Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bareback Porn 2009 Review

2009 has been an interesting year for gay bareback porn because of the emergence of some new directors, with distinctive styles and great promise for some hot times ahead. Treasure Island Media brought us Liam Cole and a whole new stable of sleazy tops and barely post-twink bottoms...some are alumni from TIM's UK Butt Bangers, the video that started it all...when Brad McGuire and Dawson invaded Britain. Now we can look forward to more Britrash talent getting it on in sleazy venues the likes of which we haven't had in the States for a decade. On this side of the Atlantic, TIM kept it up with a roster of raunchy LA talent in Bone Deep, eventhough it was almost ruined by Lucas' saying 'yummy.' Yummy is a Brent Corrigan word, not a Paul Morris word. But the milk scene will be a classic 50 years from now. And, it was TIM showing us all those biohazard tattoos and letting us make our own conclusions. A few years ago Hot Desert Knights broke the biohazard barrier by letting us see Dillon Press' tattoo (on his upper back) as he creamed Chad Adams in Dungeon Ass Poppers. Now, we've got Christian Torrent, Eddie Hibbs and veteran Sean Hunter in full view. Hope to see more biohazard in the New Year. Hell, I'm getting one myself as soon as I decide the best place for it.
Frank Stein of Slut Machine and Stefan Maverick of RedStag came out in a very big us hard hitting blood and guts hardcore porn delivered with confidence and no holds barred. The artistry of these two directors puts them in a league of their own, and in their first full year of production, fuckin' incredible. Thanks, guys, and we can't wait to see what you're saving for 2010.
Johnny Ramsom's videos show great potential, as do those of Marco Paris, who with Raw Pleasures or RawStrokes 3, made it into the upper tier of porndom. His use of Blazzin and bottom Quan (whose jack off stuff I've seen on Xtube) is one of the hottest fuck scenes of the year.
Patrick Kohl and the Ricky Raunch gang relied on veteran, tried-and-true performers to advance their brand, and it all got better in 2009...with these guys, every scene is positively a pozfest. Fred Mayer is ready for superstardom...skinny as he is, with that shaved head, who cares? his hole is supreme, and he's not a bad top, either. Poz heaven.
Hot Desert Knights showcased Jayson Park in Absolutely Fucked and showed another side of Ray Dalton (also in Bone Deep as a top), with promise of more to come. These two bottoms are major breakout studs and we can only wait for their next dvds.
Some of the disappointments of the year: the Monster Cock series, and in Monster Cock 2, there's only one really good scene, and that with Lito Cruz and Ian Jay, well they couldn't miss. Lito had lot of great exposure in '09 through Slut Machine, TIM, Stefan Maverick and others, and is the Top of the Year, hands down.
Ian Jay, who might have been still a teenager when he showed up in New York to get fucked by Brad McGuire and then took off from there, should be another hot bottom property in '10, along with Jayson and Ray, already mentioned, and the idiosyncratic Timm Zane who broke out with Spunk Video, and has moved on to Jonny Ransom, and we hope, to still hotter stuff in '10.
All the Sean Storm gang kept their boots on in '09. Sean's feet are some of his better features, besides his ass and smile. We're looking forward to Sean's gangbang video in '10, let's hope he's barefoot.
The other disappointment was Jeff Palmer's lukewarm re-entry into porn, and it wasn't Jeff's fault. Somebody give Jeff a deal and let him fuck Ian, Jayson, Ray, Quan Sean and Timm. Now that would be something!
The biggest surprise of the Year: Guns in Cum Collector, by Spunk Video. For years, I wrote off Guns has just another blockhead himbo, a reliable bottom who wasn't photographed right for his big muscular bod. He worked a lot for SX Video, and I've been kind of a fan...after all I bought his first big video, Gangfucked, when he was still known as Dexter. In Cum Collector, Guns has posted online for hook ups, and gets fucked in four sequences, taking 5 loads, and they're finally figuring out how to shoot him. But there's some dialogue and acting in this video, and he comes across, as a really sincere hot piece of ass...when he says 'I love you, man' as a second load of cum is plowed into his butt (and we get a great buttshot close-up), it doesn't sound phony or forced like programmed dirty it's even hotter. I apologize, Guns, for not having paid better attention in the past.
And I don't think I've forgotten anything...these were the ones that stuck in my mind, and if I forgot something, I'll post it later. But these are studios giving you great bareback porn. I just ignore all that crap from Eurocreme, and all that junk now out, every week it's something similar, just the angle is different: Bareback Hayseeds, Bareback Laundromat, etc...and Dick Wadd continues to miss the mark with me unless they come out with another in the Load Collector series, that would make my year. And as far as condom porn is concerned, all the Blu-Ray in the world wouldn't make it more palatable, so forget it. And Miss Chi-Chi...who she?
Next posting: the Best Bareback Video of 2009!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Drinks with Jayson Park

I met up with cutie Jayson Park last month when he stopped in SF after shooting a video in Las Vegas. No, it wasn't a sex thing, although when I was younger and exclusively a top, it would have taken a lot to keep me from attacking that spectacularly fuckable ass of his. Jayson actually thought I was a top! Believe me, if modern science comes up with something that brings back the rockhard hardons of my 20's, I'd buy it by the caseload and resume my topping ways. Jayson and I talked about porn, sex, living in New York, and poz lifestyles in general...he's an intelligent guy who's pretty straight up on any subject. Although I liked him in HDK's Absolutely Fucked (where he has 2 scenes, including one with the delightfully monikered Chico Cabron), I don't think anyone yet has captured JP's ass quite the way I'd like to see it. He's a muscular, wiry, slender dude with a lot of flex to his back, ass and legs...he should be riding dick cowboy style for some great angles, or a reverse fuck where he can grab the top's feet as he gets the classic scene from Paul Morris' What I Can't See (1999) which expanded on a sequence in the groundbreaking 'Breed Me,' a hot video not available on dvd. I'll wait patiently, like everybody else. Eventhough co-star Ray Dalton's ass is the breakout bottom in Absolutely Fucked, I think Jayson is THE breakout bottom for 2009, and look for more of him next year. While lots of performers have their own little schticks...Titpig's chomping on cigars, Kurt Kaiser's gum chewing, some scowl, some snarl...Jayson wears those white gymn socks. So, OK, Jayson...when you take off those socks, I'll buy you a steak dinner at Morton''ve got nice hands, and that means, nice feet. Buy Absolutely Fucked and you'll be a JP fan.

Monday, November 30, 2009

STD Pit Stop

I'll been out of commission for a week...a teensy touch of turned up during my routine's a three day incubation period, so I guess it must have been a bath house hook-up, Goliath, probably. Oh well, that's the business. The VD Clinic called me up and left a message, come on over on Monday. Chlamydia is knocked out with a single dose of 2 pills and 7 days of chastity. The people at the Clinic couldn't be nicer...the storefront office in SOMA has been there for years...the block was more industrial when I first went there 20+some years ago, a fishmonger was next door. Now there's a nice new school across the street, the Orthodox Ukrainians have got their act together and fixed up their attractive little church (although some palm trees were sacrificed), some new condos have gone up and the old Mr. S. Leather is now a high end art gallery. And here among schoolkids, church-going Ukrainians and condo dwellers, are we nasty sexy health statistics. Like I said, the staff couldn't be nicer...Rebecca, Clara, Carmen, they explain everything and have yourself to some condoms, lube, Carmen said, as I left. I took some lube. As I was leaving, a Yellow cab pulled up and deposited a tall slender dude in a peacoat and cowboy boots. A taxi to the VD clinic? Cowboy boots? God, I love SF.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Review 'LA Raw,' some thoughts on Jeff Palmer

I usually don't review videos that I wouldn't buy myself, and though I didn't much care for LA Raw, this dvd is a curious offering that features porn legend Jeff Palmer, not as a star with top billing but only as a performer in a threesome sequence that's it cannot truly be called a Jeff Palmer video. This reality, of course, is unfortunate. Jeff Palmer truly is a porn legend, whose career switch from mainstream gay to bareback was characterized by uncommon self-promotion...not just as a major porn figure but also as a concert performer and wannabe rockstar. I have his cd, a gift from my friend Jimmy Z formerly of the Palm Springs Gaymart (who also had some interesting tales to tell about Jeff), and that cd is something else, as they say...I'm not quite sure what it is, but it is definitely something else. Jeff's website was fascinating. Here was a pornstar totally into being a pornstar, living a glamorous life in Miami, LA and Oregon with sugar daddies, sporty duds, sportscars, trips to high end resorts, and lots of scandalous sex. Jeff had no problem fucking fans, his handlers and promoters, managers, presidents of his fan clubs. It's all on his blog, in the section called The Scoop and it goes back a few years, related in his own personal Ricky Ricardo-ish dialect. It's the best blog I've ever read, and if I had any influence over Jeff, I'd encourage him to publish The Scoop as a paperback is absolutely the sexiest accounting of the bareback/pornstar/rockstar lifestyle of the 21st century, so far. Jeff, Jim Bentley did it and so can you. So, buy LA Raw if you want to complete your Jeff Palmer library...otherwise mail Jeff and encourage him to add publishing to his extensive resume. Jeff is a famous AIDS denialist and while I disagree...yeah, AIDS does exist, dammit...he's always made a good argument against letting your HIV-poz diagnosis turn you into a victim. Fight back and don't waste your time left feeling sorry for yourself...use everything that works for Jeff's case, that includes a dash of his personal brand of Christianity, but he doesn't preach...except when it comes to the guy he sees as the ultimate victim, Michael Brandon. Jeff, please get The Scoop into print, let's get some financial backing, it won't take that much.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Another Hot Bottom Among Many Others

