Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A rediscovered Top

Last weekend was the much anticipated bareback weekend organized by the website barebackrt.com, a first for that group. Of course, having been out of circulation for a while, due to the nasty '08 flu and a general decline in libido, I thought I should prepare, have a warm up, as it were...a situation easily resolved with a trip to the Steamworks. This affair I advertised on barebackrt.com and I had a greater response than I had expected. Now I don't know for sure if any of the tops who RSVP'd actually showed up (certainly none of them commented via e-mail) but I had a pretty good outing...three energized tops, all into gymnastics. Never have I encountered so many omnidexterous tops in one place, and I'm not complaining...3 great sexual encounters, one load, as far as I can tell. The gymnastics may be owing to the smallish room, those habitues of the Steamworks in Berkeley will know what I'm talking about. The most memorable of the three, and all three were terrific, was Top #2, who mastered a sex position seen, albeit rarely, in bareback porn; that is, butt to butt, in aposition (sic?). I have seen this stunt performed in Paul Morris' What I Can't See, and I had thought the successful maneuver would have required a massively-endowed top: not so. My top was average at best (and I'm not complaining! he was great!) and we managed expertly...good enough for porn. His dick never slipped out. All my tops that afternoon were men 'of a certain age,' and experience counts. As a bottom, I can say that I made it best by not moving. Offering resistance to their thrusts made for some really good sex.
On the following weekend, I did drive down to Palm Springs, and managed to find a room at the Warm Sands Villas, nicely appointed and in the Warm Sands district, obviously but much quieter than on previous visits. Not much night trolling there, as it was a venue for couples, rather typical for Palm Springs, I suspect. The barebackrt party at the Camp Palm Springs, one of the sexier venues in that desert resort, did not disappoint. Well, the play room was a disappointment: the mattress to the platform had been removed by Saturday and three cum hungry bottoms had to share a box spring...which was not comfortable...I did not get fucked. There was a little action at the sling but the crowded playroom (and it was indeed more crowded...25 guys, maybe...than I can ever recall) did not lack for fucking, but it was in the standing position, my least favorite. I vacated to the dedicated playroom upstairs where I had better luck...as at top!! An attractive type lay on the bed and I thought he might be Asian or a fair skinned latino, anyway, whoever...he had a beautiful ass and beautiful feet, important. After manhandling his flesh...which was losing its elasticity, a guy in his 40's maybe?...I could not resist. He was being fucked by a well-endowed gray-haired dad who with the luxury of a big dick, could slow fuck him, but as for me, with my lesser endowment, I used my typical rabbit fuck, which seemed OK for the situation...hey, it's a party, everybody who wants to get fucked, should get fucked. A friend had given me half of a Levitra; and it worked, I guess. A very nice night...I guess I can advertise as a versatile bottom and not disappoint. Ah, I did not cum, but who cares? Next: the Cockpit Party in San Francisco.