Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mack SF...Valley of the Trolls?

This documentary is not a review of Mack, but rather what transpired during my visit there last Saturday. First off, Mack is well-managed with the best music I ever heard in a sex club and a campy, generous front desk staff...I got a discount for being a veteran. The last time I was there was before the fuck buddy Craig and I needed a place to fist...he had already fucked my ass in his room at the Holiday Inn and I wanted to return the favor by fisting his hot hole (we had met at one of Tom Fister's parties in the Castro) and we both preferred a sling rather than a bed or the floor. I bare fisted Craig's big hole at the Mack that night and there wasn't much else going on at the time (I've forgotten what night of the week it was) and we drew a curious crowd, such as it was. I thought that Mack was OK and a place with some potential if one bottom wanted to get his butt plowed, and the atmosphere was bareback-friendly.
I checked in around midnight and there wasn't much happening, although attendance built up steadily through the evening. The next thing: I was about the hottest man there, and that's not a boast, but should you give you an idea of what the other guys looked like (check out my profile, pics on barebackrt, I am not a little twink despite identifying as a boi), and being the hottest man in the room doesn't necessarily mean you're gonna get a rush...a lot of guys tend to get intimidated by you and then they fear rejection. That's too bad, because I would have gladly hosted any dick that wanted in. But...on that night, I don't think there were many guys there to fuck...they were there to watch. Some guys didn't even bother to strip...they trolled around in street clothes...not much interest in fetish guy actually wore a business suit (!), stalking around like a bored Episcopal priest. Not a few guys could have used a cane or even a walker. Yes, this esteemed sex club, there were guys teetering around, about to keel over at any moment, or to skid down one of the ladders that led to and from the cages and bunks built on the tower platforms. How sexy is all of this?
If there was the slightest hint of action, these doddering trolls would best as they gather around and get a good view.
I staked out a place on top of one of the towers, slipped off my jock and stuck my butt up and out, obviously looking to get fucked. Nothing happened...but I was patiently waiting for the bars to close and for the storming of a herd of hot men from the Powerhouse and Chaps. It didn't happen...there was no flood of fresh hot blood. Just a few more 3 a.m., the place was fairly crowded but with very little action...just looky-loos trolling around...and of course the computers were all in use. I had the platform pretty much to myself until an unremarkable couple climbed up and settled into an extenuated, boring suckathon. Then a very young latino with absolutely no muscular definition tried to mount an ugly troll wearing glasses...the troll, not the kid. That animal act went on for about five minutes...and that was it for a while. 4 a.m., 5 a.m....finally the kid returned and tried to fuck me. He started to stick his fingers up my hole, but in a crude way that told me he didn't know what he was doing...this was just something he saw in a video. But, he's just a kid, and it's my job to teach him something. His cock was not particularly big, but like with all young kids, it was rock hard. I'm on my belly and he's messing around back there...I didn't what in the hell was doing, so I finally reached back and guided that hard little rod into my twitching, eager hole...ah shit, he's wearing a condom...well, he's the top and it's his call and he's right to take care of himself...the fuck wasn't the best, figure he's still figuring it out (maybe he's straight?! who knows or cares?), and I guess it was better than nothing, but let's hope he figures it out before too long.
Check out for me was 6 a.m. and it was time to give it up. Gathering my shit, I realized that the kid had taken my old bottle of Fist by mistake and left me with his new bottle of Jungle Juice Premium. The kid was long gone by then so I took the Jungle Juice home...Mack had not been a complete waste of time, then...and better than staying home.
Mack could be so hot, and maybe on a different night, it would have been better...but for now, I think I've gotten Mack out of my system.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Going to Hellhole SF