It was Friday night at the Steamworks and it was surprisingly quiet...ah, how I long for the old days when one had to push his way through the crowded corridors of a favorite bathhouse, but I digress...there are only about 6 or 7 doors open and those rooms are occupied by bottoms, and another thing...they are all hot bottoms, one particular tattoo'ed number and another is a downright muscle bottom, and yet another is what the late, great Boyd McDonald used to call a 'young collegiate,' nice-looking, butt up and ready for all cummers. Too much competition...I'll never get laid, that's what I thought. But before long, I welcomed the first hook-up, a slender older guy (balding, anyway...although his body was fairly intact) with a slender dick...but he was more interested in sucking mine...mine was limp, not much more than a stubby thick stump, but he nibbled on it for a good 30 minutes...and oh yeah, he fucked me while wearing a condom, although that rod never really got rock hard. It looked big enough but truth to tell, I never felt it. An hour passed. I hit the playrooms, mostly looky-loo's and guys into gloryholes, not my scene. Back in my room, a tall type with curly dark hair, a real Goliath, stood at the door, and gradually edged himself in.
'Ya got poppers?' Indeed I did...I had Fist, highly recommended by porn god Jerek and purchased on the internet. This top, fueled by Fist, plowed my ass deeply and thoroughly, with my head banging against the wall such that I had to place the pillow against the wall to keep from getting a broken neck. This fucking went on for a good ten minutes, and then ended abruptly. It was a fair fuck...and I felt lucky to have been fucked at all, since there were all those other hot bottoms out there, most of them...maybe all of them...younger than I.
I hit the playroom again, spent some time in the sling, and some time on the fuckbench...but nobody was interested. After 30 minutes, I was pretty sure that everybody at the Steamworks that night had seen me, so I went back to my room. After about 15 minutes on my belly, arching my back was Goliath, back for round two. Goliath fucked me good and seemed that he was good for a vigorous ten minutes or so, and abruptly he stopped and vacated, just as before. Ah, I really felt lucky...after all it didn't look all that promising when I had first arrived, and I had gotten a couple of good fucks in the course of a couple of hours. I stood up and felt filled up...could it be? Had Goliath shot his wad? I've written before that I usually I can't tell. I squatted on the floor and cupped my palm under my butthole and pushed out what turned out to be a decent load...a little bit of Goliath. Well, I really was a lucky man. As I left, I made one last round of the rooms and saw very little going was getting attractively late and there still weren't many guys there...even most of the bottoms had bailed. Yeah, a lucky man indeed.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

High Class Castro Fuck

'Remember me?' is what he posted. Hell yeah, I remember. He's a hot 'older' black guy with a nice crib in the Castro, and I've written about our past mating but I'm too lazy to look it up now and reference it for you. I took a cab and was there in 15 minutes...public transit would kill the I was feeling pretty horny and didn't want to mess this up. He buzzed me in, and I went up the stairs, saw my host in a bathrobe, and went straight to his bedroom and stripped down. I had dressed hurredly, in old jeans (but they fit perfectly and are hot), an ugly North Face pullover and ugly slip ons from International Male, I wear them as slippers at home. I'm thinking that I'm not dressed quite right...this guy has good taste and all his shoes have shoe trees in them; he's particular, neat and thoughtful...and this top knows exactly what he wants and says so; he's very much into nipple play...he put me on my back, commanded me to work his tits (I did the best I could), and fucked me in his 'in control' style. It was all rather quick, intense, and then he shot his load up my butt after only 10 minutes or so. I didn't feel any cum at all and those queens who claim they can feel jism being shot into their asses are full of shit. I got a sweet kiss from my top and was outa there in 15 minutes max. I made a detour to The Midnight Sun, since it was Retro Night...that is, 80's standards and all drafts (I ordered a Stella) were a mere $2.25. What's not to like? It was while standing in The Midnight Sun that I felt that urge to shit. Yeah, black top really had shot his load up there. I had a great time drinking and taking in the videos before taking the train & bus home.
Cheap thrill: Max Holden (of TIM's Fucking Crazy) in The Midnight Sun, with a 3-day beard and more hair on his head, filled out a little and looking good. The fact that his hot ass has taken literally hundreds of poz loads and that he looks so healthy and happy is an inspiration to all us pozbirds.
When I got home I thought I would play a little before hitting the sack. I squatted and dumped a big, big load of cum on the floor. Yeah, black top really had a good one for me. I used his cum to lube my ass before working my favorite toy up where, while watching 'Dawson's 50 Load Weekend, Part 2.' I kept thinking of the black top, what was his status. I quickly checked his profile since I couldn't remember status, I'd never go with a neg guy if I knew it. 'Ask Me' he says. Well, that will do for now. A big load of cum up the ass pretty much sets me up for the rest of the week...a trip I had planned on Fri. to the Steamworks may not be necessary

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More reviews: Christian Torrent's Cum Party, Load House, Barebacking Rich Wrangler

I've been a fan of Christian Torrent ever since TIM brought him out in 'UK Beef Bangers,' although it was a gloryhole scene, that biohazard tattoo was there in our faces. Then he returned in Liam Cole's 'Bad Influence,' shooting a hot charged load up the ass (or arse) of a cute little twink, and taking some loads himself in a hot threesome. Now he stars with his name in the title(by WAN). Claudette Colbert is said to have believed that her left side was her good side and it was in her contract that she be filmed only from her left side...Christian Torrent knows his left side is his good side and we get to see that biohazard tat as he's fucking and getting fucked...this is a major turn on for all serious pozcum this dvd. But more than that: there's a Christopher Rage thing going on here...CT is in just about every scene, and with some of the most louche, degenerate, dissipated looking bottoms in video and one dependable Woody Harrelson-lookalike top. But the Christopher Rage thing is simply not the slovenly trashy performers or the settings of solid, dark backgrounds...there's constant music relying heavily on African-inspired rhythms, percussion and sound effects like machinery and trains. Buy this one if you're hot for poz action.
There doesn't seem to be a bedroom in the Load House ( by Jonny Ransom), a residence in San Francisco where everyday typical gay businessmen like Dan Fisk (!) bring tricks to fuck. There are 4 or 5 scenes and its a round robin affair with everybody matching up eventually. The action starts in the kitchen with Dan and Sage Daniels, and in subsequent sessions, moves to the shower, and then a closet, hallway. No one gets fucked in a bed, in this movie. Buy this one for the latter two scenes both featuring bottom Timm Zane getting fucked in a chair (by Dan, again). I've written about TZ before...he's hot, poz and versatile, and if you should think he's not blessed with a pretty boy face, you'd be right and you'd forget about that and wish you had his dick AND ass. Look for more of him in the future, he won't let you down.
Barebacking Rich Wrangler (Ricky Raunch) features the usual cast of sluts from Canadian Patrik Kohl who improves with every new video. This one is especially hot because all the guys are poz, according to Rawtop's website...and you get Rich Wrangler AND Fred Mayer thrown in for good measure. These mega pig bottoms appear to be insatiable but you gotta hand it the overworked tops, guys like Kamrun and Andre Barclay, work their asses off with their relentless fucking. There are only 4 or 5 scenes but they are long, with plenty of good angles, clean anal insertion shots, dicks in ass, group sex...and a hot foursome. Now, I'm totally queer for foursomes...some of my hottest memories are of those lucky times when I happened to share a mattress with Tom Shannon (at the Camp Palm Springs), Chad Adams (in Bill Gardner's sex warehouse in Palm Springs) and Marcelo Masko (at a Cockpit party...the one time they had it in a playspace on Harrison St. in SF). In each case the tops fucked us, switched off, back and forth, cumming and then moving over to the next guy so that he'd get a share of the cum...none of this was just happened, as it does in the best sex parties. This video brought all of that back to me when RW and FM get fucked and loaded while on a round platform. Buy this one if you're into hot poz pigs getting charged up again and again. Oink!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Senior Daddy Fuck, Palm Springs bareback parties

I've had good luck with daytime hookups, and everything was going right on a Friday afternoon...I was cleaned out, feelin' a little horny after watching porn and had a little time before headin' over to Wang's for happy hour (on Fridays they are not to be missed)...I was in Palm Springs. Within a few minutes of posting on Barebackrt, I got a ping from a senior dad living in a condo complex I was familiar with, closeby, too. The only thing I don't care for that much is the host's set up. I know, I know...if I care that much about the surroundings, the set up, why don't I just host? But I really do have an idealized notion of where to find the best sex: it's on a mattress on a concrete basement floor, or a mattress tossed in the patio or backyard...not in a middle class bedroom decorated with furniture from Levitz. I'm not being petulant, but I do keep wishing for the ideal. Dad admitted to being in his early 60's, and I've seen dads older than that at the Cathedral City Boys Club, pops in their 70's swinging their big dicks's an aesthetic thing. Real slutpigs don't discriminate, we're after as much dick as we can get. Dad wasn't lying...he had a big one, and eventhough it never got ramrod stiff, it was thick and he knew how to shove it in to the hilt, which he did, fucking me doggystyle on his bed. Dad would plunge his thick stump as far as my ass could take it and then applied total pressure with the full strength of his body weight for a nice, deep fuck. He didn't cum, and of course I rarely cum anyway, but it was a nice start to the evening.
Had a couple at Wang's, met a new interesting guy whom I hope to see again, then had a beer at the Tool Shed before heading over to a party in Warm Sands which I had been looking forward to. It was pretty much a vanilla affair, lotsa guys with chemically-enhanced hard-ons but not doing much with those hard-ons. I mean, at a really hot party, a top on viagra will probably fuck (or at least try) every willing bottom there. The guys at this party behaved as if it were their first bareback sex party...I'm sure more than half were partnered, so there was a conventional, middle class aura to the whole thing. Some sucking, but mostly wandering around the nicely tended grounds (pool,spa,patio,playroom) and what little fucking I saw wasn't so hot...there weren't many bottoms around anyway, and it was hard to tell who wanted the best parties there is absolutely no doubt about it. The hosts couldn't have been nicer, and it was crowd of nice guys, I'm sure, just too vanilla, too middle-class, too conventional. Stuart's parties on the north end of town remain the best parties in the desert for nasty guys lookin' to get down.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More video reviews

