad manners at a bathhouse as I did on Memorial Day while at the Steamworks in Berkeley. Most outrageously, a skinny little thing in a suit (matching tanktop & brief) came into my room (one of the Super Slut Suites), put his bony elbows on his knees and stuck his face within a couple of inches of my own. Those fags that mess around with your lighting controls are bad enough, but this one was literally in your face. I reached out to grab this twit, meaning to pull him close so I could say to him, 'Come closer and get a real good look, you dumb cunt!' but he quickly skampered out, the little bitch. Later on, three frat boy types staggered in...I'd seen them around grabassin' mostly, but then the one wearing a baseball cap, asked, 'do you mind if we use your room?' I never answered...and I don't know what I would have said, 'yeah, if I can watch' is probably what I should have said. I didn't have time, as they all got busy, takin' turns slappin' my ass. I wasn't sure where this was goin' but after a few minutes, they left just as casually as they'd come in. Bad form, I thought.
Finally, an older type came in...follwed by a younger, lean built type. I thought they might be together, but no, they weren't a team, and the younger guy simply had barged in, no matter if some other top was in there already. Bad form, again, but lucky for me since what developed was a real three way, with my sucking off older top while the younger guy fucked my ass. His style was long dickin' and he worked over all the corners of my shitter, and then abruptly left. The older guy followed him out...not much ritual or posturing, but after all, this is the baths. I didn't think the fucker had cum, but I blew out a blob of Crisco (my new lube of choice, I just shove bits of it up my ass) coated with fresh cum. Yowza! The fucker had dumped a nice load up there. Immediately, I thought that I should share this cum with any and all interested, so I made my way to the playroom and got up on the fuckbench. On the fuckbench, I farted and squeezed out more cum, and felt it trickle out of my butthole...I continued to push out, and more trickled out, accompanied by sloppy, farting sounds. But I couldn't get anyone to fuck that cum-filled ass! I usually give the fuckbench 20 minutes or so, and if nothing happens, I move on. I moved on. I went back to my room, got fucked on my back by a fierce looking Asian guy...he looked like the badguys in an old wartime movie, with his bald had and glasses (!), grimacing, acting like he was cumming. He took off his condom and put it in the trash bag the Steamworks provides. After he left, I checked...a bogus orgasm, no cum there. My ass was still cummy though, this guy had just swished it around. I went back to the fuckbench, sucked off 5 or 6 guys and got felt up by another half dozen or so, but nobody got near that cumbucket asshole, and I was thinking that the cum would be drying out. Back at the room, I got plugged again by an older gent, bareback and he worked the cum around a bit, and finally a big daddy came in but we couldn't get his thick black mamba snake up and goin', so I went back to the fuckbench for a third go. I got felt up a couple of times before an anonymous fucker stuck his dick up there and gave me a decent ride...this was the sluttiest hookup of the session. No load, though, but talk about making that cumload last...too bad somebody didn't get it while it was fresh.