Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quantity not Quality

Men, it's been a while since I posted and it hasn't been so because I wasn't getting out and fact, since my last posting, I have been fucked by about 30 guys and while it's been a nice experience, there hasn't been a really spectacular fuck worth blogging about. Who wants to read about routine sex? What kind of a blog would that be? Nevertheless, there are some stories to relate; namely some fucks that were extraordinary in their ordinariness. Does that make sense?
I had the experience of getting fucked by a top who never really got least I couldn't really tell if he couldn't get it hard or if he had a really small dick. What I felt was a squidgy mess of wet, sloppy flesh that kept trying to get in and then delivered what I took to be more of a shadowfuck...but the top was really diggin' it and passionate in his own spastic way, and made a big noisy moan that I took to be a faked orgasm. No matter; it was better than staying home. When I did get home (this all happened at my local bathhouse), I did have that 'full' feeling but since I didn't think there was a load up there, I pretty much didn't give it any more thought. The next morning I had that familiar 'filled up' sensation that usually comes with a buttload of cum. But I thought it was just plain ole crap so I made for the john, but what I shat was a massive load of cum that floated in the toilet water. It was so enormous that I was able to scoop it all up with a spoon and add it to my cum collection receptacle which I store in my freezer. Who would have thought that Squidgy unloaded one of my biggest gifts of the year? Thanks, Squidge, whoever and wherever you are.
Another surprising fuck came from a top I call Pink Pearl...that's an eraser familiar to all of us from gradeschool days...because that's about how big his dick was. Now I'm not about to diss any guy's equipment...any dick is fine with me. A small dick can deliver a decent fuck if the bottom is smart enough to handle it. Small dicks should top missionary style; they get better purchase when on top and get as deep as they need to plug a hole. I got on my back, legs up and pulled my buttcheeks wide apart so that Pearl was able to get in and shoot a decent wad up my big hole. In all fairness, Pink Pearl did grow into a Large Pink Pearl...and I was happy to have him.
During my last visit to Steamworks, it was so crowded I had to bide time with the waitlist. So I headed straight for the gloryhole area and staked my position on the fuckbench where I took a succession of dicks, maybe 12 or so, in fairly rapid succession...none was truly huge, one was good sized, most were average and one was definitely in the Princess Tiny Meat category...and Princess was the one who shot a load up my butt. No complaints. But you know what? I'm ready for a really big piece of meat. I'm not counting my fuckbuds, all of whom are well-endowned and great tops, but the whole point of gay sex is the 'thrill of new meat.' And we are ready.
Now as we approach the end of the year, it is time for STD testing. There's a plan to all of this; I can let myself be a bitch in head for the next week, and then it's abstinence prior to the tests, and then we'll see. Maybe the last fuck of this year will be THE fuck of the year. Happy Thanksgiving, guys.