Here are some quick reviews hastily written while fresh on my mind this beautiful Sunday morning: 'Shoot to Thrill' by Frank Stein and Slut Machine, could be thought of as nasty bois get charged up by nasty daddies: a trashy street punk type (think 'Luke' from TIM's stable of starlets) opens and closes this show, getting fucked by anonymous tops, bent over in a video store. I have remarked on this 'type' before: young dumb and full of cum, which in this era, means that he's either a clueless dumb ass, doesn't give a flying fuck or is just plain fearless...any of these ways translates into totally hot! Then Lito Cruz fucks the living daylights out of a cute bearded poz art punk with a ring in his nose...everything reads beautifully in this sequence, followed by a three-way with a guy who looks a lot like Rippedstudx from the TIM stable of studs, same schtick anyway (black cap, shades, big black dick)and a couple of other dudes I've seen places (bar, street?), it's all played out well on the mattress tossed on the floor...Frank Stein's M.O. works here...then there's a hot pairing of two dark exotic ethnic types, Frank Stein doesn't always list his players, so you'll have to check the Slut Machine website for the names of these two, then finally 'Rippedstudx' returns to plow poz cutie Derrick Downs in a scene that will make you blow your load, for sure. This is the best video I've seen in a while. I bought it last month...and I had to see it a few times before appreciating it, it's just the way I am. I bought it without renting it first. You can buy it, it's great.
Now the new one from Stevan Maverick/Red Stag: 'Spit and Fuck,' and I've viewed it only a couple of times, so my opinion may change, sometimes it does with time. The action starts with poz versatile Timm Zane fucking a hot bottom, it's pretty intense and I plan to do some research on the bottom, hoping to see him again. Stevan doesn't list his actors either, so I'm doing my best to I.D. them for you. Then, Jayson Park's stupendous ass is kinda wasted getting fucked in a sling by Tober Brandt...we don't get to see enough although Jayson's licking cum off the floor is kind of hot. Then a Dan Fisk lookalike fucks Kamrun...yeah, good ole hot top Kamrun. I say 'lookalike' eventhough I'm pretty sure it IS Dan Fisk (I don't have the time to check the tattoos), and watching Kamrun getting fucked may work for you, there are a lot of guys who complain there aren't enough black bottoms taking it from white tops. This scene ought to satisfy that complaint. These studs have contracts just like the guys in the NFL or Warner Bros., so 'Dan' appears with his TIM tattoo taped over. This might be a first for Kamrun, a mostly topman who's fucked a lot of poz ass in his time. Then it's Lito Cruz (Lito really gets around these days) reaming the ass of a cute dark-haired bottom who looks like a typical gay slut college student...the kid's got the best head of hair in the business and an ass we'll want to see more of.
Then Dan's back, this time with TIM tattoo exposed (who cares, Paul? we all know he's a TIM discovery and thank you for it) and fucks a white construction worker type on a sofa...the bottom has a great long body, long legs, great feet and knows how to arch his back and hold his head up...this scene would have been better played on a bed. Finally, three white guys close the show in a scene marred by some sound just click on the 'mute' button for this last one. I haven't bought this one yet, but I I said, these grow on me. Enough for now, time to clean out for the evening.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Reversal at Camp Palm Springs

I have been visiting at the Camp for nearly 10 years now. When I first went there it was to attend the bareback parties that took place the first Saturday of the month...they still do...and at the time I was very observer not a participant...I had been recently diagnosed, hospitalized, and was on meds. Now this was nearly a decade ago, bareback sex was taboo...dangerous. But after a year, I ceased to be merely an observer and began my evolution into a bonafide sexpig. After all, I had observed the same guys fucking and doing everything one is not supposed to do, and after a year, they were still healthy...nobody was croaking from AIDS anymore, at least, nobody I knew.
The parties were and the sex in general at the Camp was so great in those stars...Titpig, Cole Tucker (fucking a preppy type in a sling, out of character),Tom Shannon right next to me on a mattress trading tops, tops fucking him, fucking me, mixing up the was so sexy it still gets me hard to think about aside, Tom is a loud one, even more vocal than I.
So I have fond memories of the Camp, and it is sad that I don't think I'll ever go back. In short, my trust in them has been violated...they threw out (so they say) my travel douche kit. They say they found it on the floor, which is possible, and in fact, I may have even put it in the trash can to keep it from mucking up the floor. It may have been tossed in the dumpster they said...well, they should have known whether it was tossed in the dumpster or not. I wanted to climb into the dumpster to retrieve it. Don't go there, I was advised...there are needles in there. Anything having to do with shit is tossed out, they said. Really? If it had been a celebrity porn star dildo, the kind that retails at $75...would they have tossed that? I don't think so. So no matter how nice they were about it...and they were very nice, I have no quarrel with the staff there, they are great...I don't believe they tossed out a perfectly good Jim Diamond travel douche kit (highly recommended, by the way...find it at your local adult store), somebody took it home and they covered it up with this bullshit story. So, I'm pissed off enough to forego any more stays at the Camp. I'll stay elsewhere, there are a lot of great hotels in Palm Springs. I like to be dealt with honestly...I don't appreciate bullshit. By the way, they didn't offer to reimburse me for the douche kit, which might have changed the way I feel. So long, Camp Palm Springs, I did have some great times there, many a load was pumped into my butt, and I left a few there of my own, as well. It was sweet.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Barebacking Rich Wrangler - review

Patrick Kohl of Ricky Raunch is turning out some good videos. The first video I saw of his, I believe, was Bareback Attack, years ago, and I thought it was a good one. Then there were a few years of inconsistent product, the worst of it marred by crotch shadows and sequences where you couldn't see much of what was going on...they were OK, better than most, but by that time, Treasure Island and Hot Desert Knights were turning out consistently good product. In the past year, I've enjoyed every new RR video I've seen and 'Barebacking Rich Wrangler' can be included in that number. RR has relied on a stable of slutty, sexy characters in Jake Manhole, Fred Mayer and Rich Wrangler. Fred and Rich are in this one and they get fucked by a group of tops including Kamrun whom many will recognize from his work for Slut Machine and other producers. There's action in the sling and on a tuffet (bigger than the one Little Miss Muffet sat on) which isn't the best platform, but Mayer and Wrangler are such fuckpigs taking in several miles of raw cock that no one should complain. Buy this one.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Palm Springs Garage Fuck

I am never 'on time' to a sex party. If it's supposed to start at 9 p.m., I won't show up until 10 or later. If the party closes at midnight, I'll check in around 11:45. I expect that it will take a couple of hours for a party to get going. That idea is so wrong. Especially in the case of the Sling Parties hosted by a nice couple in Palm Springs. The parties take place in a very large garage, with the play spaces divided by heavy dark fabric curtains. There are slings (at least 2), a fuck bench in its own small area, two separate areas each with a California King sized mattress. There's more outside, more slings, and a pool. Now I've been here before, and gotten fucked by some big dicks, one big black dude stands I've got nothing to complain about, except being a major cumpig, I hate to miss out. As I checked in last Saturday night, the party had been going on for at least an hour, and the sex sounds, coming at me from every direction, got me going. I got in there as fast as I could and saw a massively-scaled black dude fucking a big white fuck pig bear. The guys were bears, 'technically,' but they were proportioned, not fat, and the top had a sensational bubble butt, which on a big man, is almost enough to make me cum. Watching this big black bubble butt work over this silver haired daddy, on his back with his fat wide feet in the air, got me semi-hard, which is really saying something. There was another top, a middle-aged dad, who was fucking every other bottom, but somehow for me, the timing was never right. I gave it an hour and then decided to bail...there was a 'Camo' Party going on at Helios. But then...the black daddy who had fucked me before...strolled by...he must have just got there. I know this dad can't resist my hot ass. I got on all fours on the mattress just vacated by bubble butt and white bottom pigbear...and within 5 minutes, big black daddy was fingering my ass. What followed was a rigorous, spirited, dedicated fuck and I was my usual loud-mouthed self...I don't moan, I don't wimper, I don't purr...I fuckin' yell, racial ('fuck that hot white ass!'), pozitive ('give me that poz load!'), ageist ('give me that young dick!') top slammed my poz ass with that big dick of his for a good 20 minutes, before shooting a massive load, accompanied by a sexy grunt. This fuck was so fulfilling that I didn't get horny again for whole week, only today (one week later) am I getting my groove back. I felt so good after that cum-thick session, I went straight back to my hotel...where there was nothin' goin' on (see the next post)...I went straight to bed...well, I watched a little of Dawson getting 'Loaded' as I got ready for bed...and then I wanked off nicely to the memory of black bubble butt fucking white pigbear. One thing, though: I've got to cool it down with the dirty talk...I was in a garage after all, separated from the street by only a short driveway. I'm sure not everyone in Palm Springs wants to hear a man's voice shouting 'fuck that ass!' in the otherwise still desert evening.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours Review

Just because you're a hot bottom doesn't necessarily mean that you'd make a great bottom in video. Some hot asses just don't read well on the screen, and it's nobody's fault. But when a great ass is captured from all the right angles by an artist like director Max Sohl, what results is a video that's going to be remembered and talked about for a long time to come. In short, Christian's talented poz ass is just plain splendid, and it's fucked every which way in Treasure Island Media's latest, Christian 24 Cocks in 24 Hours...I may not have got the title exactly right, but you get the message: it's the Christian dvd. Some scenes work better for me than others but there isn't a 'fast forward second' in this production...I especially liked the gangbang by a bunch of white frat boy types, the gang rape on a dining table by a gang of black studs and a sexual adventure in a dark and dangerous parking structure in the middle of a Manhattan night...Christian clothed for once takes Luke Thomas' (UK Butt Bangers) thick Brit dick up his arse. Here's another TIM classic to add to your porn library. One thing I want to add about the setting: it seems that the TIM crowd likes to film in some of Manhattan's nicest hotels...of course, Christian and Dawson are stars and should be treated like stars, but I still prefer Frank Stein's (Slut Machine) approach of a mattress tossed on the concrete floor of a basement somewhere on the wrong side of tracks. The deluxe setting doesn't hurt Christian's 24 Cocks, but consider the hotel suite where it was filmed with all the fine English traditional furniture, doesn't detract from the inherent sluttiness of the situation, that of 24 hours of no-strings-attached no attitude fucking. Keep in mind that Paul Morris' early videos featured Hotel Fuck Party and Tenderloin Hotel Fuck, and I hope he returns to that theme in a future video. Sleazy Section 8 Hook Up. I'd bottom for that one.
Best regards, men.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Charge a Day

Today I read in RawTop's website that there are studies which suggest that a poz load up a poz bottom's ass might help him stay healthy longer. Something about the immune system's need to be reminded or reinforced to maintain its vigilance and effectiveness. If this is true, it makes fucking obligatory for those of us poz bois who never needed much of an excuse to get fucked. But for those victims who remain in their apartments fearful of going out and meeting people and getting 're-infected,' it provides something to think about. Seriously. If true. Or if not true.

