Monday, February 2, 2015

Hardass: Fisting Top Humbled

I had played with this durable fisting bottom years ago.  This weekend, thanks to Asspig, we hooked up again...later is better than never; this was to be a memorable connection.  I do remember that this guy had endured surgery on his butthole for some reason that I cannot recall.  What I do recall is that this guy gives the term 'hardass' a new dimension.  His buttwalls are like fuckin' concrete.  Getting through that hole in the wall requires endurance and patience, and neither failed me last night as I worked my way through that tight, tight, tight hole.  Getting through was like having your hand crushed by a brick on each side.  I found that I could get a better extension by turning by hand sideways with thumb on the bottom and pinkie on the top, and working it in bit by bit.  Let me tell you this top was humbled by this superb bottom.  Despite the crushing pressure on my if some bull had placed a brick on my hand and put his full weight on that brick...I kept on, and yelled...screamed(!) pain as I got through.  Yowza!  That fuckin' hurts, you'll never hear a top talk like this until he fists this guy.  Once in, we had a great time, the pressure eases a little but builds over time...I lasted only about ten minutes of this torture, but the bottom came, albeit weakly...what a time we had.  A hard...hardass, yeah.

Every fisting session is a new experience with something to be learned and gained.  Tops take note: that brick in the wall can crush your fist.