Men, I finally made it to Hellhole, the monthly fisting party on the edge of a warehouse/office bldg. next door to Mr. S. Leather. Hellhole is very well organized, as are most fisting events, for reasons I will get to later. A cheerful guy greets you as you enter the bldg. and shows you the way...there are signs along the way, leading up stairways and down hallways. Now it costs something, probably to keep out the guys who aren't serious, because as we know, fisting is serious, maybe the most serious of all male-to-male sex encounters. Last night it cost $25 with some of the proceeds going to charity...yeah, that sounds expensive, but you never get the feeling that it is a ripoff
The space isn't all that big: the main room has about 10 or 12 slings, one upholstered platform, and a St. Andrew's cross...there are 2 other separate spaces, with more slings and another fuck platform...I didn't like the lighting was too bright, so I stuck to the main space. The fisting brotherhood may appear to be clique-ish but that's because there's an element of trust that's required in a fisting relationship. You wouldn't let just any crowbar stick his arm up your ass, now would you? But...this can pose a problem if you hit these parties stag...most of the participants are partners or have known one another for a long time.
I found another single who admitted he was still learning the 'art' of fisting...and I believe him, as his hole was the tightest I've ever handled. With some patience and determination, we eventually got my whole fist up there where I discovered the landscape of his love tract...there were ridges and nubbins in there, and I massaged them all with my fingertips, nothing else moving except those select digits. The man was in total bliss. All this time, we played in silence, our eyes locked, and the concentration, the sex was intense. But most notably, his tight hole gripped my hands like a vise, to the point where I felt an relentless pressure bearing down on the fist...this was a 'first' for me..most holes I've fisted were big, greasy, sloppy holes allowing for a lot of movement deep inside. This guy wore me out, and I was grateful when he called for a break. He requested that I use gloves, and of course, I did. After all, we'd just met.
I wish it were a little darker in Hellhole...some darkness would add to the mystique, and the marginal quality of this fetish and all its taboos. For all of the fisting going on, Hellhole didn't seem quite nasty enough for me, although that's my own little take on things. It may be the best place for regular fisting, but it's still a bit may have to wait a while before a sling becomes available. Everyone is friendly and considerate, which shouldn't be surprising since fisting has its own etiquette and most of the guys into it are educated, literate and professinal types, much more so that the gay population at large. At Hellhole there wasn't a chance that I would get fucked, and I didn't relish standing around, so I bailed around midnight, although the action goes on until 2. I can certainly recommend Hellhole, and anyone interested can start at their website
So in search of dick, I made tracks for Mack, which is only 2 blocks away, and more about Mack in my next post.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The 1,000 Load Fuck Review

The annals of bareback porn, now in the 'Post Condom' era, will have its landmarks immortalized as historians write about how and when this phenomenon of barebacking developed. The history began with the landmark 'Depth Charge 1,' a fisting VHS video (circa 1997) by the Father of Bareback Porn, Mr. Michael McKey, working for Club Inferno, part of the Hot House empire...sounds like ancient history now. When I happened upon this video, I was blown away...after all, the condom police had held sway since 1989, but with Depth Charge, the gloves were off, quite literally. And in 'Depth Charge 2,' Mr. Mckey sneaked in some bareback fucking in a sling, complete with a drop of cum oozing out of a freshly fucked ass. I don't recall much outrage from the condom calls to boycott or shun Hot House. Then Paul Morris did 'Breed Me,' a couple of years later, which was basically a pump and dump video but the opening sequence with a bottom (headless) working 17 loads out of his ass with a dildo...that was a landmark, too. From that day on, all bareback movies had to have an element of raunch and external cum shots. Jeff Palmer was another landmark...mainstream superstars turning to bareback, in his case by way of Hot Desert Knights. And then there was Dawson, with 20 loads, 50 loads, Brad McGuire's cum pump weekend, and the expansion into England and Germany. Landmark developments all. Now with the 1000 Load Fuck, Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media have set another landmark: the unequivocal acknowledgment of cum as a veritable fetish, and what nobody else will say...pozcum. The thousand loads injected into Ian Jay's butt are mostly pozcum loads, come on...and we're all getting hard just reading this. The pozcum is injected with the biggest basters I've ever seen, and the cum is also poured over various dicks as they plunge into that young ass. The cum is smeared over the bodies of the tops while they're feverishly's a fucking cum, wet and wild. You've never seen anything like this, buy this video today. There are other things: there are a bunch of new tops, as well as veteran favorites like Dawson, Brad McGuire, Jerry Stearns and Derek Anthony. A new TIM exclusive Jessy Karson tops in this one, but he'll be bottoming soon enough...a new favorite internet clip shows Jessy getting fucked by James Roscoe in the Treasure Island booth during Folsom, complete with a dorkass Asian tourist and his camcorder taking it all down. You'll like this The 1,000 Load Fuck, another landmark achievement by Treasure Island Media. Buy it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