Lights Out at the Steamworks

I'd been meaning to hit the Lights Out Thursday at the Steamworks in Berkeley for some time now, and finally, it worked out. First thing, it didn't seem that much darker than usual...maybe the corridors were not lighted, but the lighting in the rooms can be adjusted as usual. I got there a bit early, 4:30 or so, but I know from experience there's a crowd that wants to meet up between 3 and 7, then there's a lull until about 9 when it picks up again.
My first fuck was from a Filipino who used a condom (the message is getting's the men of color who are using condoms and the white guys who aren' a rule, from my personal experience) to deliver a good, adequate, honest tricks, no dirty talk, no orgasm...just a good workout. OK. Within minutes of his departure, a bald meaty white guy came in and plowed my ass bareback. This was a nice athletic vigorous fucking concluding with a blast up my butt. Some dirty talk, and like a good top, he grabbed my ass and took control. The good bottom stays put, and I took easily his 7 or so inches. Finally...and all this happened within an hour...a middle-aged Latino guy came in and fucked me with a condom...his was the fattest, biggest dick of the evening but it was also only an okay fuck...maybe it was late for him, maybe I wasn't his type, whatever, but it was nice having that fatdick up there. No loads. Size matters only most of the time.
Then I did something I've never done before. After checking out the remodeled gloryhole area, I saw a fuck saddle and got myself up there, butt up, head up, ready. Within a matter of 20 minutes, I was fucked by three guys, 2 bareback...I usually reach under to feel a dick gripped by my asslips...that's how I know one guy was wearing a condom (I kept hoping it would slip off) but he handled me so smoothly he must have been in the gloryhole section with a condom on, but that doesn't make sense. Whatever. No loads, but I'm a convert...the fuck bench worked really well on this outing, and I'll plan to spend more time there next time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Poz Degrees of Separation

I've bought the new 'Pounded' by Liam Cole for Treasure Island Media as well as Frank Stein's 'Shoot to Thrill' for Fuck Machine. I ran them through but I'll review them in a subsequent posting because I really wasn't in the right frame of mind when I skimmed them. I wasn't 'in the mood.' I'll tell you what was missing: the Poz Tree with its Degrees of Separation. It's far sexier for me to know who's poz and who's shooting a toxic load up whose ass, and what poz bottom is getting re-charged with a fresh shot of germed seed. I don't know many of the British guys in Liam Cole's repertory company...yet. I know Adam King is poz, and I can guess about some others, but I need to know my men before I can fantasize situations for them, which makes it all the hotter for me. I envision a Poz Tree with a trunk growing from the roots of Dawson, Jeff Palmer, Cam Cruise, Ray Butler and Will West, all openly HIV-positive and from their poisoned jism growing branches, sprouting Billy Wild, Jerek, Alan Gregory, Christian,Steve Tuck, Tim Tyler, Bo Knight, Fyerfli, and more poz seed spreading, growing studlets like Fred Mayer, Derrick Downs, Aaron Summers, Johnny Farrell and so on, and others I can only hope are positive and open to spreading their seeds onto the fertile ground of willing bottoms like me. Ah, well, I've been fucked by Will West but he didn't come up my ass (and later apologized for it, what a gentleman) but it's the thought that counts. So as I get to know more about these now unfamiliar performers, I'm sure that they won't disappoint. By the way have you noticed, how the tops in bareback porn are so coy about their status? As far as I know, the super-mega-tops in the business, like Brad McGuire or Jesse O'Toole don't really advertise whether they're poz or neg...Dan Fisk says he's neg and I believe him but he'd be so much hotter for me if he were poz. I know this is all politically incorrect, but let's just say that admitting I'm poz has never resulted in a top refusing to fuck my nasty ass. That said, I'm going to pop 'Shoot to Thrill' in the dvd player right now and meditate on those filthy acts perpetrated upon mattresses dumped on a concrete floor in some basement in some warehouse in some derelict part of town. Frank Stein definitely knows how to do it. Reviews of this video and 'Pounded' will follow. Now I'm looking forward to some 'Lights Out' action at the Berkeley Steamworks tomorrow night. As for you all, get laid tonight.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Art of the Come-On

I grew up in an era, the 70's/80's when it was cool to act disaffected, even bored, above it all, diffident...even when on the search for sex, which doesn't make sense but there you have it, the Golden Age of Attitude. Even now, I pretend not to be interested, even when I am not disinterested, or...flattered. I was at my gymn last Friday night when a tall dude, an Arab no less, engaged in his usual flirting, it's been going on for months...he's got big eyes and lashes and a nice smile, but he comes across as if everything is a big joke, including sex. So he's been coming on to me, in a very cheerful way with the toothy smiles, the flashing eyes and the small talk. I never took him seriously, being from the Golden Age of Attitude, as I said, and I wasn't particularly flattered...he can't be serious, I thought...for one thing, I'm 5-8 and he's about 6-6, skinny and all legs. So after some banter, he follows me into the locker room where he starts motioning me to head towards the showers. Let's the showers, he's gesturing...he means the steam room...and then he gestures a mutual jerkoff...not my scene, never was...besides tonight I couldn't get it up to save my life. Still, I'm surprised that guys still go about it this way. He says he has a girlfriend, and I believe him...he's straight and probably thinks all gays get it on at the drop of a hat. What hat? I'm thinking he doesn't know how to go about it. He's dense, thinks all gays want straights and can be had.
The next day I was checking out the sale bin at Superstar video in the Castro. I'm wearing tight black capri pants (yeah, I know, but they're hand-me-downs from a friend who wears things for a few months and then gives them away, besides they're Armani Exchange) with my dick stuffed down one side. I pumped up before I left the apartment and since my dick doesn't fit in the cock ring after I pump, I just tied up with a thick leather bootlace...and I'm showing a nice roll. I'm grabbing myself slightly which I tend to do when alone, and I did think that I was alone when out of nowhere, a voice says 'I can help you out with that.' It's a big young shapeless guy, the kind that wears baggy running pants, an oversized tee-shirt, shaved head, a mediterranean type, maybe latino. I laughed it off in a friendly way, but I thought it was better than ignoring him altogether. Twice within 24 hours and I'm trying to figure out if that's significant. I'm not into cruising and I'm not a tease, and I don't know enough not to wonder what's going you know, I'm gettin' old. Could there be a future for me?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Equal Opportunity Politically Correct Bottom

It was time to revisit my relationship with the Steamworks in Berkeley. I've had a lot of hot times there over the years and one really bad experience where I got fucked on my belly by a leatherman and the unyielding pressure on my balls resulted in a testicle that swelled to the size of a softball and required a visit to the emergency room. And over the years, I may have picked up a bit of the clap there and I may have converted there (but I don't really think so), but on the whole, the Steamworks has been great for me. This last visit within a couple of hours I got fucked in succession, by a big black daddy type, a white bread vanilla white guy, a short flabby latino and a slender Asian guy...all using condoms except for the Asian guy who didn't fuck me for very long. In each case, the tops deposited the rubbers into the handy bag hanging off the wall. I checked and only one condom contained a load, and I don't know whose. All said, it was better than staying home, but we do want those loads, don't we? As for the Steamworks, they've done some capital improvements, and have re-done at least some (all?) of the rooms with fresh paint, and the place looks better than ever. STD and HIV testing continues, on certain nights...and I have a special respect for the Berkeley Men's Health Clinic

Friday, July 31, 2009

Fisting a Porn Star

'What is a porn star?' pornstar Damian Ford asks in Jochim Hick's 'Sex/Life in LA 2' (2005)...does one movie make you a star? Well, Damian, in the twisted world of porn, I'd say 'yes,' but it pays to get the pornstar's name correct, which can be hard since some performers play under more than one name. But I had a brain fart at Tom Fister's party last Dore Up Your Alley night, which was last Sunday night. I had seen this guy before at Tom's parties, and I recognized him as Ray Raven from HDK's 'Roadtrip #3' in a segment where he got gangfucked by the Chris Cohand Houston gang...he has a splendid, fabulous 'abused' (as Jeff Palmer would say) hole, and I knew that I wanted to fuck it, fist it. Last Sunday night I had my chance...he was there!...and after exchanging glances for about half an hour in Tom's 'fisting attic,' we connected. 'No gloves, right?' I asked. 'No gloves,' he said.
And then I blew it...I said, 'aren't you Ray?' 'No,' he said, 'I'm David.' Which was true, no doubt. He got up into the sling and I fisted his hot ass for a good while, and he was a talented, receptive bottom, this David not Ray. His wasn't the deepest hole I've ever fisted...after some work, I finally got my fist completely in but I wasn't able to work it around as I've done in the deepest, widest holes (see the Cathedral City Cove fistfuck) but this was a nice, satisfying encounter. I'm sure it was Ray Raven, though...which would have made it hotter for me...since I buddylisted him last year on barebackrt and he's poz (of course!). Ray Raven. Blissed out after fisting this nice butt, I hit the bars in the Castro (Tom's is just up the street), Toad Hall not much goin' on, Midnight Sun nothin' goin' on, my pal Robert was tending the front bar at The Mix but it was an dull looking crowd and way after I bagged it and caught the last Metro train, and was in my own bed by 1 a.m.
Subsequently, I checked my own private porn library and played the Houston segment of 'HDK Road Trip #3' and saw my porn star...he's Roy not Ray Raven, and he's my guy. Roy, Ray, no matter, in bed, alone, I jacked off to the memory of fisting a hot poz butt. Yes, there are porn stars out there, he's a porn star, fuck'em, fist'em.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cock Hungry in Palm Springs

