Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Fuck at Mack

Well, I got my lines crossed and showed up at Mack for a non-existent Cockpit Party last Saturday night. I had planned to fuck my brains out, get tested for STDs, go home and lay off sex until the results come in...a week or so. There was no party...I obviously messed up on the date...but the guys from the City Health Clinic were there and eventually we went through the testing routine. There wasn't much going on at Mack besides the other couple of guys getting tested, a couple of trolls lingering in the shadows and a single silver daddy decked out in full leather gear. Leather daddy and I connected (there was nothing else goin') mostly because his dick, long and slender, was sticking out, viagra-fueled and ready to go. I immediately went down on him and confirmed the readiness of fuckstick, and before too long, I was on the bench taking his prod delivered in forceful, steady strokes. One of my peeves about Mack is that it's uncomfortable if you're 'nekkid''s a place to have sex with your clothes on. So while my butthole was getting worked over in a very superior way, my knees on the bench were annoyingly on my mind. I moved the action to the sling where dad fucked my ass nice and rough, with a constant pounding, he could keep goin' at length, without losing a beat...his dick was just right for my was long but not thick, and it was rockhard the whole time. I love slings but I wanted to get the feel of his fuckstick up my ass I took him to the bunks upstairs and let him fuck me again, and again, but then I had to call it quits, since my appointment for my test was promptly at 930.
When I told him why we had to take a break, he responded, 'Well, I'm negative in every way.'
That earned him a second round of fucking after the STD test. I believe him, he's a mature guy who wears glasses and with a full head of white hair, maybe prematurely so but I doubt it. And this very good fuck did wrap up what could have been a disastrously dull night. If the tests turn up anything, then I'll have to go on a medication sabattical which means this might be the conclusion of my sex life for this year. Leather daddy says that he doesn't use the websites to hook up...his sex life revolves around Mack, especially on Tuesdays, which is Leather Night. Well, this might be a bit of useful information, especially if he's there. My attitude regarding Mack remains the same: SF needs better, and it's mostly about design and layout...the staff there, the music, the services have always been great. So, thanks for a good fuck at Mack...but not sure about the next time.

Friday, December 10, 2010

STD's and the Fuckbuddy System

I'm sitting here writing this with a load of hot pozcum percolating in my butthole. In a while, I'll be able to shit it out and add it to my collection stored in the fridge. This load comes courtesy of a fuckbud whom I call Capt. Hook the Butt Pirate of the Caribbean because of the angularity of his equipment and his place of national origin, although he's also a sophisticated New Yorker and now a San Franciscan. He's a professional and we fuck during his lunch hour, as his place of work is just a short walk away. I really love this guy, as a person and as a sex partner, and he's very important. All fuckbuds are. I'll explain.
Tomorrow there's the Cockpit Party at the Mack sexclub on Folsom St. and Gehno and the guys arranged with the County health dept. for STD testing. This is a wonderful and greatly appreciated function...although not unique...the Berkeley Men's Health organization conducts similar services the the Steamworks.
But you know, your fuckbuddies are also good sources regarding your STD status. If something comes up, they'll tell you right away...and not only will you go and get tested, but you'll (assuming you are a mensch and of course you are) stop having sex until the issue is resolved. Relying entirely on your fuckbuds could lead to a false sense of security, but I don't think so...we're all adults. It's as good a buddy system as any.
I hate getting tested because of my embarrassing, Christian guilt issues. The people at the SF VD Clinic and the people at the VA couldn't be nicer, but it's still awkward for me...I still feel guilty for getting the clap or worse. I can't stomach the condom lectures which health care professionals are obligated to give. So that's why I'm grateful to the Cockpit and most of all to my fuckbuds...for all the hot anonymous sex in our lives, we always come back to family.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NippleMaster Shoots Massive Load

I have to admit that I can't get into most of the fetishes embraced by many of you, nasty men. Leather doesn't count, and piss is something I do but thinkin' about it doesn't get me hard. Spanking, ho hum. Pinchin' tits never did it for me either. I'll do it gladly if it will get me laid, but I don't care for guys doin' it to me...especially by guys who don't know what the hell they're doin'. In short, I thought it was mostly bullshit. But now I see it in a different light because of this top who fucked my ass last week. This hot man is another Tom Shannon look-a-like. My friends chastise me over my admiration for the very excellent Mr. Shannon, but my admiration is serious and sincere: he's not only a hot man (now entering young daddy territory, and gracefully so) but he was the first barebacking top groomed as a star by Treasure Island Media. Oh yeah, they had Titpig in those days but like I said, I'm only a recent convert to nipple action.
Anyway, this guy who looked like Tom Shannon showed up with fairly modest equipment, all too obvious when he entered me missionary style grasping me from my shoulder blades and holding me close. The poppers were doing their job: in the very dim light his face was transformed into a skull-like presence, not unlike the TIM logo.
'Work my tits,' he commanded with such authority that I really concentrated on tweaking his nipples, not just in the usual half-assed way I've done in the past.
'Work 'em. Pinch those tits!'
He knew what he was doing. I got those tits so turned on that his cocktail-sized wiener swelled into something more along the lines of a Hillshire Farms kielbasa. Very impressive. I will never belittle nipsters again as being full of shit.
Almost Tom Shannon had a distinctive fuckstyle that worked for me: he rarely plunged into the deepest corners of my asscavern; he liked to work my buttlips with the tip of his dick and then swish it around a bit. Needless to say, he came and came bigtime, noisily and with vigor, shooting a massive load that went everywhere...belly, legs, mattress, walls...except where I wanted my ass!
There have been tops who have pulled out before cumming, and thinking back, I think they thought they were doing me a favor...regarding poz cumload taking. I never discuss status before fucking...sometimes afterwards I have, and in those cases, the top always turned out to be poz. But some poz tops are doing what they think is right by not cumming in a guy's ass, especially a guy they don't know.
There are even poz tops who use condoms out of respect for anonymous bottoms. A leather daddy about to fuck me, began to pull on a rubber. 'Sir, is that necessary?' I asked, keeping in the mood of the scene we we're playing.
'Yes, is!!'
Enough said. You don't try to change a leather daddy top's mind, and begging would be out of character for me.
Nipples, fetishes, HIV status, rules of the game. Enough said.