SF Latino Gives Ideal Fuck

Where I left off with my last post, I had 3 loads in my ass, courtesy of Herm from barebackrt. Within minutes, sflatino shows up for a quick one on his way to the gymn. I'm already on the bed and I'm blowing him and I like what I'm sucking; it's one of those dicks that curves upwards so that it's parallel with the abdomen. It's the kind of hard on you expect from an 18 year old, but sflatino is a way older than that, and I'm impressed. He's short in stature with a wide, massive chest, evidence of his bodybuilding, and with a small butt that drives a good fuck. He turned me around and drilled me doggystyle, with my arms braced against the bed frame giving him resistance for his nice, consistent, hard pounding. I gotta say I was really lovin' it...a good hard fuck...and then he says he's gonna cum and I get a jolting, two jerk pump and his load (negative, he says) gets shot deep into my poz azz. We kiss, he zippers up and he's on his way, no smoochy, girly cuddling and no forced conversation. He got off, end of story. The whole encounter took, ah, maybe 10 minutes. Ideal, by my book. Hard, fast and deep. Ideal. Ideal...if you can get that everyday. Thanks, R. Hope to host ya agin'.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three Loads from One Big Man

If you're tall and large, then you had better be well-endowed because having just an average dick is not going to read might look, ah...'weird.' The dude who just left doesn't have to worry about that and he put that thick black dick of his to good use plumbing my anal depths and shooting three loads over the course of our encounter. I've said before I can't feel cum being shot into my ass. But I can feel a dick going different...I'm pretty sure I can feel the veins enlarging that engorged monster as the cum is discharged into my gut. I did so today, because my top Herm (from barebackrt) stopped pumping for a couple of seconds and let the sperm travel from his to mine, flooding my manpussy. I asked if he came, and he said he came twice...well, I felt one of them, he must have shot first when early on, because of his style which I'll get to. We took a little break and I was ready to call it quits but he had other ideas...he wanted to fuck more...starting doggystyle. The second session was more forceful than the first...and it felt messy...I could feel a squishy mixture being agitated in my asshole...I could hear it too...there must have been cum getting worked out, spilling onto my buttcheeks. Then Herm put me flat on my stomach and then fucked me vigorously for a good ten minutes before cumming loud and strong...the third load sounded like a big load but really it was the one that Herm worked hardest for. I'll bet the first load came early on and the second load was the one I felt with my chutewalls pulsating. This was a great fuck and I look forward to our next meat-up with this big man.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Best Bareback Video of 2009

Well, guys, I have to qualify my choice for the best bareback video of 2009. I have not viewed the new Treasure Island Media video, which is available through the website but not yet in the stores...I haven't ordered it (as a California resident, it turns out to be more expensive) and the studios don't send me their products. So, I'm considering the latest TIM video as a 2010 release, and believe me, I'm looking forward to seeing a lifetime's worth of cum stuffed up Ian Jay's butt, as much as the next guy. So, having come clean, here it is: the best bareback video of the year was...Ace in the Hole, by The Loadmasters, part of the Dick Wadd empire and directed by...pornstar Rob Rodin. Now I've been an admirer of Rob Rodin since he surfaced in Spunk Video's Bareback Bedroom a few years back. He was based in Kentucky, somewhat off the SF/LA/SD/PS porn map, and he'd turn up now and then, notably in Rob' Bareback Pre Party, where he tried to beat Jeff Palmer's record for taking loads at one of the cuteboybbparties, now sadly, discontinued. Rob didn't break the record, Jeff's is something like 67 loads over a two hour period, (if you can believe that), but we got a great video in the process. Rob is totally buffed out, shaved smooth and is truly versatile, taking loads and giving them with his huge cock. He's totally unaffected (read his blog) and it shows in his work, and I believe he's unaffiliated, although how long that will last is anyone's guess...he relocated to San Diego this year.
Be clear: Rob doesn't appear in this video. The bottom is AJ Rider and he got me right away with his biohazard tattoo...readers of this blog already know of my biohazard fetish. AJ Rider gets worked over by Lito Cruz and a toughed-out Ryan Jamison (one of the best sequences ever is Ryan's pounding Alan Gregory's pozz butt in Bareback Neighborhood), an intriguing guy Rex Valentino whom I hope to see more of, and a bunch of tops that I'm just getting to know...names like Don Dillenger and Ron Slammer I think you get it. AJ Rider has a beautiful rosebud hole that Rob Rodin shoots from every possible angle, gets the shot of cum squeezing out of that rosy asshole, and everything else we want to see...the tops get it down, the lighting and the staging contribute to making this one a keeper...and as in Dick Wadd productions, you get your money's worth..2 hours of hot bareback action. Now try to find it! I got mine in the Castro but not every store has it in stock, so start at the Loadmasters website or the Dick Wadd website. This was a great year for bareback video...the old reliable studios kept up the pace with new hot tops and bottoms, some new schticks, and we got some new players like Frank Stein, Stefan Maverick and Marco Paris...and now Rob Rodin, who's set a new standard for himself. Now we're waiting anxiously for what he comes up with next.
Happy New Year, everybody and get out and support your local gay business community!!