It's been 115 every day for the past week, and that limits daytime matter, I have been priming for pspigslut's party on Sat. night. I also planned to check out the action at Camp Palm Springs and the Helios Resort. But then I hooked up on barebackrt with a poz couple in Cathedral City, both of whom wanted to fuck my ass. I popped an ExenZe and made it quick for Cat City. They wanted me there no later than 10, and once there, in their dimly lighted house near a golf course, I went to work, sucking both men off, and following their lead to the bed where I was posed on all fours. What these guys like is to rim, and rim they did...I'm always afraid that I'll fart, but that never happened. The aggressive rimjob leads to some serious tag team dad is the Rugged Type, with a 3-day growth of beard, and big shoulders and a big chest. The second dad is older but a Gymn Built Type...perhaps the best looking man of his age I have ever met. Rugged Dad fucked me religiously and dumped his poz load with a lot of noise and humping. Gymn Built Dad put me on my belly and proceeded to drill me thoroughly until he shot his poz load deep into my ass. Then it was over, I was out of there by 10:30. PSpigslut's doors lock at 11 so I got over there's a big house in a quiet neighborhood despite being on a major thoroughfare. The set up is in the garage...slings, gloryholes and a couple of platforms for fucking...and more slings and a swimming pool in the backyard. There was a lot of smoochy action in and by the pool, but that's not my scene, so I spent most of my time on the platform where a hefty Latino chub was getting fucked by a tall hot white dad...chub bottoms should always get on their bellies as they usually have sexy round bottoms begging to be parted and fucked hard. A substantial tall black daddy shoved his equipment into my face and I got him hard in no time...then he put me on the platform and fucked me to heaven...I was facing the Latin chub and kissed him and he kissed me back and it was hot, I love kissing another bottom while we're both getting fucked. Black Daddy shot his load in my ass and promptly disengaged. A white preppy type was getting drilled in a old trick of mine, Desert Rat. Desert Rat has fucked me several times at the Camp, and he should be called the Desert Energizer Bunny...he fucks and fucks and fucks with great gusto. I knew that he would be working on Preppy Guy for another half hour, and since Black Daddy was now working his big schlong up the Latino Chub's butt, I elected to leave right was 11:30. I didn't want to go home since it was still early and I had 3 loads in my ass, and I was feeling all 3 loads, that urge to crap them out but of course I didn't want to do that. It's still fuckin' 95 degrees out, it's almost midnight and I'm shirtless, wearing really old worn camo pants and black flip flops...I'm sweating so much that my feet are sticking to the flip flops...I need a beer, and decided to hit the Tool Shed. I didn't like the way the bartender addressed me so I didn't give him a tip, I took my beer and did the standing and modeling routine, but the crowd wasn't out to meet must have been CowGirl Night since there was a lot of western wear and not much leather of course since it's so goddamned hot. I decided to bag the Tool Shed and cruise Helios...if there are a lot of cars there, then I'll check in, the night time pass is $20. There are a lot of cars parked up and down the block, so it's a done deal. I staked out a place on the mattress in one of the playrooms, and decide I'll give it an hour...there seems to be a lot of looky-loos, but you never know. After about 20 minutes, I feel a probing and dick insertion, followed by a fierce fuck...the top slams his bod tightly against mine and does a quick, tough, steady rabbit fuck. As usual, my face is buried into the mattress but I do take a quick look at the full height mirrors all around and discover that the top is...Desert Rat! Black Daddy is also here. Desert Rat fucks me vigorously for about 20 minutes and takes a break...I don't think he recognized me...he just fucks and fucks, doesn't talk much though enough to tell me that he's neg and works as a teacher in the Hi-Desert. I stroll around the grounds and climb into the sling at the far corner of the enclave, and finger my ass and use the cum that trickles out to lube my dick for a jerk off. I'm having trouble getting hard...does ExtenZe work? For the good-sized crowd, there are probably 50 to 60 guys here, there is not that much action, and it's getting late, about 1:30 and I do have to drive back to San Francisco in the I bag Helios, grateful for the sexy ambiance and Desert Rat. As I make my way out I pass another outdoor sling where Desert Rat is busy fucking some bald guy. The guy's incredible...what does it take it make him cum? When I get home, I jack takes me about 5 minutes and blow a nice load...does ExtenZe work?...and drop off to sleep hoping that I still have some poz cum in my ass.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Porn Reviews: Bareback Marathon, Thick Cock Balls Deep

Being out of commission for the past couple of weeks, awaiting the results of my latest STD tests, I have been reduced to watching porn...not a total waste of time and always an informative way to pass time, like finding out which ones to buy in the future...I always rent it first these days, before buying...the exception being the Treasure Island Media stuff. What did I see? Some old reliables which I'll write about some other time, and some new stuff like Bareback Marathon, with its enticing box cover of a tattoo-ed dick ready to plow a willing ass. Well, despite all the tattoos and piercings, and I know this sounds stupid, but this one wasn't nasty's mostly a bunch of guys fucking, and that's about it, like a disappointing sex party, you know the kind, as at a middle class gay household in a nice house in Studio City, it's just not goddamned nasty enough...I can't do it in a beautifully decorated bedroom, sorry, even if the top is super hot...better to do it on the floor. Thick Cock Balls Deep by Stefan Maverick is another story, however. The action appears to take place on a mattress dumped on a basement floor of a warehouse somewhere in kind of scene. There's a variety of 'new guys' save for Tober Brandt (the performers are not ID'd but it sure looks like him...I could check some other videos for his tattoos, but I'm too damned lazy right now...Tober or Tober lookalike, tops here), which should please those of you who are always looking for new meat and dismiss pornstars of yesteryear (as in, 2008!) as over the hill. You'll like this one, it delivers. Buy it. And then there's Marco Paris' first (I believe) video under his own supervision, Bareback Only No Condoms Allowed, something like's OK, certainly a good start and Marco Paris' fans won't be disappointed, he has a solo scene at the end. Rent it, buy it if you like Marco. Watch for more to come from Marco.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Photo Studio Suckoff

It was time to get my fotos updated, so I went to Mark Chester on Folsom Street, who's been documenting the fetishes of San Francisco (and beyond) for a good many years now. In fact, it was here that I got pierced for my Prince Albert by the legendary Jim Ward...that was Veterans' Day, 1987...I wasn't wearing underwear and my old washed out jeans betrayed the aftermath of a bloody crotch. Except that I wasn't aware of it at the time...wandering on Polk St. looking as if I must have been castrated, or on the rag. Such fond memories we have. Mark periodically offers 'specials,' say 2 or 3 images for a reasonable price, or you can go crazy and get more specific, artistic and expensive. There was a guy there already when I got buzzed in on Sunday afternoon. The client/model was posing on a small platform, fully clothed...he was lion-like, tall with a lot of hair, and reminded me of the Barry Gibb of the 1970's. Facial hair, a lot of teeth, you get the idea. Mark told me to have a seat and get comfortable while he photo'd this guy, eventually working down to total nakedness, with a lot of butt shots...the guy was a bottom. I sat there, naked, and taking it all in...then Mark left the studio for a moment, long enough for the Barry Gibb type to motion me over, and to get down on my knees. I gave him a decent blow job for a Sunday afternoon, his dick wasn't huge and I could take the whole thing in my mouth, and I'm not the greatest cocksucker in the world, it takes me a while to get into it, and I don't care much to have it done to me. Anyway, BG came in my mouth, a salty load. Mark wasn't there the whole time, but the whole affair lasted about five minutes, max.
Then BG had to leave to hit the ATM...Mark was dealing on a cash only basis that day...and my session followed...pretty basic, a face shot, and a couple of butt shots for my profiles...ass floating in a dark background. I forked over twenty bucks and Mark said he'd e-mail them to me, which he did, and they're good. If you need just a couple of updated shots, consider Mark I. Chester, Folsom Street in SF...he usually advertises specials during Folsom and Dore Alley. Or go to his website. He's a nice guy who'll take care of you.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

STD Clinic Hard-on

It was time to hit the STD clinic again...we are in the midst of a 'syphilis epidemic,' the healthcare workers tell me...if you read this blog, you know that I know personally of what I speak. I vow never to let that happen again: my syph had been around for a 'long time,' and the clinics attach a numerical value to your dose, and mine was high. But actually, after a while you cease to be infectious...I guess the syphilis goes into a 'dormant' stage, or a laid-back stage. Enough of this banter, get tested, guys! There was the usual, ordinary, off the street collection of people at the clinic, except for one guy who caught my attention. He came in later and was hustled into an office right away where they drew blood. I was seated right across the hallway, also getting my blood drawn...which is how they test for syph, for you guys who haven't been tested (if you read and enjoy this blog, you're living in dangerous territory, get tested)...the clap is tested through a urinalysis, a swab of the throat and a swab up the ass. Back to this hot man: late 40's or early 50's,white,buzz cut,slender,masculine face,wearing a white long-sleeved button down and dark business trousers, dress shoes. It looked like he'd left his jacket and tie in the car. Dad looked at me briefly, square on, eye to eye contact. But he's there for a reason: Daddy's fucking up a storm...thinking about the possibilities got me hard right there in the clinic while the technician was filling the tube with my hot charged blood. I left first, and considered loitering on the street, waiting for business dad to emerge and if not to follow him, just to see what kind of car he drove, and maybe he would pay me some attention. But then I saw a metermaid turn on to the street, doing her duty...I had to run to my car to avoid a parking ticket, they're up to about $50 now, that buys lot of porn.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some more porn mini-reviews for SX, Dirty Dawg

Diego Cruz is my new interest, and by that, I mean that I'm tracking his career, looking forward to his next video...he's that hot! Here's the ideal latino bottom, well-developed, not too young, great body, great ass, sexy man's face. He's the best thing in the SX Video release 'Raw,' getting fucked on his knees, on his back...he isn't paired with Lito Cruz, the biggest name in this video, but one hopes that will be forthcoming. 'Raw' is a Ben Baird video, and worth renting...and I might buy it, eventually. 'Bareback That Twink' from the Canadian producer Dirty Dawg, was a disappointment. Jarod Steel and JC Carter burn it up in the opening sequence, though the scene is hindered by pesky crotch shadows, damn! JC Carter is a great top and Jarod Steel, with his Renee Zellweger pouty face, is in top form, suggesting a sleazy (and worldly) teen-aged slut picked up on the street. Having said that, this one is OK to rent...for now.

Dining Room Sling Fuck

Another hook-up in Cathedral City, and once again in the Cove, on a Saturday morning, around 11...through the services provided by Barebackrt. The dynamic: a gay partnered couple hosting a couple of friends for the weekend, and a cute schnauzer thrown in for the bargain. Guys in their 30's-40's, in good shape and evidently financially secure, a nicely landscaped yard in the modern desert style, a bland but well-kempt house, with a sling set up in the dining room, very middle class, very American, with 70's disco tracks filling the house...all rather memorable, and therefore, enticing...something I want to remember forever. A blonde guy ate me out for a good half hour, and then his partner came in, a bearded, short-haired muscular young dad who addressed his partner as 'boyfriend.' Dad put me in the sling and fucked me for another half hour, maintaining a fierce pace and never took a break, impressive, a nice good morning a America's kitchen. Dad never came, but I could sense that he was tiring, and who wouldn't? I called it off, finally, satisfied, and I think he was, too, in our 'mature' way, when just the intimate contact is enough.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garage Sling Fuck

This was a daytime engagement...after logging on to, I got a bite within a couple of minutes. Was I ready to fist a ready and hungry ass? Well, I was, and after some messaging, I jotted down the address in the Cathedral City Cove district...a transitioning neighborhood of modest homes and nice, fixed up properties, late model cars and landscaped yards. I was instructed to let myself in and follow the open doors to the garage where I would find my bottom, butt out, legs up, naked in his sling. I was delighted to see a middle-aged silver-haired daddy with big beautiful fat bare feet in the stirrups, and big fat gorgeous ass. I pulled over a stool, got comfortable and lathered my right fist from the jar of lube placed within arm's reach...everything was totally thought out, and without that unsexy air of fastidiousness that one sometimes encounters with middle class guys. Dad's hole was well-used...he said he had a couple of loads in there, but I couldn't tell...and it couldn't take my fist too deeply, but it was wide and able to take swirling flourishes of fingers and hands, it was a fabulous mess of lube, buttjuice, sweat and maybe, cum...this was a great fistfuck. I told him that I liked to fuck the ass I fisted, and he said, go ahead, but I was pretty limp, without enhancements on this spur of the moment hook-up. Dad told me to grab my dick and stick fist and dick up his hole, and this I did...I retracted my hand and proceeded to give a spirited and forceful fuck with a semi-hard dick, and I was surprised how well it went...I guess my pumped up dick was big enough, even only half-hard. The whole session lasted about an hour, and I was the one who had to call it off. Dad has beautiful feet, and a full head of silver hair, and what he admitted was a Crix belly. I thought nobody took Crixivan anymore, but he said the Crix belly can come he hasn't taken that med for years. Neither have I, not since those days of fasting before or after, mixing combinations of pills, and fear of missing a dose because of travel or sleep or forgetfulness. Dad's Crix belly was pretty extreme, scary maybe, but this is one fine fisting bottom, and one I hope to work over again and again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Military Party at Helios

Well, men, this party was a disappointment, and it had nothing to do with the venue, the Helios is a terrific place and I encourage you all to check it out when in Palm Springs. Now this wasn't a bareback party, necessarily, but I saw only barebacking, what little action there was. There were way too many looky-loos at this event, you know the type, they mostly stand around fondling their equipment...waiting for some action to break out and then they rush and encircle the guys getting it on, stroking their dicks but clearly not looking for engagement. If the guys were HIV-neg then their caution is understandable, but it doesn't make for hot, no-attitude encounters. But you never know with these parties. It seems the only parties worth a damn are the openly blatantly lewd affairs that are implicitly poz parties where nobody gives a damn. Now Brad McGuire and James Roscoe will be featured at the next Nasty Guys party, the weekend of June 5-6. Exactly what Brad and James are going to do, I'm not sure...are they going to fuck for another audience of looky-loos (there is a raised area that's well-lighted and could serve as a stage), or is Brad going to plug every bottom who wants his fatdick up the ass? If that happens, it would result in Brad's 50-Hole Night, trust me. If that happens, I won't be disappointed. Still, you guys will have to check it out yourselves. Start with the Helios website.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some new bareback videoswith Timm Zane, Alan Gregory

I finally got a hold of the barebackrt dvd about the party in Palm Springs, which I attended last year. The actual party was not taped, but there was a series of encounters recorded in a guestroom with porn veteran Conrad Stevens and a newcomer from Arizona named Timm Zane. I must say the most impressive thing about the video is Mr. Zane, an unconventionally sexy guy of mixed racial origins (according to his profile on barebackrt), but pure Wally Cleaver when he opens his mouth. He's also openly poz, which made him that much sexier to me. Timm Zane takes it up the ass in the form of a mean fuck delivered by versatile Orion Cross. This is the best scene in the video, although I enjoyed watching veteran porn figure Lance Hancock dump his hot poz seed into a willing bottom's butt. Last month I had the pleasure of meeting barebackrt's PigMaster, who turned out to be a really nice guy (I was offered the dvd at a discount but didn't have enough money at the time...I was checking into the Helios resort in Palm Springs for a sex party and carried only enough cash to get me in...but too bad, because I should have bought it then), and like Timm Zane, is from Tucson. I got hard thinking of PigMaster shooting a load up Timm's ass...I hope it's happened, just wishing it is good enough for me.
RedStag has come out with 'Slam Fuck Seed,' (by Stefan Maverick) featuring the same Orion Cross, and Luke Cross, and other familiar barebackers in good form, but for me the action was dominated by veteran Alan Gregory, who bottoms in the final sequence here. Alan's a little fuller, with that same fabulous big ass, has some facial hair in the form of a budding Van Dyke and has let his head hair grown out a little. He looks like one of those hot, tough, big bottoms on his belly at the baths, and you're intimidated a little because you're not sure you can deliver and make him happy. Alan Gregory is a God, one of the hottest bottoms in the business. For a few years he languished over at SX Video, it was hit or miss, mostly because they didn't know how to make him look his best...then the Hot Desert Knights guys put him in 'Dungeon Fuck Party,' a vastly underrated orgy video, and then he shined in 'Bareback Neighborhood' by Spunk Video, probably under the radar for most bareback afficianados, and then Paul Morris got his naughty hands on him and Alan really took off. His cum scene in a threesome with Austin Shadow and Jerry Stearns in 'Fearless' is one of the best cum scenes ever, with fabulous close-ups of cum being worked into Alan's hot poz ass. Yowzah! Get all these videos, they're worth every penny.

SOMA Ass Munching

Communicating with this top online, it was made abundantly clear that he was into eating ass...big time. I'm kinda sweaty, I wrote...should I shower or come as I am? He doesn't like the taste of I showered and made it to his place South of Market in about 20 minutes. He lives in one of those new, expensive, full service buildings. I called him from the sidewalk outside, and he told me to go to the reception desk, tell the security guard I was there to visit, etc. A burly security type walked me over to the elevators, turned the key and let me in and pushed the button for the seventh floor, and I was in. The paint was barely dry in the place, and it was nicely appointed, sexy colors and trendy features in the kitchen and bath. My man is a neatfreak...there wasn't a thing out of place and his collection of antique clocks was thoughtfully and artfully arranged over the fireplace. He sucked my dick for a short while and I did not get fully hard (I hardly ever do, especially when I eschew enhancements, such as tonight), but was very was pretty good and I don't even care much for oral sex. He led me into the bedroom where his big bed was covered with a play sheet in a camouflage pattern and bid me to get on all fours at the edge of the bed. He was pretty sure of himself, giving me orders...move up, move back, down lower, twist slightly to the left...all in a firm but polite way. He was clearly a top...and a top who enjoyed eating ass. He munched at my mancunt for about ten minutes, then applied some lube and then slo-fucked my ass, never quite rockhard. Then he would take one of those towelettes and wipe my butthole clean, and then get down to eating me out again. He did this procedure a few times, and finally gave up when he lost his hard-on, which as I said never really got rockhard in the first place. He was very charming, very nice and we shared a couple of hits of weed, a very nice host for the right bottom, which I obviously was not. Well, I guess not...anyway, it was better than staying at home. Hopping on the local bus, getting back home within 15 minutes, I immediately went back on line, chatted with a couple somewhere in town about a threesome, and then they tried to IM me, which I know absolutely nothing about, and we lost the beat. So there I was in bed by midnight, enjoying a nice wank before getting a good night's sleep. I would never eat another guy's's something I do not do, but I don't mind it done to me, as long as he doesn't want to kiss me afterwards with my buttscent on his lips. This top didn't. If he calls me again, I'll get my ass over there.

Monday, May 4, 2009

RideHard Slut Machine Review

Frank Stein at Slut Machine cuts straight to the chase: hot action in sexy environments, in the case of Ride Hard, the newest offering from this relatively new studio, the sexy setting is a concrete warehouse or construction site, you decide...the setting is a bare, stripped down environment, showcasing sex. SlutMachine usually doesn't identify the performers but some are known to me: in the first sequence, skinny-hot art punk versatile poz Derrick Downs gets plowed by Lito Cruz...and we see it all through some great shots: cock,ass,legs,feet,face...Derrick strides Lito's big dick and we get a nice view of that thick dick plunging into that exquisite butthole...four stars. The other sets are all great, but the standout is one Tyler, a fresh-faced bottom who appears to be be barely legal, who gets fucked in succession by a young firm dad and a hot earthy latino. Tyler is young and cute, and appears to be tall...lanky, all legs and big feet...he's on his back the whole time, but I doubt that I'm wrong on this one. Tyler is one hell of a bottom who takes two rough fucks, and he cums each time, before the tops get off and ram their cum-soaked dicks into Tyler's ass. For all you guys who fantasize about charging up a compliant, eager teen anxious to get pozzed up, this dvd is for you. Tyler might be a bottom who would list 'don't care' as his status, but no doubt about it, this kid is out to join the brotherhood. Get this video now.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

BoneDeep Review Part 2

When Treasure Island Media introduced Ian Jay, he looked like just another sexy and confused teen who wandered into a bareback sex party, if such things really do happen. In Bone Deep, Ian has a more matured look, slightly scruffy and made out to look like a slacker punk: it he's fucked every which way by pierced muscledaddy Tober Brandt, who's evidently crossed the Rubicon from mainstream to bareback porn.
I thought 'Eddie' as in Go-Go Eddie was known as Eddie Hibbs, and he worked at a premiere leather shop in LA's Silver Lake/Echo Park district, i.e., the Other End of Sunset...he may still, for all I know, and I know he's on barebackrt on a regular basis, arranging his anonymous pump and dumps...Paul Morris gets it right in Bone Deep...showing off Eddie at his best. Here's where the biohazard tattoo fetish gets played out...Sean Hunter (whom I'll always associate with Palm Springs where the Hot Desert Knights guys introduced him a few years back) is a dependable top with a biohazard tattoo above and to the edge of his dick, which means that a bottom getting fucked on his back can observe and luxuriate in the fact that he's getting pumped by a hot poz guy and due to get impregnated with the evil devil seed itself. Eddie's on all fours, but we get some great shots of Sean's tattoo and the enormous prison style biohazard tattoo on Eddie's stomach. Eddie's been active in the LA leather scene and isn't shy about showing off his bio-H tatt, and it probably gets him laid every time. The scene evolves into a fisting sequence...a rarity for TIM videos, but a hot scene just the same.
There's a scene called Feeding the Young, where daddy Mark Dixon squeezes out a milk (yes, you heard right) enema, feeding Hal, and then getting the rest of it fucked out by poz top Keer. This is a landmark event...remember...Treasure Island Media brought it to you first. This is for fetishists, good luck with this one...I'll have to watch it a few more times before really getting into it...Mark Dixon, Keer and Hal are all hot and that helps.
Time was, in the old days, circa 2000, Hot Desert Knights hosted some legendary sex parties in their warehouse in Palm Springs, I used to call it the porn the summer the winds get wild in the desert, that hot desert wind is something to remember, especially if you're getting fucked in a sling under the stars, with palm trees blowing all crazy. There used to be a 'dedicated bottom' for these bottom, usually a porn star like Chad Adams...or Trey...took his place on the leather fuck platform and took all cummers. Trey probably got fucked by 30 guys that night, god knows how many loads, but let's just say that his famous butthole was sloshed with cum and your dick felt like a bottle washer hitting those buttwalls and stirring up rich, poz-laden cum. God, what a night, those parties were something to remember for a lifetime. Trey gets his in the TIM sex kitchen and it brought back all those great memories. Skinny little Trey has matured with the years in a nice fashion, thickened out a bit (he made good use of those added pounds), so that now he's fairly buff, and with tattoos and some definition.
Poz Keer gets a TIM tattoo in the last sequence.
Buy this vid! Think of those quiet nights next February when you'll be glad you bought this one. Thanks, Paul and gang.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Palm Springs Bareback Party at Helios Resort

I'm back in San Francisco and about to resume my workout regime after weeks of traveling and half-assed weight training sessions whenever I could squeeze them in...and I'm sore...not for working out, but rather for spending hours on all fours trying to entice every swinging dick to impregnate my hot poz asshole...this past weekend in the desert. I didn't have much luck at the Camp this time...I squeezed in a visit during the afternoon on a Friday and while there were some guys there, nobody seemed interested in fucking, just oral action...but the time spent in the sling wasn't a complete waste. The Camp was showing Treasure Island Media's new video BONE DEEP, so I guess it's finally out to the masses. Read my reviews elsewhere on this blog.
The real time sex happened on Saturday night at the Helios, a resort new to me, although I had heard of's a Spanish hacienda with rooms arranged along corridors surrounding the pool in the center, a traditional Old Californian Mexican layout (except for the pool, of course)...every room opens out into the pool. I got there around 10 on a pleasantly warm evening...Palm Springs nights in April are no longer cool and the days are not yet unbearably hot. There was a little action in the cabanas at one end of the pool but I saw some fucking in a sling at the far end of the property and that's where I went. A hot Mexican guy was taking it up the ass from a somewhat diffident top, but the Mexican bottom's feet were perfection, as were his pecs and his hair and his solid arms. It was over shortly after I got there, and off they went, so I climbed into the sling thinking that this was the hot center of the sex paradise, eventhough it was tucked off to a corner, as I said. Within five minutes, two guys walked up...a middle-aged bald flabby white guy and a tall black guy with hair askew, wiry and unkempt. It became obvious rather quickly that the white guy was pimping out the black top, judging by his dirty talk egging on the black dude and addressing me as if I were a sex slave...'do ya think ya can take this big black cock, boy?' that kind of shit...but the black guy shoved his generous dick up my lubed ass and gave me some rough vigorous thrusts...but...sadly, it was over in about 30 seconds. I was appreciative, made the required groans, etc., but off they went just the same...and I didn't see them the rest of the night. And then...nothing happened. I lay in that sling for about 20 minutes and contemplated the starry sky which was gorgeous. My friend Kevin from SoCal showed up and we talked a little bit, catching up since I hadn't seen him in over a year, although we communicated by e-mail once in a while. I asked if he had any Viagra, and he said yes and went off to his room and provided one, good friend that he is. I gotta find that Latino guy. He's my type and I can fuck him, with the Viagra...I think...I hope.
I realized of course that it wasn't going to happen in that sling, so I embarked on a more thorough investigation of Helios and found there was a whole other section in the main building that I had skipped earlier. One room with a sling and mirrors was the first, which led into a second room with a TV, two slings, one on either side of a bench, and some chairs...and finally the third room to the rear with one large mattress (actually two, placed together) surrounded by mirrors...and the Latin guy, on his back stroking his dick. He had a dumb, expressionless look on his face, which may or may not have been drug induced (some guys there said yes, but he looked OK to me otherwise), with his legs spread wide open. No takers...yet. One thing about bareback sex: we are not into attitudes like cha cha queens and the circuit party crowd. If a bottom can't get fucked, it's because the tops can't get it up and know it, and are reduced to standing around stroking, hoping, regretting.
I took my place next to the Latin guy, but faced the outside edge of the mattress, signifying my readiness for oral action. The first guy who stepped up was a white guy with a rosy pink dick, which I sucked for a while while he got hard, not rock hard but good enough...I turned around, offered my ass which he stuffed with his cock and gave me an adequate fuck...but he didn't cum. Then came my third fuck of the evening...which was a routine session, nice enough, better than staying home...and oh, that Viagra was showing no signs of working.
As it was getting 'round midnight, I considered heading over to the Tool Shed to see what I could dig up, and maybe return...since the rather expensive contribution was $35 at the door...but...was good for in-and-out, which was very Christian of the BBRT guys, organizers of these parties, check out their website. But as any bottom will tell you, it pays to be patient. After midnight, it picked up...some guy came out of nowhere and rough fucked my ass...his equipment was adequate, not massive, therefore ideal...he plowed by butt for about 10 minutes but didn't cum...on the heels of that, another top materialized...this was a bigger cock, and rock hard, probing deep, but goddammit, that lasted for only 3 minutes or so, his dick popped out, no cum and I never got a look at him or the other top despite all the face was deep into the mattress. While all of this is going on, the Latin Guy never relinquishes his place, he's still on his back, legs parted, stroking his dick...he's very hot and knows it...he's got tattoos and a complicated cock ring combined with a ball stretcher.
This is where I get up and troll the grounds to see what I've been missing...this takes about 5 minutes and when I return, the Latin guy is getting pounded by a tall, heavyset Hispanic type who's obviously enjoying himself, while Latin Guy is as expressionless as ever. When the big Hispanic type shoots his load, loudly and violently up Latin Guy's ass, the bottom registers absolutely no emotion...although after it's all done, he says quite clearly, 'thank you' to the top. They say he's on meth, but I can't believe it...I thought that drug hyped you up, but I don't really know or care. One of the hot things about the party scene and group sex is that you can get a front row seat even if you're not part of the action: there is an obvious top, a white middle-aged alternative lifestyle sort of guy with his hair pulled in a topknot, tattoos and piercings and the longest goatee I've ever seen...he produces a twenty-something little Latin bottom and proceeds to fuck him with his massive curved schlong, this was right out of porn. He starts off slowly and then ultimately slams it right into his bottom, getting get traction on his toes and palms of his hands. And here I was, only one foot away. This was exciting, and thinking about this would get me hard off and on for the rest of the weekend, as evidenced during the long drive home the following Sunday. As for the Viagra, maybe I should give it a second chance...while it never did get me rock hard, I got semi-hard off and on for the following 18 hours or so...maybe that's how it works for me.
I like the set-up at the Helios and will come back for sure, especially since the staff evidently gets into the action. The guy who took my $35, a very nice guy, was on the mattress getting fucked a couple of times...I was on one side of him and the Latin Guy was on the enough for three, you can't go wrong.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bone Deep Review Part 1

This one might cost you a bit more but the postage was included and I got a free download, and the presentation wrapper is superior, and it's worth every cent. Read on, and you'll understand why. This 2-disc set video is a dynamic dick-stiffener and highly recommended, and with 14 segments (including ones on the bonus disc), it requires a two-part review. Let's assume that you're already a Treasure Island Media fan, and if not, maybe this review will change that.
The opening sequence features our favorite Christian, who's maturing nicely with some facial hair this time and having let his hair grow out a bit with a developing modified mohawk...and that same hot poz ass begging to be stretched, pumped and loaded with cum. The top is a new guy named Keer, a nasty top with a face that's a topographic landscape of hair, furrows, piercings. I give this match-up the highest rating.
For all you Damon Dogg fans, here he is and bottoming for the first time on video, as far as I know. Now oral sex is not my favorite thing to do, so I have given a pass to all of the Dogg's cocksucking star turns, but I was always a fan of his style, which is puckish, impish, cute-ish starting with that shit-eating grin of his. DD's given me some cheap thrills in my time: driving past the TIM 'corporate headquarters' on 9th St. and catching DD on his smoke break, seeing DD lugging bags of stuff from Bath & Beyond a block away from the TIM offices, his antics at the TIM booth during Folsom, and most memorably, watching him smoke on the patio at The Mix in the Castro. That night he showed some real star quality, leaning against the wall with his drink and taking one drag after another, and garbed in a dressy jacket, a satin tie and kitschy shoes, the colors were red and black, he was dressed for a date, I gather. Damon Dogg is a studlet, a he gets fucked on a sofa by the sexiest daddy top of the moment, Derek Anthony. Top rating this one.
Crazy Fuckers follows with a four-way featuring openly poz bottom and hot Canadian Fred Mayer and TIM regular Mason who's fucked some poz bottoms in his time, getting worked over by two tops new to me, Calvin and Ray. Calvin is a textbook butch top and I hope to see more of him, and Ray has a vaguely art punk thing going on, and both men deliver the goods. Mason is a slutty as ever and Fred Mayer's ass is truly a cavern wanting to be explored and deeply plumbed. The highest rating here.
At every Cockpit party there seemed to be a tight, little muscular Asian bottom who staked his place on the mattress and took dick after dick. I'm not saying Jason Park was this bottom but he's of the type, well-built and a non-discriminating butthole open to all cummers. Check out the bubblebutt on this one, fucked expertly by the most reliable top in the business, Dan Fisk. Dan, fuck my ass! Top rating.
The next installment called Bone Deep stars two new guys, Kyle and Jay, who give us a more standard approach with Jay fucking Kyle in numerous positions and in his earnest favorites are with Kyle on top giving us a nice view of that thick dick getting stuffed into that flawless ass. Then sideways, and anyways but loose. Hot.
Next, Euro porn bottom king Lucas, well exposed through the Machofucker series, gets it from Derek Anthony, Lito Cruz and...James, every boi's idea of the ideal daddy, or maybe, granddaddy, James might be oldest guy in the biz, and who gives a shit...this man is hot one. Like Fred Mayer, Lucas has an elastic hole that gives with every thrust these topmen deliver. This sequence is one of the hottest match ups ever...James is commanding, Lito is a sleazy fucker (Lito, fuck my ass!) and damn that Derek, he comes twice, so does Lito...Derek, fuck my ass!
Flex and Rashad get it on, two hot black guys, new to me. More from these two, hopefully. Very nice.
Guys, I'm going to stop right now and pick up the rest later. It's beautiful this morning in Palm Springs, and I gotta get out there. Let it be known that I've reviewed only 7 segments, and there are 7 more! Now you'll understand how this video release is something special, worth it!
Bone Deep, by Treasure Island Media. Fuck my ass.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Florida Letdown

The sojourn to the Sunshine State got off to a bad start when I got a phone call (yes, the airline actually called ME!) from Frontier Airlines advising me that my flight to Tampa had been canceled. Due to a blizzard in Denver, where all West Coast flights on Frontier must be routed, my flight was canceled and what they offered in turn, an even earlier (6 a.m.) flight out of San Jose that would take even longer than the original flight (8 hrs.), simply would not do. Fuck that shit. I would most certainly lose my car rental reservation, and I took these developments as bad omens, so I...I, I, I...not anybody else...canceled the side trip to Orlando altogether. Drew, the reservations manager at the Parliament House, couldn't have been nicer and canceled my hotel reservation without penalizing me. So I did not get to stay at the most notorious gay resort in North America, so maybe next time, P-House. No shady cocktails or party drinks at one of their many bars, no drag shows, no midnight hook-ups, no open door invitation to every swinging dick to fuck my hot ass.
The business part of my trip did go on, but the new flight plan gave me no free time at all, although I did manage to see a little bit of St. Petersburg. And by the way, the weather was pleasantly cool and breezy, with very little sunshine. A fluke, I guess. A letdown for sure, but certainly not Florida's fault...I did like the plant life which was unfamiliar, and the architecture and there is something of a mystique goin' on down there, despite the familiar ugly signs, cars, Walmarts and strip malls. And oh by the way, I didn't become a convert to Cuban food. All that I ate seemed to be over-seasoned and lacked subtlety and finesse...a bit like bad Chinese food which is everywhere in if the Cubans and Chinese believed that ignorant whitey Americans would eat anything. Maybe they're right. Hope to return to Florida in the Fall.
Now I've got Palm Springs to look forward to, heading out later this week.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Headin' to Orlando

Business takes me to Orlando next week. Of course I want to experience Parliament House as it sounds sleazy and tacky in the most attractive way. It would be nice to get some charged Florida cum up my ass, so we'll see what happens. I plan to be appropriately trashy, leaving my door open all the time.

Back in Circulation/Morning Poz Cum Injection

I'm happy to report that I'm back in circulation after three weeks of treatment for a ghastly STD, so yeah, it happens to most of us eventually, especially us slutty ones. But now I needed to get fucked bad, really prove it, I posted for a quick-connect on Barebackrt, giving horny tops only an hour to respond. Happy to say I hooked up within 10 minutes with an 'older' guy, the best kind for a quick NSA 'younger' guys are more likely to flake out. I call myself a 'young dad' and I don't know for sure whether I look old or young for my age...I tend to think I look my age, but 'well-maintained' as we used to say in the Hollywood of my youth. The top who came over was around my age, but salt-and-peppery, nicely-built, with blue eyes in a nicely weathered Marlboro Man face. I went down to the gate to meet him, and we came up to my place where we got down to it. I rolled down his jeans to discover a hard dick with a scrimitar of a curve, slightly crooked with a nice plump head. I had prepped my burning butthole with a couple of injections of lube and the swordsman slipped his mantool right in, it just slid right in with my buttwalls squeezing it firmly on reflex. What followed was a quick rabbit fuck with me on all fours, wearing a dirty tank top and bare feet out so he could see bits of the dirty floor adhered to my sweaty soles. Sunlight streamed in through the Venetian blinds casting sexy shadows across the wall. Some grunts, the usual dirty talk, no sweat. His was a perfectly-dimensioned dick, not too big and certainly not small, that hit the G-spot on every stroke. Then he uttered, 'I can come, but I don't want to,' to which I replied, 'go ahead, and come...come up my ass!' Which he did, plugging it deep into my guts and working it around, every bit of his poz cum, which caused my dick, hard again, to bounce against my abdominals. I jumped off the bed, retrieved a shot glass and pushed his load out, and deposited it in the ice cube tray for future use. A quick morning was about 11 on a Saturday...lasting all of 15 minutes, then he was outa there and I got myself ready for a workout at my gymn downtown. It's nice to be back in the mix.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Out of Commission

Well, men, I have joined a growing statistical group, that is, I was at the VA last week for a routine check-up and was told that I had tested positive for syphilis. Ah, uhm, embarrassment and surprise were telegraphed to my very nice and non-judgmental doctor. Embarrassed, yes...for I am a man of a certain age, my twink years are decades behind me. Surprised, well yes, but I shouldn't have been...what would one expect after being gangbanged on the pad at sex parties, fucked in a sling by dozens of guys I didn't even know, knocked up on numerous one night stands? Now I have had the clap a half dozen times during my sexual career, chlamydia once, urethritis several times, have been exposed to hepatitis B (while serving in the military overseas, non-sexual), have lived on with two hernias (so I've been told by Kaiser), and of course am HIV-positive. But syphilis? No, that was for undisciplined, irresponsible, total sluts!
'What the hell do you think you are, you idiot?' I asked myself. Truth is, it could happen to anyone who's been sexually active with multiple partners, anonymous partners. Hot sex sometimes comes with a price.
I had no idea how involved the curing process is...a spinal tap might be required for us poz brothers, I now understand. After undergoing a series of neurological tests to determine my reflexes, body strength and endurance, the VA decided to forgo the spinal tap, after consulting with the SF VD clinic. I'm glad the spinal tap was deemed unnecessary...I don't know how painful it is, but it's gotta be expensive and I don't want to burden the taxpayer anymore than is required to kill this nasty bug.

A series of six shots were prescribed, one in each buttcheek spread out over three weeks. I don't know how many cc's but let's just say the injection was long in duration (not a quick prick!) and deep into muscle tissue. What followed was a severe soreness that lasted for about 24 hours, requiring a lie-down in mid-afternoon, as it became tiring to walk or must be what a very old person feels like...puny in every way.

I'm feeling fine now, watching porn, pumping, jacking off...but I'll be out of commission for another two weeks. I fear the reaction to the next shots will be the same as the first, so I have to plan accordingly. Thank God for my vast porn library.

So men, when they say 'get tested' for VD, they are deadly serious. Just do it, go with the plan...hit the bathhouse on the night of free testing, keep in touch with your, that was the worst part, having to inform my buds that I had syph. I guess we'll all recover. Thank God I'm living in this city, in this state, in this country, at this time. I shudder to think what the guys in the 1880's, 1920's, 1940's had to go through.
Keep moving, going forward, we'll all be OK with a bit more care and attention.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fuckholes 2 in Fantasy and Life

Last Friday, I hit RockHard on Castro and bought my copy, planning to spend a weekend of dull wintry weather, indoors, whacking off to Paul Morris' latest. The video did not disappoint, actually this one is by Max Sohl, who I figure is a sort of Treasure Island East, based in New York and all...bringing the hot men of the Eastern Seaboard into the world of self-obsessed, insular California. Thanks, Max...and Paul...for another great vid. There are some familiar characters here, notably Javier known as a top, who bottoms in a sling and to memorable effect...and the resilient Christian, acting silly and getting fucked silly...Eric Wolfe, Jay Ross, Kurt Kaiser...and some new ones like Taylor Means who has a sort of hillbilly sexiness about him...a bottom who reminds me of all the country boys fresh off the Greyhound bus and picking up a few bucks working the street. Tell me I'm wrong...that he's really from Long Island. I was delighted to learn from his profile on barebackrt that top Kurt Wood is poz, so when he was drilling Taylor's neat little hole, he was drivinghome some poisonous devil seed. Hrmmm!!!
I was agitated by all of this action, that I posted on barebackrt quick connect and hosted a train of decent tops for most of the day.
They were all interesting this time out: a crossdressing black dude who flipped up his miniskirt to reveal a good respectable dick that plowed my ass and shot a load deep into my gut. I asked that he keep his cha cha heels on while he fucked me standing up, because I have a thing for heels, and he did so...and it must have worked for him, too...he came in about 3 minutes. Then I edited my post as a call for guys into sloppy seconds, and had numerous responses. One hook up brought up a lean mean daddy...pushing 60 maybe...ripped without an ounce of fat on this bod, and blessed with a massive sausage of poz dick meat. His style was long and slow, and though his dick felt like a big loofah pushed into my ass, it stiffened nicely with time and thrust, and filled me up nicely. Uncut bear had a beercan dick which wasn't much to look at when soft, but with some play, developed into a pine cone of a prick, with a pointed head and a shank that flared out with the thickness of a...well, a pine cone. What a great poz buttfuck! What a great day of online hook-ups! Hope for more today, Sunday, as it's really ugly outside, cloudy, grey with rain predicted. I'm a Fuck Hole 2! Hey Paul! Hey Max! Thanks!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hosting Men of Color

If you want to get laid on a regular basis, and you're single, you will have to host. It's that simple. I speak from experience. Since I finally overcame my fear of hosting, I have enjoyed a stream of hot fucks by men of color. It wasn't planned that way...I'm not sure you can plan it at all, but that's how it turned out and I'm not complaining. The first of these tops is a lawyer who needed relief while working on a Saturday morning. After cleaning out thoroughly, I went online to barebackrt and connected with this hot black guy, mid-30's to maybe early 40's, in good shape, casually dressed. I greeted him at the front gate and took him upstairs. There was no chit chat here; I dropped my sweat pants and got on the bed...he unzipped, dropped his jeans and plowed my ass good for about ten minutes, shot a load up my ass and left. His was a nice full-bodied load which I shat out into the shot glass and poured into the cum cube tray in the icebox.
The next day, I went online and finally hooked up with a black dude I'd chatted with before. Usually it was too late, and he's from across town, so we had never connected...until this time. This time, it worked, he came over and he turned out to be a bit chubbier than his pictures showed, but with a nice enough dick, and a good personality. We actually socialized, had some vodka chatted about his being from Indiana and his plans to return, out of necessity, he's being evicted and his mother back home could use his support, besides, he's unemployed like a lot of us...this is all going on about eleven on a Sunday morning. I get fucked up the ass, then we cuddled a bit...he's a cuddler and being somewhat shorter than I, he fit snugly next to my body. He said he came, but I don't believe it. I tried my best to squeeze the cum out but nothing came out, then or later.
The following weekend, I hosted a tall lanky black guy who couldn't keep it hard...he used up all the lube I had, laying on the bed jacking off vigorously. He finally pulled me down on his dick and shot his load. So says he. I doubt it, but no matter. This is an interesting a guy, a former drag queen hooker who worked my neighborhood when it was noted for such things. More about this guy later...he's interesting enough to merit a bit more writing. Let it be known that we hooked up again in the days...he still spent more time jacking off than in my ass, so it was a somewhat disjointed fucking experience. Nice guy, though.
My fourth man of color hosted at his place...a nice flat in the took me about 30 minutes to get there on the bus, then the metro, and then by walking the last couple of blocks. His is a nicely appointed place...nicely furnished with art, good furniture and attractively lighted with sconces casting a seductive dim all seemed engineered by a man of experience. This 40ish black gent greeted me in a burgundy colored satin robe, put me on the bed and fucked the hell out of me. Now this was a memorable coupling because he was consistent throughout...the scene lasted about maybe 10 minutes...and my butt felt like a swinging door as his big dick went in and out, it was as if my buttwalls were flapping. Kinda crazy, this was out of the ordinary for me...a slippery massage of my love canal. We didn't talk, besides the usual greeting and goodbye. And I let myself out...down the carpeted hall softly lighted, down the carpeted stairs, out the front door, down the steps to the anonymous scene, the way it should be, like porn.
The drawback to hosting of course is that some times the guys can't get to you...I'm still working on all those guys from Oakland, one especially whose pictures look really for now, we're still chatting, making dates, and not following through. Give me enough time, though, and we'll take care of everybody.